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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1955, Page 2

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeSeptember 12. Farm news Kingsport office of Extension service to chamber of Commerce building Sullivan county farm briefs by j. W. Mcclain can tar agent of permanent pastures and Winter pastures should be completed As soon possible. The two most generally used mixtures for permanent pastures annual Russell fair opens thurs. Lebanon. The eighth annual Russell county fair and horse show will open thursday continue through saturday. As in past years Home economics and horticulture exhibits May be checked in wednesday from 7 . To 9 . Other exhibits will be received thursday beginning at 9 no entries except livestock will be received after noon thurs Day. The fair will open officially at . Thursday with the Dairy cattle show scheduled to begin at that time. An added feature will be a feeder calf and Breeding Heifer show at . Among other events scheduled thursday Are the judging of Home economics and Domestic arts exhibit in the afternoon and a variety show thursday night in which the Lebanon and Castlewood High school bands will participate. Jim b. Gilmer will be master of Cere monies. The four High schools in Russell county will participate in track tumbling and other athletic con tests Friday. A trophy will be awarded the winning team. Future homemakers of America and 4-h girls will stage a dress revue Friday afternoon modelling clothes they have made themselves. Oil curbs suckers j. Techniques originally developed by North Caro Lina state College have led Esso research and engineering com Pany scientists Here to a formula for stopping suckers which grow on tobacco stalks. The company said Laboratory and Field tests showed that a new Type of White Oil mixture curbs suckers without damaging the Plant itself. Are Orchard grass 14 pounds lad Ino Clover 1 to 2 pounds plus either some red Clover or Alfalfa and Kentucky or Alta fescue 12 pounds. Ladino Clover i to 2 pounds and either some red Clover or Alfalfa. It to heavy seedlings of Small grains Are most generally used for Winter pasture 3 bushels of Rye. 4 to 5 bushels of Oats or 3 to 4 bushels of Barley. Rye grass May be added especially where the crop is to be grazed out. Oats Are Best if a Hay crop is to be harvested. Rye will make the most grazing under Adverse weather conditions. Plenty of Alto gun is needed at seeding time and again in february about 200 pounds of ammonium nitrate each Ime. H it Alfalfa is our Best Hay crop and should be seeded by september 20 if possible. Two to three tons of Lime is needed if the land has not been limed within the last two or three years. Seven Hundred to 000 pounds of 3-12-12 fertilizer with Borax should be used. Twenty pounds of seed per acre is recommended when seeded alone or 16 pounds of Alfalfa and 4 pounds of Orchard grass As a mix Ture. Varieties recommended for this area arc Buffalo Williams Burg Atlantic and Narragon sctt. It if it one Hundred fifty seven cows were bred artificially in Sullivan county during August which is an increase of Over August 1954. For the first eight months tills year cows have been bred artificially which compares to 887 for the same period in 1054. Artificial Breeding of Dairy Cal the is cheaper than keeping bulls and makes available the services of outstanding bulls of the Guernsey Jersey Holstein and Brown owls Breeds. Mimosa we Worms have attacked some Mimosa Trees. The worm is about a half Inch Long and from Gray to Brown in color injury i characterized by rolling and web Bing together of leaves and twigs by the worm. They May be controlled by Spray ing with three Tablespoons of 60 per cent Dot per gallon of water or two Tablespoons of arsenate per gallon. It May require two or three implications at two to three week intervals to get Complete control. Supplementary irrigation is Friend in dry weather a Ira Miller firm Burrus Mother Nitura i fickle tort of Whit the or does t o Seemi to concern her not at All. But her Farmer often becomes mighty concerned. One of a Quirt i Moit Bothe Nome we Lei in Roluti Lack of u. So Orfei of no Niillo frequently occur tour inf Thote Luoni of the year when Planti Mituru and need lot of mixture. Late Lummer often is a favorite tune for to dry spell. Fortunately for Many of Mother nature s up and coming partners droughts Are not the problem they once were. Farmers Are ready for them in Many cases with Fipple. Penury irrigation. In fact they of ten tue their Lystedt regard Ltd of in Trig i infill since Nuny crop do beit when watered very or 10 Tyi. And Nitura on i be de Pended upon to keep thai Khe Dule. Hog prices begin to Rise cattle continue steady Atlanta a Liberal How of trass fed cattle to Southern markets last week found prices holding fairly steady at most Points the agricultural marketing service re ported. There were exceptions. On inc Nashville Market where volume swelled to 5.200 