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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 10, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee8 wednesday sept. 10, 19m Kings foot times famed Damascus steel no equal to modern Metal by Barman w. Nichols up staff correspondent Washington steel makers have it All Over those of medieval times. The National geographic society which does research on about every comparison. The steel of the famed Damas thing makes the Landing Sfiris for High schools studied in Texas Nashville school officials Are seriously considering plans for Landing Fields at pub Lic schools the annual Confer ence of the interstate school building service was told yesterday. It May not be Many years be Stewart Granger believes accent is Little different Hollywood Leader to be Friendly Santiago Chile Carlos Ibanez Del Campo who won a popular vote plurality in Chile s presidential election said last night he expects to continue Friendly with the unit Granger whose English accented govern helped Nim capture the fancy of american motion picture Audi Jwa of Courve the Best we need Little Landine strips was of course take care of the puddle jump Wasnea in students we fee coming to school said Joe r. Humphrey chief of the Texas school Plant Section. J. L. Taylor of the u. S. Office of education footnoted this by telling the conference increased interest in aviation instruction in Texas is making school officials consider school airports seriously. A Maryland representative also recommended that future school plans include Large Campus areas but his idea was that they could infant the Early crusaders. The Damascus Alloy was of Iron and Carbon. It was smelted and was As varying in proper ties As the natural Ore. The steel of today As any steel Man can Tell you is amalgamated with metals never heard of in the Days of the ancients. It is manufactured in varying Quality. It surpasses the Damascus product in strength pliability ment is Friendly to him. Because of his plurality the 74-year-old former dictator is virtually certain to be named president by Chile s Congress. He failed to win the 50 per cent plus one majority required for Auto Matic election. Bodies of War dead returned to states the bodies of 172 americans who lost their lives is a result of and stays Sharp longer. The society came up with some More history. A tonal programs for the entire the steel of which the be used for year round Redrea insists there is no such thing. J in fact says Granger when he returned to England after Mac. Kingsport toddy wednesday civic Avult Orlum wrestle info in main auditorium. Shomer party in club rooms. Shower party in Corner room. Do. It secret Tami Center outdoor club organization came rcom activities thursday civic auditorium Dpn Lasful outdoor so Alvties game rcom activities club organization Friday civic Aalt Virlum football frolics in entire building. Douala is recreation Center oui Cloar activities club organization game room activities saturday civic auditorium activities scheduled. Danfus recreation Center outdoor activities sunday cd tic Wodlt Orlum great boots in Corner room. Shower party in club tear Gas quells okla. Prison riot Al Reno okla. 155 prisoners at the Federal re mental patient receives award Washington a mental patient won a top prize for a play the color of in the 1951-52 nation wide writing con test for patients in veterans and pictures in Hollywood for a few years he was astonished to find that his British friends a of having a manhat Tan accent. They told me i talked like the americans in that came As quite a Shock 5alc the lanky British actor because had t even been to manhat a Holston defense corporation food cake with White and Pink the fighting in Korea Are being Tan and in Hollywood no one recently conducted a scrap Metal icing his old How returns scrap guards fired tear Gas into their midst. Warden w. H. Hardwick said the prisoners overpowered two guards and throw him into a cell shortly after they were re leased for breakfast. The guards were rescued unarmed. There was no damage re ported. Adlai gets Angel cake from teacher san Francisco Adlai Stevenson got an Angel had noticed his american accent. And rubber Sale As a part of the grammar school teacher government s current Cost con mrs. Bessie m. Moore to now All of which goes to prove. Scion Ness Campaign major of Redding calif., who taught says that there is no such thing 1 Van Lester executive officer of j him at Washington school at returned