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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee3 wins in last 10 games Means Flag for indians i am to. n i t Kingsport times 5 monday. September 3. 19m dodgers cop pair to Cut giants bulge to 3 g Kluszewski poles 47th, 48th homers for Redlegs t. A u by Joe Reichler associated press sports writer ridiculous to accuse the five time world Champion new York Yankees of plans make overcomes four Hole deficit to defender fight minefields Golf championship against j. Edwards and m the thai period the indians lost on y Hoo out ovo five i names indians 4-3, yanks 1-2 cardinals 4, giants 3 i "3.5. I Jim Hogan retained his Ridge Fields country club Tournu i men Crown by coming from be no Cam ult St m w vo1jk Elk Klam a m o a a r 2h 4 1 21 Smith. 5 3b i 1 10 2 lib m it i 2 o c Loryia. R 3 1 c 1 3b 3 n r 3010 in 3 pm 4010 Rglenn in 0 i 3h 3 1 0 3 if 4 Sicsu 4 1 ions a h of. I p in in 1 p 0 0 1001 Lemon p 2 0 0 4 Mumbai re , 4 0 l Bratle. I o o of l 0 0 i Man Karl 1 l 11 Sarn. C 1 0 2 1 4j Haddix. P 3 1 hemus. 3b 0 0 tul to a fluid b a Hull k n Phi it to 1 it Tola Lul Lor kurd in Bill. K in Tom 010 Avila. Heuan. K or. Pm All Smith 2 morn Nalii. Slaught. A 2. 2r Mantle Rosen. A Ford i Mcdoug Fialli. My Ramla and Collins. Left new York 7 cd Totland 11 Bil of d 4 Reynolds 3 i. So Ford 1. Reynolds 1. Lemon 5 no fun 5 m 6. Reynolds 3 in 2 1-1. Reynolds 3-2. Lemon 1-1. Rommel. Hano Cluck Vokk fortitude the american league o 2 6 2 leaders dispelled them yesterday in Hir to . I 310 a glorious double Triumph p to Skurtu j 5 Over new York Ifni All but ended i i o the Louii dynasty. The 4-1 i liars l Viand 3-2 victories before i , the largest crowd Everi Cin Cinser 0 watch a baseball game. I ill in o stretched Cleveland s first place. Muju is a o Jomara i Over the Yankees to 81- St o that is almost an insure sumo unable hurdle for Casey Sten l of Pinion 0 May i 0 Irvin. 0 Mii Ellei. Of 3 0 Bah Tuexi 1 0 Kati. C 3 0 cd timer. 0 1 West Rutn c 0 0 3 Mccal v 0 5 National k l i 811 53 36 57 s3 37 a -3 63 73 6i 76 59 Jtj Hogan caught Edwards by Birdie h j i Brumit Bill Boyer Ogan cart wards by Birdie inc inc 17ih Hole and Anain birdied t a Al if i i a o Meef for City net title 75 while Edwards carded n 37-39 Chicago 2.3. 00-5, a 75 while Edwards carded a 37-39 Tor a 76. Edwards took a 4-up going the final nine holes when to Lodz Gan began his drive for the win. I Goiler 0 i he two won the nth. Split 13. Took a won 15 to move into a tie. A wards shot a four on the 16th while my picked up a five to take a onto the final nine holes w j. 1 golfers halved the i Esre Raav Ron the split 13. Inn. J Corw Ujj. Too o Al s a Row Wol-i.1 n it i.1 i 0 0 2 Only 10 games i oily 31 grou idea 27 10 Tol i o o the indians can Clinch their t a l9 10 by Jack hand Grossinger. . Weight Champion Rocky Marciano in t fooling this tune. J remembering with a shudder that he was behind on the cards of All three for the first half of his last title bout with Ezzard Charles the Kins of heavies i declared today i Hope to get off to a fast Start j because i know Charles might try i to do something with prank Brumit and Bill Boyer will1 the Boink into his last Day Square off tuesday evening at before wednesday to see