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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 16, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeNext administration will face Tough parity program Washington c. In the administration which takes Over next january will find a Long existing farm problem still unsolved despite 20 years of governmental grappling with it. This farm problem is the task of gaining and maintaining Sta ble prices and income for the nation s Farmers. Until the Advent of the Roose Relt new Deal administration in 1933, farm prices and income were determined largely by non governmental influences and factors. These included the of crops which. Were unregulated the size of markets and general economic conditions at Home and abroad. Depressed largely by declining foreign markets for world War i agriculture turned to the fed eral government in the late 20s for help in stabilizing prices and farm prices. Induced was the used of making Loans to Farmers on those portions of their crops thai were held Oft markets. This practice usually makes it necessary for Market buyers to match the Price support loan rate. Otherwise they would be unable to get needed products this program works like this the government offers to make Loans on a commodity when for example at an average of a Bushel. To get this loan the Farmer stores his Gram on the farm or in commercial Ware houses. As Long As it is store under loan it is not available for the Market. If the Miller offers much less than the loan rate the Farmer stores his Grain under loan Leav ing the Miller without wheat thus to get the necessary Grain presidents Coolidge and Hoover. They held the View that it was not the government s role to inject itself into the nation s eco nomic operations. Then came the election of 1932. With its Victory for the democrats. This party had promised to do something about farm bankruptcies and land foreclosures. The new Deal set up Federal farm Aid programs based on the theory that it was the Federal government s duty to help farm ers get fair prices and incomes for their products. These programs established a Standard Standard markets the mixer must pay a Price in sympathetic congresses Iline with the Price loan passed farm Aid legislation but it was vetoed by Republican r Egypt ruling party is due for shakeup Cairo. Egypt to reorganize the powerful wafd party in compliance with Strong Man Premier Gen. Mohammed Naguib s new purge Law were put before the party s parliamentary come final approval. The plans were completed by the wafd three member executive committee headed by former Premier Mustapha Elnahas. They include from the member ship list party leaders who were arrested 10 Days ago on suspicion of corruption. Naguib visited the Royal a Seltin Palace in Alexandria for the first time since former King Farouk s abdication and Depar Ture from there july 28. Finance minister Abdel gue lil Elemary said Farouk s Pic Ture soon would disappear from egyptian currency notes. He said notes with the deposed Mon Arch s likeness would be with drawn and others placed in circulation. Marine Chow puts family on 7he spot new York Good Chow the Burns Brothers got in the Marine corps has put their family on the spot. John 24, and Robert 22, Don t think much of the Home cooking since they ended four year hitches with the leathernecks. For farm prices a which sponsors said was equally fair to Farmers and those who bought their products. This Standard was named Par it was designed to reflect farm prices which were on a Par in terms of buying Power with prices got in a past prosperous period. In other words these programs that if three bushels of wheat bought a pair of work shoes in the period of farm Prosperity it should buy a pair of equal value at All times. This legislation wrote a for Mula for determining parity prices for the several dozen farm commodities. Under this formula the parity or fair prices Rise and fall with corresponding changes in prices of things farm ers buy so As to maintain equal Ity of relationship Between the farm product and the non farm product or service. This legislation did not How Ever attempt to fix Market prices at the parity level. It did set Forth methods and devices which the government might use to try to push prices up to the parity level and to keep them there. The parity Price Standard has become pretty generally accepted. Both major parties have sup ported the concept since it was their sister Patricia 19, wrote to the Marine corps Early this month about her Brothers All i hear is that they can no longer eat the food we prepare at Home. Established. But bitter developed Over ways and Means of achieving parity prices and returns. These differences still exist and will confront the next president and Congress. The Early legislation sought to push prices up to parity largely by Means of restricting farm production. This method was based on the economic principle that if the Supply of a commod Ity is reduced its Price usually the Early programs blowing under some Jospeh Burns Hope for the Best they do some Long Divi Sion on the Marine menus which Are made up in quantities to feed 100 men. Advances embraced crops killing some pigs and governmental rental of farm land to keep it out of crop production. Later