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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1955, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseePc plumber ii. Kingsport times an c. F. Or. A my it in m w. J. Editor o Dell Oulu pm Niu Natter w dem Rimnal merry go Rounce tellers to editor a h u Elm blur a. Audit bump of Clr curium i Oil let us Lor Meium Fri to ii or Ort War my tin Mvi pm Lilied it try Fri or to. Act much i in. Mum Ftp in 001mi in Tork. . I loud. Cut. Mil subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones Dally and sunday one year. . By Carrier Dally and sunday Ona week. We. Today s Bible thought who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine. Or nakedness or peril or romans the times daily tonic look in. And see Christ s chosen Saint in Triumph Wear his Christ like Chain Jjo fear lest he should swerve or faint his life is Christ his death is defense the question of whether the armed Power of the United states is sufficient for its needs seems to be an unending argument. Apparently there Are differences of opinion among military men on the subject and for the Layman it is just a question of which set of experts one prefers to follow. It is unfortunate that like every other Public question of the present time this subject gets mixed up in politics and the opinion of Many people is not based on any real knowledge of the situation and its needs but rather on whether they Are pro administration or anti administration. In recent weeks we have heard speculation about possible tax cuts next year and a possible balancing of the budget. And mixed up with this was speculation about possible cuts in the appropriation for defense spending. Admiral Radford s statement on this should Clear up a lot of misunderstanding and at the same time cast a Little More doubt on the Chance of a balanced budget a tax Cut. If there is no curtailment of defense spending which is such a very Large part of the budget there can be Little Hope of a balanced budget. When we hear promises about a balanced budget and tax cuts we need to ask ourselves whether there is any Politi Cal motivation. And when we hear criticism of the administration we should ask ourselves the same thing. It should be obvious for instance that the remarks of sex president Truman were made from a political viewpoint. Since or. Truman is making a frankly political series of talks it follows that whatever he says must be taken by the listener or Reader with that fact in mind. It will help to keep things in proper perspective. There does not seem to be any reason to fear that we Are in danger of letting our guard Down. Ible reality the Story about the training of Ameri can boys to fit them to meet the sort of treatment they Iye Likely to gel if they become prisoners of War makes exceedingly disagreeable Reading. Although Pentagon officials deny some of the extremes which Are Given As part of the training there is enough to make it Clear that this is a realistic approach to an ugly reality. The stories of what the chinese reds have done to americans who fell into their hands and the brainwashing of the russian system have demonstrated that civilization has advanced to a Point where it makes savagery seem gentle. Ii is As if someone had actually solved the Riddle of How to separate the two natures of men and turn people into or. Hydes. It is a question whether any toughen ing process can fit men to meet such a situation because no training program can be carried to the breaking Point which the real experience will reach quickly. What it can do is to make the Soldier so conscious of what is in store for a Man captured that the and ency will be to fight to the death in the face of hopeless Odds rather than surrender. This May re sult in fewer met surrendering too easily this is part of the reason Lor the it will also increase the casualties. There is a tendency Here to follow the technique of the japanese who made Sui cide fighters out of their men not Only through religious Fervour but through fear by teaching them that they would be tortured if captured. The difference of course is that we Are not lying when we teach our boys that but the result can be the same. All of this gives added incentive to make efforts to prevent a major War. A that could be fought with no prisoners taken. They rated chinese wanted info nation i might and i have to Tell. I m not Froud of it. Hut i have to toll you they got what Jolin k. Arnold freed american air Man. Tom Mrna Maha editor s Drew Pearson is on Brief vacation his column is being written by members of his staff Washington John l. Lewis borrowed phrase from the past when he castigated the merger of the Al and Cio As a rope of however the United mine workers Boss had his Bushy eyebrows Radfred on the future in which John l. Hopes to Lead another labor movement. Many years ago labor s beloved Sam rompers warning against big Union trampling of the rights of Small unions in the american federation of labor declared if you destroy the voluntarism of Small unions you Are building n federation no stronger than a rope of voluntarism was a word Gompers liked. He used it often to stress the need for protecting the jurisdiction and autonomy of Little Craft unions. There is reason to