head largest since last november trading was slow after tuesday and prices ranged Arcink to 50 cents a Hundred funds lower for most cattle and Vucak to lower for Slaughter calves. Dealers prices held steady. Hog receipts at most centers were reduced in the Holiday Short ened week and with cooler r bringing improved demand for Resh pork Price advances ranged rom 25 cents at Atlanta to 75 cents and at Nashville. The output of broilers was seasonally Large in Southern Commer Cial producing areas. Prices ranged mainly steady to about 1 cent a found lower by the close of the week except in the Del mar a area whore they were steady to cent higher. At Montgomery where receipts were reduced by the Holiday prices held steady for most cattle but High twight yearling steers and cavy calves declined 50 cents to a and Light calves and veal cars ranged steady to 50 cents off. Prices held mainly steady in North Georgia cattle auctions and at Memphis and Louisville. In Florida Slaughter steers and heifers ranged steady to lower while cows strengthened up to 50 cents and in some spots. Price ranges for representative classes and grades in most mar sets included commercial Grade steers and heifers to util to Grade 111.50 to Utility cows to canners and cutters to Utility and com Mercial bulls to canners and cutters to Good Pavy Slaughter in Only to on the Nashville Market Choice and prime grades sold mainly at to in the hog markets closing Price Friday for mixed . No. 1, 2 and 3 Grade butchers of the Bosl weights were Atlanta to Nashville Memphis Montgomery to Louisville Anc Carolina dior buying stations to at packing plants in the Georgia Florida Alabama Panui Belt prices ranged to in Southern commercial broiler producing areas prices Al farms Friday were North Georgia and North Alabama mostly 25 cents a Pound Mississippi 24 to 26 Shenandoah Valley 24 to Del mar a area mostly to 27 cents. Sulcs in Central North Caro Lna Friday were too few to re port but at thursday s close prices were reported at 25 cents. Arrivals of fresh vegetables it Southeastern markets dropped off ast week. On the Atlanta Farmers wholesale Market such items As Nap and pole Beans came from Iro Ducong areas farther North Omato supplies were lighter in my tint reflecting the changeover of summer to Tail tomatoes. Reduced supplies Hunt or Lens up Ward for Green Beans Squash okra torn a tons and Crow Tor Otmis. In sales Friday at Atlanta Rood Quali y tomatoes moved in Erht quart baskets no to but poorer Grunden still sold at cent.1 o yellow Squash brought to a Bushel for fancy Grade. Lima Deans ranged to Goor Crowder peas ranged to Sweet potatoes remained Rel her Low at to a Bushel and Low As for Small Stock. Were seasonally plentiful fat mostly n dozen Bunches. Flur ruled tobacco markets to Gan sales thursday in the Middle Rrt Altim Iri Leml Mit big or mull. Here ii one Lor ii tort family . Water i brought up ill let 400 tort from Etta. A 1 hour Power motor the Job fore Luc thru if two if of str Ali about 200 fact Long. Irrigation hit Farmer girl Veril crept out of Girdon. He Turlot Wilk potato. When dug he Plint torni when the porn i Reidy to he Plin i turnip Arteni. The by Tim in been in pm for Motril it tin More thin paid for Ilieff in of predate inh in Quill or Wilh vegetable not required for ton going to Loti Markeli Premium some claim cargo preference Law hurts farm Export by John Booth Washington ins farm leaders probably will make n major Effort when Congress recon Venes in january to wipe out the requirement that part of the government s overseas shipments of surpluses shall move in u. S. Nea photo it s that High u1charu Carlin stands on ton if pay ton s shoulders to show How tall the Corn is on the farm of Ralph and Everett Copeland near Bucklin Kan. The Corn is mexi can june variety used for ens Ilage. Choice dealers sell Strong Here in one of the strongest markets yet this season prime and choir veal cars brought a Hundred pounds on the livestock auction Market saturday Gooc grades to 1 calves to heavy calves of 300 to 000 pounds to heifers sold for to cows to bulls to and steers to top hog. Brought and heavy hogs to total lives Locut volume for the Day was 265 head. Gov. Leader subs for hot at dinner los o r m e r president Harry s. Tinman won t Ueable to to present but Southern California democrats arc Kotlik ahead with their fund raising dinner Here thursday night. Nov. Grork m. Leader of Penn Sylvn la will substitute for tru Man. The former president can celeb his trip to California on orders of his doctor to curtail his activities. Johnson Man named state Berry Champ Mountain City i. C. Blevins Johnson county Farmer has been named Tennessee s Cham Pion Strawberry grower with a record of 478 crates per acre. J. J. Bird University of Tennes Sec Extension service associate Horticulturist said Blev tas flu receive a plaque furnished by the Tennessee Frozen Pood Assoc a _ ton. At the association s annual the claim is that this so called. Meet t Knoxville