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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 16, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeHealth forum time . Date sept. 23 place auditorium Kingsport times vol. Al no. 185 phone Circle 6-8121 Kingsport tenn., thursday sept. 16, 1954 five cents the weather considerable cloudiness tonight Wuh occasional rain throughout the area. Friday Cloudy with rain Likely during the Day and night. Wednesday s High 91 last night s Low noon temperature. 82. Sec. Dulles in Germany for rearmament talks Stevenson says gop nourished us on myths Cincinnati. Sept. 16 i Socrat Adlai Stevenson last night Premier called for an reappraisal in the hearts of Republican politicians who for so Long nourished us on myths and my Eden me tides France agree on plans for pact a r1r your 1 Prev Menzies Frame Niino Tinc prance whose Ciui sent to the pin men still is seeking debate had been scheduled on Eden s presentation and he and Mendes prance leu the meeting after it was finished. The other s Ance Aid i tiny c de Toni Phil they had agreed on the contradiction and nou imn in necessity for close cooperation m to Weir viewpoints. Between France and err announced there would lie a Many but did not say they had in the agreed on the Means for achieving issued Ait i ill let d Large minister. Tiv ated for a Lona time is that conferences the for Cloud of reporters in the lobby asked Ai he democratic part is anti Busi Secretary and the Premier of the foreign ministry of the u Neu Down he told a Democrat us Cam had agreed Euen and Daveu in a Pelt. Tif Basic of a in euro i my ram. . Secretary of state Dulles wants the meeting soon. I Adenauer meets Sec. On arrival in w. Germany s e pro e a piled Alliance in London finished. The others probably on sept. Remained to talk about plans or espionage probe moves to no. Washington. Sept. 16 ring i by Ralph Rasnick the Federal government has sex times news correspondent tended its sweeping grand jury in Coeburn a. Sept. 15 vesti gation of possible espionage. Year old Jonesville girl walked off and related crimes to the state of Lull a the Southwest Virginia new Jersey. Title in 8 kiwanis sponsored Beauty attorney general Herbert Brown pageant Here ton get Ell or. Ordered Federal prosecutors the new Beauty Queen miss 1. Ellen Josephine Couch won out Jonesville girl wins a pain dinner. The 1952 presidential candidate said the Republican Hatchet Meir will conduct the smear attacks on but he said the election this week of a democratic governor in Maine for the first time in 20 years participation of they also said they Are in Itu it in i o Tom Agoston a. Sept. 16 i Iasi u Secretary stale John Foster Dulles arrived in Bonn today for talks which German Chan cellar Konrad Adenauer Aid Wotty be of Decave importance to German people. said of his trip t Europe which a have come to Germany to hear renewed ice on membership which the the a eighty to the diplomats agreed the com unique said that it would b earlier in the Day Eden j formed the 14 nations of the treat in i Eden s Success or his final Rith Premier pier if to set up their investigations in the Industrial Center of Camden. Near Over 14 other contestants representing five counties. Differ on censure Call i Iii Iii Lesi Tinoi there for several weeks. An informed source said Camden probe can be considered As Hunt ton. Where she will Gros linked to one which Birnn in on a in ton fed Der Mem subversive experts. Both of the Broad and investigations were reportedly be 1 gun after a ranking member of the Washington demo Philadelphia a. Witnesses have been sworn and testimony taken m1ss Couch the daughter of i mrs. Charles g. Couch re j whether the Senate a trip to called Back before the nov 2 con nastiness. His reference to an agonizing reappraisal was a take off on a similar phrase used by Secretary of state Dulles several months ago regarding foreign policy and indo China. He said the agonizing reappraisal for which or. Dulles called should be sin first of All in the hearts of the Republican politicians who for so Long have nourished us on myths and mccarthyism for Politi Cal Stevenson made no custody fight one Woy d _ b looms Over heir cratic senators divided today should _ ence by Pierre Legros Paris a the reported Kidnap further of tin millionaire Antenor near schools to be enforced for sex teacher elections to act on Cen proof can be considered As vat. Untie me Wii in ssi Unai elections to act on Cen one which began in Wash-1 a Peai on a to show sold a so sure charges against sen Mccar Ideal court last week in addition to various other thy Tion of six Justice depart is i sen Oore id Tenni said that if i another Jonesville girl special committee appointed to Judy Tritt. 