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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 17, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeTinor a Chile that a off mag coat at Vrbac Don t you Ever come ouch there heroes i was scared we Evvy am i glads who is me and to get rid of wat what does he wean old want Tadad a5 the Sun turns slowly int Shapow Well How to you uke1t4ofak? puh Leeze. You Don t Haft Jim. . Veah Knobby Walsh Callin hurry. Hugo khob8y.yes. She called me too. Up wants us both to come to her cant Cue of it. I la pick you up. Okay. I feel Kinda. 114. Be at hotel. Some swell dump he set up per us makes w place Walsh 6ive us loom like Moth in an that bum Bowen r he had not him. Few. Please shave. Vou cant owe me away looking that Way. Only want the i must get rip of that Pesti my tie in i Vouk lingerie Here. Hem table pro St Fri so i cwt get mint Back 7 i think they Call f pout Cater his in police to where he s quite in sch Waters to i deep. Except by his pictures on Post office bulletin wed profile1. Who Tell Vou this is Stop Sou Pont khow Hikiji pare Well Ocoya must he s Okay or who Tcha she d never sent this new Blair i us out Huntin guv strikes me his Luggage. He s got a Fohy Eye a spawn of Luggage. Who change that re Avert soap am1 stuff an1 this a razor too must be j funny in Dot. It stuff to bring to Moo when it reached for the. Doll it appeared 1c be grabbed the Bat it proved or bashed the dolls maid in of a real but. Now Rusc Wiir. It got few my nine sympathy it must be. res what it i glad have. Helped is our baby to or thu. Mother pushing that fiu.in1 station s i i Only a couple c prom Here hold it a minute ooc.1 Okay Start Pushin again i th1 car seems to push much harder now what s yer ans but these hitch hikers i picked have some thin t do with b psst sneak Over to my tent and Well have a card game Luck not really Gong to mkt the George fellow Toov made he take that memory training not my fault i just remembered standing that poor boy up on a Date 10 Vears ago. For All i of i Justy Ethel u saw your old where boy Friend George i was Stanenson to meet fifth and main him on our Date 10 years ago isee Vou later or. Know it. Me and my memory my Savugo Cisco 6 the Best Rustle Catcher h the is that so Are you a lava Matt would you help us i am always reap to help a Lovely Lam Scorita. But i fear the 6ooo Fancho exa6gerates my skill. Besides Vou have Many cowboys Here. They co m nor sure they adj if her8 Wood lev will be interested to a bet know i m going to 1 take saxophone sgt look what i bought a myself r n Herb f do 1 meet Eta got and wot j i Pusti m Gold to at work just vol a big build relax and leave a v make Vou a the i dolls you Zepess agent so foe that stuff of -1, look what i bought Mosel of lets Osand Etta a bk3 8unole of mums to weak to the game that la. In a Petess get Everdy coupons at City Hall Shell . Gas foils Are the cause of a lot of for someone has i often caused a person to get Hurt f in court oaf in collection of old taxes property owners who failed to pay their 1948 or 1949 City taxes May expect court action in the near future to deprive them of their title to such property City treasurer j. R. Pecktal indicated wednesday night. The same goes for property on which 1947 and 1948 Street assessments have not been paid. The Board of mayor and aldermen passed on final read ing tuesday night two ordinances providing for seizure and Sale of such delinquent property through chancery court. The court already is in the process of taking such action on Delin quent Street assessments for the years 1936 through 1946. Pecktal said delinquent tax statutes require that the City treasurer turn Over to the City comes the heavy hitter so w4lk How on purpose to 6et at weak Joe attorney within 10 clays after the final passage of the ordinances a list of property on which the City taxes and Street assessments for the years specified Are delinquent. City attorney h. Marvin Par sons then will prosecute the City s Case in chancery court and seek to recover the amount owed the City through Sale of the property. 12 thursday sept. 17, 1953 Kingsport times bugs about this answer to previous Puzzle across 65 More mature suffering cats what Are you doin6 up this Early Sok 1 have something i d Uke to ask you since Well need mls milk for breakfast. I d better. Set or Down before it a hear what i have id 1 this Bug is a Honey maker 4 Small insects 9 common 12 anger 13 kind of architecture 14 Southern general 15 sesame 16 Viper 17 eternity 18 German City 20 accumulate 22 Pigpen 24 mimic 25------Fly 28 conclude 30 stinging Bug 34 poem 35 youth 36 fish eggs 37 note in guide s scale 38 diminutive of Lillian 39 burmese Wood sprite 40 whey of milk 42 chemical suffix 43 hearts 44 novel 46 drone Bee 48 Many insect Are 51 the insect family is unknown 55 eggs 56 doctrine 60 harem room 61 Lamprey 62 puff up 63 insect egg 64 powerful explosive Saint a Down 1 Many insects 2 goddess of discord 3 fishes 4 the praying 21 cat s cry mantis is a 23------jacket among 24 muddled bugs 25 Birds Are 5 slight Bow of bugs 6 too 25 inactive 7 Cravat 27 erect 8 discard 29 Brad 9 Small insect 31 italian River .0 Lions 32 Fly aloft 11 cravings 33 fondles Coll 41 Emmet 19 Compass point43 blood Money 45 natural fat 47 Musseline mammal -48 verifier 46 level so seasoning 53 units of weight 53 Entrance 54 tardy 57 High priest 58 Short sleep 58 summer for

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