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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 16, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee6 sept. 16, 1953 Kingsport times Weiss credits farm system for yanks Success general manager goes so far As to talk of 6th straight Flag by Fred Brown United press sports writer new York Man Ager George Weiss crediting continuing productivity of the farm system As the key Factor in the Yankees unprecedented March to five straight pennants said today the team s amazing Success Story could continue in we see no reason Why we cannot or should not go on win Weiss said. Our farm system is in Good shape our personnel is Young and we have not lost our Weiss who shares with Man Ager Casey Stengel the great est credit for the Yankees unprecedented feat singled out the team s aging pitching staff As our no. 1 problem for 1954." we May or May not have the Young pitchers we require to take Over from the older hurl Weiss explained. Whitey Ford took up some of the Slack this year but the advanced Ages of our three Star pitchers Vic Raschi Allie Reynolds and de forced Stengel to scram ble with the staff most of the season. I believe we will be Able to add the necessary Young pitchers and stand a Good Chance of win Ning a sixth straight Pennant in he continued. But of course we can t be sure. And we must remember that bad pitch Bob Lemon hurls 20th win 1-0, Over yanks Chison Blank botox 6-0, in 2nd place fight Bob Lemon Blanks yanks 1-0 for 20th win. Duke Snider 2-run Pinch Homer beats cards. Kobin Roberts finally wins 22nd game. Tonga Letoto referee wrestling matches tonight lady wrestlers always draw a big crowd in Kingsport. Ditto a top flight grudge match. Put these two together and throw in two ton Tony Galento As ref Eree and wrestling you card have tonight s at the civic auditorium a program expected to take place before a standing room Only crowd. Terry majors and Gloria Baro Ina two of the brightest names i lady wrestling game today get he festivities going at . Tangling in a Best of three alls one hour time limit bout. Lester Welch and Rex Mobley tie up in a no time limit Texas rules match immediately aft Erward and Galento one of the nost colourful men Ever to adorn the boxing picture will handle tuesday s Box scores Chison 6, botox 0 Cuc Afi k Ca Quel is 5 2 Fain in Monoso 1c 4 Melert 4 Lollar c 3 Elliott 3b 3 Aboyd 0 0 0 Krsnich 3b 1 1 1 3 0 a i Boston a k 0 e g Man 2b 4 0 0 13 o Flet Sall of 2 3 u 0, Kell 3b 3 2 3 0 0 2 0 Gernert in 3 0 11 1 White c 0 re Lett of lib Olling is ohm Der to 3 0 302 305 200 100 bucs 7, braves 5 Almaw pm 0 Bruton of b k Abrams of 5 2 1 Davis if 502 o con l 3b 5 3 0 pol 2b 424 Keenan p 4 2 0 0 totals 31 12 37 14 totals 38 3 it 14 aran for Elliott in 6th. Flied out for Mcdermott in 8th. Chicago 020 020o 002-6 Boston 000 000 000-0 2, Monoso Elliott Fox Keegan. A Goodman. Monoso 2. Mele. 2b-Fox. Mele Krsnich Monoso. Elliott Fox and Fain . Fox and Fain Goodman boiling and Gernert. Left 6, Boston 2. By Keegan 1, Mcdermott 2. So Mcdermott 2. Re Keegan 04, Mcdermot 6-6. Feb White Keegan 5-5t. A Mcdermott Paparella Honochick. Mckinley Mcgowan. Phillies 4, cubs 2 poll Phil Abai ski is 5 h 0 3 a h a 1 b my Itz of 4 3 3 0 in vision team Well known along the to Wres next to the farm system Tung Cirlot d no b m 01 co of Hinr Weinri Weiss credited the big Mound three of Raschi Reynolds and Lopat with being the Backbone their initial appearances in Ash in of 5 0 4 0 Mikuls 2b Tor son in 4 0 5 2 Pondy in Ennis if 4330 Kiner if hamner2b3 2 2 0 Sauer of Burgess c 4 1 5 0 Jet coat Wyr Tek of 4 0 3 0 jacks n 3b Jones 3b 4211 Gar g la c Roberts p 4 2 2 1 Winner p Cav r to Sra Alley is Church p totals 37 10 27 51 totals 02 010 42 432 000 4 1 2 4 0 2 0 2 0 0 Astruck out for manner in 8th. Bran for Sauer in Ith. Philadelphia 2, Hamner. 020 100 010-4 010 000 Roberts. Kiner finals of Roberts Sauer. 