15-year-old daughter the charges makes its and mrs. Lewis Drift. Place honors. Miss i contest held at the Lone some Pine drive in theater of said any s sponsored by the Coeburn Khvan Isi 6 should be put aside and Itu actinic 1 n in it _ t. In. I Nai is before or shortly after oct. In. The Senate should promptly re Convene to consider whatever recommendations it May but in a separate interview sen Mccarran an avowed Friend of Mccarthy said any such the Bezan giving Federal officials a tailed account of their activities. It was understood that the communist was situated High club. The club Hopes to make the enough to be of considerable value pageant an annual affair Congress meets in january. I sen. Potter to Michl Laken on in until the next Tuic Vii iut j i to Quai attain to the government and that the other contestants were Shelby grand jury investigations Are based Jean Flanary. Either wholly or partially on his sue Rutter. do the one Way drive regulations at Linson. Lincoln and Jackson cum Iii Iea Aown to i be enforced assist Stevenson devoted a to a custody fight Between the of police John Martin la t of ills in Hii Cincire. Unlit i m on t to wic i be Mccarthy Patino s Motherless 4-month-Oldi granddaughter simmered Down to i by Virginia Davis Snowflake a. Sept. Federal Republic and bring As an equal partner into sympathetic. The society of free ire hesitant i sary since a lure de a have been halted at Lea ten after Pora Rily in to Germany a Western defences rejection a reference i0 French Community plan. Defense therefore the Secretary said an alternative has to be found Dulles said the Federal Republic since the War has always Fol Lowed a pattern of integration and i have come Here to pm with the Chan Dulles added i deft Inal decisions made however further discussion will be held among the nations for whom the Freedom of Europe is of general a sums Lauvai i Tuu Zuj ii Fiji Between the u. T part of his address to business bolivian family and their i said thursday How he said it non sept Ori son in Law r porno up of he said it prospered under r ish son in Law. Democratic presidents. Fhe Young father hotel heir James Goldsmith for every three business enter-1hotel heir j3mes Goldsmith re a allow traffic of cars letting school Prises existing in this country when last night to that his i children out at the school or pick the democrats Tonnu Narinn irm a baby daughter Isabela had Hoen inc them in to purpose of the one Way pro 20-year-old visions at those locations is to up. Allow traffic of cars letting school 16 36 hours m this you have heard the Secreta rvs believe they found a Trace of her words were today at a House to the Williams -11 concerned. These words Mill Community. Eve closely Cement. Nizio the democrats took office in 1010 Iyub. Uhic in 19jj he j t re were four by 1953 he said he rate of business or. Persons an unknown person from Versailles Isaic i Uusi Ziess i pc Jaames during the so called Golden 20s where she had been living that ing them up to move smoothly. Assistant chief Martin s Aid some a motorists Are reported to a Yeal. But dropped to Only a year Eveni during the hard Post world War today is somewhere in violations a Priori not i or near Paris with her grand Moth said the baby Patino s lawyers com hat be nature the com year of 1929." period of adjustment from War to peace to defense mobilization. Corporation profits after taxes were More than twice As High in As in the Republican Peak the House is the abode of for Mer tenants on the White farm me in Pune to and mrs. Clyde Gillenwater be ignoring the regulation. Police who lived on the White Omen of the Mother patrol win the Start handing out tickets for of the provision he m f would determine he or. A Spanish Bourbon Princess who has been estranged from an Tenor Patino for years. The lawyers said mrs. Patino had asked the Paris civil court both the democratic c the Gap Jeanne Biggs r. Officials had tried to keep both investigations from becoming pub in ton probe came to Light in court records authorizing the government to present possible violations of snore than a dozen Federal Laws if most of the possible crimes i Der investigation were in this areas inc is completed it to relate to espionage but others censure. A and the special bipartisan minefield Leona. Lac on the Case disunity can be friends of miss Molly and they had her sunday afternoon. They had returned to the White Home about p. M. Yesterday. It was about that time the Gil water Home was forcibly end. The screen had been taken Norfa widow n uie Kitchen and a blackened tub had been used Edwater report May Gas prices drop another cent in Johnson City War Johnson City. Sept. Olme dropped another Penny per Ballon to 21.9 cents at some covered sedition perjury other false statements and the related Law violations. The Camden investigation was understood to be similar in scope it was being conducted by a staff which includes government subversive experts who have been commuting from Washington. Simi Lar grand juries Are under consideration in other parts of the country including the far West. The roster of those who May be called before the main probe m Washington includes a number of is beginning to former government officials named counties by Brownell As members of War t of he and Hohr Harold Glasser. A former Treasury Grade and 34.9 for department official name Brownell As a member of the ring cents. A number o f allegedly headed by Victor the 22.9 cent Price on regular formerly with the War production gasoline since monday rna Rrt Hope that a Len will take some hard1 in fins his own charges in the Cor Tom tit in o the record at those old Tiv Cour last night. P about democratic his kidnapping allegation last he remarked. Protested against non r term left refers to the of inc he said