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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 16, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday sept. 16, 1952__________ Kings fort times an Independent democratic newspaper Aten go Rounce Hollywood c. P. or. W. J. Macau Lukl. Editor j. W. West Central Ellis Bank Ltd editor 230-33 e Mil lit strut. Klan port. Tun. Member of the associated prut Southern new Ippei publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent democratic newspaper published etch after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published hereto. Entered at Post office in Klof sport. Tenn., As second class mail matter october 37. It under the act of March a 1171. National advert sent representatives Shannon associates. Inc. With offices b new York. Chicago Detroit Atlanta. St. Louis. Kansas City. Los Angeles and san subscription rate by mail first and second Ostal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought and they were both righteous before god talking in All the commandments and ordinances of the lord blameless. Luke the times daily tonic let us Pray god that he would Root out of our hearts everything of our own planting and set out there with his own hands the tree of life bearing All manner of fruits. Fenelon. Better doubt it in times of political campaigns it be hooves the Reader or the listener to take with a careful examination the state ments made by political orators or Politi Cal propaganda sheets. That is especially True of just such statements As Are made with an air of finality As if they would Brook no contradiction. As examples we take two popular charges one demo cratic and the other Republican. One of the most popular Points made by Derr socratic orators is that the Depres Sion which they Call the Hoover Depres Sion was caused by Republican policies. Franklin Roosevelt was elected on the strength of the depression and each time he ran for re election he played that rec Ord Back and not Only saw to it that the people remembered the bad times but saw to it that the people blamed the re publicans for the bad times and Drew the moral that if you elect the republicans again you will get the kind of govern ment that will Lead to another Depres Sion. Moreover the implication is that if we had had a democratic administration from 24 to 32, there would have been no depression at All. Now everyone should know that with out minimizing the Point the United states played in the tragedy and it was not a heroic part the real fact is that the depression in the United states was a part of and a natural result of the economic collapse of Europe which Fol Lowed the paper Prosperity of the immediate postwar period. The real causes were beyond the control of american politics and the idea that Hoover was to blame is one of the great injustices of modern history. Today s democratic politicians who Tell us that we cannot afford to let Europe collapse economically Are thereby admit Ting if you Stop to think about it that it was Europe s collapse before that caused our depression not Republican policies. The other Szije the picture is the Pat Republican argument that the new Deal is entirely to blame for the astronomical National debt and for the terrific taxes we have to pay. Now leaving out the fact that the social reforms do Cost a lot of Money the Basic fact is that the National debt and the tax rate Are caused by the second world War desperate armament race against another great War plus the efforts to prevent another economic col lapse in Europe which even if it did not result in the Rise of communism would inevitably react on our Sowri Economy. Those republicans who say that it is foolish to carry on the economic Aid pro Gram and that we should let Europe take care of itself or sink Are really arguing that the economic collapse of Europe in the twenties had no effect on the econ omy of the United states and therefore our depression must have been caused by local conditions. That would put or. Hoover on the spot that the democrats try to put him on. The economists Tell us the depression in the late twenties was caused by the blindness of statesmen and businessmen not to see the natural outcome of the inflated and inflationary Prosperity of the Early twenties. The Bright Sun was in everybody s eyes and blinded them from seeing the dark Clouds forming on the horizon. We never had it so and we laughed at the croakers. Oddly enough we Are not drawing any parallel Between our present we never had it so Good Prosperity and the we never had it so Good Prosperity of the Early twenties. We Aren t making any deductions on the ultimate end of our wonderful life. We Are quite sure say the political spenders that there is no danger of regression. That is what they said in Coolidge s Day. It is better to doubt everything you hear in a Campaign than to believe every thing you hear. By Drew Pearson Republican command has worked out a High