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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee8 King port times Mitai Gueci lir re us Dulin 33 of Crew Edna prove real heroes by Jamks h. hour the plane itself was lost in Hamilton. Bermuda. Sept. Is i the edges of the Hurricane. 4 ins soft up often. 35-year-old1 finally the plane s Crew Man u. S air Force Captain and his ased to obtain a fix on their Posi Crew of nine and who Nev Hes red for . Heroes in a dramatic Battle be shortly after 10 hours Nypen Jami and the fury of after taking the Richane edit. Registering Wro. Whitney for nearly nine hours last an emergency Landing at . Capt. Charles c. Whitney Dover Delaware air Force base n of n. A. And his men. On Mieir Mission the Crew had flew heir weather plane in stayed in the Hurricane s Eye their level s h o s p i a 1 o the Eye of the howler to report a plane Ever had he was 80 Deoffie Send your question Early monday s City court w. Robelot . Tenn. The colourful and often had suffered from a heart Mem for several months and Arnedee Robelot 78. Died in a Knoxville Hospital sunday morn Raleigh. N. A. Sept. 13 Inu after a illness. An up Emu Day average of per he is survived by his pounds was predicted for the mrs. Eva Rol Eloi one son. Milton Carolina Virginia old Belt p. Roulo and one Winch opened its 1954 flue cured. Ter. Catherine All of Kin Aspon. Tobacco sales today. Career of Burch e Biggs Spanum a was Boni la old reared in new p. Hedrick. Tobacco Mai Kei a hair emmy of i Olk county ivc for the Noi the Tennessee politics ended with the when he came to Nua department of As culture. Death of the influential democratic a Clprp he w3s associated with said hat the crop is considerably Leader yesterday. Be ehrs construction co. And the unproved Over last season when. 1 Gulf refining co. The crop was damaged by heat and his body was removed to the Al a weather. Huff funeral Home sunday morn i the markets this week will of ins and will remain there until debate on a 50 per cent of Normal monday Moran a when i will berates basis. Hedrick said that imaged Belore nine hours when during his Many years in Losi. Episcopal this year have been Suffle then with their Gas Supply run the Normal time is 30 minutes. I lie life he was seven times elected Church where Brief services will com and that harvesting opera no dangerously Low. An urgent and Durins their Long ordeal j sheriff of this sometimes strife Ibe conducted by the Rev. L. F. Inns have delayed radio message that the karmic act. They had reported the howler s j torn Southeast Tennessee Coutv Kent and the Rev. John s. Atmore meanwhile other Carolinas Bells Lishi lip had flashed out an sos position from 120 Miles Southeast he put together a tightly knit poll body will of shipped by Traini ported that prices held general sent tin in hurtling from the Calm of Mitchell air Force base. Organization that was As to new Orleans for burial. Steady last week of the Eye in search of the Drifting Island to Cape cod Bay so the powerful As any in the state at1 he was a member of the St. Paul a average prices for . Vessel 145-mlle-nn-hour cast coast could be kept alerted Peak. J episcopal Church the la. Masonic Kains on North car winds which had them flying Vir on the Hurricane s path. I has strength in Polk was cum i ochre 102. And the b. P. O. Elks i Middle Bell tally upside Down. On their return to Kindley late pared to hat shown by a close i and a number of carnival Organiza unable to see the Ocean through yesterday a Usan snakes Man Al in nil am political ally. E. Lions in new Orleans the storm. Whitney was forced to said after listening to Whitney s. Crump of Memphis. St. Dominic men s will be take his four engine plane Down to report i Biggs was elected to the Sta a honorary pallbearers and the acl r within 500 feet of the turbulent sea. This flight was undoubtedly democratic executive committee ing pallbearers will lie James v. Shortly after 5 of the most dangerous body in fun Harless. David Walkey. Charles after taking off from Kindley air dramatic missions in peacetime Light against re Keal r. L. Peters or. Irum tra peal of the state poll lax. Wick and Leonard. He is survived by the widow j a Daugler. Mrs. Everett c. Bryant Jominy of Cleveland a son. Burch e Odds bits or. Of Bemon and six grandchildren. Mart opens today concer your health forum Kingsport times news Kingsport. Tennesee dear doctor my question on cancer is this mail now in you wish Boyle s column Force base Force Lii store. Ther John j. Of Brooklyn. N. Y. One of the Crew s two Navi gators picked up