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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 16, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee thursday. September Memphis builders Pulles speech reveals take Issue with troubled period in world i Windfall reports Memphis. Sept. E three Memphis builders today took Issue j with a charge they made a wind fall profit of s23.176 on a negro housing project Here. The project and alleged wind fall one of a number referred to by Albert Cole Federal i housing chief in testimony tucs before the Senate banking and currency committee. The commit. Tee is investigating the Cha. By Jamks Marloh Washington. Sept. 16 f that the United state is iving we a troubled period was illustrated f Las might by Secretary of chief corp. That Rock lobster tails served shish Kebab style Are a rolled to order treat for All the family. South african lobster tails make tasty shish kebabs by Maddox _ n Ica food and markets editor j Rock lobster tails from Romh i Tupp ppm flt to Africa Are rapidly becoming fax cd r go ju1ij Miliar on american menus. So we.1 asked Edith Barker one of Amer i or Ica s most famous food authorities k a Lulu and a personal Friend of ours to j give us two of her favorite was props til 13-1 _ of preparing lobster tails. Here j and Nile buried under debris in the collapse South african shish kebabs Lof an ancient drug store building the builders William b. Clark John c. Clarkjr. And w. F. Fay said there is absolutely nothing related to the Chelsea gardens not Bear any investigation including its relation Dulles who talked to the nation sober n a i ohm while Fly inc to europ. La to while flying to Europe. Before he boarded a plane a o i see what can be done about Ger ship with the Federal housing Cole testified the Mem hians negotiated an Pha insured Mort use of on the project which to said actually Cost s 3-i "76 less to build. The builders statement said they vehemently resent the implication that we have been involved this or any other transaction to operate the development of eco the extent of wrong Germany to discuss european problems he recorded a television broadcast about asian problems which appeared on the nation s screens hours after he had parted. It was a cautious Dulles who explained the treaty he signed last week at Manila with seven other nations for the defense of Southeast Asia. The treaty itself is cautious. It does t pledge the United slates ahead of time to get into War if the communists attack in Asia. That is left up to the president Congress to decide if the time Dulles was cautious even on the required Dulles Persona Ance or just because Dulle to see for is hell be Back saturday. Why Dulles also had to be cause Murphy sent Back u u subject of helping Southeast separate and economically. The treaty signers Tain biological Thermal study under new grand Knoxville. Sept. 16.-a uni i verily of Tennessee research project which has shown that its possible to use heat and cnm1 concentrate cer agreed As he to co moral or Legal nomic measures which will pro Mote economic and social Well the National Magazine commends flight program at it materials wll continued under a 300 from the 1 Pany of Side. R engineering department the research will be conducted Long the same lines As that of this past year which also was sup ported by Monsanto. Conclusive results could be of importance to the Alibi i Lotic industries he said. Present smiling happily this nine year old prepares to Dif into the breakfast la planned and prepared for himself. Encourage Jour children to plan Thor own breakfast. A under a Grant Monsanto chemical com a i t to courage your 7o department head said _ m russian medical scientists attend lecture in capital Washington russian medical scientists listened closely yesterday to an american army surgeon s illustrated account of Battle injuries inflicted on United nations troops in Korea. The russians. Prof. B. V. Pet Rovsky prof. E. M. Tare Are among some heart specialists and researchers attending the Sec Ond world Congress of cardiology. Two interpreters sat with them in the rear of the Hall in a Waller Reed army Hospital auditorium i the talks by it. Col. Carl w. Hughes. Dealt with wounds inflicted on major arteries of the body by fragmentary from mortar shells or exploded he said later he did not know the russians were in the audience but was aware they were attending the conferences. There was no comment from the russians. J Federal Aid sought then almost As if conscious of watched questioningly by Star s Congress which will have 10 vote the Money for South East asian Dulles said the treaty recognizes the in i it i i elem Umry year Oto son used to refuse a Many of Thi Apo trance of economic welfare Butif-1. Small Quan to eat an adequate breakfast. Had been. Les biological materials from would come Home from school tired i she gave us a delicious Quick volumes of water a critical and listless. But now he cats fruit bread recipe using breakfast be by Maddox