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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeSituations among smaller nations cause of worry to world peace i hoi Truu Willmm Walt put Btl to Muelu Wui Mai i. To u. U tit Feor not Ciment Ziarno Dlouis it Loo kit what i had ache forum my Santa Smriti to watch let evil pontau by James Lee Washington giant of the world aware of the dread implications of atomic War fare Are a formula for a durable peace. But Little Fellows causing grave worry. This week the Earnest attention of peacemakers is entered on four Seething situations in each of which the United states has a tremendous interest. Areas of conflict and Contro Versy Are Ecuador is. Peru. The 125-year, old Boundary dispute Between the two South american countries has taken a perilous turn with Ecuador charging that Peru has massed both land and sea invasion forces or possible aggressive action. Egypt is. Israel. Aware of the dangerous potentialities of further fighting Over the Gaza strip which has figured dramatically in the world s Story since Samson was taken there after losing his hair and his strength the United nations seeks to Avert new hostilities in that area. Greece is. Turkey. The split be tween these neighbors on the Cyprus question has alarmed the North Atlantic treaty Organiza Tion which wants no trouble in its easternmost bastion. Morocco. Prance s apparent fail ure to end nationalist inspired Vio Lence in it s North african posses Sion is a continuing cause of con Cern for the free world. In the South american quarrel the chief u. S. Interest is a desire to advert disruption of hemispheric Tranquility in the powder Keg mid dle East an israeli Arab War might Lead to fighting so wide spread As to menace the peace of the whole world and in Morocco the u. S. Has vital air bases to worry about. Washington expects to hear this week a realistic Public appraisal of France s Hopes for solving her terribly perplexing colonial prob lems in North Africa. Guy Mollet president of the consultative Assembly of the coun cil of Europe Secretary general of the French socialist party and former vice Premier of France addresses the National wednesday. Press club Mollet will discuss French poli tics in general and the North Afri can crisis in particular. He is known in his own country As o completely fearless politician and his analysis May cast new Light on a Cloudy picture which baffles Ninny americans. Oddly enough the same pattern that appears to prevail in International affairs May be developing on the u. S. Domestic that is the big Fellows Are Serene but the Little ones Are somewhat worrisome. And Prosperity year of 198s has been singularly free of major labor strife. The big steel and Auto producers have solved their labor problems with neatness dispatch and Good will. The same holds True in the Coal Industry which frequently in the past has been torn by bitter Battles. Bui some government economists warn that All May not be smooth when smaller companies begin wage talks with Union representatives. These experts Point out 1.500 steel firms of Small or mid tile size must negotiate with United steelworkers. And the Many instances management May refuse to Grant the generous Nav Kentucky news Ashland by. George we Mot Mcnallly retired senior works accountant at Anco steel corp. And a masonic Lodge official of wide state prominence died sunday. Was a native of Montgomery county Talmadge who is 41. Is such a Louisville. By. Approx powerhouse in Georgia politics that mately 140 persons moved to the believe he would outside in an orderly Minner Sun hive Little trouble defeating the broke in theocratic primary where Victory of Courm is tantamount to re elec incumbent senator despite George s towering stature As a National Fig ure. Thus if it becomes necessary for George to Bow out his voice during the crucial 1956 session of Congress would Lack the ringing authority which mide him such a Bright Star of the democrats this year. It win be recalled that be fore president Eisenhower agreed to the big pour Parley at the sum Mit George publicly threw his prestige ind influence behind the then nebulous by projected Confer ence. This week will bring a clarified and elaborated evaluation of West German Chancellor Konrad Ade Nauer s Moscow visit. The results should provide a Reil basis on which to estimate the Success or failure of next month s big pour foreign ministers conference it Geneva. Tub is easy place to grow fish Worms Blacksburg a. Ever plan a fishing trip Only to have it squelched because there was no bait that s typical Fisherman s Luck All right but the no bait part of this Story has a simple remedy. An Ordinary Wash tub filled with the proper soil