he Winn _. Cement Germany s relations with the unit a states. I think we should also thank the Secretary for taking time out despite a heavy work schedule to come to Germany at this time. It proves that the Best euro peans still come from the United states. Dulles said in a broadcast report i Tho i a Hahn of believed last night the new Southeast Asia Oeast Asia defense pact would make a sub Stantial contribution o to the pre and Ler comm Side of the balance Hawkins county men held for knifing one of our i disunity in the be up to the Senate s Republican and democratic Iead ers know land of California and Lyn Don Johnson of Texas to set a Date for the Senate to return. The censure Resolution introduced by sen. Flanders for it asked the Senate to condemn me-1 earthy s conduct As unbecoming a in Itic senator and As tending to bring Wal l were bound Over Scotland. Tomeu or the Senate into disrepute wednesday to Sullivan county Pursuit of them but finally con Flanders and Sens. Ful Brahmi a general sessions to the match. Court Here on charges of felonious the Young couple s baby assault and Alt int a 6pt a protect House and Senate in Jim Toff of Weber City one of for Europe fan major dangers is approximately 200 searchers with Republican organi members of the Scott county Nasiy Goldsmith married Patino s the a. Republican of the Scott county a year old daughter Isabela last Jan r h a was tonal guard unit Here yesterday -7vo Haw after a headline elopement to said themselves Spaniel with e bound Over Scotland. Her parents joined in a u Lar was reported seen near 11----- a Fox or nor the huh inv in the s. Urged Arki and Morse ind Ore Filec 46 supporting charges. Thirteen of stations Here today Ami Dionese grouped into five Genera that efforts were being categories Are being considered by Lade to Stop the Price War which the special committee. E the charges under study Range from Mccarthy s alleged contempt of a Senate subcommittee that in Psi Vest sated his financial and other a in 1952 o claims that he been abusive of Senate and tha received and made use official named by Day prices Range from 245 to a score Phi memorandum i Mccarthy entered a denial on All Gor Hiti he would favor prompt one station operator today had Isena consideration of the special us Lelon Lous assault and attempt to commit murder. Elmo Morelock and his Uncle Mark Morelock were charged As a result of a cutting affair in the Thomas Bridge Section of _ jj1 oct tin of Ciul r than county sept. 12, when months. O Unur delivered by caesarean operation last May 14 shortly after Isabela underwent complicated surgery for removal of a brain tumor. The Mother died a few hours later and Little Isabela lived in an incubator a was reported seen near democratic governor recently the Highway in the Vicinity of the elected in Maine the first Williams Mill Community three 1 in 10 1-ont-c a. Ill a a was time in 20 years. Government sources said that in his Penn nor tuition to . A score of 13.5 cents per Rallon Nihil a found oct. 1. Individuals were Likely to be ques plus 9.4 cents in smaller toned about espionage rings which numerals. Operated in Washington during unofficial reports Here indicated world War ii. Wholesale distributors arc trying they said that the ranking com to get together to end the Price Monist now giving them inform War with one or More sessions Tion was one of the first to come already held and another report Forward under the terms of a new cd scheduled for tomorrow. Law which can be used to Grant meanwhile the Price cutting was witnesses immunity from pc Secu hid Atung from Johnson City along be major highways to service stations As far away As Halfway to a ii i Norv Kussell of Kingsport was reported seriously Cut with a knife. Russell was reported still in serious condition at a Hospital. Mark Morelock remains in ten Nessee Bristol jail in lieu of Sori. Elmo Morelock posted Sond for his release. Each Man Vas tried earlier in the week be Ore judge Brack Sams in ses on drunkenness Enn charges and was fined s38.50. Deathless Days City county 1085 31 reckless Drivers Are menaces to Public safety. But republicans won the state s senatorial and con Gressional seats. The party must work hard said Nixon because if too Many democrats get in Congress they will torpedo president Eisenhower s program in mid term. Nixon said Eisenhower opponents in the 84th Congress would be look ing closer at the 1956 presidential election than towards helping the eng e gop administration enact its pro p Gram. A democratic Senate an i Roe or four Miles from the White Home a dog fitting the description was reported missing from the White norne. Charles Tomlinson of Nickels Hie chief Junior Deputy and her Bert Smith National guardsman deputized for the search were joined by vacuous other Snow Flake residents in believing miss White had been to the Gillenwater Home they based their belief on the fact that the woman had a close in Rennol. U11 to Quick Mission w Imd out at nest hand what Meas ures european leaders have in my at the French Bly has shelved the euro defense Community treaty Pean y Reaty under which West Germany would have been reared it was understood that in talks London Churchill woman u on said. He addressed publican state the one Day convention