came More rigid meth ods including use of government Power to restrict not Only the production of crops but their Sale As Well. Under this method production and marketing quotas Are assigned growers. Then came More direct devices of supporting or strengthening my Brothers continually Praise Marine corps food even to the thanksgiving dinner tur key and Ham in Korea. You can understand the Odds we Are All up against Here at Home. But i am strictly Marine myself and will fight fire with the Marine corps is sending copies of its menus and recipes. Patricia and her Mother mrs. Enrol now in u fall Prcic Almb. To Tom Stetta Beard. Heat com feathers beat Jet school to Strmel Pam 111 you can see fur and on Concrete the safety pave ment because 1. Its Light coloured Matte sur face reflects Light without Glare increases visibility and reduces night driving fatigue its Gritty surface is skid resistant wet or dry helping you make Safe Quick stops. Concrete highways engineered for safety Tymy Here longer with lower Cost for maintenance. Your gasoline tax and motor vehicle License fees will buy More Highway service per. Dollar in tested in Concrete Portland Cement association Eie my my Ives 9, ten. A Iwho nol to improve and extend of portend Cmunt and through then trek Romeo rid and fatal of work. The archbishop and the inquisitive youth the archbishop of Canterbury the most reverend Geoffrey f. Fisher bends Over to catch the question of James Knapp while Bishop Henry Knox Sherrill and his wife look on during an episcopal Church convention in Boston mass. The Long is land Choirboy asked the Bishop Why he wore Short pants. A wire photo overhauling of Veteran housing plan is recommended by builders Washington in overhaul of the Veter ans housing program to eliminate abuses cited in a recent congressional report was recommended today by a building Industry spokesman. Alan e. Brockbank president 3f the National of Home builders said in a state ment the Industry generally con curs in criticism levelled at the veterans administration by a House investigating sub commit Homes were bought in the past year. We Are glad the Teague com Mittee conducted its study we concur with Many of its find Ings but we vigorously disagree with any report which in effect makes no distinction Between the Homes erected by builders who will stand behind their products and those who he said. Brockbank s statement came on his return from a week Long regional housing conference held by the nah in Seattle at tee headed by rep. Olin e. _ Teague a Texi. The Teague subcommittee studied and Industry recon charged Many veterans were i emendations drafted Gyp Ped on Homes bought with he said his association s government help often As a re a builder members throughout the suit of collusion Between a i country will support any con agents and dishonest builders Gressional move to overhaul the and real estate operators a housing program and Stab while rejecting any Imp Lica Lish fair standards for Home Tion that the reputable majority of the Industry was involved in Shady practices Brockbank said if the i Home program is to continue it will have to be re organized to make sure the vet eran gets a better Deal in hous ing. It s time to take Stock of a housing Brockbank said. What started out As an emergency program for veterans during a critical housing Short age has now been extended into a Long Range housing program. A rules and procedures acceptable during an emergency period should be re studied and revised for Long Range opera Brockbank acknowledged some irregularities were bound to occur in a program As big As he i operation under which More than Homes valued at have Jeen sold during the past six years. About of those buyers. Extensive reorganization of the present a loan guaranty division would result in greater Protection to Home he said. Such a reorganization is Long overdue and its further de Lay will Only impair the entire a Home loan Brockbank asserted that reputable builders for years have been doing practically every thing recommended in the Teague report. Brockbank said the association at its Seattle conference agreed on the following recommendations to plug loopholes in the present a Home loan procedures 1. Establishment of a loan guaranty division within the veterans administration which would operate entirely from other a activities. 2. Abolition of the present system under which private sex radio City previews by Bob Mac Konzie Clooney and loonies we shall take As our first text miss Rosemary j Clooney. She is the Type of Lovely blonde who is referred to usually As the girl next Dool or even in the same Block. Never in our life have we had a dish like that next door. With her fragile loveliness she possesses a voice which can be Sweet As Honey one minute and tender As a boy scout Bugle the next. She will need both of these attributes tonight when Ahe u the guest on the first Martin and Lewis show of the season. Appearing with these lads is like Hying a Kite in a Hurricane it s not Safe but it s not Dull either. Listen for All three tonight at How to hear red bed Skelton has a Hobby of collecting guns. He has a Large and varied collection of firearms which Are freely dispersed around the House. Whenever a Friend asks if the guns Are loaded or. Skel ton always replies