the Drifting lightship on his radar scope. Doubt that All ten men will be recommended for j "1 have never been through any tiling As Roush As this said for the next hour and 45 Inin Cap Daniel f. Swindall of Vern utes. While their plane was but on. Toy. The other navigator. I feted by winds which the Crew and a sgt. Harold w. Norman of i funeral i Here services . Toi Wil be described As the worst they have Iron Mountain. Mich., report Edh encountered in years of Hurricane that it limes the i plane a u in a i of Lyons. The b--j9 remained in the Vernert super fortress was almost St icon selely on its Hack. I Down 54 week. I. Ali Josiah mom grades Hobbs. A native of Dryden. Died an higher Price fid i his Home Here unexpectedly today. Carolina at Lluc survivors include a brother. Sales for the week were 1.bob.210 pounds averaging s53.c3.i up 58 cells Over he previous week. I new York sept. 13 most is. And shopping centers. Priming nondescript lower people have dreams. Sydney a the new York area is one of Quality lugs and smoking Leaf siege has a the greatest reservoirs of skilled Bonds show scattered gains on the Caro-1 that s a dream City. I workmen in the said. Parking Nias Border Dell last week. J at 39 siege says he is new Siegel. And most of them would j Zuiss Border Belt sales to make his dream cily 1 accept less pay and save Money pounces caverns my True _ at Cost of that if they could work close from me Ito their Homes and avoid Coin he and a group of 16 Syndicate jmmin8 to the i j Man was fined monday morning in City court for i reckless in veg. Tie defendant pleaded not guilty. Police Captain l. T. Anderson testified he saw the Man s car come out at Market sued at a High rate of Speed and heard tires crying on a turn he made. Anderson followed the car at Al Speed he estimated at 40 or to Miles per hour to the Plant where the Driver worked. Tiie policeman said the Driver told him he was hurrying because he was late for work. The defendant said he could t have picked up that much Speed in the Short distance lie travelled. Any Low pressure tire is going to cry a he said. Two men were lined so 5 each on charges of Public drunkenness. And one Man received a 50 for illegal parking on Center Street. Forfeitures were five for Public drunkenness one s15 Bond for speeding one Bond for reckless driving thirteen Bonds for illegal parking and toiling for overtime brought steady to on the big Eastern Belt last week. Your family will like flavor of Green cabbage if you add drained crushed with burial at David c. Hobbs. Route 7, Kings storm Over the stricken lightship. I Patrick s Dav porn. Here on March 17.1 Complete the ship and be Crew with the f the Hoo pilots pot Coz vessel s radar and Loran sets do to wrestle it Back into Elvin i he Mirri de the form smashed by the howler and its i position he said a to i c " Anchor Cable snapped were Hope described an in j elided Jusung phenomenon of Edna. In 1906 he Defeated they said thai Between Montall Kim 1908. After which he moved to Lull Impact. I Point Lons Island and Cape cod. The b-29 s Crew members of j the howler formed two distinct arrangements Are in Lessly lost and at the mercy of the storm which had struck with its flight a 53rd weather recon Ais Low pressure areas which resulted Sance Squadron fixed Ilie the creation of iwo separate of the lightship and remained eyes. Etowah in Mcminn county serving j As police chief there for the next. Vears. Overhead until a coast guard plane arrived on the scene. Whitney said that when they made Contact with the lightship i the turbulence had our plane All but standing on with Waves 65 to 70 feet High beneath them and winds howling it Well Over 100 Miles an hour. By this time it was after 7 . Their plane had born in the air 13 hours. Their Gas was almost exhausted. Then their own two Loran sets Are Long Ranye navigational units failed and for the next half Whitney one of the most experienced Hurricane Hunt ers a Veteran of More than a dozen storms snid he had heard of Only one other two eyed howler since he began flying. Other Crew members included 1st la. Kenneth e. Alears of Hunting ton Park Calif., Pilot capt. Wal lace m. Taylor of Des Moines. Meteorologists sgt. Donald m. Januchowski of Milwaukee a sgt. James n. Jones of Chattanooga Tenn. Airman 1c Allen c. Chris Tian of Quitman miss., and a sgt. Oscar s. Alls of Clovis n. M. Biggs returned to Polk county 1914 and once More became Usan s sheriff. During this period he in radio to notebook by Jack o Brian new York sept. 13 generally there would t be much basis for comparing a television