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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 15, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee12 King port wednesday september 15, 1954 i. W 48 55 so so s3 giants Stop braves 2-1 indians win another 4-2 by de coh Riga y0-k a. York .61 3 .411 .338 .338 More 3. Boston 1 Del pfc. Cesica joked in Drill continues work today it will the giants still Oart he by three Ami a Hal games. Eil. Of course could collapse before next monday when the set Ceis under Way in ibbets Field but at the rate the two have been going that s hardly Likely. If the braves win the next two from the giants they could help tile Brook cause. From there on the giants play six games tuesdays Box scores Brooks 4, Redlegs 0 cubs 9-0, pirates 2-4 Cincinnati boo klan 0 ii o a Chicano 3b 4 o l l a ii. I a i a Klus ski ii 3 Row Ullh one club the Phillies. 1 3 3 2 West Ritthi a Tell 0 5 1 2 0 10 1 a 11 o a i of 5 1 2 0 Brooklyn kept in the race last Elf it with a 4-0 Triumph Over the1 Cincinnati Redles behind the Fine pitching of Johnny Podres. In1" mean Noil it National Lea Guoi carries the St. Louis cardinals heated the Phillies. 5-2. And the is Chicago cubs and Pilts Burch pirates split a doubleheader. The in cubs won the first and pirates the Nightcap. 4-0. To the american league where 61 it s All Over but the shouting the magic number for the Cleveland indians became "2" when they turned Back Washington 4-2. Any combination of two Cleveland Vic tories or two losses by the new York Yankees and the indians Are the league champions. J the yanks meanwhile Contin i no Ned to play it out by crushing i cd Detroit Llo. Baltimore beat bos ton. 3-1. And Philadelphia shut out j Chicago 1-0. In other i ague action. The giants had their troubles i whipping the braves who had a 1-0 Lead going into the inning. Don Mueller started Withiel urn. P i o o 0 t 1 1 Hob Dii 3b 2 0 Ocamp la r 3 1 Al i Odrcic. 020 Hake fond Saur 1 jacks Job 5 i c 4 hui.1. P 4 to t i my i ii Uhll fuello. K pus. Pm Uffit. Horski a fillo 211 or fuello. Is Potres. Or Oil Hain. Re be Arias. Temp or and 3. Brooklyn 7. By Fowler 1. Podres 1 so Fowler 1. Jurrus 1. Podris 2. To Fowler 6 in 5. Ual Laii flu. Baliek. T a-a.877. Senators 1 tour out Chicano a Talbot Baker 1 Kiner. Allele. Coif e 1 1 1 want. 4 0 3 5i.yiu-ii. 11 4 0 Shepard. C 4 1 Culi. Is 4 0 alar. 3b 3 3 to Nix 1 Ahall l Purkey. P o proper. P 0 Cgordon 1 11 t. 1 2 l 0 13 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 o 1 o o i 00 b 51 s3 7i 75 66 at c-c.5o Brooklyn 4. Is. Louis 5. 2 York a Ionly same scheduled i is. Alonzo s ukr. Hardy in year of parcel Dean o american football coaches i knocked out in a practice session at Stockton College Mon Tel cd Lay out was on his feet and a. Bounding about before doctors and i s iian ambulance reached the Field Slass saw he was not Hurt i to noun a was unconscious him mumps after a charging Cente i bowled him Over. You Don t have to worry Abou Stagg told players and coaches As he opened his eyes. I kno How to take care of myself then he drilled the squad an other 90 minutes. U u of the i of Commerce said hold the Rich Golf tournament Beni mining Jan. 7 Strung Ine almost ready Lor at country club without invasion of Sanction by the professional in a Center court be iture Vesper o Austin Day Seixas ousted Wem throws two net Man Atushi Miyagi 5i -3s2 to to Polo americas association 5. Sam fun 0 Al 9 Minneapolis 1. Tip Thies in 5ih. In eth. Nai iks. Rush 3b Banks Aue allele. Of Roberts. 1-i.kvfhxd ,0 l 0 0 b 3 0 10 0 Wittl Kec 4 0 1 la 3 0 3 ogly Nyi. A 0 1 0 3 0 k 0 Pope of 2 All ii o a second game 000 000 i Stobbs i pascua1 n single. Dusty Rhodes walked and 0 Kenan c 3 i 1 Taicia 3 i n 0 nor Leskly 0 Tantau in thin us Ihms a vol. . Smith. Avila o j Pittsburgh 010 101 7 q 0 Minner. Jeff cont and pan i i Muff. Mccullough Friend and s Shepard. A Mumer. Of giants 2, braves 1 internat10na1. League Rochester 2. Sir acute 1j. Havana 1. association games scheduled Texas Pacific coast league Oakland 4. San 1 Wilho Alvwood Iee is Are big league pacesetters 11-4 Lake. We both advanced on a sufi ass. Cleveland 2. By Stobbs 