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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 15, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeThursday. September in application list Walt Disney is familiar Horney general think Ike will run summer weather or on Westinghouse by talks by Hoh Thomas an Ahkim. Calif. Noy swung car up to a Side Laie of Disneyland and was Seru trim. Sept. H n guard who then waved Clover chairman of the co univ Nini with Walt 1 Northward to easter n Mon salaried Rie pfc Pink rum Bretton Woods. . A Liim Lulu Dakotas Bio Uichi in Contoi iture. Sind Mere wednesday creator of the poll of attorneys general irom 34 season Nash Linh temperatures to Uichi it looks like Al least Khz Kru led unit Bour he out the opinion to the states. Iii Niv Iasi inns i in. By Nian a of no Hhd Thuli for a second term 11 wins like Midsummer in wid kicks of Chr it Nihl of the i Cumry Lodin. Soil Lierly winds i Ali a Lex Iron t a 4 ind run i i or t Harnitt i. In 7 Voth Kingsport gardens apartments i mrm Hijii to blvd c Vic Audi i Luri Pirn Smi minx Pool Ultra mod i Nir drip with room one or Iko Kiti l in Dan stir tint hoi fun Mimi in Vav i mrs a Johi i ish inv Rolv Flond l Hoin cd b-4k.u a a m . J and Tki cos for Salk Auto Ani tit car m1m it4i Plymouth 4 Flo Consul or r 5 . j c s-5546 Milf Muni i Korri Mio Tori my Ulinici. W s to Rex. And invt is than actual Milts perfect Ftp c Karr motors shop Tel this Alf m Htu Olk Queen City bus Tine schedule safety coach lines. Inc. N ply in the trumped non uni the place in president Eis Shower an hour s tour. Quite h few Otth would run or i in Ond term mid the 18 to be filled include j Llu inv in Nadin if Yuu Surl to draw democrats and 14 to Rea Dilik Lur the Lluver snid the most i thirty of the 34 said they thought the president would run the m hot Wen i her also continued in in m Ali Iii crowd Eullice corp. Was called off today that the. Applicants appear hlount1 of Uhi Ever yet Las Union and management class of Yonne me slated the tour in employed by 1 4b u ii if m i m for yellow Cooch corp. coach Hal Bluj Solh. . I Ponh la if. M to a i m in u r f it o m i to 4 1c o m Ulf n o w Fem Toast Man leaving cinushok1 cite Huff Minai Foh Bristol f a few few. I m it b Renn it 01 41 it Hirl 0 o m Fastman o p w b vote Itiat he would win the elec lion was 20-9, with 5 expressing no opinion. Lull six Denicol rats voted Vonh m re tub Lorans i Holt the i would inn no Thor term. Ypil him cd in tent i to Entov Irvn Orient b my he Hajji in Spolnik the Era i. Ini i Smert Adlai forms be to Lix the in up Lor re Dak on an Afri i in int signed by in inn part Shu Ihu Mii pm units d i the county Purchase a the re apr. A unit Ullh our puddle ten Lional presi Donl James b. Averill of new Folk c in Blount Vullo and i. Wheeler the Murk Twain. I also Cirey. Gov Allan Shivers o no Vav . Lin Liilo Teim Skee Kerr pc to Uei Mihic Indi Hii War. But the a infirm Cio due local sen Esles pc Fauci i a Tenn i by. And Hullt in Inch. Lines in Bristol and kill sport. Canoes. The kills la like in the Westin Shons Lover said All applications Disney then climbed on the Coal-601 at Casl in it s a Good Tim p d m Ift Eastman is. Of in Al to o m 9-3t p Jun i r men. Named the Oulla whimper which the Westinghouse conference lakes Rich on. Ten Ipei natures were salaries for deputies under the was lied along the River Shore. Hoard to vernium body of Union in the us irom the Middle missis new Are set at a we used two of these in one Wmk is employed by Wesling Sippi Valley eastward across Deputy lev estimator will re of our new Davy Crockett shows a noise. Ordered an end to the three. He said. Inspecting the Crall. I in walkout