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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 15, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 30 a Rumpp tent Driver car try Steno s the operation of his car. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 184 phone Circle 6-8121 Kingsport tenn., wednesday sept. 15, 1954 18 pages five cents the weather sonic do Diness tonight with Low near 60. Thursday continued partly Cloudy and hot with High about 90. Tuesday s High 89 last night s low., 5ti noon temperature 81. Chinese reds release deficit spending forecast hiked i to i .1 o c 11h i i11 Vij Iii i pc rfcs Appalachia. A. 7-year-old boy was refused medi Cal Iroini Mcm for a broken because his guardian lacked "550 or s60" to pay the Doc Lor s fee. Washington Eisenhower administration Lias boosted the Delict it foresees for this fiscal year to nearly 4- billion dollars even while slashing a new 3 billion from major Security programs. But it has upped planned outlays in a dozen civilian Fields where they could be a Spur to production and pm Plo Meni. The annual revision of uni income for Ilio i us i it fiscal your. Bryson july 3. Was made Public in die Auni these Over All total Spe Iddinn w9 reduced Ilioiu the in Modem Risenh Chat a sunni Gueci the focal i fid Budet to last january 10 a new estimate 64 billions. Liis compares with seem inn of in slut 1 year ended june 30. The estimate 01 net budget receipts Tut from ii arc today in january to i Rin Riple of priors contributing to tin reduction were congressional Lux. Mrs. Ida Johnson Crand Mother cuts refunds and guardian of Earl a Arliffa mid a Sharp drop m corporation. Earl finally treated for tax payments. Collections Tilc broken suffered in a fall Cal year came to sli4.tjoo.000.000. Ai school when tie welfare de Smice the dip m sex Par Mem promised to Lake care of peeled revenues the the Bill. Cut in spend int. The mrs. Johnson said she contacted estimate of us a cily official Here after the doctor probable deficit at the end of Chellel. Arrant Einius would fiscal year Rose from sa.900.000.000 predicted in Jammy to ice before the cd let " 000. In fiscal 1954. Red Ink spend would be set came to 3 billions. A Tio i j however Secretary of the treas us he Liry Humphrey told a news conic fare department mrs Johnson 100 freshmen Are. Enc the administration would try said. The grandmother did not us for the regular daytime Iii every Day. Every week and every mull elapsed vhf ses Stolls am 150 adults Are month to chop spending where it injured boy was treated she did up for the classes re would hurl neither defense nor the however the doctor the will continue through i i it child a shot 10 ease pa7n." september 24. To slav and w. J. Mcneil assistant Sec the physician suggested the the school is located on property rotary of defense and chief fiscal child be Laken to no Rion near Here that in Impi in or. Smyth quits Haggard Trio sees Daylight dec position Denver sept. 15 , or. Henry d Sim i resigned today and s d 1 atomic bomb of for first time Schank Hong Kong sept. 15 uni Only vote last june when. First Assembly at new Nivision or. Sam Crockett addresses the Studem Bov varsity of Virginia. Clinch Valley division opening near Wise this week. vote last june when. He commission refused to lift or j. Robert Oppenheimer s suspend l chs Ute fou d Sion from Access to secret atomic House an o up Ppd is naming year Oid Mic Sci fire 1c h q on the i o Ood Wiscount Yum glasses Start be Wise. Va., sept. 14-Cla Lin Lor the first time thursday at the new Clinch Valley Branch of the University of Virginia yet the sen. Up in primary election Dala. The summer White bounced Eisenhower Willard Frank Libby 45-year-Oid University of Chicago Aloi Entill to succeed Smyth dec effective sept. 30. In resigning Smyth wrote sept. 5 members of a special committee i Hope atomic weapons will censure charges against Tine to act As deterrents to War my Carlev in Wisi c 3 i h but if attack should come the ipod stockpile we have prepared would assure this country and the s anti world the capacity to answer with six senator committee hrad overwhelming Smyth 56, the Only currently into tiie sunlight and Freedom today. The i rep _ International news service correspondent Don Dixon of new York n. B. C. Correspond Richard