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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 28 Tau to steering could throw a car out of control. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 182 phone Circle 6-8121 t Kingsport tenn., monday sept. 13, 1954 the weather fair tonight Low 56-62 tuesday by Wrally fair and slightly warmer. night s Low 50 yesterday High. 82 noon temperature 80. No rainfall. Would defend vhf at interests Gen. Zwicker on stand for Mccarthy hearing states he told Van Fleet says Only the truth caused defeat in Korea before senator Washington sept. 13 my. Gen. Ralph w. Zwicker swore today he 1 old Only the truth when he testified before sen. Mccarthy last feb. 18. Mccarthy testified last week that the decorated general at least misstated Chr this and other conflicting Testi Mony went into the record As the special Senate committee consid ering censure charges against my i car Washington of Gen. James i a. Van Fleet says the United i states has failed to capitalize on world strength in the far East and faces the Strong possibility of catastrophe in Asia. I our real strength in the far East rests in Korea Formosa the Philippines and Van Fleet said in a copyrighted article in the Magazine . News and world possible Carthy moved through what May or. I. Be the last Day of its hearings. V Mclim one of the charges against my i Wii y ii ii s the Rob w Hea a Nickelsville Hoy to k i car inv questioned Hospital sunday night was but in Iii Hutiu i Mil m Len -11 if 1 o ,1 honorable discharge Given but Hie Eastern area of Irving Peress. Mccarthy has Call a Posable polio , we have a prevented cd Peress a fifth amendment child. Darel Gene Dougherty Japan from rearming isolated Json of or. And mrs. Rupert Geneve government of the Republic of to in is or n. I a of a Lek pkg ill i China Anri 11 m in Quick succession the tall Dougherty of Nickelsville. And 3 immobilized our erect general told the special i Sood condition i Power in Korea by an armistice sure committee j monday moral my. Go now red China with co m l. He has searched his memory Darel was admitted to the Hus-if16 6 inn Unity in the North and carefully and has no at 8 pm after a is rec to i consolidate of muttering at the february hear-1 examined him move South against ing in new York that Mccun Rahv rcom melded the Transfer to the weakness and i3 talk Lou hat any was an a William j. Alld a11 ing of new York City testified last one other child is under treat Van feet former commander week he heard Zwicker make that for polio at the hos Pittil. He e 8th army in Korea said he Jackie Chiton son of mrs Anne Krote the article comment. 2. He had no intention of being evasive arrogant or irritating iwas admitted last wednesday when Mccarthy questioned him a year but is nne u Mae Clifton. 743 Howard Hill who do lot Public. Now on i Hind closed doors about the Peress i Case. The senator his own tenants said the boy was placed isolation. His condition a defense witness last week told the censure committee Only last Fri Day that he considered Zwicker one of the most evasive arrogant and irritating witnesses he had seen. 3. He was acting Niider exp Licu orders from Only in handling the Peress discharge but in declining to answer some of Mccarthy s questions about the Case. 4. He did not recall that he nation watches Maine election by Bill Portland. Maine. Who Viiu on Nis at. Return from a presidential Mission to Korea he said it is just As timely As when written denouncing the armistice in Korea As one of political expediency. Van Fleet said the loss of Korea and Indochina to the com a munits would mean that Thev would irresistibly overflow Japan. Formosa. Thailand. Burma1 and the Philippines probably without firing a and he added _ once the free world is shut off trom these priceless raw materials what Hope remains for the Liddle East for Africa or for eur Quemoy can presiden makes statement after Washington. 