2b National to i Hamner. Ennis 2. Baumholtz 2. Jones. Or of the their records Cincinnati losing a Kiner. Roberts. And 13-5 Reynolds 17-6, 16-12, 17-8, 20-8 and 11-7 Lopat 15-10, 18-8, 21-9. 10-5 and 15-3. In addition to the three pitch ers shortstop Phil Rizzuto Catcher Yogi Berra and Outfield ers Gene Woodling and Hank Bauer were the Only players who made significant contributions to each of the five Flag win ners. This team differed from the Yankee teams of the Weiss said. It was a team which kept winning while in the proc Ess of being changed from an old Ball club to a Young one. The farm system accomplished this by sending up fresh new Talent each season. Our aging players won the 1947 Pennant and lost the 1948 he continued. It became Clear to us at the end of the 1948 season that our old play ers could not continue to win and we then determined to place Complete Confidence in our Young standings american league clubs w l pet. Go new York 95 46 .874 Cleveland 85 60 .586 12 Chicano 84 61 .579 13 Boston 79 67 .541 18 4 Washington 73 71 .507 23 i Detroit 57 89 .390 Philadelphia 54 .375 4214 St. Louis 51 4 .352 46 Yeti Day 1 Kes Elti Chicago 6, Boston 0. Cleveland 1, new York 0. Only games scheduled today s pm Cheri at 19-9 is. Marerro it tilt at Boiton Gray 9-14 is. Nixon cute Roland at Philadelphia to. Fricana St. Lon i at new Turk poll Leyte 6-11 and Turley 2-3 is. Lopat 15-31 and Reynolds National league Cibbs Brooklyn Milwaukee St. Louis Philadelphia new York Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh w 99 6 78 78 so 64 50 47 l 45 y 65 65 79 81 8.1 to pet. C .683 .593 13 .545 20 .542 .455 .441 .420 .322 20 33 35 33 52 last Mihl j it salts Pittsburgh 7. Milwaukee 5. Cincinnati 4. New York 3. Brooklyn 4, St. Louis 3. Philadelphia 4. Chicago 2. Today t schedule probable pitchers Brooklyn at St. Louis 11-2 is. Staley 16-8i. New York at 5-12 is. Perkowski a -9i. Re Ludelphia at 7-7 to. Polle Pitts Barch at 6-7 is. Buhl Kim sport Green Neville . Area a to a i go to Dan Wattey Diana Lynn also color cartoon and news z shows nightly starts at dusk the title match. Miss Barotina who gained initial Fame As an opera Singer has been featured in several non wrestling magazines for her unusual career. The daughter of a wealthy family she is wrestling for kicks and gives More than her share of damage. The Welch Mobley feud has been brewing off and on for quite some time. Mobley former Mississippi state Champ has Defeated each of the four Welch Brothers and that fact is Caus ing the famous family no Little embarrassment. Anything goes in this bout except Eye gouging choking and Low blows and it could go on All night. Galento a very capable Wres Tler in his own right is the same 260-Pound Guy who trained for his title fight with Joe Louis by drinking Beer and muttering ill mudder a he almost did it too stagger ing the Brown bomber with a looping right in the third round. But All Good things must come to an end and this happened before the fifth round when Louis caught up with the brawler. He turned to wrestling after this and holds victories Over Lou Thesz Primo Carnea and Argen Tine Rocco three of the biggest names in the game today. Greene is re elected Milwaukee j. Greene of Patterson n. J., has been re elected commissioner and Andrew g. Putka of Cleve land Ohio elected president of the Aba at its 34th annual convention Here. Jones Hamner and Torguson. Philadelphia i Chicago 5. By manner 1, Church 1. Manner 1, Church 1. Rob erts 5. To manner 9 in a Church 1 in i. Re Roberts 2-2, manner 4-4. Church 0-0. By manner Dennisl. A Roberts a manner a plane he Engeln Stewart and Bogges. 3.185. Indians 1, yanks 0 040 000 Oox-4 Katt Adams Cleveland a h Smith of 300 Ken Edy re 0 0 0 0 Collins in anew York a h 0 m d g d 3b 4 1 3 1 4 0 003 2 1 30 w Suke if 4 1 str Al Msj 4 1 Olynn in Rosen 3b Dubyel 3 of 9 Berra c o Wood Golf of 0, Martin 2b 0 Rizzuto is 4 1 10 0 4220 303 Hegan c 3011 Lemon p 3032 Gorman p 0 0 0 0 4 1 4 1 3 2 4 Colem n As 0 0 0 1 amaze 1000 Kraly p Antle too 000 Ami mar Ida is 0 0 0 0 totals 29 4 27 lined out for Coleman in 8th. A Strucic out for Kraly in 8th. Cleveland 100 000 000-1 new York 000 000 000-0 Mcd Oriald. Rib Rosen. So Collins. Shegan. Do easter Strickland and Lemon Lemon Avilla and easter Rizzuto Martin and Collins Martin. Rizzuto and Collins. Left Cleveland 8, new York 6. 