1. Garcia Iscum Willie Mays was passed intention Nelv to Load the bases. That was All for Oene Conley who had been pitching Well. Che Nichols replaced Conley and or his first pitch. Bobby Hofmann Pinch hitting for Henry Thompson singled Mueller Home. Rhodes who collided with Brave shortstop Johnny Logan on the base path was out at the plate. Sal Maglie started for the giants and was replaced by Hoyt Wil Helm in the eighth. The reliever got credit for the Triumph. Podres tossed a three hitter at the Redlegs to Lead the Brooks to their sixth straight Victory. The Brooks collected nine hits including Carl Murillo s 17th Homer of the season. Red schoendienst and rip Ripul ski hit successive Home runs in the eighth inning to break up n tie in or Ball game and give the cards Victory Over the phils. Bob Rush coasted to Victory in so of. To Stobb. -3. A ten in 1. House partial 0 in Garcia 2 a Garcia l Lochuck. T 1-3. Narlesky Pascual 0-0. Nar Lesul 0-0 a slobs to i 1 Rommel Palm athletics Philadelphia a it o a a h o a 2 f 5 9 4114 m lh-ws.3b 2 Cindilu 4 Palko. R 4 tvs 4 Buhl totals Vork 9 All ii i j 1 l 4 1 2 Dart is 4 0 and flab Musial. Al. Louis h pro. Syracuse cops 4th spot by defeating sugar Kings 13-4 by International news service the Syracuse chiefs Are in the Havana sugar Kings Are out ourth place and the final berth in the Shauh payoffs last night by rout of the cubans. 13 to 4. The chiefs who meet the Cham Pion Toronto Maple Leafs in a semifinal playoff gained the round on the Fine Relief pitching of Lynn Lov Engh who held the sugar Kings to one hit from the second inning. The chiefs got 13 hits including homers by Ben Zien Tara and Mary Blaylock hed Faszholz pitched Rochester to a 2-0 Victory Over third place Montreal in the first Semi final 112 0 1 Rhodes. If 3 Mays. Cd 3 0 lips n.3b 0 1 Ahriman 1 00aid-r.3b 0 1 3 runs Arsi. Batted in 55 1 Cini Hode the first game Over the pirates Ralph Kiner knocked in four runs with two singles and a double in the Nightcap however the cubs collected a paltry five hits off Bob Friend. The indians scored All their run against the senators in the first inning and from there on Mike Garcia coasted to his 18th Vic tory. The yanks rolled up 16 hits against the tigers and played As though they still were in the thick of the Pennant race. Tom Morgan hurled the shutout and de Robin son and Bob Cerv knocked in All the runs. Robinson sent six across the plate with a single double and Home run and Cerv sent five Home with a pair of Home runs. Marty Marion made his debut As manager of the White sox but it was inauspicious As Arnold Porto finiuan.3b 4112 Monoso ii 4 n 4120 Rivera of 414 Power. To 4 2 4 0 c or la la 2 0 11 i 3030 Lollar. C 403 Lull i j i fort 3010 2 1 2 totals -32 7 27 5 totals a 4 "7 i hied out for Marsh in Bih Philadelphia Ino my too i my Ono Ixion a filch a. Of none. Rib Zernial. 2b Fin Iran. So Rivera Strucki 2. Do Marsh Fox Cavarretta. Leit phun a Jonin 4 Chicago 7. By Portocarrero 4. Icks 2. Forto Carlern 5. Re 1-1 we Portocarrero. A Porto a truck in Loi. To my Chylak. Berry. Orioles 3, red sox 1 Baltimore a snarled Tor the new York Btaylor . Total ath. In Ullh. 000 uni cardinals 5, phils 2 u4bu1fly 4 q i Moon of 4 o met Seal. Of 5 hemu3.3h o o a i o a 4111 Abram 0 will Jensen of 4 4 hatton.3b 3 Piersall. Of 3 White., c 3 boiling is 1 Maxwell 0 by is 0 Nixon 2 1 . P 0 totals 3 0 young.2b 3 2 0 0 4 1 0 10 i Ken 2 1 0 1 4 120 4 2 5 0 4 0 1 4 0 0 3 010 0 1 1 0 0 0 Odd 6 3" 0 Clark. Of 4 0 Burg s. C 3 1 4 of Ennis. Of 4 0 4 3 4 a h 0 a 3 4 2 4 3 i run Fondy 20 m poll Chlor Richer and club Antone. Be. York i Brooklyn 13 new York 11 Tel. Louis i copters Assn. The Junior chamber official the Loumes were handled. Moridi mod for Feria Only Dodge trucks offer new Power dome v-8 with u5-hp. Most horsepower of any Low tonnage truck engine also world s shortest turning Roo Miest cabs greatest visibility lowest loading Heights. Yet still priced with the lowest ask Max. He. Of leading 1-ton about a better Deal for the Man at the wheel Man at the who Scott motors inc no e f 1009 e. Center St. W cd 6-9871 .803 balt or of 27batted in Berra an league g a r h pet 134 526 