Nea fond and markets editor much More Alen easier to Tench and rarely tired before lunch our 9-year-old son used to refuse so Many of the poor breakfast thaw South african Rock ser tails. With scissors Cut under Shell around edges and remove. Pull out meat and Cut each Tail in 4 pieces. Arrange alternately with halved strips of Bacon on skewers. Broil about 5 inches from medium heat 5 to 6 minutes until meat is transparent and Bacon is lightly browned. Turn and Broil i minute on other Side. Before arrange a stuffed Olive on pointed end of each skewer. Serve garnished with sliced to Matoes and watercress and accompanied by boiled Rice. South african raving note 4 Servings four 6-ounce Rock lobster tails or 2 cans drained Rock lobster 3 Tablespoons salad Oil. A cup Herb vinegar 2 hard cooked eggs chopped i cup diced cel Ery 2 Tablespoons minced Parsley Teaspoon Salt Teaspoon Pep per 4 Tablespoons Mayonnaise 1 j Teaspoon prepared Mustard 1 Tea spoon aromatic bitters. Cook tails according to directions. Drain. Remove meat and lob a n downtown Flora yesterday. An adjoining Brick building caved in while 4 a hour Rescue u e Progress narrowly missing some of the workers digging through the rubble for Vic Tims. Killed were Carroll Thomas 18, and Jerry boys and Savage Leonard 19. Fountain leak. 34, b Reserve shells. Chill and Flake. Mix salad Oil vinegar chopped eggs celery Parsley and season Ings. Add flaked lobster. Pile mixture into shells. Combine Mayonnaise Mustard and bitters and top each stuffed lobster with mixture. Serve in lettuce cups. Garnish with Lemon wedges. Directions for broiling place South african Rock lobster tails either thawed or Frozen into Large Kettle boiling salted water 1 Tea spoon Salt for each quart when water , lower heat so water boils gently and begin counting time. Keep covered. Boil tails 1 minute longer than their individual weight in ounces. For instance boil a 6-ounce Tail 7 minutes. Add 2 minutes to All mended to president Eisenhower that the designation be Given to Tennessee South Carolina. Ala Bama Mississippi and Georgia. Boiling times when tails Are cooked Carpenter who was laying floor in the 80-year-old two Story building. John Throgmorton 70-year-old trapped in the debris for half a hour. He was not Hurt. Cecil pow less. 45. The other co owner a pinned Down for a few minutes by made his Way out unaided. Tennessee Farmers to get drought Aid Washington sept. 16 Nessee and four of her neighbor Are practically guaranteed to be _ n a drought disaster area designation. Secretary of agriculture Benson does not commit the United Knoxville sept. Una isolates am handout varsity of Tennessee s aviation i ils fun Nisan Long will have to be flight training program enters its explained later. To fact the whole third year this fall with commend Maui or of the will be in tinn from a National aviation Maga zone which says it has proved beyond a Shadow of a doubt that aviation courses should become a Liam u Utu to in Douai aviation better inter than zone which says it has proved ii Lerner in Cor becomes c s prep j. Kieber chemical i yesterday had recon part of every College curricula the publication. Plight Maga editorially cites it s enviable safety record and suggests that the government work with universities in establishing such train ing As the first step in a possible aviation career. Since inauguration of the it course in 1952. More than 180 Stu dents have clocked hours in the air flying Over Miles without an Accident or injury according to prof. William Way jr., head of the it transportation department. This year s air minded students will sign up for the program during regular registration thursday. Fri Day and saturday of next week. The program which leads to a Pilot s rating is offered As an elective. Ground school courses Are Given at no extra expense to the student and flight time is paid for by the our. Although several universities now offer similar programs it inaugurated what has come to be known As the Tennessee plan.1 special Federal programs cannot begin in a state until such designation is made by the presi Dent. When this is done Benson then names specific counties where residents will be eligible for participation in the programs. Chief form of Aid is a program under which the government helps to get livestock feed and Hay into areas where pastures Are burned 3y Lack of rain. The five Southern states would bring to 13 the num Ber certified for Aid by the presi Dent. Benson s recommendation practically assures that the states will Frozen to remove meat easily from j Shell Drain off hot water drench with cold water. Using scissors. Cut Lengthwise through Center of membrane covering flesh and in Sert fingers under meat at open end and pull meat out. Tomorrow s dinner lob Ster shish kebabs with Bacon and stuffed olives garnished with water Cress and Tomato sections Fluffy Rice Garden peas soft Rolls but ter or Margarine iced Watermelon Coffee Tea milk. Jackson says gop talks Tough but carries Golf stick i