13 president Eisenhower presumably has been advised by the military that they Are confident Quemoy Island could be defended from any red invasion attempt with . And air Power there is a political decision for such intervention. Military officials attending the unusual sunday session of the National Security Council Are re ported to believe that any move Quemoy. Hard Mainland could out any help ground forces. Secretary of slate Denver. Sept. 13 a presi Idem Eisenhower snid today the National Security Council has re american policy Orie in Cimi the vital Ime Resis of the . Wherever they May the president made the state ment to newsmen in discus sing an extraordinary session of these purity Council at the summer Hue House yesterday. The meeting was called by the me Cutie 10 discuss global by the Asiatic Elcel s conducted a Seaich sunday for dealing with the red leap into River by Kingsport woman is hoax Kingsport life saving crewmen any move e Avny crewmen by red chinese forces to land on Tennessee Highway patrol of Denio f be repelled with " Shi for a woman believed to have from american threat abroad. Jumped off Hammond Bridge on after the session Secretary of route 23. Into the Wolston Kiver. J state Dulles declared that Ameri vol the search ended some military might will thwart and Back from the far East told news is Lacr when relatives reported chinese communist assault against Mio . M., i Irin Olic to e Dulles just men at Denver yesterday that the defense of qty Emo is related Home in bed. Local nationalist Formosa con -18 studied in that patrol s Ile 1ol Al Una cd state stopping at Denver to report to the Wom an ordered him to drive i land of pm tin l q and the the Bridge the Driver Shell tonal Security Council. Dulles when he stopped at a Point near Mainland Aid it is primarily up to the a the Structure the woman jumped i Mil t i .1 m us he Uliuli uie Ivun inn Jui Bucu lion s military chiefs to decide and out without paying and threatened recommend whether effective pro i m g Section of Formosa requires . I oing to jump off fire from h Lut statement newsmen. Eisenhower said that at defense of Quemoy. If a decision should be made to defend Quemoy. Pentagon strategists would rely on the gunfire and planes of the big eth Fleet and the fighters and fighter bomb ers of the b Padrohn an Hubert Wolliver and Loyd Coates joined the life saving Crew in a search of the shallow Waters under the Bridge and immediate area. Two other officers Cpl. The the top secret Council meeting decisions were of. If ugh larger and patrolman. Don Mere ers of the air Force. The objective Wou he transportation and air and round support of a the passenger. A in to r Vesterdal the Council might Chart some policy with respect to related to Overall de specific Quemoy la Averail be sense of Formosa by the 7th i m he Evem of a red assault s keep residence and she was in bed the its All hers Lee Ann Meriwether 19-year-old san Francisco Brunette poses with huge trophy which is emblematic of her title of miss America of 1955. Measurements five feet eight one half inches tall 34 i bust. 22-Inch Waist and 35-Inch hips 14l, attn a _ i i or Lor Viiu Ever discussed Mccarthy with maj humane battered Maine ballots or for us As a Soldier i can in in election watched a Admire the Brilliant simplicity Gen. Kirk b. Lawton. Former Toda a commander of Monmouth. for possible influences on of Leneir Battle Law ton testified saturday he had the make up of the next Congress. A meet termed the korean a the impression from conversations at stake in Republican eyes is Mist ice a profound mistake which with Zwicker that Zwicker was i continuation of 20 years control i the american people should antagonistic to the top offices in Maine and a Erpil with a sense of shame i Chance to Point the Way to gop an armistice is indicated 5. The Case of Peress first came in the 47 states voting when a political settlement to his attention in August 1953 november. Is in he con med and and he was the one gave Peress s name to the Mccarthy investigations subcommittee in january 1954. Peress. A dentist was discharged in from Camp Kilmer . Which Zwicker commanded. The letter ordering democrats insist the Issue in t to me flt least we had no the election s effects elsewhere but what s Best for they be called Tor an end to Yea r s of i one party Jiu basis for one either in Korea Ori anywhere else in Asia for the major plans remained America starts tour As Beauty Queen Steadman faces Hijack hearing shores of the nationalist held at up Hinds not to attempt to match the j search ended communist troop manpower in m invasion Beach Battle. The United states Learned in Korea of the vast and costly commitment of ground Force needed to fight red China s hordes of infantry. Presumably the Confidence the president s military advisers Are reported to have about the Situa i it Lon rests in the fact that air bases satisfactory for the use of Ameri-1 can jets Are available on the big Kiel Germany political Island of Formosa. The 90-mile riptide menaced Chancellor Konrad stretch of Formosa Strait repro