believe that John l. Lewis is trying to emulate rompers founder of the Al. In More than words. For a Long time the miners Boss has cherished the idea of founding a new labor movement. The plight of Small unions in the Al Cio merger May be just the springboard he needs. There is also reason to believe that the republication National committee is taking More than a passing interest in Lewis s plans. Lewis who backed Willkie in 1940, has discussed the possibility of another Union group in recent meetings with a number of labor leaders. One of those with whom he has met is Guy Brown a Strong Republican and chief of the brotherhood of locomotive engineers. Small unions in peril aside from politics Al Cio Unity is bound to play into Lewis s hands. In the combining of rival unions of the two groups some toes will be stepped upon. Or. To be More exact some Cio unions will be gobbled up by Al counter parts and vice versa. It is Safe to assume that the big unions will do the stepping and the smaller ones will fill the upon role. In fact the merger Constitution leaves no area of doubt. The Constitution already drafted except for some minor changes to be made in december gives the new Al Cio executive Council arbitrary Powers to establish the sovereignty of merged unions. The executive Council to be composed of 29 from the Al and 10 from the Cio be heavily dominated by big Union Lead ers. In fairness to the drafters of the Constitution it can be argued that some unions must be sacrificed and that numerical strength is the fairest yardstick of supremacy. Otherwise there would be no Point in a merger if rival Al and Cio units continued to compete against each of her for Juris diction and membership in the new setup. Noncthelci.6, Are certain to develop though the top Bosses of both the Al and Cio Are taking extreme pains to prevent fireworks such As walkouts by rebelling unions at the Unity convention in december in new York City. Walkouts Likely both sides have urged recalcitrant not to nil up in new York but to save their walkout histrionics until later if they Are not satisfied with their lot in the new As John l Lewis aptly phrased it when the stresses and strains of amalgamation begin to hit Home. When the rebelling gets under was John l Lewis May find himself in some strange alliances James e. Carey. Cio vice president once was an ally of Lewis. In the Cro breakaway from the Al m 1937, but has been anti Lewis in recent years Carey s Union the Inkerl National Union of electrical workers will emerge triumphant Over the rival Al International brotherhood of electrical in the new and his follow might find it advisable to team up once with Lewis in a new labor movement. Carey has been keeping his own counsel await ing developments but Woodruff Randolph presi Dent of he Al International typographical Union the oldest trn Rte Union in the coun try has been sharply critical of the merger. Another outspoken critic has been George o Lynch Boss of the Al pattern makers Union founded in 1887, Only a year later than the found ing of the Al. Lynch has a unique reputation with washing Lon reporters Are accustomed to hearing you ran say this but Don t quote the Peppery pattern makers Boss Wel comes quotation on everything he says. Lynch Speaks mind Lynch is not at All enthusiastic about his Small Talon being absorbed by the Cio Auto workers or the Al machinists Union As is Likely to happen after the merger. Asked by this column if he would consider teaming up with John l. Lewis whom he has frequently in the oaf Lynch replied frankly i have always been Loyal to the Al. But if the Al goes out of existence As it will in de Cember. I la be free Lynch was equally Frank with Al Bosses at a recent executive Council meeting in Chicago. He told them As you know. I have never Jan in any love for John l. Lewis but whether you like it or not you Are driving the Small unions into an association with him by this merger. I can name five or six Al unions that would line up with Lewis today if he got rid or his arbitrariness and capriciousness and supned that anti communist oath. Nole Lewis is strongly anti communist but takes the position that the oath was rammed Down labor s Throat by the Taft ii Artley act. Which Lewis abhors. The Miner Boss also resents the idea that employers do not have to sign the oath capital Cartwheel Many thanks to Sam Kett Man. Athletic director of the Ferris Institute. Big rapids. Mich., for advising that we Arlt out rep. Gerald Ford for Mer football Star at Michigan University in a recent sports remd up of Congress. I played against Ford Antl know that he was says Ketchman. Steve Feeley. A Rochester n. Y., philosopher thu is also an authority on the u. S. Capitol reports hint a flaw in the famous print ing of pocohontas. Hanging in the Capitol since 1848, was first discovered this summer by an eight year old Gnu. She pointed out to a guide that an Indian in the up Tuie had my Lues. In Cense you Are planning in sue somebody con Gress still Hnsen i established an official measure ment Standard for the Yard or the Pound of enrage Washington had no Hick on this m his first Mes Sanc to Congress Ulm i met comm s has bothered much about it mall Pouch reply la Campbell of Allentown a government efficiency expert Frank Ivor