1, Kraly 6. So Lemon 1, Kraly 3. Kraly 4 in 8. Gorman 0 in 1. Lemon 0-0. Kraly 1-1. Gorman 0-0. Lemon Kraly a Rommel. Berry Flaherty and Hurley. Brooks 4, cards 3 Brooklyn a h Shuba if c m n la c 3 Belardy in 4 St. Loolian h 4114 hemus is 400 4233 sch d St 2b 4 0 3 4110 Musial if 433 0 4 1 Slighter of 4 1 3 0 13 1 jail so 3b 4 3 1 the son of 4 2 2 orc tag be 3b 0 0 0 0 Cincinnati r Thomson. Iraln. Greengrass Bridges. Baczewski. None rib Willlams 2, Thomson Bell 2. Adams. Thomson Irvin Mcmillan. A Adams. Left new York 5 Cincinnati 8. By Gomez 4, Baczewski 1 Gomez 5. Re Gomez 4-4. Baczewski 3-3. A Baczewski a Gomez 13 101. A Donatello Warneke Conlan and Gorman. A-4.014. Rotroff sidelined at it Knoxville Tennessee s vols today received another set Back when Roger Rotroff right end was sidelined for a few Days with a foot injury received while swimming last month. Roger injured his Achilles Tendon last month and that in jury bothered him again said Trainer Mickey o Brien. The Only cure is coach pessimistic Williamsburg a. Coach Jack Freeman was very pessimistic today Over William and Mary s chances saturday in he indians game Here with Wake Forest. After the indians made poor showings in both morning and afternoon drills Freeman said he was completely Dis Satis of 201 snid ref 110 Morgan 3b 4 0 3 200 Labone p 210 0 1 4 1 3 0 4 0 0 0 Balko in 4 0 Rice c 4 3 rep ski of 4 of Mulller p 1 1 Lowrey 1 totals 34 8 37 13 totals 34 8 27 13 homered for Williams in 9th. A fouled out Lor Miller in 9th. Brooklyn 010 001 003-1 St. Louis 010 001 010-3 Thompson 2, Snider Musial 2, Jablonsky. Shuba Snider 2, Rice Jalc Nykl Musial. Shuba Jablonsky. 3b-Jablon ski. Or Tromp san Musial Snider. Jablonsky and Schoen Dienst hemus schoendienst and Bilko. Left Brooklyn 5, St. Louis 6. By Labone 1, Miller 2. So mlle Ken 2, Miller 3. To Mill Ken 4 in a Labone 4 in 4. Ber Mullen 1-1, Labone 2-2, Miller 4-4. Pm Campanella. A Labone l-m1ller a Goetz Secory Wascou and Dix on. Martin Minnei Dave Witock Allied artists part stir i with Imrei production Friday Joel Lone hand in technicolor sunday Jane Russell Montana Belle in Tricolour children under 12 years free see the pick off the big pictures Here k a 5120 Flojan is 5123 _ _ _ 4 2 2 Thomas of 5 2 3 0 Patko of 4110 Wardle 4 3 11 2jpen tolf 4200 Pel j no 2b 3 0 4 c 3 0 7 1 Natac 302 0 Adcock in 4 1 11 0 Azole 1190 Dittmer 2b 4 1 2 1 Atwell 001 2000 is 3 1 2 6 Liddle p 0000 Friend p 301 0000 Bryce 110 0 Crove 1000 Hall p 000 0 Del St 0000 totals 38 12 27 14i totals 35 10 27 11 a singled for Naton in both. A singled for Friend in 8th. Forced runner for Johnson in 8th. Dran for Crowe in 9th. Pittsburgh 100 003 Milwaukee 200 020 001-5 a Abrams. O Connell 2. Thomas 2, Ward Cole. Bruton Logan 2, Crandall Dittmer. A Friend. Pellagrino. Rib o Connell. Thomas 2. Ward. Cole Rice 2, Logan. Mathews 2, Dittmer. 2b-Abrams, Bruton Pendleton Dittmer Safko 3b Logan Pendleton Mathews. Or Thomas Ward. By Cole. A Burdette. Did. Smith Fella Grill nod Ward Crandall and Logan. Left Pittsburgh 6, Milwaukee 6. By Hall 1. Burdette 1. Liddle 1. So fiend 2, Hall l Burdette 4, Liddle Johnson i. To Friend 7 in 7, Hall 3 in 2, Burdette 10 in 7 pitched to 2 in 8th Liddle 1 la 3-3. Johnson 1 in 1 1-3. Friend 4-3. Hall 1-1. Burdette 8-6, lid ale 1-1, Johnson 0-0. Burdette a Barlock. Ballanfant Gore and Jackowsky. Redlegs 4, giants 3 by Carl Lundqvist up sports writer new said the Pennant races were Over Don t try to Tell that to the indians White sox or red sox. Or the braves cardinals or Phillies. What they do from now on May not be very exciting but they All have a Chance for Sec Ond place and that Means a lot bigger chunk of the world series loot for each player than if they finish fourth. Actually