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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 16, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeWeek s club events tuesday Cedar Grove improvement league at Cedar Grove school at . Members of the Community Are urged to attend. Busi Ness from the last meeting will be continued. Kingsport Art Guild at 8 . With mrs. H. W. Cooler 1312 Greenfield place. Lynn Garden elementary school Pat at 3 . Home and Parent education will be the program topic. Circles of Glen Alpine Church at . As follows one mrs. Ted Welsch Smoky Road two mrs. Howard Hamblin three mrs. Lester Palmer Highway 81 Lincoln Pat. At 2 . Dana f. Swick will speak on How Par Mary Haworth says philandering husband of ten has inferiority Complex dear Mary Haworth Why will a Man continue a series of affairs throughout his marriage with Only fleeting periods of re Gret for the havoc he a Hen he has a Loyal wife a Fine boy and Money enough to avoid economic worries. The injured wife is a Friend of mine highly intelligent attract Ive kind and generous a Good homemaker. The husband i shall Call him too Short and delicate to look very masculine. His eyesight and hearing Are poor and he is getting Bald rapidly. However he is kind ends can help the easy to know and has opt mrs. Club at 7 at an even disposition. He Ridge Fields country club. Call Hazel Lowe for reservations. Long Island chapter Dar at . With mrs. Howard Long Bright Ridge drive. Mrs. Hamilton Wallace mrs. Ross Robinson and mrs. W. D. West Moreland co hostesses. If unable to attend members Are asked to Call mrs. Long. West View Pat at p. M. For regular meeting. Circle four Bethel presbyterian Church at p. M. With is in his late thirties and his infidelities have lasted As Long As his marriage. His wife is intellectually his Superior but does t flaunt it and their child is Beautiful lovable and loved by both of them. In recent weeks rumours have reached me of Hank s latest in discretion and several times i have met him with the girl involved. She is much younger than he and if our Brief con mrs. H. W. Brendle 2225 Sher versa ions Are any indication Wood Road she has Little to of f or except her circles one and six. Bethel eventually his wife Edith presbyterian Church 6 p. Find lout she sound to Al with mrs. Lawson Valley drive i Shant Tell her. As her for a picnic supper. Fiend i May have such a duty parliamentary procedure course at civic auditorium at p. M. William Weber will be instructor. Wednesday but i cannot Bear to bring this pain to her. If i could understand Why Hank acts As he does i think i might help Edith As i am sure she will turn to me when she before. Each discovery of the sort Nas been Verv crippling he May identify himself with homosexual types and be driving himself to Casanova extremes As if to disprove the suspicion that lurks in his mind. Occasionally therapists find this kind of Complex at the Root of senseless pernicious infidelity in which Case helping the client face his fears with intelligent decipher their origin bring him around to self accepting stability. Women s work by Barbara Washburn up staff correspondent new York a woman policeman is Safe com pared to a lot of jobs the sex holds says new York s top policewoman. I be Long since lost count of he number of times i be had to a you re under said Theresa Scagnelli new director of policewomen in the nation s now to consider another Angle largest City but in All the times you say Hank s wife is Intellec-1 be said it i be tally his Superior though shei5ca Surprise supper is Given complimenting or. And mrs. Pilgrim the Silver anniversary of or. And mrs. F. D. Pilgrim was com that s the blueprint for this Plimen Ted last week with a sur fall s fashion Silhouette Asun prise Buffet supper Given by de scored by new York s custom close friends of the couple. Designers now unveiling their the Celebration took place at closely guarded creations which the honorees1 Home on Orchard j ring the Cash Register for up court tuesday evening. A Silver service was Given or. And mrs Pilgrim As gift of the guests. Those present or. And mrs. Val Edwards or. And mrs. Hay Moss or. And mrs. Robert _ _ flaunt it and his latest much More