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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 15, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKingsport times wednesday september 15. Uh--1 got Neft set of dishes a Pearl hot male Flapjack Turner warship of thine Sut we for Tif Cong dons of Tretke us i left pm in it Feller s shop per safekeeping us if be Ever git up Thatah Ftp jest owe him these tickets bought. Seft Heap of purty presents whilst i Wiz up Xot Oder in wet Shin ton Metw 15 tw.-3 the letter yes let us. Ltd l have Iti Don t you in a i a papal of pub be to lamp or with a police akti5t sketches As Vic the mv5terv k.oni7e seek ing to Kalk the Belle wire trial. Dag give All your vol just gave it All to me in t that proof enough we Divot a know Boul the acc Ipema till after. We la Pep. The poor to our. Compar Twer closed ju5t Between you and me we Aren t too cram abour Potter s coi Apama i he s a bit sullen and w fact it x i5m t that uwu5ualt Well was cl05ep of such a lows to Tell the whole Fuchs Post you truth trip. We i psf Pom there s the fellas. Stick around. They . New que5hon5.too Mot since the fik6t flight death a so questions jav5 Pilot and co Pilot but have 1 it the machine Cool off. Or it la 5he5 fu5set p5haw. Ive Btl to yehh_61jt this about her boy the Warsof on happens to Friend 5 of Jeremt who could cause i be blonde and m1xedvoop and trouble up with some barbarian blow a fuse or nobody Cox old hate Srorn started Fri help Ycu red icel at c3awn to buy seed Fatek. Were and feed but he i . But we dont hate Fai Mebs. Especially you you say cowboys kiev3? showed up at the Stope. A 24-hour Road service City Hall Shell service is my business v of Catt set Novins vog v a Kim v really going tool my in Anguio Youe Jalopy ill in graveyard Fob b e e 7 l e b a i l e y f3ack so soon killed i thought vol wad a Date he Ain t no big Fez an Jake in love him Coz he a gave Hafk us Kwh him at the what j tv1 tier to i l cd lick leaves tip. But i m ready Pec t Dav of sow we i can t leave ecu All out change 9-15 All ,1 f Llee Latt t relly be 0 up v i s huh Voll 3 of dotted. 9othv. Ednirl pop Pilj in Jah clean Okay know what get a to if i sit in the pus i first Mam up to face new Pitcher Leemy is Duke sniper. This Dock s the longest hitter in the would. They v Culda Gimme a easier one foist. Little Liz i said i wanted my Steak rare ova understand this is medium 1 Cal the armager Call the a the Only to Cook a n a restaurant if Crabtree s Steak in t As rare As feb.30th blows mis to the trouble with betting on a sure thing is the uncertainty of it. Wait la you sink tour Teeth into an taste that sauce 1 for tvs Days is real latin. It whf3j he throws 4 Barbecue How does he dish up the sirloin like cremated shin6les-.4nd he Chew for Enio Menf to beat boredom Chew Wrigley s spearmint gum helps time pass More pleasantly. Enjoy it anytime anywhere i m glad id see Trie student Council gettin6 Busy Early this Mineral to previous c across 3 City in Alaska j where 4 upright minerals Are 5 feline obtained animal 5 Mineral used 6 As fuel noun suffix 8 unrefined 8 Milays 12 scent 9 editing 13 italian River 10 afresh 14 Compass Point Small n r e e t f 0 s 30 Needle Case 31 South european 33 Saltpetre 35 cordial there Beins no More Council bu9ness to discuss 1 make a motion we adjourn the meeting 15 household servants Crossings 17 Lair 20 sanctified 18 choose person 19 teeters 22 concise 21 Yugoslavia s 24 Drill As to Boss find minerals 40 deprive of 23 Pouch 25 imitated weapons 24 Oblong piece Slair is around 43 to ies of Metal fingers 45 sailors 27 eyeglass part 28 lateral parts equipment 29 followers 32 Kitchen tool 34 Light 36 negligent 37 roundabout Way 38 revise 39 Paradise 41 pinpoint 42 Seine 44 mrs. Osiris 16 compensation 49 seaweeds 53 poem 54 willed fabrics 53 Equality 57 ripped 58 cooking vessels 59 measures of Type 60 half prefix 61 snicker Down 1 fashion 2 sacred image 46 heavy Cord 47 kind of cheese 46 Metal Hoof covering 50 thug Slang 51 poker Start 52 essential being 55 hawaiian Wreath 5w

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