who will be the single san 8ht s thinks he might have Champion of pm sport for 1954. In Camp a Little too Long Boyer moved into the final round l Olie first Battle by ousting Junior Murray won by a i had some Dull Days a week t i 1-up Lead with two holes remain Cleveland _ in the Cleve i Hogan birdied the to tie Ilant indians room Man Ards Are Al l Luj first Flag since 1018 by merely winning three even if the Yankees All their remaining 11. All was not Rcv for Cleve it Lorn so i struck out or Mueller la Tat. Kan or Katt in 8th. A struck out Lor Gardne in St by pitched Ballor us or la All was nol Rosy Casio Emma m fail s springtime sparring part ners the new York giants How continue Nix the oct hex association l series. 3. _ i. A foiled St. Luln n l Lor Allheim in 9th. Edwards with a three on the Par three Hole. Hogan then fired other Birdie on the 18th for decision. Twelve other flights were com Irful plated through sunday. M the first flight. Frank Brumit Defeated Bob Carter 2-up. They straight sets. 6-3, 6-4. Sunday after noon and gained the shot at championship. The a unit had achieved his second upset of the tournament on satyr Tinl. Day night by upending Jim Isbelle before the last he said be fore hitting the Road. I think the timing is just right for me this r Cir second Ganir Cleveland 000 030 7 0 y Byrne and Berry Wynn and Wearn 2. Hegan. In Manl Lini Dud i nil play lat Hlis Hwik eco 7. Coca re icon b r outs. Today was 10 be devoted to Road work and Camp will break tomorrow. Before the first Charles bout the Rock boxed 180 rounds. In in 30 years around the curve of clubhouse door clubhouse door o the new York do fated or by Yankees whose five year reign As before dropping my american league champs i played with Hogan and Edwards in in no Imor views. The second flight Imrich will Dunds had previously taken care of Newt first seeded in the tour disposing of Isbell. Defeated or. Barney fore dropping Murray. The outcome of the final match at j. Fred Johnson couns leaves Ift lot of room for speculation. Bru lot upon a blistering meanwhile. With reports the Camp of former buzzed heavy weight Champion Joe Louis tag Iii Rocky a foul it was As Liia Baltimore a h 0 a a n 0 a jambs.2h 2011 4310 Taylor 1100 dlr inc. Cd 4 1 1 0 Limm 1 4 413" flnican.3b 3101 Ken by 3b 4 0 3 scr Neal h 4 1 0 0 Keller t. In 3 0 6 of 4 1 1 l 4 i 10 Wilson of 4 1 3 0 Hunter. 11 2 0 1 dam 3152 air to ski 000 308 0 Hricik w 1 0 1 Gray p 3011 Young 2b 3 1 3 Dixon p 000 our lev. P 2 n 0 chill org 1000 a Walkus 110 l o d totals 3 7 Al 7 totals 33 3 27 a walked for Hunter 1 n7ih for Turley in 1th. A or ended Mil for Dixon in both. It sin pied for Jacobs in St. Chw 001 "00 battling Are our Lily a Limmer. Wilson. A Maestri killer Cour Icv Kryhoski. Young. A Durban Gray. Jacobs. Finical Walt Cus 2i. Die runs. So Jacobs Jacobs. Turley and pc Icart. Left 8 Baltimore 8 by Gray 3. Turley 5. So Gray 4. Turle 10. Dix ii 3. To Cray. 6 in g. Duto 3 in 2. Turley g in 7. Chakalos 1 in 2 to or Grav 4-1. 0-0. Turley 3-2 0-0. A to Urlce 12-151 a Grao ii. A Grieve. Str cons and Mont. T second game Iii Ladelphia 000 000 7 3 Baltimore 100 001 9 2 Sima. Oster Burtschy 7 Dixon 9 and Astroth Pillette Blyzka Fox Chakales 9 and Courtney. L Blyzka. Phils 5-1, braves 2-2 so Haddix 3. Mccal 1 2. Wll Lilii 1. So Hart i. 1. 