dangerous. Miss Scagnelli a member the police Force for 10 years now. Once was an investigator for the society for prevention of cruelty to children. In that Job you never had a partner or carried a gun and you had to go to All sorts of hos tile she said. The investigating Job was Good training however for a police Job. So was the Short time she spent As a department store detective. Undercover work then came years on an under cover squad in the police depart ment. Most recently. Miss Scag Nelli was assigned to the Brook Lyn District attorney s office. She had kept out of sight so Well Over the years that when she arrested a lawyer for his role in the baby Black Market and took him to court to be booked the clerk who knew the lawyer said to Hank feels overshadowed by his wife and Philanders to boost his Stock with himself to fortify his ego in dealing with per haps to imply that she s no More of a person than other women after All or maybe As an aggrieved thrust at her for being modestly unassailable finer than he whatever the inside Story Hank s skirt chasing be tokens his conspicuous failure to meet a problem sensibly. M. H. Wallpaper designs Are available for club presentations a new portrait collection Nancy Warren wallpapers by making its first appearance in Kingsport offering High fashion designs to homemakers with limited budgets. Philandering a reflection on available to area Tomim s and keeps asking herself where clubs the collection is note she has failed. I be tried to Tell worthy for its beautifully styled her that Hank is undoubtedly papers. A packaged program immature and is eternally seek you re the can be ing something of Romance be of blamed from Kingsport paint thinks he missed. But these wallpaper co. For presenta Swers Don t satisfy her. Can Youlton at club meetings. Compiled St. Margaret s Paul s episcopal Church at 101 . With mrs. Max y. Parl 722 Yadkin St. Women of Lynn Garden presbyterian Chapel at 2 . With mrs. W. O. Smith. It. View methodist a pcs the Church at . General meeting Highland Lark a pcs at the Church at . Imp of Cedar View at 2 p. M. With mrs. Bob Mcdavid Gate City Highway. Actu at 2 at Kingsport Hank could accurately say what s utilities for installation o1 with their marriage. H flyers i yet if we had their speculative or to a Hei cers tour Anav defensive slant on the subdued background these looks thursday r relevant give a fee Long depth any to explore in search of filth him you know bring a client in Here. You should have left her out Back in the prisoners everybody was embarrassed when Theresa explained quietly i Mclellan. Or. And mrs. John Dodd or and mrs. Charles Bachelder or. And mrs. Henry Childs or. And mrs. Arthur cof Fin or. And mrs. W. A. Wiley or. And mrs. A. D. Caley or. And mrs. Charles l. Fletcher and or. And mrs. E. G. Guenther. Birthday party is Given for daughter mrs. Frank n. Ferguson of 1804 Edgewood drive entertained saturday afternoon with a birth Day party honouring her two year old daughter Linda Carol. Miss Mable Carter and mrs. Martha Hickman assisted the hostess. Guests included Junior de Freece. Shelby Defreece Brenda Defreece j in m y Mckinney Sarah von Cannon Ann Martin Paul Johnson. Gary Shelton Nina sue Bush you should t Opi Barbara Beverly David Bev Erly. Rusty Helton Doris Lane peddle Ray Tate Katherine tyres Janice Gammons. Fashion Silhouette is wide from Side to Side but Flat from Stem to Stern by Dorothy Roe Chic american woman lives. I a women s editor think effortless clothes Are in you can be wide from Side top Octant when so much else is full Side but Flat from Stem to Strain. To me fashion is Hap Piest when it flows Forward smoothly rather Chan when it is whipped and badgered into spurts and j another Mai Bocher innovation of the season is the Ameri can favorite the shirtwaist dress done in Chiffon lined in Wool Jersey. The effect is that of a new and wonderful material with a faint look of iridescence. Mai Bocher the Gray haired Chicago born Couturier who looks More like a Stock broker than a fashion designer shows his usual discreetly elegant col Lection following his conviction that the truly elegant woman prefers understatement to Dis play. This Point is illustrated by one of his most