i Tion last sunday Fri director j. Edgar Hoover announced that his on Highway 23. Agents have already spoken to Sev eral former reds who had previously feared that they would be prosecuted if they revealed their connections. On monday Hoover and Brown Ell joined in a dramatic Appeal to All communists to end their men Tal torture and. Do likewise. Memphis Man Dies Accident fatal to Elizabethton boy el1zabethton, tenn., 16 Carr 16-Ye Elizabethton High school ire died in a Hospital Las injuries suffered a few improved business reflected by taxes in county in eight cities by ten they believed. See them in a few something to Tell Illy had been there Adenauer and at prime minister foreign Secretary any Beer Eden. Dulles would urge that am new formula should seek to pre serve the principle of close French German cooperation which was in usage in the Edo plan some indication her re the Junu Muica Uon that because of his interest in the principle Dulles was not about very in Netherlands and Luxembourg this pact does not provide As for in it such As Edo would have created and mrs. Gillenwater said that after Inder Pralle Germany and attic Cut out had been papered i Edc countries would of sept. Sopho t Tennessee and in eight cities by groups. I it ions Dur a parcel general merchant furniture Lur miscellaneous to sales tax figures released thurs building Day by the Tennessee taxpayers association. Manufacturers utilities Cellaneous. Counties Inthis ties and up in seven counties. Gen area in which tax collections were Loiver on were Loiver the report covering the fiscal Sullivan county reported the bit 1954 than 1953 were Greene a ending june 30 0 1c n i lied Bristol Southern Cotton Oil co Phis merchants Exchange died curve today at a Hospital Here. He was Here. W s i the Dalh in Dale. Ark., which was named for tar his father. Cleveland Brisco compared we Clarke Large landowner and last year f survivors include his widow. I of pc1s01 Carr was which e sea Uvan county reported the bite ear ending june 30. 1954, showed rest increase Kab in the 1 per cent Nanri Sullivan merchants collected lumber and Butl dins group of Anayit Lureo tenths 0 1 in Salk in pc uni inn thic i us i j in sales taxes during the year. This was a 6.7 per cent in crease compared to sales tax collections of in 1953. Sullivan s increase was about Iota blk the statewide average of ii Quimio a com the Only counties Highway near upper East Tennessee in which this it increase and Johnson with a per cent increase. I my of the 15 Large counties. There were smaller increases in each of the other categories except he apparel group the manufacturers group and the utilities group Al though several counties showed a loss in the sales of general Mer Ca Emory showed in Van comity of sales tax civil cent. Total stat the report explained that sales tax collections Are often used As a barometer of business activity business conditions among those enterprises dealing in goods and services taxable under the sales and use tax Law were generally better in Enst Tennessee last year Tennessee. Thirty live Era merchandise sales were off in five of the 15 counties and in creased in 10. State sales tax collections on automobiles and Auto motive accessories and equipment were Down in the acc counties and up in 12 counties. Furniture sales also declined in three counties but increased in 12. Sales tax collections Lum Ber and building group increased in nil of the 15 Inge counties sex Over miss White had asked How they would get into the attic Case of mrs. Gillenwater said1 he replied of Well have o Cut out the paper in that Case. No fingerprints had been take today of the Gillenwater Home Al though prints had been covered1 and visitors had been asked not to touch anything. A of people expressed belief that bloodhounds should put on the Case but none in reported. Neighbors in Thel Alist pc Lams Mill Community reported erday to nationalist red big guns in Duel and Ismail decreases counties incl manufacturers Madison where were recorded. Barked constantly Al and a next door neighbor of Yuuki o mrs. Gillenwater mrs. Mary Hen Clemson. Reported seeing the screen fall from the Kitchen window be ter Day afternoon but said she saw no one at the Gillenvater property. Other neighbors reported hear ing a commotion in the House and when the Olla Nwaters returned they were asked about what had been Goin on. L. E. Culberison. Who lives about mile and n half from the White the Gillenwater in guns dulled briefly on offshore Island s Miles North of recent not on lne n defense ministry announced today a special communique said the near lat no Tachen so s head it Woiten. I min me Julle Nwator apparently Bough to Muse this and commen Wilri hill., pro ii i sections in 15 Tennessee counties Little looks an lot like she s Here and she May come tins went silent it added. My meanwhile. Nationalist planes stations ii Louir in Enst lowing percentages in these nearby of the is arge counties in the Cartel civil Bergson added that she would have to seek shelter soon due to her age and condition of her health. The Mainland opposite Formosa Ousec tier Day t said. A a junk n near the tache is reported and a Tiu it is nah motorized junk near Amoy y Eile Day

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