there still Are 11 places to be decided in the final standings. Besides the dodgers and Yankees the Only teams have clinched their spots from teams lower to the standings Are the Phillies who Are sure of at least fourth place and the cubs who have clinched seventh from the pirates in the National and Washington which is mathematically beyond reach of the fast closing tigers in fifth place in the american. The Way the cubs have been travelling of late they could overtake sixth place Cincinnati and have an outside Chance of Landing in fifth place ahead of the giants. Besides the three Way stretch struggle for second in the american the last place i Browns could vacate their lowly j premises and move ahead of the j athletics Ani they still mathematically Are within reach of the sixth place tigers. Fifth place Washington sure of that spot also might overtake bos ton although the third place White sox Are out of washing ton s Range officially. The hottest Battle still re Mains Between the indians and White sox for second place. Cleveland stayed a game ahead of Chicago tuesday by beating the Yankees 1-0, As Bob Lemon won his 20th game with a seven hitter against Rookie lefty Steve Kraly. It was the fifth year in the last six he had hit the 20-game Mark. The White sox improved their position Over the fourth place red sox by Topping them 6-0 on Bob Keegan s three hitter. That left Boston 5vz games behind with Only eight to play so chances for the red sox Are pretty slim. The Phillies moved to within half a game of the third place cardinals by edging Chicago 4-2 and cutting the cub win Ning Streak off at 10 games. Robin Roberts not Only won his 22nd game but hit his first Home run of the year. Hank Sauer and Ralph Kiner tagged Roberts for homers. Duke Snider s two run Homer gave Brooklyn a 4-3 Triumph Over the cardinals in the ninth inning at St. Louis after Stan Musial had put St. Louis ahead with a Homer in the eighth. Gus Bell delivered a two run single for the key hit in a four run rally As Cincinnati topped new York 4-3, and moved with in two games of the skidding fifth place giants. Lefty Fred Baczewski pitched an eight hit Ter for his 10th win. The Pittsburgh pirates rallied for three runs in the eighth in Ning to beat Milwaukee 7-5, and hand 14-game Winner Lew Burdette his nth loss. Homers by Frank Thomas and Preston Ward led the pirates. To treasure a distinctive photograph by new York a h o b this n of Irvin of will is so Horn 3b o a 0 4 2 2 can Cettl a h 3 Adams 3b 2 2 2 m ill n is 4 belief Gomez p 3 1 1 4 220 Klus ski in 2 001 Eatton in 2 0 Marsh. Rf4 0 2 or nor s if 3 1 2 sem Nick c 3 4 Bridges 2b Bacz ski p it a 3 3 1 3 6 3 6 0 4 1 2 0 000 223 0 0 by Lite associated press american league g pet. Vernou Washington 144 .339 Rosen Cleveland 146 .330 mine so Chicago 142 .315 Goodman Boston 122 .310 Pollley Philadelphia 147 .308 Kuenn Detroit 147 .307 Woodlig. New York 121 .307 Busby Washington 142 .306 Bauer new York 125 .305 Kell Boston 128 .304 National league fames Purilla. Brooklyn 132 .344 Irvin. New York 116 .338 schoendienst St. Louis 134 .337 Mueller new York 121 .336 Robinson Brooklyn 130 .334 Snider Brooklyn 143 .332 Musial St. Louis 145 .327 Ash bum Philadelphia 146 .325 Kluszewski Cincinnati 141 .322 Campanella Brooklyn 138 .314 Home runs Mathews braves 45 Rosen indians 40 Campanella. Dodgers 40 Kluszewski Redlegs 40 Snider Dod Gers 39. Runs batted in Campanella dodgers 139 Rosen indians 136 Mathews braves 128. Runs Snider dodgers 128 dodgers 120 Musial cards 118 dark giants 116. Hits Kuenn tigers 198 , senators 195 Ashburn. Phillies 188. Pitching Roe dodgers 11-2 Lopat Yankees 15-3 Ford Yankees 17-5 Bac Zewski Redlegs 10-3 Erskine dodgers 19-6. Basketball begins at Hiltons va., tonight Holtons a. Scott county basketball takes Over the spotlight Here tonight when Hiltons High opens its 1953 play with a twin Bill with Cleveland. The girls game is slated to be Gin at . And the boys take to the Hardwood at committee to hear Veeck s