important fall cos Tumes modelled at his recent opening. The Model first appeared in a simple Little Gray Wool pea jacket and slim skirt. When she opened the jacket an Ermine lining was revealed. Under it was what appeared to be a discreet and unadorned tailored suit in Gray worsted. But when that jacket too was removed there was revealed a Short Din Ner dress of the same Gray elaborately embroidered in jewels and sequins above the Belt. That gives you a general idea. Mai Bocher holds that a lady prefers not to flaunt her Opu i Lence but to keep it concealed until the strategic moment when she emerges from her outer Swa things As a Moth from a co Coon. This is the theory he has Pur i sued successfully for Many years in dressing such luminaries As the Duchess of Windsor who never yet has been accused of Over dressing. Says Mai Bocher this collection is full of Kingsport times. Tuesday sept. 16, 1952 5 girls for those of leu who can qualify Are it to 30 Only Geb free tuition earn while you learn program now apply a Tomb Kingsport Beauty shop 126 Broad Over Federal clot Liitt times news want ads get results Bernice Tyree. Gary adding marked changes but they Are that West the Irr v t ton Frank Pat expressed casually the Way a hat she was the arresting of lovin. Larrv Cook. Belinda finer not the defendant. Miss Scagnelli who s in Middle 30 Slovin Larry Cook Belinda Cook i mrs. Fred Addington mrs. Ner Carl Johnson mrs. Bill Lane was on the w. B. Helton mrs. Ted Black Market investigation mrs. Charles Tyree. Dear n. A neither Edith nor preparation. There is a wide baby in Eugene Cook Ruth mrs. Bill of Tex new arrivals illumination. Springs. Port cannot St. Lydia Guild of St. Paul s the nuances and episcopal Church auxiliary for first meeting at the Parish House at 8 p. M. With mrs. Include. However i bystander j implications making a cooler. She s for against crime. Decorative accessories or have to be versatile More patterned furniture fabrics. The new fall Browns and the police were Able to get Sev eral adoptive parents to testify and the ring was broken. Head policewoman sea Jonelli As soft and feminine As Ter of or. And mrs. Willis b. Secretary or housewife 216 Virginia St., at hoi surface appearance is a Ston Valley Community Hospital Elizabeth Anne Wiley Daugh Balch. Chairman in charge with j mrs. Joe Higgins As co hostess. I Church Hill Pat 3 p. M. Tones As Well As chartreuse Rich i greens and Sharp accent colors in urn , a v. M. Ter. Which May shed Light on the installation or officers. Mrs. C. Alley will give a review of Pat convention in Chattanooga. Not Verv Borden Community club at 8 h p. M. At clubhouse. Hostesses will obscure difficulty. First you Hank s you Arcadia Pat at 3 p. M. Liberty Hill Pat at 3 preceded by executive repossessing o slight to masculine and moreover has poor eyesight poor hearing and a balding head. Such characteristics Don t j necessarily detract from Essen meeting f 9 j n in male competence in the so at p. M. Members Are requested to bring dish j biological roles to Man Butan anxious holy Trinity shepherdess Cir habitual to there Are also unusual patterns too for bathrooms kitchens children s rooms and other spots where an out of the Ordi nary design is desired. Anyone interested in obtain ing the packaged program for club presentations or in viewing designs for personal use is asked to Contact Anne Lane at 500 e. Sullivan St. Flower show is mar w t 107watereestmrs. Brown personality and As a result fall pattern of Don Juan Coeburn a. Fsopi the the compulsion might be fall Flower show staged around ship Ito advertise capacities i the theme the of a p i r o a Ley will present the program on n terms con St or to Gar a turn was held tuesday at the Winter arrangements of died Flowers. Garden Guild mrs. Harry Jackson ego.assurac6 by captivate 1 Community club House by the relentless in the september 7. Weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces. Mrs. Wiley is the for Amer Jimmye Ruthe Trent. It is the Job of the policewomen s Bureau to investigate crimes Cynthia Ann Long daughter against women and arrest or and mrs Martin m. Long culprits. Her 217 lady cops Sherwood Road at Holston pose As everything from models i Valley Community