Morristown . Sen. Henry m. Jackson a Wash says Tolje Republican administration. Talks Tough and carries a Golf Putter and has failed to Cornel up with any ideas to Stop the i Onward March of speaking last night at a rally for rep. Charles r. Howell. The democratic candidate for . Senator from new Jersey. Jackson said communist aggression in Greece and Turkey halted previous democratic adm Nistra i tons. Since that time. Jackson declared. The republicans Haven to done anything towards stopping communism. J Jackson told the rally that in a like president Theodore Roosevelt who shirt talk softly and carry a big stick1 this administration talks Tough and carries a i wish this administration would follow the sound policy of a great president a Republican president if you please Teddy. Jackson remarked. Jackson said the Republican program reminds me of an ice Berg. It is cold it is slow moving. We Are told that it is big and dynamic but so Little of it shows. Like its Arctic counterparts. The Republican iceberg program is 10 per cent visible 90 per cent submerged and 100 per cent at be named disaster than names on paper depends on Rio Yosry and graduate student g the eight nations which signed it juice Cereal with milk. Sometimes real. Golden wheat Slicks yield 12 Sticks three quarters cup whole wheat sifted i ,-t.cai num. Nui Unnes nerf Complex expensive an egg bread and butter or mar i Igraine and always a tall Glass of ing the past year or. Robert milk. And he enjoys it. He also a Eji Judi u. Be Aiso Nee quaint is i comes roaring Home from school Cereal uncooked r _. A ready strenuous play. J All purpose flour the United states Britain France. Australia. New zealand the Philippines Pakistan and thai land. Dulles acknowledged this in his broadcast when he said treaties Are not self operative there has to be a genuine will to carry this and refrigerated Walls. This ther Ian Mal diffusion method had out the treaty there was a time earlier under plan University maintains close supervision through coordinator. Clarence Coalman professor of transport year during the Indochina War when Dulles was bolder with the language he used. He spoke then of massive retaliation if the chinese communist got into the Indochina War where the communist led Viet Minn had been fighting the French for almost eight years. The chinese did t have to get in directly. Their supplies to the Viet Minh were enough. The French were forced into an armis Tice giving away half of Viet Nam largest of Indochina s three states. Dulles remembered that period almost wistfully last night recall ing that in the Indochina crisis he appealed for United action by the Western allies to save Viet Nam. That Appeal he said last night proved another Way of saying he had been turned Stickle were Abe Ulic trate and separate a Ber of pharmaceuticals f allowing Between electrically heated Salt and baking powder. Add beaten and being Able to get better grades egg and milk mix lightly stir in by been applied in atomic research and production and in chemical engineering but it had t been used As a biological tool. She took him to the Market and taught him How to select the Basic breakfast foods. He Felt quite grown up being allowed to Pur 7 Oemig a Owea to Pur 1 ens Nefrino Chase what he needed for his own to breakfast. He could Purchase two Neer in microbiological research since its cooperative program with the it bacteriology department was established seven years ago. Aged woman car causes Accident Philadelphia a mrs. Clem Entine Fenn is 82 years old. She drives a four Cylinder Coupe Vin Tage 1932. And normally she drives Iichi whim eur ii it with the skill and decorum be Lowed much the same plan to make fitting her age. Tidis Piu Iscoui. Of transports but contracts for the actual Down a was after the Indochina instruction through an established ocal flying school operator we Iam p. Cook. Building for or Oak Ridge tenn., sept. 16 to the atomic Energy con Unis Ion announced today plans to con Trust a new Laboratory building Here for the study of the effect of aviation on solids. Cost of the Structure is estimated at s700.000. Armistice that the United states persuaded the other seven nations to sign the Manila treaty. Better now than Dulles said. But he was flying to Europe be cause another crisis had occurred there the French had wrecked european defense com refusing to join a single european army with Ger lans. This country badly wanted Edc As a defense against Russia. Now the problem is to find some other or three different kinds of pack aged Cereal and alternate their As he chose the Type of bread he liked Best. In other words he Learned to Purchase and plan his own breakfast menu and on certain occasions was allowed to get it for himself particularly when he wanted to leave for school very Ray before the usual family breakfast hour. In Fargo d., at the Agassiz school mrs. Neil Wohlwend Fol Nashville sept. 16 state is asking for Federal funds to assist Lewisburg in solving a slum area problem and