powered publicity Campaign which will be unique in the history of american politics and is calculated to bring Victory in november. The plan is to ask National advertisers most of them Friendly to the gop to surrender radio and to advertising spots to the Republican National committee during the last three weeks of the Campaign and then saturate the airways with platters or transcriptions from general Eisenhower. The spot announcements usually one to two minutes Long would consist of a question asked of Eisenhower by a voter with his reply. The general s according to the gop plan would be his Complete compre Hension of the problem and his determination to do something about it when elected. Thus he inspires loyalty without prematurely com mitting himself to any Strait jacket the High powered publicity scheme was first evolved by Fred Rudge of the consulting firm of Fisher Rudge and Neblett of new York who first sold the idea to Walter Wil Liams and Jock Whitney. It was discussed by various gop leaders on aug. 25, and on sept. 2 Gen. Eisenhower himself gave his personal . He is setting aside half a Day when the transcriptions Are to be recorded. Republican leaders Felt they would have no trouble getting big advertisers to relinquish their radio and to spots three weeks before elections since All but two of the big Advertis ing agencies in new York Are considered re publican and most of their clients. The text of the gop publicity plan which Speaks for itself follows getting spots on radio and to can be accomplished by asking National advertisers to surrender their spots for these three weeks thus throwing their Purchase open to the re publican and democratic parties from the stations and the networks. Since the Republican plan would be organized and the demo cratic would not the republicans could obtain the lion s share of the Good time. It has been proven Over and Over in the course of radio to experience in this country that spots Are the quickest most effective and cheapest Means of getting across a message in the shortest possible time. It is recommended that be spent in three weeks on this Campaign. This is at the rate of a year for a National unheard of saturation Campaign in the radio to Field. Then again when it is remembered that this would be spent in Only 40 counties the pressure prob ably increases to that equivalent to spending at the rate of a tremendous message leverage in key areas. Whatever happens in november we Mani act and will not retrace our Gen. Matthew Ridgway. I have far More friends among the Ameri cans than i have among the British British labor party Leader Aneurin Bevan. They North koreans could hit us once and they might Hurt us. But if they tried to sus Tain it they d lose their air air Force Gen. O. P. Weyland. One spot per hour the spots themselves would be the height of simplicity. People from each of the 49 areas would each ask the general a question. Apparently they would be speaking directly to the general though actually to simplify production and reduce the Load on the Gener Al s time they would be filmed separately. These spots will consist of questions raised by people speaking in the accents of the Vari Ous areas answered by the general with All the warmth and Charm of which he is capable. They will be aired at the rate of roughly once an hour Over the pick of 56 to and 244 radio stations in these 49 areas. This ties in with a further recommendation that the spots not be made until the first week in. October. This permits the greatest latitude in assessing what the problems Are at that time rather than risking political changes ensuing after the spots Are the publicity Survey then proceeds to out line the critical the key the indecisive states As follows California Oregon Colorado Idaho Nevada Wyoming South Dakota wis Consin Iowa Illinois Indiana Michigan Ohio Connecticut Delaware Maryland new Jersey new York Pennsylvania. If the republicans took All these the publicity plan continues they would end up with 308 votes More than enough to win. However they must take a Good part of them and it is the purpose of this plan to suggest those which must be taken As Well As the Way in which their taking May be assured. It is the intent of this plan to pitch the fight in these states where three conditions hold substantial elements of the democratic bloc Are Well concentrated. B where the electoral vote is High. Where the past two or three elections have been close. The following states therefore Are not included in this plan in the far West Oregon which went re publican by 1 per cent in 1948 and should re peat this figure. Of the Mountain group Colo Rado which went democratic by about 2 per cent plus a 1.2 progressive vote in 1948. The fact that Eisenhower s Headquarters have been Here should help. Idaho barely demo cratic in 1948, will get a 2 per cent progressive vote pickup. Nevada went democratic in 1948 by .4 per cent plus a 2.4 per cent progressive vote. Wyoming