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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeW monday. September 12, Federal support Loans expected to hit billion Queen title is won by Tennessee girl John Huston lauds performances by Peck Welles by John Booth ins farm news writer Washington agriculture Secretary Earl Bull it s quite Likely that by scholarships and next Spring government Price sup port Loans and inventories will Asbury Park. N. J. Kathryn Rodgers of weinian Louii. Thomas Tenn. A Junior at the University Hollywood John Huston of Mississippi was selected last answered the door of his hotel night As National College wearing a warm smile and a 1 the 19 year old Kracen eved of Pajan Bottoms. Blonde beat out 3t other contest Lac slave ants for the Crown and in the fabled writer director Plant _. De his Lanka Frame in n chair. H Between phone Calls and to approximately 11 billion is f tall and of Lom Collins he dollars. 132 pounds. She measures no this huge Hoard of wheat Corn. I m just Here for h week or so Cotton and the like thus would Beauty and brains determine the Ito discuss my next he leave the commodity credit corp. Wlnnc1 in contest. Explained. There arc several i with Only one billion dollars in and Petey Dunn of Florida state tall have in mind but All them have Dit ional lending authority to cover l5 fat t 8 inches Brown haired and one or More strikes Ajia Insl them. New demands for Price support pro Green eyed Beauty was runner up. 11 am talk link with my backers Tellon in third place was sue Curtis. Allied artists about which will be of Howard College a vivacious he most acceptable Blue eyed dark blonde. She is a i no also talking with Warners Petite 5 feet 2 inches and weighs about the release of moby 108 pounds. Whether to aim Lor a december release and the Oscar race or Wail until next Huston said he the picture together and thinks the perform ances especially of Gregory Peck and Orson Welles arc remarkable. Welles appears ill Only one scene delivering a bombastic and according to some exam res but estimates on the in Side what ssi crops now being harvested. To any Case. If the assistant Secretary is Correct acc will use up by Early 1956 at least half of the new Bor rowing authority Grant co it Only this summer. In a speech to the Grain and feed dealers National association Butz expressed a fear which is in the Back of administration leaders minds. He said the government s own warehouses Are becoming so filled and the Public owned surplus hns become so obvious that there is in creasing danger of political pres sure for other labor troubles added to Faure s heavy problems Sermon. Huston added that he and 1 Eck entered into the Deal Over a pair of in an English pub a couple of years do you want to do Mouy by John ii. Martin French Premier Edgar with me Huston asked to arid to his heavy troubles in j Peck replied. I North Africa now is Beinin harass four million dollars the present situation is hat acc cd by increasing Lahore troubles. Film had been has about eight and one half billion bul is not the Only trial and dollars invested in Loans and win re economic storm inventories of commodities. in los loss Man a veils he broached it holdings Cost five and one third on Tan a Warners where he made such Lions with wheat and Corn Mak chanic since 1950. And jams As maltese Falcon and makes golfing easier or his master. Art Melnikoff Over the St. Andrews country club course in West Chicago. The 190-Pound great Dane is believed to be the Only dog Caddie in world. He s no Good on lost balls because he s not a retriever., Knox industrialist s Home is dynamited Knoxville an estimated three cases of dynamite exploded for republicans to line up new recruits in party feet irom he 14-room Home Jamks Mallow of industrialist her curly Sun i Day causing of several new thousand dollars. Washington you know main orce of the explosion hit the this does t apply to the inde Louse. Pendent voter who Shilts irom elec 1 0" to election making his Choice Dorsett said lie had no idea whether the explosion was linked with a labor dispute which has brought several incidents of viol ence at his Plant. The Al electrical workers Union has been on strike at the Plant since last March but the Plant has continued to operate. Dorsett said the damage was on individuals and issues but to the voter who regularly votes a democratic or Republican ticket. In a 2.600-word talk last Satur Day in Denver to the 48 Republican state chairmen president Eisenhower attempted to explain Why republicans should be Able to go out with Fervour to line up new recruits for the party. Simply he said every the president said a political window and door in the Large party should be held together by colonial style Brick Home was Shat a common Faith a common Conzio tired. Ilion. The republicans he said. County officers said they be held together by continuing their investigation arrests had been made last1 he. Said just remember the night. I cause for which you Are working is to make certain that government is to do for the people those things Date Given which they cannot do for them selves or so Well do. But we Are Hollywood 1956 Aca not going to interfere with those Demy awards will be presented things which Are the proper prov next March 21, Academy president Ince of the George Seaton announced. This was a return to the re