apply Amie. Of med font ore., and merchant sea Cap. Tain Ben Krasner of new i crossed the communist Border at the British Crown Colony of honk Kiir. The three who had Sef out i rail Lutc communist pirates solitary pm ortion of confessions framework of their Rotor via de by sen. Waikins yrs Only unanimously rejected me i never saw the Sun for months until said Dix vetch on. A i Ihl. I up with the Cal Appo med thl pressed absolute inc Sli the sex in the fairness of e i tic is which they had term Chadwick chief prisoner by a chinese rotary of defense and chief fiscal child be Laken officer of the Pentagon told news Johnson added. Men thai despite the new reduction any Way to in defense spending Industry would a bom twice the volume of defense con races Unis year that it received last year. This action. By Puit Inu an increased flow of defense con races in Lac would lend to Spur production and employment. Secretary Humphrey said we Are seeking More defense for less Money rather than changing the tale of our to mrs. Ear Here that formerly housed by the associated press Republican sen. Robert w. Up ton of new Hampshire was the faculty from most notable casualty yesterday j1949 As primary warmups in nine Stales produced parly candidates for the november elections. Since president Truman him May 31. 1949. To a Piring june 30. 1956. Quy g he plans to return to Princeton and University where he was chair a Legal Slaff Man of he physics department. Had to j and de Puria had acted As prose a Jcu tors at the committee s Jmc a myths letter to the president Jay hearings and he sir tested j made no mention of his dissent group hire new lawyers n Chadwick chief counsel j by a chinese de Puna his assistant Crew of Hong Kong while Sll other members of ther " g to Portu Buetsc Macao. The a Lollini consisted of Dun sauces and tattered and Sacir intr from bodies wasted by Long imprisonment. I the three men appeared slightly to dazed when they crossed the free i when Nev crossed the Case of Oppenheimer who draft its report to the Senate Dom Border they were Nilen a spin Riff rid a _ it in is. Emery ouse s pre Mnary j Byng about differences but i did t have bed and destitute persons of Wise a pm sport Man re i skirmishing the Batch Lewis l. Strauss commission1 i him Jordan selected recreation head Arthur Eisenhower s january forecasts Esig Nalion to Congress for occur it out lavs recreation commission g. Coffin announced his As chairman of the county. The county donated the fines totalling s100 in this 0 have been collected drunkenness and resisting arrest York Verne Ralliff 1631 Highland Street. Enrol nent has Solus of one group Tor looking around for More one project now in the planning is a dormitory. At present some students Are living in nearby Homes. The school offers the first ruled a Security risk he the other otherwise congressional incur a four dec members. Nor did to Bents weathered ibis preliminary j say anything about differences chairman. Hampshire. New Nanh a minol y on pc Hemier Case. Smyth three county sheriff s deputies before he was finally arrested by four other officers. Deputies sheriff i. D. Lane or. And Ben Curtis said they and an other Deputy. J. F. Crawford or. Went to Ratliff Home saturday tills year were revised Alon lines total major National Security Law in rum s nume oat Raav hat Vears of College work leading Tobias a result of a complaint Thev Phefe he can i Bachelor s degree and includes i Founti Ratliff drunk on his front i u f a. Avail hype to 1 at Sood health considering their treatment but All had lost we text. I Dixon dropped 20 pounds Apple. Gate. 35. And Krasner. 70. Krasner looked in the worst shape. He had a greenish pallor. Dixon seemed to be suffering Norato us h m 1 from malaria or v said Tim Issing from Home House seat pm Tilc us 3 in jul before the Senate House Ana her offices. The vote was Litcht in several states. Reported of her Home at leased two Days ago and was f in uti ii Iii he Oliou u a is a so and was testified he Felt there was an Aiji Lake followup her disappearance not certain until he crossed the of tension on the commission under late tuesday afternoon. Border at Hong Kong. Silt m a Verai St tits uncut a fit Juv the selection of candidates for Walter Lee of the a the communists Tell so the nov 2 ballot Tab will h. Kingsport lifesaving Crew Damn you just cannot pitted Witt with Pictou later this ninth with i i unit Viii me Coit primary in Rhode asian and con who were with the d courses in Medil porch they said program , reel military spending Milmary Mcclure Antt year the stomach Aido Allic atomic Energy Meln we saw we could t do and third mentions in new York state. Mill Tivi ties and stockpiling of slate Pic to i Matenas will be Jordan i i h l this year instead of Sevem and injured in Lane s o a tits o Naa no were with the m Cipal the move lost and combed the area until j-30 Ltd acc americans aboard the yacht Upton. 