went democratic by 1.7 per cent in 1948 a .9 per cent progressive vote. Of the West Central group South Dakota went Republican in 1948 and will probably stay that Way this year despite a 1 per cent progressive vote pickup. Thus included in the plan Are California of the far West Iowa and Wisconsin of the West Central group plus All the East Central and Eastern states save Delaware. Delaware went Republican by 1 per cent in 1948. Whether it so stays in 1952 will probably depend on the negro vote in Wilmington. In these 49 counties the key to Victory lies. In this plan lies the key to these counties. In this plan lies november Victory for Eisen poor Everett most uncomfortable Man in the gop is probably sen. Everett Dirksen the Illinois spellbinder who has just sworn allegiance to general Eisenhower but at the same time is tied to the apron strings of the Chicago Tri Bune s colonel Bertie Mccormick. What makes this awkward is that Mccormick is now in the process of siphoning right Wing republicans off into a new third party. On the other hand Dirksen in t exactly popu Lar inside the Eisenhower Camp because of some intemperate remarks he made at the Chicago convention against new York s governor Tom Dewey and other gop liberals. Dirksen has explained privately that his crack at Dewey was impulsive provoked by the sight of Dewey strutting up and Down the convention aisle with a can of Beer during Durksen s speech. As head of the senatorial Campaign com Mittee Dirksen is a member of the Republican National committee s strategy Board which is pledged to elect Eisenhower. Before the convention disgruntled Ike supporters complained that Dirksen was too pro Taft for this position but since the convention they have agreed to keep him on As a sop to the Taft forces. In return Dirksen has agreed to go All out for the Eisenhower ticket. By Erskine Johnson behind the screen it s make the Grade As a dramatic actress or bust in the Case of bins. Gale wants to rest her singing voice Long enough to try the Duse Racket and it looks like she s going to get her Chance. The offers to make like Greer and Jennifer have been coining in she told me since the release of Columbia s the in which she plays her first straight role. I really Haven t done any thing important in Hollywood until she declared. Just chucking red Skelton under the Chin and making eyes at Fred what about that see right through the skin dress she wears in the i admit it was Gale said. The censors came around every Day while i was wearing it. They could see my whole body through the mate rial but they could t do a thing about it. How about if 20th Century Fox gives him the Green Light Gary Merrill will do a Broadway play the frag Ile the play once owned by the late John Garfield is a War Story about a lieutenant who shoots his Captain. Benny can t afford it Jack Benny has finally decided to retire from the Good seven years after release of his last feature film. Jack s reason i simply cannot afford to make a bad the Horn blows at Midnight was released in 1945 and Jack has t starred in a movie since. He told me now with television i doubt that i Ever will. Making movies is a full time Job. You can t do it and radio and to at one time and be successful in All three. And failure in one Field hazards your chances in the Jack plays a bit As himself in Betty Button s new film somebody loves but he did it Only As a favor to his Long time pal producer Bill Perlberg. It it it author Norman Katkov s forthcoming biography of Fanny Brice will Tell this anecdote when Billy Rose was gallivanting around with Eleanor Holm in 1939, Fanny stayed put in hol Lywood keeping her counsel. She said not a word until one Day irked at the gossip that Billy was leaving her she asked a Friend what does Billy see in that Eleanor Holm there in t a thing i can t do better than her look alikes Nancy Olson and Clarissa Churchill Bride of an Thony Eden. It it it the name of Steve Cochran s newest lass on the War Ner curl your hair. Nita Naldi is the latest silent screen Star to try for a comeback. She s also up for a role in the stage play in any that s the play with the Odd to a topical International Romance. Bell Sisters toll on film the warbling Bell Sisters have been set for a Columbia Filmus Cal to Roll in january. Olivia de Havilland s explanation of her four year absence from the screen i d rather be forgotten than remembered in a bad it it it Hattie Mcdaniel whose illness depleted her life s savings is now at the motion picture country Home which is supported by members of the film Industry. The ailing Oscar Winner is still hoping to make a Complete re covery and resume her Beulah role. It it it Shelley Winters has just left the faithful press agent who publicized her Long before her Click in a double it it it How that Richard Greene gets around one night with Mona Freeman the next with lady Sylvia Ashley. It it it the word s out that Lena As John Bull sees it