to the United states aboard the Oberlin Victory the department of defense announced tuesday. The ship is expected to arrive i British accent or for that j Holston ordnance works re at the san Francisco port of embarkation on or about september 10. Angeles California took the first prize for playwriting. The a does not identify its mental patients by name. The Only other prize awarded went to Edgar Ritter a patient in the a Hospital at Jefferson Barracks to. It was Given by the Reader s digest for life in these United his entry More than 200 Veteran patients were awarded Worth of prizes about half of them in Cash. The sixth annual con test sponsored by the hospitalized veterans writing project a Volunteer organization with Headquarters in Chicago in co operation with the a s Specia services Drew More than entries. Constable fined in false arrest a Man and woman von dam Ages of each in Bristol Tenn., Law court tuesday in a damage suit charging a Sullivan county Constable with defamation of character. The couple Viola Kesner and h. C. Williams had been arrested last july 19 by Constable j. Sullivan Leonard on charges of lewdness and adultery. But had been acquitted in Blountville criminal court. They filed suit on july 19 charging Leonard with false and malicious arrest. Leonard s attorney noted a motion for a new trial following the verdict which was returned after a two hour deliberation. Winds blow at. Miles an hour 100 Miles above the Earth but the air is so thin they have Little effect on an object Racla ing that height. Next of Kin concerned have been notified of the imminent matter an amed can accent ported. Either. Bloomington ind., said i Don t know Why i chose major Lester said proceeds Angel food. He certainly was no hear it in pictures from the Sale amounting in school. But he was Don t he said have been we have had 25 years of Ameri a to the u. S. Government., Damascus Blades were made was James l. Reid supervisor of arrival of the vessel. The bodies n sawing pictures with about which school Plant planning in Mary-1 will be sent Wickli an escort to per cent of the pictures we see Marco Polo called j land recommended a minimum j the Point designated by each in. Being american. Besides it came from India by Camel of 25 acres for elementary div dual next of Kin j we be had two world wars with caravan to Damascus and other schools and 50 for High schools. Included in the los of dead troops All Over eng i Twenty eight state returned Are land officials Are attending the con Tennessee Ference. Army private first class Thomas r. I beautifully just As he does Middle Eastern cities. Once it had arrived it was hand wrought by the armorer of teeming bazaars. Everything in those Days was done the hard hand. Thin strips of Indian steel and baser Iron were bound together and fused by heating and Pound ing. Then other strips were added and the process was repeated. After the craftsman was Satis fied with this preliminary operation he etched a design into the curious watered pattern of the steel affixed the delicately ornamented handle and ground the Blade to razor keenness. An armorer s Parchment of instructions was unearthed in the 19th Century at Tyre. It indicated there May have been Bru Tal performance tests of swords. Kentucky news Benton in Sterling c. Rob Inson. Benton an employee of the steam Plant in Mccracken county was killed yesterday when his car overturned. He came Here in april 1951, from Knoxville Tenn. Moore husband of mrs. Barbara j. Moore Memphis. Private Granger admits he sometimes notices a slight difference be tween his speech and that of 803 Exchange Street William r. Stinnett son of John h. Stinnett City 7, Louisville Road Maryville. First lieutenant Robert a. Totty husband of mrs. Gladys m. Totty 2434 Lamar apartment 8, Memphis. Virginia army private first class Randolph Paducah l. Roberts Blankenship son of James k. Took Over today As principal of i Blankenship sr., 185 West mad Heath High school to succeed son Street Wytheville. Other Holly Wood ians. For in stance he says Princess with the accent on the last syllable. The dialogue director on the set of his current film Colum Bia s Salome with Rita Hay Worth corrected him pointing out that americans say Prin Cess with the accent on the first syllable. Granger had a comeback ready he asked the director to say the plural of Prince. When the dialogue director said Granger an Carmon w. Graham awarded a Corporal Henry l. Dove triumphantly sounds one year study Fellowship by