of course Don t you know it s the unloaded gun that always to this Day nobody knows whether they really Are loaded or not. That should give Yon some idea about Skelton. You la get More of an idea tonight at when he returns with his first red Skelton show of the season. Y Bluff you generally think of a Myca Man in terms of handball and Badminton but the other Day we heard a stroy of a Myca Man who would have made a wonderful poker player. Asa Jennings is Bis name and he could easily hold the world championship in free style bluffing. In 19z2, or. Jennings bluffed the greek Navy into sending Twenty ships into the turkish enemy s Harbor to save the lives of thousands of refugees. It s a strange and exciting Story and you can hear the whole thing yourself tonight on cavalcade of America at Lee Bowman stars u Asa Jennings of the Myca. Best Marx every Groucho Marx fan has a favorite line from the master. The one most often cited to us is there i shot a Bear in my pyjamas. How he got in my pyjamas i la never then some experts hold oct for she drove off in a Huff. It was a twelve Cylinder Huff As i our own particular favorite is this i m going to bed with a hot a drink you yes that s our favorite up to now but Well be listening very carefully each wednesday to glean new gems. Tomorrow at Groucho sets the Pace on you bet your life. Incidentally i la bet you Havis a favorite Broncho line. Why Don t Yon drop us a note and share it. Getting Jack to relax mrs. Jack dragnet Webb told us recently that her biggest problem is getting her famous husband to take Lime out from his work to eat. If he in t at the Abc studios in Hollywood working on next week s script hell be Down at the los Angeles police department kicking boys in the squad room or nosing around the labs for new gimmicks and authentic detection terminology a real stickler for details Jack once had a member of the cast actually make a Long distance Call to a Little town in Iowa on Mike when it was called for in the show. He explains no sound effect device can five you the inner Workings of a phone the operators Lingo and the sounds of the mechanical elements in our communication just an example of Why dragnet is the most authentic show of its Type on the air. Remember that dragnet is now heard on sunday evening at Nice Way to begin a week. See Yon tomorrow in this space. Bob Mackenzie s radio City preview program is heard every Friday at on wept. Wept dial 1400 election of convention delegates May be strangest in state history Nashville Campaign for election nov. 4 of Dele Gates to next april s limited state constitutional convention May Well be one of the strangest in years for Tennessee. Two things should make it so. The Campaign probably will be based almost entirely on issues. There appears to be comparatively Little Chance for outright bitter personalities such As dominated the recent demo cratic races for governor and senator to creep into the elec Tion of the 99 delegates. Another Factor will be the Type of candidates with the Chance the Campaign and later the convention itself could develop into a Battle Between some old pro politicians and what might be called a Leavening Factor already has cropped up though in that the growing list of candidates already includes some who Are perfectly at Home in both the old pro and the do gooder Camps. Judging from some of the Early announcements old pro politicians should have their full share of candidates in the Field with local factions no doubt vying for the Delegate jobs. Such groups observers believe will be out to protect their own interests. As an example Nash Ville firemen and policemen opposed calling the convention be cause they against the pro vision that would let the Conven Tion suggest a Home Rule amendment for cities and coun ties. There have been rumours a ticket will be put up in David son county with the sole aim of keeping the convention from proposing the Home Rule Amend ment. There also will be a new crop of candidates for the Delegate faces strange to the political Arena at least As far As actual candidacies Are concerned. This last group is made up i general of persons who never before have sought Public office and perhaps never will again. Tlley have no particular ambition towards elective offices or the protect themselves Politi Cally but they Are interested in Good government in general and in revising the state s 1870 Char Ter in particular. It is for want of a better name that they Are grouped under the title of do most of the members of this group have been in the front of i James o. Watts a Narragansett the Battle to get constitutional j attorney won the Republican revision for some years. They in a nomination for u. S. Represent clude Cecil Sims a Nashville at native yesterday to oppose in Torney and member of the John Fogarty unopposed for the democratic Nom perts appraise and inspect a nation in november housing on a fee basis. J Watts received votes to 3. Appraisals and inspections for Howard Nelson Char constitutional revision committee who argued successfully before the state supreme court that a limited convention is constitutional Gen. W. L. Frierson of Chattanooga chairman of the 1946 committee miss Ella v. Ross Dean of women at the East Tennessee state College at John son City and Raymond Denney