has written a number of documents on efficiency problems. Write him. Care of civil arum Iunius administration. Washington n r hippies t Man in Congress when democratic sen member of to Tirral Trade Rummi in this month con rep. John r. Mead Strong vote Geiger n new York was we have found that the radiation which Falls from a Hydrogen both ran kill or Ripple All the people in a 5.000 mile area downwind from the explosion Point. Gordon Dean former dec chairman. He has been a Loyal american. Or reformed me and got into trouble for it. He told me to Rhoose Between him and the communist party and i him. Mrs Deborah Landy Chin on her san Eugene . Bring armed naval hcs Erve commission because of her past communist ties. I want to thank the people of the United states for All of their letters. I thank Lori too. He gave me the knowledge to know Gino Prato. Opera Loving cobble who won 000 on to show. Editor Kingsport Tenn. Dear sir when disaster strikes whether it affects one individual or an entire Community it is comforting to know that someone cares and is ready to extend a helping hand to those in need. The National red Cross donated Over to the northeastern flood Relief and the local Chap Ter contributed to this fund 733.50. No organized drive was made but the response to our a peal Lor funds was most Gratifying. Without the cooperation and publicity of your paper the Kingsport times news this would not have been possible and we Are sincerely grateful for this support. We want to thank All those who contributed so generously to this fund. It again proves that Kingsport never fails to come through on any Worth while project. To All who had a part in it say thanks a million. Very sincerely g. M. Williams Chen. Kingsport chapter american red Cross editor times Kingsport Tenn. Dear sir As i was saying last week about that smiling at the not that. It was that smiling new look of Friendship that the rus Sian villains have put on and probably will put Over. I have something More to say about that co existence theory of get along with the but. Before i go further into that i will touch briefly on the Truman containment policy which was As simple As this As if your officials were saying to the villains now Don t misunderstand us. It s not that we begrudge you the lion s share which we have already Given just that we think it is enough and that you should be satisfied with it. And refrain from further aggression. That was put it in your nut Shell. However the Truman gang could t make it work so the Eisenhower administration decided or seems to have decided that the next Best we won t Light pm. Let s join pm but do it slyly and quietly. Now. That just about spells out Pecac club co existence for this administration. If our social minded experts can persuade the commies to forget their global ambitions and leave off the worst of their rough that they won t look like company too bad for you will see peaceful co existence such is they have in mind an accomplished fact. Our Intel nationalists Are merely insisting on Unity As to Choice of isms. In other words they Are in sisting and hoping Fiat the global gangsters will Settle Lor Fabian socialism in the interest of peace in our time. On the other hand. I can learn of no organized intention on the part of our Public officials to repudiate socialism and reach Lor the constitutional liberties we be already lost. Constitutional govern ment has a slim Chance for sur Vival so Lont us so Many people still believe that socialism is As Good As us looks. Domestic traitors and dupes can make socialism look mighty attractive and tempting in a country that capitalism has made Rich. In fact. I can t think of a single one that has had enough patriotism in it to resist socialism. Capitalism versus socialism de fined Means rags to riches riches to r. Hunter Dickenson the depression has set in Washington calling Hollywood Hollywood and Grapevine. It s not nil peace with the War and peace film company in Europe. Mixed reports about Fin ring tem pers and n Flash that Audrey Hep Burn walked off lie set in a Huff before someone s apology Broom he Lier Buck. But other stars in the Flicker Are praising her for work ing 12 hours n tiny on a sex Day a week schedule. Red Skellon s interested in n film comedy by Eddie Beloin. All about a half baked Star in the silent Days of the movies. A trapeze set photo sure to wind up in the fun magazines Tony Curtis in Pink lights for his role As Burt Lancaster s circus in anger. Said Gordon Macrae after re placing Frank Sinatra in the film version of Rodgers and Hammer Stein s if they told my they were put Ting the Telephone Book to music and wanted me to sing the Lead i d jump at the Cornel Wilde s looking for h prize fight Story for his next inde pendent movie. Marilyn Mon Roe Nuiya or May not return to 20th Century Fox for bus but one thing is for sure. She s enrolled for another year of drama study at the actor s studio in new York. This is Hollywood mrs. Jones Jimmy Dunne won a supporting role Oscar for his performance in a tree grows in hut he remembers the movie for an other reason. The studio wardrobe department supplied him with a Tuxedo which he wore throughout most of the film. One Day he noticed the name of a highly paid movie producer inside the coat. Of