Washington. Calling they re coming to work on time at the department of jus Tice now and showing some in Terest in their work. When judge James Patrick Mcgranery of Philadelphia first took Over As u. S. Attorney Gen eral less than four months ago he found that Many of the attorneys were reporting for work around 10 o clock in the morn ing. They had a very Good Rea son for this. They said they had nothing to do. Things were that bad. Four months is of course in sufficient time in which to clean tip completely a government department of people when it has been going Down Hill for six years. This figure of takes in Only the staff that is supposed to be the government s top Law enforcement Agency. It does not include the in Federal Bureau of investigation in immigration serv ice in Bureau of prisons. As More or less Independent branches of department of jus Tice they Are thus far Clear of any of the scandals that have rocked the Parent organization. Best estimates now Are that it would take another year and a half to reorganize and re staff the department of Justice and get it running As it should be run. Attorney general Mcgran Ery does t have that much time. He has Only another four months before a new administration takes Over. Home is shedding the big Agency that s represented her for years. Lena s vexed because the Star role in Mem s see How they run went to Dorothy Dan Dridge. It it it Linda Darnell is saying she s Happy for Bob Levitt sex Hubby of Ethel Merman and his Bride Sherry Chadbourne. Linda and Levitt once discussed marriage but decided that a movie Queen who had to live in Hollywood and an executive tied to new York would t be Able to make a go of it. It it it buddy Rogers salary demand was too High so Don Porter not buddy will play Ann Sothern s publisher Boss in her telefilm series for producer Jack Chertok. So cleaning up the mess in the Justice department won t get done by the incumbent a. G. Unless of course governor Steven son s would be elected president and decide to keep judge Mcgranery in his Cabinet to finish the Job he has just started. That is considered pretty much of a political Long shot. For governor Stevenson already has As his democratic National committee chairman Stephen a. Mitchell who was the original counsel for rep. Frank Chelf s House committee assigned to investigate the department of Justice. Judge Mcgranery is a personality that Washington has not quite figured out. He is playing his cards awfully close to the Vest. He in t playing the social circuit. He is taking no part in the political Campaign largely because he has too much else to do in his own office. He has held no press conferences. He it working with the Chelf committee instead of fighting it As his predecessor j. Haward Mcgrath did. Chairman Chelf and his ranking Republican col league rep. Kenneth b. Keat ing of new York were at first inclined to keep the new a. G. At Arm s length. They regarded him As their Guy they were after. When the attorney general assured the Chelf committee that it could have any files in his department which it could present a sound reason for wanting to examine the ice melted. The Only exceptions judge Mcgran Ery makes Are files on cases under Active prosecution by the department and flies on cases affecting National Security. Encourages Congress investigators judge Mcgranery has also changed the Mcgrath formula Peter Edson by allowing and encouraging congressional committees to do part of his cleanup work for him. In addition to the coming i Chelf committee investigation into the tax cases handled by sex assistant attorney general t. Lamar Caudle this will in clude the Senate investigation of the alien property custodian s office. Judge Mcgranery installed Dean Rowland Kirks of National University Law school As alien property custodian for a trial. That appointment will apparently stick. Kirks replaced har old i. Baynton. In june Mcgranery let go two other assistant attorneys Gener Graham Morrison in anti Trust and William a. Under Bill in lands division. Lester Luther u. S. Attorney in Kansas City was ousted at Mcgranery s request in August and Deputy attorney general a. Devitt Vanesch was allowed to resign. Still other Heads Are to Roll in the near future. Judge Mcgranery is apparently waiting Only until he can get ironclad cases against those who he would oust. In connection with All these changes in top personnel in jus Tice there is a Story on Why judge Mcgranery himself re signed As an assistant attorney general Back in 1946. I saw it was to be an administration of Little he is reported to have said and i was to be an the attorney general at that time was Tom c. Clark of Texas now an associate Justice of the supreme court. T. Lamar Cau dle was picked by Clark As an As sit ant attorney general but so far the Justice has been above questioning As to what went on when he was a. G. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe a Democrat says if the republicans get in the Moat terrible things will happen and immediately is labelled a fear Monger. A Republican says if the democrats get in again the most terrible things will happen and he is immediately called a fear Monger. A Pessimist says whichever Side gets in the most terrible things will happen and an Optimist says whichever Side gets in no very terrible thing is go ing to happen. A Man married 16 times said he did t know what happened to him except after the fifth wife he seemed to go haywire. It seems that with him the first five wives were the hardest. A couple of political writers Are perfectly willing to Tell Gen. Eisenhower exactly what they have to do in order to win. Conceit but after All it s simple. Any Peanut can Tell them the same thing. All the gop has to do u convince the people the democrats should be thrown out. It certain society ladies in Washington before deciding How to vote wanted to know if either candidate had a Marriageable daughter who was a Good Prospect for a White House wedding. But Adlai himself might be a Good Prospect. Adlai of the Hole in the shoe is said to be very careless about his clothes. What he needs is a Good wife or a Good Valet. It wives of All great men remind them and remind them and remind them and wives of Little men like Wise for husbands Are forgetful Guys. It a Bachelor who becomes successful would probably be twice As successful if he had a wife. It applause the candidate stood and poured it on the crowd cheered loud Long s he heard the great applause but came a Cooling chilling thought i can t help he said How Many of these before to night were All for the cheers who gets and cheers from people already your friends is the Hook on which fools Ara caught. But did i make one doubtful soul decide i was his Man did l change a single mind from the moment i it it was a mean old Democrat who said it answering a re publican who said we had a generation of voters who never knew anything but democratic Rule and did not remember a re publican president. Said the Democrat and that s just what you republicans should be glad about that they Don t remember. It republicans say that Steven son s arguments Are like his shoe. They look All right on top but there is a Hole in them. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances for her i joined the boy scout Young rangers plane and Junior the hat taken up with a 4-h club Guyl one of the serious childhood contagious diseases is Scarlet fever. In recent years it has seemed to be on the downswing that is there have not been As Many cases of the disease As there were in the past and it has also been comparatively mild but is still a serious condition. In 1942, for example there were Over cases of the disease reported in the United states and 425 deaths from this cause. The germ which causes Scarlet fever is a streptococcus. Scarlet fever is contagious that is it is spread from one person to an other especially during the Early part of the disease. It attacks at any age but is most common in children and partly for this Rea son is most frequent during the school year. The disease develops from one to seven Days after exposure. Generally the symptoms come on suddenly with Chilly sensations or real chills. Vomiting is common. Headache is also often present. The fever develops rapidly and rises quickly to 104 or 105. The Throat is usually sore the Tongue coated and a cough May be pres ent. Flushing of the face is the Rule. The rash usually appears about the second Day it looks like scattered red Points on the skin and is Likely to appear first on the neck and Chest but it spreads rapidly to the entire skin. In two or three Days it Lades. After the rash and fever have left the skin looks dry and rough and gradually the outer skin be gins to Peel and shed. Sometimes it comes off in Large flakes that can be peeled like an Apple. Strict isolation and quarantine is advisable. Quarantine Ordina Rily runs for six to eight weeks though there is a tendency to shorten this period. Those who have a discharge from the ears or nose afterwards have to be quarantined for longer periods. Prevent complications Many doctors recommend Active immunization that is the use of injections of Scarlet fever toxin aimed at building up a resistance. This is probably particularly desirable for nurses or others who Are especially Likely to be exposed. The treatment is aimed at the Relief of symptoms the shorten ing of the disease and the prevention of complications. Among the complications Are fright s disease or nephritis swollen glands arthritis bronchitis or Bronchopneumonia and infections of the ear. Antitoxin or serums obtained from convalescent patients have been used with Good results but today penicillin or one of the sulfa seem to give the Best re sults. One attack of Scarlet fever usually gives immunity for life. Though second and even third attacks have been reported. Out our Way

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