Hospital. Sep to non English speaking Immi tember 9, weighing 7 pounds 13 Grants. To be a miss Scagnelli i said you must not look like anyone s idea of a a girl has to be Able to lift a 45-Pound weight with either hand before she can pass the City s physical examination. She also must have the figure of the Ideal american girl and the personality to go with it. Our Job is fairly she said because our women Are office Man agers association dinner. . Dinner and Bridge. Meet ing. Ladies Day Golf and Bridge. Junior High Pat dinner. Club luncheon dance for club members of High school age from to 12. Sammy Devault s orchestra will play three guests Are permitted. For reservations Call mrs. Mcnally at 1173. I ounces. Zula Kay Blevins daughter of or. And mrs. P. A. Blevins w. Sevier ave., at Holston Val Ley Community Hospital sep tember 4, weighing 7 pounds. Mrs. Well trained. They work in pairs. Ald j Era onal Marvin Davis and Don Miller Street left the front girl goes in to make her arrest and at the crucial moment the second appears with drawn gun if necessary in response to a pre arranged Sig most criminals Are cowards when they re caught off guard saturday for Rural Retreat a. Where they were called due to illness of their father Macness. James Mccrea enters Middlebury College Ling Many sweethearts. Community Garden club of that " she said the never James e Mccrea son of or with another possibility under this j Burn. Guests registered As they known one to resist and mrs. George g. Mccrea. 1228 Obb i heading is that his effeminate entered and were served punch newcomers club at the Kings May out picture Viand cookies at a beautifully apr parts of the Caribbean Watauga Street is one of 356 who have arrived on . Reservations May be by calling mrs. Howard Bauman 1726-r. Luncheon will be s1.50 effeminate pointed table by mrs. Henry Clay. Forest receive a rainfall the Campus of Middlebury col passive dependent cast of i the club House was decorated Over a nines a year Ilese Middlebury vt., to begin character. And unconsciously with pumpkins Corn stacks and registration. Fall fruits arranged by mrs. W. Rated in fall Flowers and the the Young men and women per person. Bridge and Canasta. Will follow the luncheon. P. M. For school of instruct contemporary Book club at a. M. With mrs. F. R. Con Klin 1308 Linville Street. Sunnyside Pat at . At school for regular meeting. Circle twelve of first Presby Terian Church at 8 p. M. In the ladies parlor. Woodrow Pat at . Executive committee 2 . Long Island Pat . Cherokee Garden club with mrs. Norman Spencer Sevier or Bank Pat at . At the school. J purple she also re Virginia club at 1 . F deceived the greatest number of luncheon at Ridge Fields ribbons with mrs. Earl Hil r. Waddell and her committee bridal table Laden with gifts. An forming the incoming class come mrs. Earl Parson won the Tri color for her arrangement of by the from 20 states six foreign room tries and one u. S. Territory. Club. Hostesses will be mrs. W. R. Jennings mrs. S. F. Thacker and mrs. C. M. Gibson. Bell Ridge Pat at 2 . In the school lunchroom. Clara Yancey Bible class mrs. J. M. Cross 618 Watauga Street Sullivan Home demonstration Terrace. Members have been asked to bring an arrangement. Forest View hoc at p. M. With mrs. Clyde Guinn. Friday Gate City chapter 116 Oes z p. M. With mrs. Paui Coker. Circle one of Glen Alpine methodist Church will sponsor a rummage Sale Friday at the chamber of Commerce building Broad mrs. Paul Ramey. Miss be Turner and miss Marie Mucci entertained at the c us hoi thursday night honouring w Hubert Jones a Bride of 1 week. The club House was d ton winning the next largest number. Mrs. Frank Cooper won the two colors in the Horti culture class. Mrs. W. N. Bolts mrs. Crizer and mrs. C. N. Hensley of Appalachia were the judges and were entertained at by mrs. E. P. Litton. It s a heavenly blend of flavor perfection Rich velvety chocolate fudge rib boned through creamy smooth pet real Vanilla ice Cream. Made Only of fresh whole milk and fresh Sweet Cream no wonder we Call this dessert for september a but we believe a your judgment. That s Why we ask you to compare pet with any other ice Cream. 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