proposal to move Browns Chicago american league committee today will hear president Bill Veeck s latest proposal to shift his St. Louis Browns to another City most Likely Baltimore. I the four Man group s conclusions Are not expected to be mad Public until a full meeting of club owners possibly during the 1 world series. The committee was appointed at a league meeting before the All Star game in july As a sort of screening group to study any Dressen picks Erskine to pitch series opener new York Charley Dressen of the dodgers boasting he has five pitchers he can Start in the world series indicated today he will open with Carl Erskine and employ Rookie Bob Millikan As Early As feasible. Dressen hinted at these pitch ing plans yesterday during a sparring session with reporters at Yankee stadium after spend ing the afternoon scouting the Yankees with his aides Andy High and red Corriden. Dressen left his team in the West to give the Yankees a personal look Over. Plans Veeck May have to shift the Brownie franchise. Veeck last Spring was turned Down by the league in an Effort to move the impoverished Browns to Baltimore. Recently he was quoted a saying six other cities were interested in giving the Browns a new Home including Houston Montreal Toron to Kansas City and Minneapolis St. Paul. Strangely the did t include los Ange Les or san Francisco said to be High on Veeck s shopping list. Moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. Times news classified ads get results compare our prices and terms . Winkler Oil floor Furnace Complete with a circulating fan 2. Forced draft fan 3. Safety switch 4. Automatic installed Complete Only 911.20 per month no Down payment Southern Sheet 334 e. Soult a St. Special Coal furnaces goal fired heavy Dir steel Farna eni for in 5 or to Rveal Homta. Cov Pletter installed. Priced from to . Oil floor Furnace Wuh Tan ther Ratut Coatny 1150.00 m months to Pat Metal works phone 135 excitement All the Way that split second thrill for the millions who loved the Romance and emotional excitement of such famed pictures As Pride of the Yankees and the Straiten Story Here is a new and wonderful picture to bring you cheers lean and suspenseful entertainment Leon Errol comedy color cartoon world news starts Nuj Ruday features at a me in tonight double feature no. 1 beyond the Border no. 2 pirate submarine s phone pcs 113 noun Squi Iii at favorite king5port theatres strand 206 3 dimensions fort to technicolor 3 stooges and news Gem double feature world in his arms feature no. 2 treasure of Monte Cristo on your radio Groucho Marx you bet your life produced by John gut Del toni6h1 wept radio programs weft wept mum Kab. 98.5 to. Pm Wodder Brown woman in by Houm Flea o clock Shadow 9 30 Lorenzo Jones the doctor Newa i i 30-ttporl8 Newl old Comet Henf How of Tho world one maa 9 a amur son jeep the Cir eat Amarx 30-truth or cont Quenta us St Cassidy report from Washington a Polit Newa olt to Dudai Jill on Cham cd aet Chaser the pastor s s Udy gloom Chaser Newi gloom Chaser rat a loom Clair world Rov Nfn 15-Behlnd to world twi 30-Kinssport Federal Calendar David Urc Nestra mid Tatlong Darls 3t-Gueita and Olta Star pays to Jarrud strike it Rich that Pajl Cuiulo r Newi Melody time time 4 15 f la interlude Frederick dance music Dancil Muir or. Crane Muslo lev link r. Level Raj can be Buu Alful Road of use Tounch a fam i a talc Stella Dallai Douai wooer Bra Flora dance music o clock Shadow in Yrenio the doctor. Wue 8porta Newt a Btu schedule newsreel i 15 nature museum Studlo c 30 wild Bui Hickok Graham Como lbs reporter studio Arthur Godfrey strike it Rich lbs got a secret i bbl lbs. 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Discussion by Newa and family news news Dally the Lone Ranger Newa Man s news Perry son Obi in peace and City deadline or. Christian times crime lewites on or. News fatty will Rogers Cross fire on of str what news and comment men s news White news news

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