70. Was by the three Way gop he who c Ved Wilh Lar the chinese nomination to seve he Wil Ella White who told of and the Fiancee of years of he late sen research her had been her. Were brutally treated by Tobey s six Vear term r i m Pouch captors compared to them was Wesley Powell 17 i a bomb. He has called Etta on the front porch Dixon said he confessed to in a worldwide Conn no m Ella was re oried Savnik i truding in chinese Territ i 1 about their 3 the jul Spect Lve Horn Peak Dee e Vul fee t Boulevard by o. K. Campbell resident Dean the of o in t be the revision of the january do be Tann so. A rect military spending travels in four lanes All to make this Cut. Mcneil on the in commendation army outlays were Cut from Lac condition that additional billions to 9 4 billions with the big Parkins space for about 300 cars col Ioa 4 ii icons. Wun me big i ii a oui our cars est part of the reduction in up found to offset that which iroc rement of ammunition ships would be loss on memorial Boule ind boats. Yard. An area Back of the stadium ii be. P a Mcneil said the air Force which for has the biggest service budget absorbed some 800 million dollars of gunman takes 4 _ _ 1 1 j 1 from Karl y Iizumi Dull Albuquerque. N. Polite a. Lone sept. Gun a half hour later Testi Mony showed four other officers entered Ratliff Home As a result of further complaints. They included City patrolmen Brady Lane year old attorney who four Republican nomination has meant election in new Hampshire. Contest that Drew Ohn a. Carroll. Ancl for Freer release information not connect Ith the bomb. Libby picked by Eisenhower to a a intr huh it. In won Owens Deputy party s nomination for the sen nerf n____._l1_ Utica lilt succeed myth is a professor of a n n.-. J Ergui sax he l in in Fishe went into the House about Waters but not to the so called d her sister eone american Perm Confes Cocker Black Sion extracted from Applegate i Cocker Spaniel missing too. said Dixon and neighbors search con to sailing in their Waters tla1 ,0 t Jooi ii Iii Tuuu Searcn-1 in bailing in their Wafon chemistry at the University 6 . Into the night. We knew if we did t Ive them Alln flip _ iat least an Msj Veteran Mem Coheh state legislature " on the demo Reva Beck Bosone l arc 37 tag precincts Init hard a spent Veteran of two county. Card m Ihor n 5 and their time counting bedbugs and an easy Vic Orv in her i what was going to Hap pen to them i i Applegate told How he finally i Madea voluntary confession that i old to jul americans engaged in germ Wor fare in Korea. This part of his Cincil. An affiliate of the Thiim so la _ a Al i ii Umes webs i j on Nosmo View is the Way it would operate View is the Way it would operate. There arc thousands of employees Chicago Senate Bank the investment. Cole said were vested a total of s4 000 rucking industries come Mike today studied a. Brookside gardens inc. Of a we Deal than one million in Emu a 0 builders leaped we stalls Somei Vilie . The Hill develop dollars the a acct w nearly 14 million dollars men co., which constructed Oak ment insured for " 77 Liv companies trailer and Auto Fri users on the Road constr Inch. As unofficial patrol inn. Unold keep an Eye out Lor v numbers of Offin Dinar Vonic on 1 Houmann Pru Jruth financed by Iii six a Loans. Uni gardens at Bayside. The a i in Ftp Nai Ticu l and the sprig Field development Martin and Emily Fisher of i also named Larry of Chicago hearings on Cha opera should the violator be an employee Nons. Of a firm Allied with the trucking Industry. The report would be for warded to tie company employing the violator. That firm would be in ked 10 reprimand or discipline the employee. The Council. Jenkins said also working with