said a wardrobe Man when Jimmy asked about it. It was an old one he sold to the Yvo to Vav not in the script when a play directed by sir Cedric Hardell Csc opened in los Angeles George Burns sent him tills wire the internal Revenue depart ment joins me in wishing you a smash when Warner Bros releases its Perry Lopez starter i died a thousand think Back to a Jimmy Cagney George raft Flicker titled each Dawn i die and see 11 you can t detect a plot resemblance. V v Jess Barker s answering the what s question on the Susan Hayward Legal front with working More that s the important Mamie Van Doren changed her mind fast. One week she was Nunno Nocing her Romance with Ray Anthony was finished. Next week they were wed. Dana Andrews is admitting that he has t been Able to keep a likeness to Edward r. Morrow out of his role of a pulitzer prize re Porter who becomes a television Star in news is made at i m being very careful he told me. We discussed smok ing clarets while the to camera was on me but decided against it. That would have been too obvious. The depositions a Hollywood couple gave against each other is the reason Why their divorce has been stalemated. Accusations on both sides Are too sizzling. Richard cont is taking vocal Les sons warming up for a Fil musical. Washington p. Pike assistant Secretary of de sense for Supply and logistics is due for a financial Jolt when he re turns from a vacation in California. Just before he took off a couple of Days ago Pike called his staff together to give them last minute instructions. Then he added a Short Pep talk on giving Money to the red Cross for flood Relief in the Northeast. In fact whatever comes in Dur ing the next week i la he said with enthusiasm. Pike s sales pitch paid off. At last report Over sg50 had been contributed. Exclaimed one Secretary with an impish Grin this will really Burn n Hole in the old Man s it will be a Miracle if Japan s foreign minister Mamoru Shilge Mitsu did t leave Washington with an acute Case of indigestion for he was wined and dined at receptions and dinners since arriving. The banquet Secretary of state John poster Dulles gave in his Honor broke All records however. It made those famous feeds of Henry Vin look like in act lunches. Here s what the waiters brought on cold Vichy solve. Filet of Pom Pano amandine Tolly Fusse wine filet of beef roti Burgundy braised endive string Beans potatoes a re solenne. Fois gras in aspic Cham pagne Boston lettuce salad a la Maison mousse Ananias sur Socle pelts hours Coffee and liqueurs. When Secretary of the Treasury George Humphrey and budget director Rowland Hughes had their briefing session or reporters on the prospects of budget balancing and tax revision they came into the president s press conference room to find two microphones on the desk before them. What do they want us to cracked Humphrey talk out of both sides of our in presenting a certificate of appreciation to Russia s Deputy Agri culture minister Vladimir Matskevitch. Lor his talk at the National press club. Ben Grant of u. S. News accidentally spilled a Pitcher of Cream on in. Of. Don t mind said Secretary of agriculture Taft Benson who was sitting nearby and almost pot some of the Cream spilled on his Blue suit. We be got lots of he explained. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles who has travelled the equiv Alent of More than 10 times around the world during his three years in office now has his baggage prob lems pretty Well licked. He knows from experience what s essential and what is nol. And mrs. Dulles can pack for him to go any place on Short notice. Among his essential equipment is a folding bed Board. European Feather Beds and even the usual double mattress jobs encountered in american hotels Are too soft for him. Although historical guides Here Don t like to admit it liquor prices Are one of the biggest tourist attractions in the nation s capital. Tippers from Miles around come to take advantage of the Low Cost of Good booze. And most visitors find it hard to leave town without at least one souvenir bottle in their suitcase or a larger Supply in the car trunk. This is one of the Rea sons Why the yearly per capita consumption Here comes to about five Gallons which is roughly five times higher than the rest of the country. About 11 million persons pass through Washington during a says a spokesman of the distilled spirits Institute. It seems to be obvious that possibly a Good Deal More than half the liquor is sold to these White House aides usually be have themselves but the other afternoon four of them pulled off a stunt reminiscent of College prank sters on a football weekend. They were Ushers at the recent wedding of Pat priest daughter of Ivy Baker priest u. S. Treasurer. After a Gigantic reception at the Sheraton Park hotel the Cou ple tried to make a clean getaway in their car. The Young aides How Ever managed to Block both exits of the hotel driveway with their own cars. Then they went to work on the new Ford thunderbird of it. Cmdr. Pierce Andrew Jensen or. The bridegroom and a White House aide himself. Tin cans were tied to the Back and just married writ ten All Over the car with coloured Crayon. All this completely scotched the Well Laid plans of mrs. Priest whose chauffeur had hidden