in november cargo preference jaw is cutting _ s v w. E. Armstrong summer county placed second in the yield con test with 408 crates per acre and j. T. Singleton Bledsoe county was third with 353 crates. Production practices followed by 300 crate club qualifiers Bird said prove present Strawberry recommendations arc getting results. In the Case of Blevins the soil was High in phosphate and Potash Fol lowing a tobacco crop and Only nitrogen was needed. Armstrong used pounds of 6-12-12 and Singleton pounds. All Quali Fiers in 300 crate club used insect control. Bird mulch preparation now. It is time he said to get haled Straw distributed Over the Field broken open for rain sprouting of All seed before Decem Ber. Mulch he said not Only will assure clean berries but will reduce freeze kill and Berry rot. Deflation rules farm economic picture in state Nashville deflation ruled the agricultural economic picture in the month ending August 16. Both prices of farm products Anc prices paid by Farmers for the gardeners questions answered american Farmers out of foreign markets and losing Money for the government. At least one attempt was made n the first session of the 84th con Hresc to remove the cargo prefer ence restrictions on sales of sur pluses for foreign currencies. It filed under a concerted attack by members from Stales where shipping interests Are of prime importance. In a current publication the american farm Bureau federa Tion looses this blast at cargo pre Ference Laws we should t have to give up farm exports to pay for the american merchant Licet. That s what we re doing with cargo pre Ference. You be heard about farm subsidies. You Dor t hear so much about other subsidies. The Mer chant Marine subsidy is one of them. Last Ovcar the u. S. Govern ment paid shipowners 125 million dollars opponents of the cargo prefer ence idea argue that it is a useless expense to ship half of any Given consignment in u. S. Vessels when this country is dealing with a country having its own merchant Marine. They Point out that countries like Norway and Denmark having Large fleets have refused to make foreign currency for surpluses deals us Long As cargo preference exists. Other instances were cited in which a country wanting to buy u. S. Farm products has currency things they need dropped leaving or credits with a third country lip parity ratio unchanged Froid with merchant ships and could use the currency to pay necessary transportation costs. Such deals arc prevented How Ever insofar As half of the total cargo is concerned. As has been pointed out Many limes before wages and other fac tors make it much More expensive to operate the american merchant Marine than shipping Lino. To run a foreign the july ratio of 84, the Federal state cooperative crop reporting service said last week. This was five Points lower however than in revised ratio for August 1 the Index of prices received Tennessee banners for All products dropped 6 Points or slightly More than 2 per cent from mid july to mid August compared to fou Points in the nation As a whole. Prices were lower for Corn Hay Cotton cottonseed soybeans Pota toes Sweet potatoes applies hogs lambs and Wool. Wheat calves sheep retail milk turkeys ant milk cows remained unchanged other items were up from 2 per cent to 14 per cent. Compared to year ago prices were up for wheat Rye Cotton beef cattle calves wholesale milk chickens and milk cows by amounts ranging from one half of 1 per cent to 13 per cent. Apple prices were per Cen higher than a year ago. Soybeans were 20 per cent lower hogs per cent and potatoes 37 per cent prices paid by banners for com modules. Interest taxes and wages club s first Nippy him if the new dropped nearly 1 per cent August school year last work. Reducing the parity Index two other officers chosen were Jim Points to 279. My Phillips vice president Caro Lyn Jackson Secretary Bonnie Burke news reporter Conrge Cavor recreation Leader and Otis Cole song Leader. The farm Bureau claimed that on recent shipments of Grain to Turkey the freight rate was j2.97 per ton More in u. S. Ships than the rate for the same cargo in foreign ships. It added cargo preference Cost us on this Sale. This would have paid for an additional bushels of Grain. 4-h officers elected at Church Hill club Church Hill put Lyons was elected1 president of inc Church Hill eighth Grade 4-h club at the Tennessee Farmers Corner More hogs fewer cattle Are butchered the associated press fescue foot a cattle ailment resulting from heavy grazing of include b Fine variety of f nulls. Seed May be planted too a cup or too shallow. The seedbed May it the Imp my or Sinh in is the old Holt of Var Plynia n id North Carolina which will open1 typical symptoms difficult on the Middle Belt opening Day the Point where hour and Hoof Hurst try Avera Ftp prices by grades Obser Cpd on a Herd of were to a Hundred pounds be Here Fords. Fescue had been their Low averages in Early sales feed for the preceding year year. The Renss