show with a smash hit Broadway musical or a successful movie but since satins and the Betty Hutton spectacular which had its showing last night on Abc to was such a flagrant almost careful Carbon copy of Annie get your the comparison is necessary. The fact that Betty Hutton also starred in the movie musical does not Lessen satins and the harm either. Spurs might have turned out to be a routine musical but alongside its plainly apparent grease painted parents a fairly poor one. Its libretto was a Creaky Deri vation of it got la hut ton into Buckskin and Cowboy hats infrequent. Ique red by Lassie. All very familiar. But its special category very Good. The Stork club show Back to to for its 5th season on Abc to this High style and cafe socialite gawking in a vastly broadened and improved format. It had names enough to people a Fisher Nan Nette Pabraya Sherman and Sher mane Billingsley Morton Downey Alfred Hitchcock Eloise Mellione. Robert Cummings Russell Nype. Jimmy Komack Carrie Muruin s fashions worn by some High style whistle bait models and assorted socialites politicians. Caviar crepes Suzette songs puppies and authentic name dropping which generally has made the Stork club itself through the seasons a legendary Saloon. It safely can be described As big but its wit was infrequent. The musical score was More Jukebox Ger. Betler Anci More stylish than than Broadway musical comedy or Evel even Hollywood movie. I ret big with t. I Jig Oil in it gave Betty the Chance to run its s0uped-up tales of newspaper il0. Daring and doing returned to Abc sort of to Cowboy in the City but Sho did t do too Well by the ballads and serious scenes. Her particular style of Nitro Elitt erint spiced things up at Many Points but there always were the to Friday in brisk dashing documentary form. Your hit Parade substituted pretty Polly Bergen for Dorothy Collins away on maternity leave but the rest of the Abc to Satur Day evening half hour stays fresh. Speedy and attractive with Imas Balky Clumsy transition scenes. Hie unwieldy plot or Lack of it. To push the continuity along to musical san eng and next banality. Ice Lent sets. There May have been special my Favorito husband helped delights for the tiny percentage Slart set. Night Baoec to to pleas. Methodists deny Jab at politics during conference Bowling Green. By. Sept. Gross sales were pounds averaging s53.15. Up 64 cents irom ithe previous week. Crosley to speak to advertising club teammates figure that with that Siegel s scientifically planned lot use the syrup left from Noney they can build town in t just a drafting Board Pine App for basins what of they believe will be Amer project. He Well into real Estale Ica s first thoroughly planned at the age of 19. Pioneered Ern City. I in the building and management ii will be called Suffolk City i of suburban shopping centers. Siegel has assembled 2.000 acres the last 5 years he has had a big Ifor its site near Yaphank at the hand in real estate transactions j geographical heart of Long Island totalling some 56 Miles from new York i five years ago. Siegel said the City. Project of building a Complete new Ham or thin Mayonnaise with it and use on Ruil salads. Johnson City i have for More been working on this than 6 said City would have been rejected As fantastic. Q Siegel quietly and when i have today businessmen want to Crosley assistant Peironnet do i nishid t am t care what Nap rent space in shopping Center of the Kinev Nanri to me afterwards. I before you can build it. What used a i Ess. I the Man who Are in this be is now fluence the into enacting a measure which to noted Polk county and gave tils conference meth a democratic county court. To discs returned to their Home he credited Crump s support for i parsonage today disclaiming re pal stage of the legislation and close a possibility for a Jab at slate political ties existed Between the i politicians two men from then on. At yesterday s closing session Biggs was elected sheriff again conference adopted a resold m 1930. But was twice enjoined Uon expressing regret Over Public from taking office during the bitter opposition that followed. He re elected in 1932 and 1934. From 1936 through 1942, his son. The late Broughton Biggs held the office. But the elder Biggs be came sheriff again from 1942 until 1946 when he resigned in favor of another son Burch e. Biggs or. Young Biggs was beaten in 1948, when the Good government league membership of 75 is expected to hear the address. The club has members from Kingsport Bristol Johnson cation of the charge that the play ing of politics by