and buried in the ground should yield plenty of fish Worms say wildlife management specialists at Vii. The tub or other bed should Rise three or four inches above ground level. Fifty to 100 Worms Are enough to Start a tub sized worm bed. Eng Lish re Worms or red riggers Are preferred by most pole and Cark experts. Moisture and soil Are key considerations in a productive worm bed. A Fine Clay Loam containing lots of humus or Well decomposed organic matter is Ideal. Locate the bed in the Shade and moisten with water every week or two. Or More often during the summer if needed to provide needed drainage the specialist suggest cutting a two Inch Hole in the Bottom of the Container and covering it with a Patch of Fine Copper screen wire. Don t disturb the Worms too often. Two such tubs would allow the use of Worms from one while the other is left undisturbed. As for food Worms feed on the soil from which they digest or Ganic matter both animal and vegetable. The leaves of celery cabbage lettuce turnips and other vegetables Are readily taken by the Worms when Small amounts Are worked into the topsoil. A mixture of one part Kitchen fat and two or three parts of Corn meal also makes an excellent ration. If the Worms Are to be sold pint size ice Cream Cartons containing so to 100 wigglers make desirable marketing packages. Mother gets lonely Gael Back to school Lamers. . J. C. Beaver got lonely when her twin sons started school last year. So h this year the 25-year-old Mother int. In hns 0 go to Schnoo b Sci Una a Jav boosts the workers won from the big companies. The hard bargaining United Auto workers will be negotiating at the same time with thousands of Auto Paris manufacturers who Are in Kely to agree to wage programs like those worked out with general motors. Ford Chrysler and the other titans of the Industry though they Are still beyond the i Liu Cal the Kim if Many a knitted brow and wrinkled fore head. One development which has a oppressing effect on democratic strategists has occurred in geor Ria. It involves the Dean of the Senate the democrats top spokes Ryan on foreign affairs 77-year-old sen. Walter f. George. Persistent reports from Georgia i make it quite Clear that sex gov. Herman Talmadge is determined to run against George in the dem of High school which she had passed up to get married. Her husband okayed the idea. Of up Filer that will keep children and interested for a Lone me on a trip or when they hive to stay indoors. It has special in Terest for those who enjoy Geog Little flock Baptist Church. The Steeple and a Wall were damned. Pikeville by. College Kentucky s newest senior College expects an enrolment of 400, including 300 freshmen when classes Start this fall. The school has been a Junior College 24 years. Morehead by. Adron Doran. Morehead state College president expect the largest fall enrolment in history when classes Start Friday. Last year s enrol ment was 905. Versailles by. Col. William Frederick Harris a hero of the korean War who was killed n action will be burled today in Pisgah cemetery near Here. Col. Harris son of it. Gen. And mrs. Field Harris of Versailles was decorated for heroism at chosen Reservoir. Louisville by. End of compulsory segregation does t necessarily mean the end of dual school systems for negroes and Whites according to a Nashville attorney. Cecil Sims addressing a Confer ence of Kentucky school officials sunday said the supreme court order outlawing compulsory Sepa ration actually allows negroes and Whites to attend schools of their Choice. Sims a former member of the Davidson county Tenn., Board of education said negroes generally Only wanted the right to attend schools with Whites. He forecast that most would choose to continue attending class s with members of their race. Sims said he had no patience with those crusaders who would enforce immediate integration regardless of its Impact. County agents open meeting in Michigan Washington in Nual meeting of the National association of county agricultural agents gets in full swing today at Michigan state University. Advance estimates were that approximately agents from throughout the country would be on hand for the five Day series of speeches and discussions. Clarence m. Ferguson admin is Rator of the Federal Extension service under which the co opera ivc fed Crai state local system operates is to Dell Var one of the principal addresses. The family scrapbook jumbled states is a minor kind Niew Parade Newi five Ainet Curt Ala Call Shew tul you nerf store Fred urn. Cwi a Freher John Olav meal or other Tea room for nifty Nii Pont the Nero i m inf ally fam Iii i Lati Otisie vac Ittin news sinn Oil Horti on. 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