a Adenauer and his pro american for Adenauer loses ground at polls from the Jet Pilot s Point of to the area. Quenion no can planes Are now based on for appeared sure of holding con Mosa but they can be flown there Tro the v Etz in Quick time from big us air u Atlantic City in _ a concentrations on Japan. Okinawa to Long stemmed Beauty from Cali and the Philippines fornia in the Crown and Robes of a Queen embarks on a whirlwind tour As the 1955 miss1 America. Nineteen year old Lee Ann Meri wether of san Francisco who wants to he an actress and says there s no special boy Friend in her life right now is modest about her figure list the pageant judges who surrenders in bad Check Case the so e of Schles Yommi v t a 000 slates. Serda then Eisenhower said today that the meeting amounted to merely consulting together As to the place of uie United states in the world to Day in that particular troubled area of the Western Pacific and reaffirming our Devotion to certain the president said yesterday s Security Council first Ever held outside of Washington was unprecedented but it was also very he. Said he had not met with the Council for More than two weeks and that Dulles return from the Orient provided an Opportunity for the Council to review the situation in the far East. Before yesterday s Council ses Sion Eisenhower conferred with Fri chief j. Edgar Hoover and any. Gen. Brownell on the red great on the Home front after hat conference. Hoover and brow Nell declared the administration s goal is to communist utterly destroy the party in the United was seen As a clearcut exposure of the old Leader s Ling popularity. Eisenhower Dulles. Vice president Nixon and other Mem called the poor or Fuji Ora Maiv session for House of the Bonn buffed the 78-year-old Chancellor s Exra Ordinary session for top secret Dis Cussion of the communist menace abroad particularly in the far East. Itje Aurig Gumy to a Conrge Ana that passing a forged Check. He a Zorgea Check. He fought to save his in at the Good charged Vith Passi s45 cell pc Lei National prestige with a speech Foune Mav on the first National Bank to i this state m which he Moore picked mrs. He had forged the name j inscribed nato membership and a ? the vehicle a Bact Marshall j unconditional German sovereignty handed at the so called Agoni Jose. As his new goals shows on which persons nip Nain scions court judge s. G. Gil but As he talked with to Bare their Dif ficus p playing Tweedle Watkins said he would take the matter under advisement tile noon recess and 1953. Knock us Riveroll said he was the Guy she went steady with mat they weren t engaged but that he was working on Redmond wanted to assume i Ujj a a rearming West Germany Isle was Rich. She replied that her the French scuttling of in on Yitha that i the blame for the charges Aga of s an appliance Salesman judge Gilbreath said defense Community the and that Thev Are comfortable hut voters of this state showed Rich. His w was a matter for the courts. Woodward was the first witness called is the special Senate com-1 a a i Ufal class await arrival -7 i i three released by chinese f red i rings in the Case. Walters is named to demo committee 0_ j in in Tutu Phi Nihil u 10 sail to Morristown. Sept. R Mudford Ore a in Macro portuguese Colony on the s t to broadcasting co. Correspond Mainland to pick up David Cicero Donald Dixon. 25. New York jink new photo service photog a no Anna estates consulate official said picked up by i three americans ordered deported defense unit March from red China after More than aboard Applegate s yacht one of her first thoughts was of her late father Gregg wether who died last july in a tearful speech of thank s. Lee glanced toward the High ceiling of daddy Hope you know and i Hope y tin re p i she snid her father wanted me go to Stanford and be an a but there was t enough Money the j other 43.000 letters poured into the Small town. The couple arrived Homo from their new York Vaca Ion yesterday. In communist i would not arrive Here today. I the three Are Richard Apple captivity., after it intruded into China s territorial Waters of the Trio had planned to sail to or Stanford so Lee went to me City College of san Francisco i one now won t pose too much for Lee will receive Dent it state democratic Herbert s. Hub Walters today he and mrs. Tor. News service Corrcs-1 Phr and 0 pendent and Benjamin Krasnor. 