volume was heavy in Winter the pasture was sup thursday totalling More than with fescue and Hay by Henry Pekk Walt lab for me a service Many letters received by this Gardener asking for help in solving problems Are of such general in Terest that they Are worthy of inclusion in an article. The questions below do not Deal with any one theme but instead cover a wide Range of gardening problems. Trouble with Iris. Many of the leaves turn Brown pull out of Root easily and Are very Slimy. Iris Are infested with Rorers. Remove and Burn All infected leaves now and Spray weekly with Dot or Methoxychlor. Kill Small borers by pinching them in lower part of tunnels. If severe rot is not present older borers May be Cut out of roots and cavities drenched with 1 Tablet dichloride of Mercury in 1 pint of water or nor Mal strength Temesan solution for rot control. In autumn remove and Burn All old leaves. Badly infested plants should be discarded. Live in a basement less House and Are troubled with ants along the baseboard of every room. Have heard that there is a Plant which will keep them out. What is it and where can some be Pur chased never heard of such Plant. Chlordane 5 or 10 per cent dusted on the ground All about the House especially on the door and window Sills will rid you of the ants. Look for their nests enlarge the openings and pour in some of the chlordane. Years ago we Cut a Large Maple but did not remove the stump. Since covering the stump with topsoil and sowing grass seed we have been troubled Wilh an almost constant growth of toadstools where the tree used to be. What can be done to get rid of this eyesore decaying tree stump is the cause of the Toadstool infestation. Loosen the soil in that area with a spading Fork and soak to a depth of two or three inches with a corrosive sublimate Tion using one ounce to 10 Gallons of water. Repeat when necessary lower leaves of my Phlox ing the blooms from other Plant plants Are turning yellow and ing. What is the cause and the cure red spiders working on the underside of the leaves Are present yellowing of Phlox foliage is generally due to a physio Loglia condition. So Spray with malathion if webbing underneath indicates red spider otherwise fertilize and water. A too wet soil can also be to blame. It ii buds of our Orlenta poppy blight just As they Are on the verge of opening. We water freely yet no blooms have developed since the topples were planted two years ago. Poppies can be de Pended upon to Bloom if planted in a Well drained sunny location in soil deeply prepared with humus and a fertilizer Strong in phosphorus. Protection from stand ing water at any time is essential you May be Over watering. Stems of our arc covered with some sort of scale. What is it and what should be done to get rid of it Likely Euonymus scale insects. Spray with malathion every two weeks during the summer and in Early Spring before growth starts Spray with a 2 per cent mis Cilc Oil. Out your Spray head Down under the leaves where the is. A we planted geraniums in our Yard and we would like to know f we should pick the blossoms when they Start to Wilt. Just what is the Best Way in which to care for them also do you advise pick such As Dwarf marigolds should pansies be Cut often Flowers of All plants should be picked otherwise the plants Stop Blooming. Either Cut them off close to the main Stem or carefully break them off at Tho joint. When cutting Pansy blooms Ake some of the foliage too this prevents straggly plants. Faded Flowers soon go to seed thus fulfilling the purpose of the Plant. I t v appreciate your Tell ing me what disease is affect Tiff the leaves on our Maples and How to treat it. Spray them with 50 per cent malathion but do not Enow if it will help. Spotting is common a Maples following wet Spring weather. Spraying now is of no help. However preventive spraying with formate or Bordeaux mixture two or three times in Spring at two week intervals As buds open and leaves expand is recommended. Malathion is of no help in com bating disease. Why do Success minded people take the Dale Carnegie course the honorable Joseph Foss governor of s. Marine plying Ace of would we 11. Says the dal Carnegie course is directly responsible for giving me the Confidence i needed with people. 