state officials had blocked construction of a four and Elizabethton. Crosley is Well known in Tennes a see and National publishing circles. I a graduate of the u. S. Naval j Academy he served with the Navy i lit of the team is Homes. It will be saluted As or. Don by his team completely self sustaining having mates. He had a straight a a s own industries schools Church rage in All his classes term. I Erat Elv priced Cut i joining million Dollar in Louisville. Methodist Hospital for eight years before Kingsport press in 1926. Except for a Brief period during j i which he was recalled for service the charge had been made sat i with the Navy. Crosley has been urday by Frank j. Pfeiffer of the Kingsport printing firm Siville. Who although a member since. Christian churches plan ing Here thursday of the evangelical reformed Church is vice chairman of the i he has an impressive record of j Hospital s Board of trustees. Won control of the county govern meat. The elder Biggs although his remarks were Commerce. Man of tile democratic faction when it lost out to the gig. Bigg s chief Hobby was farming. He owned two Large farms and had As Many As 225 beef Type White faced cattle at one time. Jazz music planned Al funeral service civic affiliations and is a past pres ident of the Kingsport chamber of made in a report on the status of the Hospital before an open ses Sion of the conference attended by several Hundred persons Pfeif Fer said his remarks were not tended Lor publication. It was decided to return next i year s meeting to Western Ken Tucky state College. The final j business was announcement of changes in pastorate and revision of organizational Structure. Salt Lake will not be the City usual sad Organ and piano music when a Colorado cafe operator buried tuesday. Instead in accordance with the wishes of the deceased a jazz band ill give with a hip beat. The widow won t Wear mourning. Either. Shell Wear she said clothing he liked to see me the funeral will be that of Lodel Vandavere Jay 44, who was killed in an automobile Accident near Rangely Colo. He was proprietor of the Headquarters cafe at Rangely at the time of his death and had been a chef in several Salt Lake City cafes. His widow mrs. Dorothy Pappas Moore Jay said today her Hus band had been an avid jazz music fan and his funeral will feature jazz versions sent Malenkos classes Ito open tuesday two adult evening classes Are scheduled to open tuesday night at Dobyns Bennett High school. Paul j. Moore director of vocational education has announced. I a course in hooked Rug making i will open in room 113. Dobyns Bennett at 7 ., with mrs. J. H. Mcbride the Christian churches of Sulli Van county will meet thursday at the first Christian Church for their annual convention. Theme of the meeting will be christianity in which will be discussed by various county leaders. The program for the Day is As i follows morning Kelley Barker presiding song service directed Henry Pratt Welcome devotional study Stewart k. Widner special music by the Kingsport Christian Church Sermon christianity in action through by the Carl Cooper minister of the mor Rison City Church and Sermon by or. W. Clyde Smith minister of Central Church Bristol speaking the subject christianity in officers for the year include Kelley Barker chairman. Craft Sams vice chairman j. E. A rants chairman emeritus and mrs. Robert Meredith Secretary. I Mirti instructor. The class action through Jwill meet one night each week for 112 weeks from 7 to 10 . A class in re upholstering and re san Diego Calif. Ship j finishing old furniture will open ment of 17 while California roses j tuesday at 7 . In shop was on the Way to Premier t c Kov of Russia today As a peace i colonel is ills Truckor. White Floral co. Flowers a arrangement guaranteed we Are As near As tour Telephone dial i 6-6174 dial circa. 6 moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Ii .1 i i i i Groseclose Flowers All dial Circle 6-6108 a automobile buyer saves through state farm plan i compared finance and insurance before i bought my new car. Through the state farm Bank plan my agent saved a j164.00 Orr the first rata i d been one of Many of Bow Fasti the plan ohm you two Money Vinc methods for car buy ing Low Cost financing through it nearby Bank and fou Lott prtferrt4 risk insurance get your i guru on news studio Ifon Tfir late show when the West was Yount of Ruki oar on color test pattern and White test pattern Back Qthol for mix show Robert g Abbi Art Linkletter Belt fee in show Btu lot Bob

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