future applications for Aid will be Mads for three other Tennessee cities. Harold v. Miller executive Secretary of the state planning com Mission said yesterday the com Mission was making formal application for funds recently made available for local assistance pro Grams. Coins sift i he said under the 1954 Federal cud sugar housing acl the can cup Sugai state and Iowa funds planning in cities of less then population. This Miller pointed out. Is contingent on state already having a planning butter or Margarine. Place in greased Corn stick pans. Bake in program in operation for its smaller cities. The commission Secretary said future applications will be Mads Jess k 25 to 30 minutes. Tomorrow s dinner creamed Salmon in Toast cups baked potatoes buttered Broccoli enriched bread butter or Marga Rine raw Carrot Sticks Orange layer cake Coffee Tea milk. Boy s not local woman leu fall term begin monday her pupils understand Why but yesterday just at the keeps them healthy and hour tilings got out of hand. Able to learn easily. She started slowly out of a she taught them about various vice station into a Busy suburban types of breakfast How to plan a intersection when suddenly the Opy came alive. With a Jolt and a bump the car dashed rear end first into the dual Highway described a 340-foot arc and finally came to rest against he smashed windows of a rival service station across the Street. Score a grazed sign Standard a Side a breakfast for themselves and How Grain grows in the Field and is processed into the breakfast cereals they need. She then encouraged the children to plan prepare serve and eat with enjoyment this Type of Basic breakfast Orange juice Choice of a ready to eat cereals hot chocolate with a marshmallow in it or milk swiped parked Auto a score Raisin bread with butter or mar Adly frightened shoppers and for Garine. Later the Cost of the break nose and fast was computed during Athime mrs. Fenn a minor Chest injuries. Comment from the lady Gas pedal must have lie class mrs. Wohlwend reports that the result was a group of children Harrogate. Term. Sept. 15 _ the fall Quarter of Lincoln me Morial University will open Mon Day september 20, with an enrol ment of about 450, president Robert l. Kincaid announced today. The mrs. Ida Johnson listed in. This will be the largest enrol the times news this week As the ment since 1951 and is about fifty guardian of a boy denied medical students More than Doc treatment by an Appalachia vs., Tor Kincaid stated. He said the physician is not mrs. Ida Johnson freshman class will be the largest of 649 Arch St., Kingsport a for since 1950, Ami that about 100 vet Mer resident of Wise county. A. Erans will be enrolled preserve them for Winter Brand reflective sheeting safety reflector a protects your family prevents accidents and saves lives hashes a warning Over a Block away scotch Lite safety reflectors can be used in hundreds of ways to increase safety and the kids will discover a lot of ways to have fun with safely reflectors Coo below Are just a few ii discover Many Many More stick on Guhde real Protection Fob t8e kids bakes nai1boi East to find outlines driveway or erase entrances stick on the bumper of the Faitt car i Heip prevent accidents stick on Doc Tae to protect furnaces Gas Winkler Gas conversion Nulta Winkler Gas furnaces completely installed compare our prices guttering installed Low footage Price no Down payment Low monthly tip to k Unn Tho to put Sheet Metal wok us 334 c. Sull Rio St. Dial cd 5-4311 Blue. Bonnet some other uses on ends of lunch Box 25 pedestrian Protection on Edge of car door 10 protect you while getting out. On end of Boal Dock As guide. On any plastic or rubber Raincoat As a Protection from cars. Have gloves lha glow at night. Have a clubhouse door thai shines protect your Wagon and tricycle Landing Coffee achievement at Coffee with fresh Premium coff Al mrs Don t wait another Day to try it. Of off safety reflector t f m safety reflector buy this seic1 1 Yov can Dipond on Tup Oiler Tup of instant mfg n Lor h you is the judge. Compare instant mfg special Coffee with any other. And you la Toste More fresh Rich flavor of pure Coffee in instant mfg than in any other instant far for wild if Hurt Lam Lotel of mfg has the newest most modern Evri Pumeni available for making instant mfg special Coffee a special process that captures True flavor and Rich Aroma of pure Premium there is no other instant like instant mfg every precious Little flavor packed Gem of instant mfg is made from 100% pure blend of the world s choicest coffees. Every step in its making is scientifically controlled from roasting right on through the entire process leaving nothing to and assuring you of uniform flavor. You la life a to Onomy of instant Ifo special coffees the Brit Jar h equal to about am pounds of ground of fat. And Vul enjoy More rust of Premium flaws of fat from Ryk Jar instant mfg than arty other Brand Best part of the meal in to Meta

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