1 cannot recommend the training too free demonstration Kin Sporl inn. Tues., sept. 13th . Business leaders say Dale Carnegie course it the surest step toward higher income and advancement. You learn to Pipcak effectively do Wiec Tishy Vorlop Confidence and a Veip the ability to Deal with people. Prove it i free Dinv weak Confidence Klitt to Deal with people in station. By reservation Only Call King port inn for your reservation a dial cd 5-5161 Nashville More hogs were slaughtered in Tennessee la july this year than in the correspond ing month last year but fewer on tic Cah of sheep and the Federal state cooperative crop Nowr pin mar p i r give r far m pounds and averaging a Hundred. Last year on open Iii Day sales totalled slightly pounds averaging in the of her Gross sales silage. Observations at the station indicated among other Tings that for some still unknown reason Fps be May become toxic to cattle. It can cause value losses from and u example of much urge irrigation system la in in fart one Purl of a dual Yalem which draws Walrer from the Spring fed Pond. Hie line shown Here is a mall segment of feel of port. Most of which is uned to irrigate 25 acres of Alfalfa. More firm s by irrigated next year. The smaller ays Tern the Farmer s Garden and expanding Nursery. A 20 horse Power motor is used on the urge no Slenis and a 3 horsepower motor handles the smaller Load of toil systems were put in last year and As the i Farsi owner said if j had been without them i would t hive had a crop any and average prices for the reductions slow gains of through thursday were Eastern calves. And occasionally death. North Carolina j27.385.000 pounds when other brasses or feed arc at South Carolina and available cattle May eat enough Bender North Carolina More than i of them to alleviate the condition. 244 million pounds at Arpot a disease of wild grasses Georgia Florida markets which and cereals has not been found Rio sri the season August 31, Hadron fescue pastures that were Franss snips totalling More that Ozip. Million pounds averaging i the causative ii rent for fescue poisoning is not known. The Only effective Ira Tenent yet found is the removal of animals from of j fending pastures. And even then. Recovery is often very slow. Cles for auction Asun if your pastures ii Avn t Bacn claimed merchandise at the Chica-1 faring too Well chances Are i Post no fire today Are 30 pounds you be been using too Little Lime it it ii thurs. 51 pounds of lovebird and fertilizer. Or. Perhaps in seed and 60 Liberace Charm properly placed fertilizer bracelets. Common causes of poor pastures tents especially phosphorus in up lotion to Cpd often is More applied. Proper hastens Early seedlings growth helps Over come Weed Competition and often increases the yield of the first harvested crop whether Hay or pasture. Experiments conducted by the u. S. Department of agriculture show thru placing High phosphate Complete fertilizer near the seed it planting time resulted in first Harvest yields air in Gina pounds of a Peri Fren forage in Iacre. Weed Content ranged from la Trace to 22 per cent. 1954. The total Livow Piru was up Only 10 per cent however rep cause of lighter average weight per hand. July cattle Slaughter was 46.000 head compared with last year but quiere was a 2 ppr cent increase in live weight. Calf Slaugh Ter of 39.000 Hend was 15 per cent less than the 46.000 head slaughtered in july 1954. Bladder weakness it worried by bladder weakness Dettloff up nights too frequent Burn or or itch ing urination or Strong cloud7 urine due to common kidney Hudder Irrl Tirloni try Cyb Tex for Quick. Truth Fyler come or inf help. A billion of styx Tablet cited in Post 25 Jerij prove Alk d run lit for cy8tkx under Money Back Bow much by stir you feel tomorrow. Post office auction Chicago among the Noti d for Comfort and pc comply Lily automatic Civit Elton balanced heal Jav i Poci. Than 4 in Al floor Mort by Williamson Ono of nation1 old tit and lending Furnace for free today. Inc. Kings Oft Tennessee Call for Larkin at your grocery help yourself to the Best Oney service in town you can get the Cash today. Signature Auto household emergency Loans to consolidate debts exact payments on Low Cost Loans amx Jailil cosh pay Minli the above Poy Menh do not include i la Cash rebate your signature m do. mint Gill it Futomi i tuft Compaq 124 Ommerle Street building Pron cd 5 6196 Kingsport Checkerboard news by John Cornwall or. O. G. Hit and i did this figuring about six months ago when he and 12 pigs that he decided to feed out. Since then or. Hite has kept a record of everything that he has fed the twelve pigs. He put them on inc Market about three weeks ago and to would like for you folks to know the results. Or. Hit bought Corn and chops As his source of Grain and used the Purina hog Chow supplement after the pigs were started on Purina baby pig Chow and pig Statenn. At 5 i months the pigs weighed an average of 220 ibs. And had eaten 4108 ibs. Of chops John Cornwell and 5-Lii ibs. Corn. The pig ration and supplement Cost and the Gram s108.81 Lor a total food Cost of tile hogs went top and brought 16c Pound. The profit Over feed Cost was Mike and Ike Are Here come see pm Mike and Joe a pair of live pigs have started their growing right in our store. Mike gets Purina and Grain but gets no Purina. See pm now visit pm often. Watch Mike pull away from Ike. See How quickly and cheaply he makes a Pound of gain and on such a Small amount of feed we know what Mike will do because we know what Purina will do. But we want you to Sec it with own eyes. Come in today. Short with sign Holston feed store West Revere Street Kingsport Tennessee

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