pub hems theme in the 1952 i when among other things their complained there was too. Much government interference under the democrats. Reading Eisenhower s remarks May feel he was t very precise. They d probably argue we re As much against unnecessary government inter Jer ence As the republicans As evidence that the final judges the people themselves Don t think the democrats interfere too much the latter might Point to the 1954 elections in which the democrats were returned to control of Congress. A person watching both parties from a distance across the oceans or the Borders must often be puzzled by what the democrats and republicans claim Are their differences. The democrats have protested for years and Are still doing it that the republicans Are the party of big business. But under the democrats big business continued to net bigger. For years the republicans saw creeping socialism in democratic programs. But although both parties insist on their belief in Enterprise neither apparently lives in it absolutely. Inner the completed with tribulation. The project had been in Huston s mind up More value. Than half of the total of half Demande Fhy workers. Storage costs alone for the larg est stockpile of food and fiber Ever known Are running approximately million dollars a Day. Acc outright about 922 Mil lion bushels of than a Normal full year s Supply costing Volc arly two and one half billion in the i the studio walked Hyvl iof Chi bal Herf at rack claims life of Memphis mayor Tobey i Memphis Frank t. The contract. Tobey 04. Died sunday before he under this contract the Federal Slons could Start a re election Campaign Roc a mint would have bought in which his successful plan to private Power from across the flow that Orgl naked in the last starring. But Warners insisted the Dixon Yates Power Plant Mississippi River instead of build Day., of United states economic releasing the Huston film which i by ing a Tva Plant with Federal funds Aid to Europe and military Aid he danced elsewhere. His announced opponent former North of Memphis to the French to bolster the War fhe director under inn on -r1 not renew its contract in 1958. After conferring with Tobey in mesday. He resisted Washington. President Eisenhower plus numerous other commodities. According to Butz the huge crops being harvested this year make it apparent that acc s operations in will be even Case of the the hours but ordered cancellation of the . A Hospital Dixon Yates contract. Place has Ona its 30 Chi he slipped into a with Tobey s death. Over toil was very Bright economic Hind and 30 of Woods. The com Sallurday and never regained rated a strop in contender he de Heen pal need by is six acres and ii has a dined comment on whether he Pierre Pflimlin. Foot Wall surround let it. , its has he he i Memphis City government in 19u4 present Power plans if elected. As chief of an engineering Survey the City already hns signed a i parly. He Mien Pill in a years five million Dollar contract for j is chief clerk in the engineering engineering work on the Plant department and another dozen the City administration s Succes City comptroller sur for Tobey hns not been All he was picked by the late Bossi bounced. The other four commis e. H. Crump to run for the City stoners will first select a new commission in 1851, and to of the five Man commis mayor when Over toil split Wilh Slon to replace Tobey and then Crump in 1953. Name one of themselves mayor. When the Newport news Shl build Lent pollion. He bended the commissioner Claude Armor has which is of a Quality Little in de boost. The Mand. Yet a other acc owned hems bulging emf Nas the warehouses to the seams in minister elude 11 million hundredweight of Fly reported earlier mils month Luite Rice 161 million pounds of butter production had and 278 million pounds of cheese in the a i i months and by 40 per cent too dts he compared the French Indus rial expulsion rate of 40 per ent with the 16 per cent Brit in the 22 per cent in the United plates and the 26 per cent in Bel Carrier Forrestal Newport news. Va., sept. Ii persons went aboard the uss Forrestal today. Mated that around three fourths o. Was 77 per the carryover this year will be in cent in Italy. But Pflimlin said Public to see the i by Lalic two slur tool Al Rel hand. Allot this of course is a far cry j irom lower Levels of the crowds loud in i from the Price supporting Agency s j effects of world War ii. Casl Onnolly a blended situation in 1938 when it had a the finance minister noted Ihal Vond the Shin Vard try half billion dollars available for or the first time since the War making Loans. Juhe recent increases in workers in All the Cetl Lii on acc boosts had been achieved rowing authority has been in a Wisnom Price increases. Creased nine different times in in " her words Pflimlin in a bout 16 years. Chances arc in Anming Congress May have to effect that France has through with still another increase ovum Ltd la food inc. The Wal ing and dry Dock co. Invited the powerful ill tical organization left been acting mayor during the May giant Carrier Crump who died last your or s illness. And was the popular Strong Tobey leaves his wife a son Llor thai no he present t. Tobey or. A daughter. Mrs. A Block be ticket for re election. Robert p. Wills and three grand Gale As Thel Tobey was Best known nationally children. Funeral services will be slab Lac