wednesday night Patio 01 basement 40 d i-4p n w 4- m i Fri aimed irom to top sedition Laws should be postmarked not later than of the freight train and con Hall its five week strike which John Ken shr Pird k Lull measure of Federal n Rel. He sheriff Deputy versed with the Enn Meer. It the touched off the National work Stop if Texis was chosen preside i of cooperation will be in the Iii Nellre and i personnel men de train circled Disneyland he talked Pate. He of attorneys Gen Public gift and Tom Morrell will then of some of his plans Lor the place j elsewhere striking workers be the Tominc veal. Att. Alabama ally. Gen. John indians to be hidden along Sean inn Back to their jobs. Wyman of new Pul Teison told the Kioupy is in i i he Stagecoach ride a Mickey some 33.0111 Cio-1uf member Al was chosen vice pres possible to have crime1 yields per acre on u k crop Cir ii at Christmas in Ninn Stales had struck Dent without corruption of Public of la lands Are from 50 to Kin per cent intent Lional settlement in support of fill. Alk to the Ai Torness tineral Kieler Lor Many Impo Ilant crops sponsored by individual coun-1 Back to work reports indicated no Rendy mild from cite Concrete company i i Tom _ amp Loyal it _ Kastran in Kvanka Arcadia to Klimik Midorl Irin my to Tell a True Story in a convincing manner d p in d p j leaving l h of 7-h it or follow Eft Lifrant h open in Tlell no own 1 will von up in your own ou.1. It tical or it Ghoul on of Imp n to inn von Thiim not k Insl of nil Kloris. Arnif is or Mav have Leif in tonal concern 36 1 _ i Gen. Her his father nominated Lor Altor than in the local opposition to the Union order or. Said he not Ney Kali dial. Was killed during the hundreds of years May puss be newly opened to ,.ikj gym palsy strike eel the government has the sole ally cleanup drive. The fore a total eclipse of the Sun is Crockett museum tried to however n dispute pro i ight to probe seditious activities son won n place on the ballot and visible from nov one place on a shone Iii in Cimon line Assembly was hol Liik said believe that stale was elected. Canh Callery Diane some Apple cider. Work of 2.300 pm in tomorrow land he visited a Al company s Lima new Ait exhibit and reminisced Plant about when he studied Painti Nii in officials. Of local 724 said in Chicano "1 a too impatient to Assembly Sel on to other Home o Industrial to Lou r is in Ltd him to pose or in nil or Rijk. Arr Al in von Al Yoiiro Whf void liar present. Write p o pc a a n m or Pastman i is p n St earn Ari inn in err nor Nerp prod Kingston m room no. 1 in p 10 i. It orc Bink i m it m k m 13 4k, Jurner. Inn. Or. If a trimmer. I Dorl Nulty heal Ropo Simon. Henri 7 5s be pint Jar s5c Smoky Mountain Bacon in. 49c country style sausage tenderly sirloin Steak in. 69c Oyster season is Here. We have fresh shipment arriving thursday. California red grapes 50-lb. Bags potatoes yellow onions Winter Garden Chicken pies Crite s yellow Cream Corn each 19 Soine workers to he and he did while Chiching plot in . Model Harp hey m the. Walri n and con Femme the Pori in or slopped for n Choc Wilh the before Multi ii in Ozalp milk shake on the new or of Oil cubic Leei of no Luril id Lacell to Cal Tor nailed i ii until Luo Bil i m Una i i to Ilell. For Noii Miil. Lius broken Ini i rubik dlr Vii. Nouri Iii l i. , cd Hull Van. Luark Lewis tin Lor 10 Drill on the Iid Dilion. He snid. The i no Cal will n on the Oil and porn sliced. Hour sophomores Muler Ihk new the Nam 1 hey on Continental Shell came he in is about Milev of Louisiana xxx the my -.1 i of am know n Cwiach 1-vr is i scan was Coll 1 Sipl pm. of Cun inn billion pounds Greene county court flow in High gear Chi _ no k mus