5 if 1 a 1-3. Law. Rence 0 in 2-3. Menu 4 i. 2 in 1. Spencer 1 in 1 in 4. Rek in Ridot 3-3. Bra Milwaukee a Bruton. Cd 4 0 i Philadelphia 0 a a h 0 a 4 0 4 3 2 Clark. If 4 _ _ 5 0 Lopata. C 2 1 l n to Organ 2 Jones. 3b Ower 1 Dira son p b l s Tantau 3s if 3 Johnson in 9th 2110 Noo ski 031-5 Ash bum. Clerk Lokan is 3 1 2 m t 318 Spahn. P 200 000 a White 100 totals n 8 24 8-orounded out of Milwaukee Philadelphia a mat lieu a. Rafki Ata 2. Hamner. N. Randall. Hamner. t. Ditl met. Hamner. 38-Clark. Or Lopata. E Ashburn. Spahn. Of Loran do Ham and Wyro Stife. Hamner and Morita left Milwaukee 7. Philadelphia 8. By Spahn 2. Johnson 1. Dickson 3. 5o-Spahn 1. Johnson 1. Diff son 4. To Spuhn 8 in linked 3 men in Buthi. b in 9 Johnson 3 in 1. A or Spahn 5-5. Dickson 2-2. Nanson 0-0. 110-181. L dds a we Haddix. Wild v c-3i. Ii Balla if l of Tckowski t-3-.09. A Redlegs 11-13, sues Cincinnati a Adams. 3b 4 m 4 Neli. Or 3 i Klus 5 Rrt 0 first came Pittsburgh a ii o a 218 s 213 Allie is 401 0 3 3 1 ii 100 403 j 14 0 Gordon of 3 1 2 0 0 Osh paid. C 3 2 4 120 Cole. 3b 421 0 2 Ohall if 412 2 0 1 o 0 1 l 3 Friend p 1 0 0 5 30 2 3 3 their National i ague Lead sliced to three games when the rebound ing b r o o k 1 y n dodgers Canie in rough with a 4-2 and 4-3 double header sweep Over the Chicago cubs. Milwaukee s braves still in the running despite two recent losses to the dodgers Drew to within 4u Raines of the top by earning n split with the Phillies in Philander phia. Lew Burdette Rubin Roberts for a 2-1 braves Victory after the Phillies had snapped War Ham test 0oil. Of 5 temple.2b 4 Murphy 0 0 u nut Witul p 4 o i Tot Jih 39 in 27 16 tools 31 ran for Grep Prass in 9th. A ran for Sam Linkk in both. Grounded out for Friend in 8tit icon at .000 000 101 5 cd. Nui tall 2. Mcmillan Cole Mcm than. Gordon. A and Skinner. Kuk an. I Mcmilan Ond Kluszewski i put nuts Burgh 5. All 3 s .ui1 ic3s i a 2 so Nui p 1. Friend 2. Law 1. Holan. Donated. Conlan. Gore. Second game Cincinnati Baczewski Lane cd. Ross 9 and Seminick Thies Purkey or Sci k. So Seattle 3.5 los an self 3-1 san Diebo 2-7. Big league pacesetters Nuey. Etna us Jay i. K. Y a 5" Una kill 43 mavs new Yorki 3d. Run s r n Pel 116 87 3r 103 177 .340 its 183 .335 stolen use 33. Fondy ichor by Ren Spahn s 11-game Victory string Siam test. 5-2. Cinci Iupati s Redlegs climbed i into fourth place drubbing the Pittsburgh pirates twice 11-5 and 13-2 As Ted Kluszewski drove in nine runs and smashed homers nos. 47 and 48. The Chicago White sox. Paced by Nellie Fox and Minnie Minoso. Vanquished the Boston red sox twice 5-3 and 7-5 to reach and pass the 90 Victory Mark for the first time since 1920. Fox produced three hits including a two run Dou ble. He also stole three bases including Home to help Bob Keegan Post his 16th Triumph in the opener. Minoso. Ejected from the first game came Back to drive in four runs in the Nightcap with a Home run and double. Detroit trounced Washington twice 5-0 and 8-3 to sweep Boston into fourth place. Steve registered his 17th Victory with a six hit shutout and sore ii no nrm_i5 i armed Ted Gray won his first to m s game since May 12 Harvey Koleen Usu did

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