Nashville attorney past presi Dent of the state bar association and chairman of the recent state citizens committee for a limited constitutional convention. The Leavening group includes such persons As former Republican gov. Ben Hooper of new port former democratic gov. Jim Mccord of Lewisburg for Mer Gen. And Tva director Jamesp. Pope of Knoxville for Mer mayor and congressman Walter Chandler of Memphis and former state rep. John a. Chambliss of Chattanooga. No youngster himself Chambliss was instigator of a group of Young turks in the 1949 legis lature who sought to get More Home Rule for their cities and counties by local and general acts of the legislature. The Battle Over the issues will of course Center around the stands of the candidates on the six questions the convention can consider hiking the pay of legislators changing the Gover nor s term giving the governor More veto Power eliminating the poll tax making it simpler to Amend the Constitution and Home Rule. As an example one announced candidate Forrest Finley of Lewisburg already has said he May favor having the Conven Tion recommend Only one change in the Constitution to increase the present a Day salary legislators get while in session. The nov. 4 vote for delegates will be the Public s second of three votes in connection with changing the Tennessee charter. The first was the decision last month to Call the convention. The third will be a vote on any constitutional changes the convention May recommend. Kingsport times tuesday sept. 18, 1952 3 wafts nominated in Rhode Island Providence r. I. Of Young couple is found dead in la vegas Las vegas Nev. Up As friends made plans for an elaborate wedding for them a Young honeymoon found shot to death yesterday in a lavish Penthouse of the Swank Flamingo hotel. Officers said murder and Sui cide were indicated although no notes were found. Investigators were without a clue to the motive for the deaths. The Man was identified As Adrian Lionel Grodnick 19, son of Manuel Grodnick wealthy new York clothing manufacturer and the girl As Betty m. Baron pretty Brunette Daugh Ter of William Baron los an Geles apartment House manager. She was a 1949 graduate of the University of California at los Angeles. Friends at los Angeles said the couple had planned a formal wedding in Beverly Hills calif., next tuesday. Near collapse upon learning of the tragedy the girl s Mother mrs. Baron said in los Angeles that More than 50 of Grodnick s relatives and friends and Mem Bers of the Baron family from the East planned to attend the wedding and reception. Some Are already in route to los Angeles. Now we will have a funeral instead of a Beautiful mrs. Baron wept. The bodies were discovered by hotel employees. Attired in night clothes they were sprawled on a bed under the covers. There was no indication of a struggle. Detectives said the girl wore a wedding ring. The couple had registered sept. 10 As newlyweds. Sheriff s capt. Ralph Lamb said no marriage certificate has been found. They were not married he told a reporter. But they May have been married some place on the Way Ford hospitalized Hollywood in actor Glenn Ford came a Cropper while chasing the villain in a scene for a Western movie yesterday. His horse walked and threw him. He crashed into a tree. He was hospitalized with three broken ribs severe cuts and possible internal injuries. Pension program tops interest in mass. Primary Boston Massachusetts ii Olds its primary election today with the interest of the voters stirred by the legislative Battle Over a pension program the legislators voted themselves last july and repealed earlier today. There Are few contests for the top nominations in both con tests but widespread interest in the legislators action is expected to draw out the biggest vote since the 1948 presidential elec Tion. There Are voters in Massachusetts. Followers of state politics said today s turnout May exceed the 33 per cent who voted two years ago and May even approach the 47 per cent turnout of 1948. Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge re publican has no Competition in tils bid for renomination. Neither has his democratic opponent u. S. Rep. John f. Kennedy. Gov. Paul a. Dever Democrat seeking a third term also is unopposed As is his gop opponent u. S. Rep. Christian a. Herter. There Are democratic contests in eight of the 14 congressional districts and Republican contests in four. Polls close at 7 p. M., est at the latest. To be made by experienced fied personnel recruited by a for career service in the loan guaranty division at salaries in line with Industry practice 4. Buyer Protection which would give equal protect p y Tion to buyer builder and Mort Gage Lender. Les town Carpenter. Watts had the backing of the gop state Cen trial committee while Nelson was endorsed by labor organizations. 5. Closer co operation Between the a and builder organizations on matters affecting the Indus try. This was strictly a Republican the democratic primary will be held sept. 24. Under state top Dollar Loans Humes c. A i r Ico. Res -.3 Market pm. R to treasure always a distinctive photograph by Law respective primaries must be held on different dates. Lack of state wide contests resulted in a very Light vote. 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