30, Kong. A 5n of thai there was no indication when the Trio would arrive. He did not of Nashville National committee woman have been named to a special advisory committee on National to uralic convention. Stephen a. Mitchell democratic National chairman appointed the elaborate but snid . Two tennesseans to the committee was suspended until Tom i and said it would meet piping radio said yesterday Indianapolis sept. 18. The Trio were ordered Mitchell Lold Walters the Neil pc would study and make Kong Borders . Recommendations Coli craning rules piping radio also return him to Hong in happiest Day jul in 1 our lives. God is so in Public appearance addition to a new car , jewelry and other sizes. All Winni lbs total Lee left last night for a two week stay in new York where round of appear piping radio said the chinese ii e i i zip Iii Lioio Saia the chinese in be l s official telephoned from i ministry of Public Security decent rules for the 1056 National hons Kong red China Border by ordered the three deported and local authorities in own Ngung province to carry out father Frank is a retired tractor. Dixon went to Korea for ins after joining its new York Bureau in 1951. He is a graduate of Syra Cuse University and a former staff member of the new Rochelle n y Standard Star. We re going to lock him in a room and just look at Dix on s joyous Mother declared. Next tuesday is my birthday. This s s my birthday gift the Only one i Kinsner s parents or. And mrs is for the 195c convention with special Francis Redmond former reference to the so called loyalty York business Man Hud been con in 8h.ngh.ll elaborate but snid the Border the order there was no indication of when or where they would to released j Frank Krasnor. Said their r of world War s0n sign of three. World War u t United he was shifted Hurricane death toll hits 20 in n. Injured motorcycle crash Portland Maine. Sept. 13 ii highways Railroad tracks and crops Lay like a jagged for devastation reminiscent of then 1938 Hurricane was spared head property damage and even in r damage even in the wound today across territory raked areas hardest hit water not wind by death dealing Hurricane Edna was blamed from Massac Huells to Scotia. The Cost in lives mourned to i Maine where aulos nov . Linns went out of ser for much of the. Two Kingsport area youths were monday morning when motorcycle they were Riding failed to make a curve on Howard Hill nine where i inc no a Ironi Shell make Noces. Then Shell be off to South America for 15 Days. Man fined for not answering summons Gate City sept. I3-a spoors ferry Man was fined and costs in trial Justice court Here last week for failure to appear when summoned As a witness judge c. G Quillet issued n to Boena to have the map Brou Plu into court of tar he did not appear in a Drunken driving by streams that went wild under record eight inches rain. Maine gov. Burton m. Cross after an air Survey set loss there at More than seven million top of 10 million wrought 12 Days before by Hurricane Carol. Cross asked president Eisenhower to declare Maine a major disaster area. Two thirds of Nova Scotia s four million Dollar Apple crop was counted lost. To testify Case. All of Maine s dead were drown no victims. Four persons perished n Massachusetts one in Conne ii Cut another in Annj a Scotia. Six Highway fatalities in new York stale were attributed to the Hur where their task was complicate by Road washouts that caused temporary ban on travel by All by emergency vehicles. Late last night stale police Sai the main Roules again were open. Two of Maine s Hurricane Vic to perished in a daring seven hour Eifort to Rescue a family of 10 from the lop of an automobile Little Sandy Stream at fire chief Alton Mccoy Uigum up As u Mocci Miar fou nein i Levy England braced i mexican coast cyst crony. Unity. Nick. 47. And Ruth Brocken Yob one of the were swept inn Streim when floating debris broke a human Chain to Shore. Meanwhile Hurricane Florence eth tropical Morm of the year broke up As it moved Inland Oil the ver reported. The pair were listed Roy Hyndford Parker 17, route 6 operator of the motorcycle and Eugene Allen Glover 19, a Jassen Ger. Both youths were taken to hol ton Valley Community Hospital for treatment. Woliver said Par Ker s injuries were listed As multiple lacerations and bruises while Glover s injuries had not been completely determined shortly be fore noon. The patrolman the motor Cycle was travelling Outh on inv Ned Hill toward Highway new when the Accident occurred Mound 1 . Investigating the wreck with Woliver was patrolman Lloyd Coates

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