the of Harry j. Dove 18 East Cliff exactly the Way you say Princess i does t it we make a distinct fund for advancement of Edu cation. Jav Street Alexandria. Corporal Charley Ferguson Tion. Our Way s better Don t you son of mrs. Gladys h. Lexington from Box 212, Glade Spring. Turned out for the big shots Farmers for Hay under private Ernest Mackey son of i could afford them. The drought emergency program William Mackey Potomac Mills .1 said the Parchment Shonio. Of dropped under tons private first class James h. Applied against a slave bound to a a Day for the first time since the program began. The orders total the idea was to slice off the tons and seven counties head of the poor slave with one Bracken Clinton Harrison let nicking Waites son of mrs Muriel m. Thompson Nuttsville. Snake tails win it. Ann n. Y. Won kindergarten kids count St. Paul Minn. Kindergarten children one half a Pupil each or one Quarter Minnesota education commissioner Dean m. Schweickhard asked this question of state attorney stroke without nicking the Cneri Madison Nicholas and Blade. Owen have placed initial orders the armouring Craft passed out this week. Of popularity in 1401, when1 Tamerlane carried off the1 Harrodsburg the body snakes were rounded up during imputing tax levies. Smiths modern successors of of a former Mercer county tax j the summer in this Washington the attorney general ruled those ancient artisans Are Gold commissioner John c. Horn was county area. I each kindergarten Pupil attend and silversmiths and craftsmen i found in a Field on his farm each person bringing in at j ing half Day sessions throughout Here. Eighty four j general Burnquist when it came poisonous rattle i to determining a basis for Corn who brass produce inlays and Copper. Of Wood. Near Here. Death was three inches of a snakes the school year constitutes one to a heart attack. 1 Tail collected a Bounty. Half pro Tek Tiv inside wedge the Heel helps keep Ankles from turning in priced 5.35 to 7.95 according to we take time to see that your child is carefully fitted Quality courts made for children who really Are hard on shoes. They fit better from the beginning and hold their shape Day in and Day out. For value can t beat them. Pretty lightweight Parry styles we Here too. Monk strap Moccasin priced 6.50 to 7.50 wine Saddle Oxford priced 6.50 to 7.50 Quality counts enjoy heat this Winter look inside see the difference in ularm in or nine Heaters Duke of Paducah and see my friends at Star of grand olt opry and emcee of warm morning s new show the Duke of Paducah and the opry gang Abc network. Every sat. New. . Cost. Broadstreet furniture for ularm Horning Coal Heaters up worm every morning your morning Coal Heater holds fire All Day and All night. Heats 24 hours on one filling of Coal there s no More Early morn ing stove firing just warm com fort and a warm morning Coal Heater Burns kind of solid Foci. Patented Interior shown in cutaway at right actually turn Coal into Coke for extra warmth from fuel yen get lasting with warm morning Coal Heater More than million warm morning Coal Heaters have been sold and More than a Mil lion Are still in use let us show you the difference in warm morn ing Coal healers. Come in to Morrow Model 422 the most popular deluxe Coal fired circulator in the world heats up to 6 rooms for As Long As 24 hours without refuelling in mild weather built in heat regu Lator assures steady even heat Day and night has full 4-flue Firebrick Magazine furniture styled Cabinet finished in lifetime porcelain enamel exclusive duo therm period furniture style Hepplewhite Oil Home Heater add automatic Mower and Thor Hottat for automatic Forcad warm air hooting Hepplewhite big capacity furniture styled console authentically recreates the finest in a traditional mahogany Cabinet. Gives you every deluxe duo therm performance feature. Two front opening and Side opening Radiant any degree of circulation and radiation to keep your Home beautifully warm. B.t.1j. Output. 34" High 34" wide 24" deep with 5 Gal. Less tank and Power unit Mew duo therm. Sol fut to exclusive dual Chamor Burner More Heit from every drop of Oil automatic Fower air Ilowit Sives up to on fuel gives greater floor to ceiling Comfort optional or electric thermostat gives you set it and forget it Comfort so pcs Otto or Ului feat Sej Kastant doors Wain High control dial waste stopper Humidifier Glass lighter door leg love Len in m in if vim Minin Cul hut duo therm

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