safely consultants of the Tennessee Highway patrol to work out a new program for Educa Tion of private citizens who break traffic Laws. But the whole program will be based on Jenkins said. We re just concerned about trying to do sonic Hinc constructive about the appalling Highway death i As Benjamin am Harry Neisloss and Benjamin brai Stcin Allol Jamaica. . The list Dis closed that the three proc cts were windfalls or to be built at a total Cost of sb.384. Repro Sumeri government insured Mort i Florence Between actual construct Junges on the projects totalled s3 Tion costs and Loans based on sex i Cha estimates. Capehart asked Cole if the among he projects on the three projects were three in which he said j was Correct Trio of new yorkers had Par that s what the investigation Cole said the extra profits a Par ats wat a cd a personal investment of replied nto a profit of another group of new yorkers Vith an investment of s10.000 made i Windfall of 3 _. Million dollars. Cole. Capehart commented Well that s the limit. That s the lowest investment we have seen to Tibt Sll Olvid that ivc tiler the Cha official told Lac com new yorkers netted n Windfall of mice headed by sen. Cape arts of million dollars on an invest of t of s10.000. A Columbus. Ohio Briar Manor project at Elmhurst . Cost of the project was ported As and the Mort Gage loan As s4.867.300. Tlle paid in capital Stock was listed a William Sorgatz. Former chief architect for the Cha at Chicago testified about the financing o two in Story apartment buildings on Chicago s Lake Shore drive Sorgatz said the Cha officials it a higher construction Cost Esti mate on the project than the Spon sors did. The Cha estimate was and the other one was which approximated the of the buildings William Simon chief counsel Foi he committee said the Over St Nate by tie Cha will Cost tenants decisively de rated Francis e. Kelly a Boston who has served As lieu Len am governor and attorney general Mirphy will face Republican gov Reno Manadon in no vein bar by treasurer and former Congress member who out an two opponents for demo cratic Senate nomination. Vermont a comparative new rotason0 a tic b in Atlon for governor of Vermont traditionally solid top Johnson a 61-year-old industrialist will his running Misup la first woman Ever nominated for he tenant governor in the state s Story she a mrs. Romuelo nor Throp Bailey speaker of the Var Mont House of representatives mis. Bailey came out on top in a rec cornered fight. New Hampshire two men rare battling for tie democratic Login nation for the Short Senate in. They Stanley j. Betley Veteran state representative arid mayor Laurence Pickett of Betley held a slight Lead today. The Winner will face Otton in november. The times news tie first free medical forum in the area s history will be presented at 8 . In the civic auditorium on september l 3. It is being spoil uan sorted by the Kingsport times news i a rav of and radio station wept in Coop a Erat Lon with the Johnson Sullivan will county medical association i written questions from readers Cove Cal doctors the not be censored and the How Oflyn should n person in apparent Good health have Greeneville. Sept. Farmer appear Lei itly died of a heart attack tues cancer be do Leclede by Dav w Lille Squirrel Hunting near instance lung cancer farm near Limestone. The Greene Ither and father died county sheriff a physical examination against cancer no sheriff in an without Lac use of latin medical the doctors at he health forum on your health forum Kingsport times news Kingsport Tenn Sce dear doctor my question on cancer is this mail now sign if you wish quest by cause of death to be a heart attack. Sheriff said. The Farmer had moved from Kingsport to Greene county about three months ago. Survivors Are two sons. George and Elijah. Kingsport one Daugh ter. Miss Maggie Bear Greene county two Sisters mrs. Addie Weatherly Kingsport mrs. Mag Gie Arnold Kingsport three Brothers de Charles and Alfred Kingsport. Funeral services will be held at parkers Chapel at 10 . Friday with the Rev. J. B. Over buy and the Rev. Lester Webb officiating burial will be in the old Kingsport cemetery. The body will be taken from Hamlet Dobson funeral Home to tie Home of the son George on Beartown Road

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