Poi t. He i of hum a Hui it Pete Nite Dinc Public 1 in a a i Lime 1m tit i cil Iliev in cult Lime Ai at month i or rent i Toom a Pill for the Fin Hui been tin Vert in Lri Fin Uhira Jiff up Smith Pir Mir Hilr Niino Fri of Nln in Mot Ruid to 1 1 v mlf1 prom for Sale modern 2 or a chair pad air shop equipment. Has Shine stand stools s Wail ii Rhan of. Hut rack and Barber poles. Like new Call be seen Unilla 7 . At Mann s Barber shop Rome 1. Gale oily a. I Wother Bilyi classified classified display wanted Kingsport news route Carrier for Litz Manor apply circulation dept. I -8121 Nettie r. Taylor woman broker 108 e. Market dial i 8-8118 Greeneville Highway pm 1 11 i Iii Liaf i ilium so incl hemp Cimpl for Hiattt. A Birls sink in Milf hrs nil Oral up Natian he inels. Scr Conr Al. Vilh Sharp. Lid by 150 it. Prior if Follo. Terms. Knoxville Highway first House in Phi after you Stirn a Filu at filling Stalin in West five room Frame Home. Balli. Small basement anal Furnace sink and cabinets in Kitchen. Lot by 151 it. Price terms. Glen Alpine Kivi i Mem i Imp Home ramp help hath a Erlric water Heater Inetal Fah sink. Int. By loft. Price Jotso. Turnis. 917 Poplar Street Knur Lapp in non san Nile hemp Bath Oil heal scr Ppd Jpn pm. Street assessments paid. Close to Haslun Rynn school. Price terms. Morrison City Lour Riim Shingle Home very modern Complete hath. Oil Furnace air Condil inner chainels built in. I 2-Nallnn electric water Heater Loti he i. Price Jiff too. Terms. Harmony Community Kip Aci of land Crork and Spring to cleric pump and Nice Srorn slip nip Kinnu. I ire can to Hougil Lor Only a 3316 Ridgeview f fish Orchard Stone and drop siding Home with of floor space. Oil heat plastered and knotty Pine Walls huge living room with fireplace attached garage. Lot site 10s by 24fi it. Shrubbery and fruit Trees maybe this is what you have been looking for. A Lovely Home out of town Cpl close in. Price Cha and a loan available Bloomingdale Road Knur mom Shingle Home. Bath cabinets and Cong Wall in Kitchen Oil Furnace Hardwood floors electric water Heater. Lot fio by lil it. And Only one Block from new Kernn High school. Price 1314 Central Street Lovely Perni Aslone i to bedroom Home Large living room with Stone fire place. Kitchen with All built ins plastered vails Marble window Sills Cera Mic tile in Bali. Cedar lined wardrobes select floors insulated screened and gut ered. Concrete basement Oil heal. Lot 50 by 167 it Price Kha or a loan available. 1437 Warpath drive Here it is. A three bedroom Home with the White picket Fence you always dreamed of. Plastered Walls fully insulated also a dining room Knolty Pine m Kitchen ceiling heal plenty of Roomy and close in Andrew Johnson school Lor Only terms can be a i Aniced. One half mile from City line a miracl of land with a Nice while drop siding Home and nil the including Coal Furnace garage and outbuildings and Orchard. Puce s15.m10. 1420 Sun Crest drive Lynn Garden a school a Throe bedroom Shingle Home with drive in earner Ineis and inlaid in Kitchen Complete hath screened gut ered and insulated Trice terms. Market Street on slice we a trailer. -10 it. By i. Lar wished. Ready for occupancy. Price terms can be arranged. Dry cleaning Plant dial i 6-8119 i i Laii Iii Plant lha is null established and doing u do sell or As owner wants to retire in his farm where he can work hard or Lay in the Shade. Bloomingdale close in t Mir i. One kill by Iii it. Business lot Price Roll. Of facing Bristol one acre and in e. Holston Kha approved 100 by i. Price 108 e. Market Street dial i 6-8118 Hoiu 33-4156 124 Maple drive. Lynn Garden two inn and both for

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