logo aboard Elk year Long Flohl at z . It Idle wild presbyterian largest ship Ever built in Power advocates Ara Insi Church of which he was an elder. Next year. 1956 miss America believes in being Atlantic cite . Teen Ager from Colorado who re fuses to get flustered and yearns to be an actress donned her newly won miss America Difili Crown to Day with the Outlook ii you think Success then Success will come to the Titan dressed coed in year old Sharon Kay a philosophy to help her through the exciting yearlong tour that lies ahead. There s no us getting says Sharon who entered Thel pageant As miss Colorado. If you look for the Best you la receive Tennessee the Sharon who taught sunday school in the first Christian Church at grand Island. Neb., where she lived most of her the. French prices have been kept steady Lor three years and in turn the Iran has been kept firm on the International Money Market. The economic situation is Pic tured so Good Hal some govern ment officials favor the inc rens. Ing workers demands for higher wages. Official economists Are Quick to say however that an Over nil wage hike automatically will bring higher prices and Start an inflationary spiral All Over again after it. Took years to limit that plague. In Europe. Seven were killed in state traffic during weekend by the i Russ seven persons were killed country. Today mom at flier nut limit omd in main auditorium. Pat Mart liar in club drink i. Herr Klinn Onixt a Siuri urn to Khiav to Vlf m a v in Corurn Itom Frank inv i grrr Emilii renter Ivor Alai Orlim in main auditorium. Slow or in club rooms club in club Konma Frank i. Clad mfr Mlton can err i or Melon a ctn . Thor slav to Var Purv in Rinh 4 child in f Orner Ilnam 1 . Frank i. Claud Center run err Friday producers were especially urged 1" Triumph Over 48 other comic i Melvin f. Gre son. 48. to keep tobacco Roc of foreign tors she said the Crown goes to Rork overturned near Dover Fri matter to lie Heads of the girl who keeps Cool Calm and i uniformly and to Pirk out off collected. I Dorothy sue King. 7. Who fell color dead and burned leaves a Sophomore at Colorado worn my an automobile in in s College she said she had saturday Eye on the miss America title Crown. .19. Since she was 8. In i Idee crash near she wants to be an actress saturday. The first million Dollar to Box 2. Replace expensive business conventions which Cost some firms up to a million dollars a veal. It is its a new tool for business Brief doctors in 40 cities simultaneously in the use of a new drug firm product. Televise three performances of the metropolitan opera company l a red Ink prestige operation help a Large corporation hold its largest shareholders meeting. Demonstrate to salesmen and Mcmyn who died Elsa Maxwell s gala party returns to Venice plans to study at the mrs Hodges who Venice. Elsa Maxwell in i f i. A car Camden by might her yacht Lul of celebrity one is o Leet o. U liens lift pounds in rat hark in Nii Lii and measures 35-23-35 a i Abou ,0. I after a 15 Day me Creek a islands. The famous hostess re Famh or he i turned with 103 friends. Film Star from her miss America guess 4. Who in a Olivia de Havilland and others of i collision at original 113 stopped off in kill killed when an Niilo Hil Knoxville in Nav. Tommu cation thai Halpern sex scattered factory workers the peels closed circuit television to Workings of a new electronic brain make greatest Success. Bill by the International business a is estimated that biimiie.-.---1 machines 545 million a year on a in porn who is almost As tall As transp Lallon alone Poinc to con a to Antenna himself once volition and an additional 216 basketballs Lor the Una Nii Liun Lor room rim in meals varsity of Southern California and he observed. He went on to Harvard Law Halpern does t expect to destroy school became a Navy Ensign. The tradition of conventions As a psychological warfare pie always need to meet each other Spe Rialls on general Eisenhower s lace to lace but in Many cases sheaf staff in Paris. San Sor Lee Ann Merit Rthur no Francisco is in line for in prizes and personal appearance fees. She says she entanglements. Second of pot a the America 1956 race went to miss Oregon Dorothy Mac of Portland. Floiene Gallagher miss know Iii Chicago placed third. Easy to Bluff Terre haute. Inri Young Man walked into West. Ern Union s downtown office last night and said this is a Holdup. Give me the Cash night clerk mrs. Grace e. Cline glanced toward a window and said a police car just pulled up the gunman departed. There was no police car outside but the gunman did t come Back. Moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transf pm co. Tree near o cof Bizalion medically proven Dit not for Fowler action head Echt naval give Chiao Dobyns Taylor need extra Cash for school expenses to buy Coal or fuel for car repairs inn will find the right answer to j Nur Money problems at interstate. Kiki Irp up How much you nerd. Then phone for step in our affire. Repayment plans to fit your income and expenses. In Rinir As my h As Man that meals 12.77 19 is 25.54 31 91 38.31 longer terms a allame if desired Mill Mit m7 c. Outer m pm of set top value for gifts of appreciation now in addition to top value food Guys Kroger k giving top value savings Stamps every time you shop at Kroger you get top value Stamps. 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