one car so no one could touch it before the honeymoon departure. Now that Jensen is no longer a Bachelor the White House has lost its last naval aide. Weddings and transfers have wiped out the group of five men who serve As social representatives for the Navy at the executive mansion. But they la be replaced before the White House party season gets under Way this fall and Winter. Mac s window by j. Meaux feb Lorit the in we heard much Ulk about big five. I us and Britain led the International dance. But China very shortly cracked it lost its standing or a fact. And so the bit five was no More instead we talked about the big four. And then French Power began shrink and soon the world began to think that now All Power seemed to be vested in what we called the big three but even As these words Are written there s doubt at the standing of great Britain and we wonder if it s not True that there s really now Only the big two and the m billion question now is will one of this pair have to Bow 80 finally Well find under the Sun there s after All just the big one . If the a bombs Start to fall there won t be anyone big at All there is a Story of a fellow car was confiscated when his used it to bring Home some liquid refreshment without the Tennessee tax Stamps. This seems very unfair. They should have confiscated his wife. Here Are the very simple facts of he reasons behind the recent acts of the Atu enforcement packs. It s not the liquor but what liquor Lack that very important stamp and the site needs the singular of the Little word jacks if you Are caught with a Little liquor von get off both lighter and quicker if you act both Meek and mild Don t blow your top and show you re riled. Above All do not criticize the methods of the to Guys for 11 you do you May be fated. To have your new car confiscated. Just keep your temper Lor if you make them a d. They la make you sorry wish you had a fellow says that the High death toll of the labor Day week end proves that the safety Campaign was a failure. How can you Tell without the Campaign the total figure might have been higher. There is never any Way to Tell How Many people did not die cause they heeded a warning drive carefully. It does seem that Ever since female legs became More or less of a common sight women quit a inf afraid of mice. Well snid the lady sitting behind the Cigar smoker at the Ball game ill be glad when this fellow conies to the end of his to a fellow wants to know who it was first said. You can t keep a Good Man it was probably the whale that swallowed Jonah. Some people Are sure they had a Good time when they can t re member the next Day what they did. Some pumpkins Are edible and some Are head ble. On halloween a pumpkin is one of the most it Ous fruits grown. Edwin p Jordan. . Side glances k the old boy Doet look worried and thin judges give him Taco and t poor i am 44 years old have Hurt mild Leigh blood pressure for Many Yrnes. For a few years i had severe . Occasionally com ing on approximately the Day after unusual excitement. Would you please discuss this so writes or. I. G. It is True that headaches Are not infrequently associated with severe High blood pressure and probably related to it. However in or. A s Cense it seems much More Likely that his headaches Are related More to excitement than to his mild hypertension. The subject of headaches How Ever is an extremely complicated one. But interesting to almost nil of us since few of us escape entirely. Quite Likely in . If no nil. Head iches. There is an increased flow of blood through the blood vessels of the brain and this in creases the pressure on the hard Bony Skull. Certainly most of them Frel that any. Why this happens in some people and at some times is hard to out. There seem to be several reasons which can bring this about. Undoubtedly worry or emotional Strain brings on headache m Many people. While a headache can some times be traced to eyestrain sinus double or an upset stomach the emotional origin of Many head inches is the most important. A Man i knew about had a quarrel with his partner about twice a year and a Day later he would Al Nyp be kept Home by a severe headache. A Mother always developed a bad attack whenever her daughter to fayre out in the evening longer than the Mother thought Wise. This sort of thing rops on All the time and furnishes Good a Vidonne of the close relations Between worry anger or other emotions and Many headaches. The occasional headache is some thing that almost everyone experiences but the frequently repeated attack cannot be ignored. Of it can be traced to some Defi Nite physical cause the underlying difficulty can often be corrected. However Many headaches Are considered to be of the migraine Type which appear to be partly hereditary and partly the result of the stress and Strain of modern life. Even Many of those which Are classified As migraine come of after a difficult conference it quarrel or something else which inter feres with the Calm life. A splitting headache often arrives at the most inconvenient times. Although a headache serves As one of the world s Best excuses for getting out of some engagement which one wants to avoid the real thing is exceedingly unpleasant. Out our Way

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