103 178 338 538 114 175 325 in Williams bos n 31 i Pella 0 i 1 Mroz 3 Toul 33 727 0 11 1, 3 a 5 24 is totals 32 Al k if walked for boiling in 3th. Ran for Maxwell in 8th a fanned for Nixon in both. Oon Noo 010-1 20r-3 a Piersall. Abrams. Young col Mao fikh. Jensen. Rib Kennedy. Young Goodman. As White. Young. A Young boiling. Do Kennedy. Young and Kellert. A 3 8. By Coli Man 1. Hudson a. 2 Hudson i. Ho-n3ton 8 la 7 Nixon 3. -0, in out Yankees 11, tigers 0 Rod sox Down with a paltry five hits. Golden gloves training starts at boys club training for the 1055 Golden gloves will get Unden Vav at the boys club today it was announced by Jake Sells. Sells issued a Call for All boys interested and who have reached the age of 16 or Over. These interested Are to report to Sells Between the hours of and . At the boys club a ii 0 a 1 1 a h o a 4h i m no 435 Kuenn. Is y Bauer of 4 0 3 0 Imfield a 3 Mantle of 5 2 4 0 boiling. 2b 1 o o c 5 3 1 0 it 4 0 2 0000 bronc. 3b 3 2 3 Rob 438 2 Dropo. La 3 1 b t a can la 001 0 Kallner 3 o 1 Cery. If 4220 Tuttle. Of 3 0 1 Carey. 3b 3 1 0 1 House c 2 0 b 5131 Aber 1000 Morgan 5 1 1 2 Herbert 0 o 0 101. Abelard 1000 Lary. P 0 0 0 o tuls 41 is 27 is totals 4 "7 11 a filed nut for Marlowe in bin York no 441 000-11 or Troil find win Al r Mantle 2. Turr. Berra 3. Robinson 3 Terv 2. Rib Robinson 6 re 5. 2b-Roblnson, Mcdougald. Or Jerk 2. Robinson. Do Morgan Mcdoug a rec and Robinson Robinson. Colet in and Carev. Mcdoucall and a Obinson Kunn Dropo. Left new York 7. Detroit 3. By Morcan 1 Aber Marlowe 1. Lary 1 so Morcan l. Aber l Herbert 2. Marlowe 2. Iio Aber 6 in 3 laced 5 in Herbert 5 in 2. Marlowe in 3. Lary 2 in 1. Re Morgan 0-0. Aber 4-4. Herbert 4-4 Marlowe 3-3 Lara -0. A Morgan Laber i5-Lli u Rudic Summers. Hurley. C 4 i it 1 to a 3 total Pillad Elmbla. Noo to Bill Boyer takes City Tennis title Over Frank Brumfi stolen bases Jan bin Bostc Monoso Ich Lajo anal Jacob n. Ploc Hlaj club l p., 33 Mon Cleveland 23 g Jose quincywinsln3-Eye Quincy 111., sept. 15 Quincy beat Peoria. 10 to 7, last night to win the Post season play off for the three Eye league base Ball championship three games to two. Quincy finished in third place in the regular season and Peoria was fourth. Gulf dealers award for Walls Woodwork finals of the ism City tournament at j. Pred Ohton Boyer advanced to the final Latch by defeating Junior Mur in two straight sets on Sun Day and he eliminated the sur Brumit who had scored trophies were awarded to the Champion and runner up. Free paint service Center inc. Lodis Melhorn 407 e. Market cd w281 for every purpose Worth of materials to redecorate your House this till include paint wallpaper floor covering anything you desire to redecorate your Home up to Cage egg powwow Headquarters for Cage egg information you Are invited to attend a meeting on Cage layer operation and possibilities this is the fastest growing poultry operation today. Meeting thursday sept. 16th . At our store Corner Market and Commerce streets Bob Harkleroad Harkleroad feed seed co. Armstrong s Quaker rugs Matching Metal waste baskets nly25 my who my Wilc you 011. By u u9, with the Purchase of Armstrong s Quaker rugs at our regular Low Price it. Sii. F Wilh Thi Rug cd your Choiu. For limited time Only 9 Matching waste Baskir Only 25f Mart contest starts sept. 15th-ends saturday november 6 drawing will be held at Supply saturday nov 6 at . You do not have to be present to win Here s what you do. Drive in to one of the Gulf dealers listed below and ask How you can obtain free tickets for this prize Johnson Crockett s Gulf Center Bloomingdale Road Dale s Gulf service Bristol Highway at Sullivan Tranbarger Gulf service West Center Street Joyner s super Gulf service West Center Street Murray s Edgewood Gulf service Eastman Road at Oakwood Forest Oak Street service station 1009 Bristol Highway Mcconnell s Gulf service Corner main and Sullivan streets Charles service station five Points Midway service station route 8, Sunnyside Highway 11-w Litz Manor Gulf service Johnson City Highway at Litz Manor Ester s Gulf service Gale City Highway at Lovedale

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