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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 9, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeRadio to notebook local department holds fire damage to in month it s a great by Jack o a Bias Kew York. Sept. 9 premiere. Abc tvs last night premiere in t. It s a shallow Shim Over of Jamil Jar situations in a trifling script held at Arm s length by some Good Dunn Michael o Shea William Bishop. Barbara Logan the latter plainly not to dior s Dearest desire this Flat sea on. The breakaway plot involved two korean vets o Shea Bishop who tackle Hollywood and Are done in by their dialogue. Everything except miss Logan s Structure will have to be rebuilt before this sneaks into to s top ten. Small talk. Red buttons last week signed writers Larry Marks sex Bob Hope and Ben Starr with Large fanfare. They quit yesterday can t see Eye to Eye with the direction the show is Ruth Gilbert Uncle Millie s Hopes to appear on the first few Berl casts before the Stork gets too apparent. Anyway Nancy Walker gets the fill in Job. Max Liebman of Abc to says color shows will Cost an average 40 per cent More per show. Bob Crosby follows Bing in hold ing his offspring up for fld hence favor Bob s 3-year-old daughter was on his to show this week and 15-year-old Cathy makes her show Biz debut with pop any after noon. Bert Lahr or. Will pick up a few will i incl. Sept. 19. We s razor Blade sponsor Sharp-1 ened its Pencil and signed Winchell for another year. Abc to let s dance series has a Brace of sons of famous act ing fathers handling its Talent Alan Dinehart or. Will produce and damage from fires in Kingsport v. .11311 a. Shelley Hull son of Henry Hull i m August amounted to put of w to Ftp cola Orsmus Vilii to of o i favorite Kings port theatres property at risk the Battle Between lbs an monthly report by fire chief c. Abc Over color the future of radio Jenner shows. Firemen answered and Trade talk now is in alarms. Open. Abc seems to be the mar a except for damage in three Ciano in this one. Motor vehicle firer. The loss of the to writers of Amer. Pulled incurred in one residence Blaze. It its one network strike flopped and has folded officially. Trapped Caf released by longshoremen new York. Sept. 8 the Moocher the Best same month last year and h Bob Riding a in the new Greet Garson Dana Andrews War Ner film strange lady in represented approximately three per cent of the 515.000 value of the residence. No damage at All was listed from a fire in a feed store valued at other alarms inside the City were listed As one junkyard one Power Mower and one needless firemen answered one alarm outside the City limits in which a House sustained 5250 dam age. The August fire record compared to 27 alarms and s5.170 damage in pier 33 has at least a him alarm s and s75 damage in ired longshoremen for 1952. There had been 4 the Rise she would t be in the City s history j August 31 with damage Minnie a White cat with to meow about it. A 4.395 by totalling spots was born on the Brooklyn pier years ago. Her favorite Hunting ground was an air beneath and Between the wooden planks of the pier. But some work men who did t know about this came to pier last thurs Day and reinforced it with a 15 Inch coat of Concrete. Several Days passed and no one he s taking a teaching course at knew what had happened to the the u. Of Ariz after a year As pet. Then someone officer at Thule air base near fail from a three North pole. Inch stand Lipe set in the sturdy Faye Emerson s son made his Nigo Vernor confers with commissioner on segregation strand now showing red terror behind the enemy lines in Korea you be never seen anything like to Jii iwo to fir to to Diw Itei comedy 0 world riot Newi Center after that the look matters into their own hands. They borrowed a huge electric Drill i Nashville. Sept. 8 gov. Frank Clement conferred today longshoremen with education commissioner Quill Cope and asst. Atty. Gen. Allison Humphreys presume to acting debut last Nicht while mom filled in for honeymooning Steve Allen. A handsome grown up lad. From a construction gang ably on plans for Tennessee s Seg Sam Goldwyn turned Down Abc Oord 10-Inch Hole right Lurous Brief to be filed with the and lbs with Concrete yesterday. I u supreme court after being starved for eight none of the three state officials Days now she had been half Wight-1 would comment on the meeting. Contestants will vie for the title which will be awarded sept. 11. Expansion of Industry in Valley spurs traffic on Ohio waterway editor s note following is the third of a series of stories on the past present and future of com Merce on the Ohio River by Harold Harrison Cincinnati sept. 9 Merce on the Ohio River is at a Boom stage and a major part of it stems from an Industrial expansion in the Ohio Valley which in Only the last three years has called for an investment in 133 installations alone of when smaller plants Are considered the Industrial expansion is estimated at 10 billion dollars. The figure com ing from the . Engineers and the Ohio Valley improvement assn., includes in new Industry and in expansions. Three billions of it is applicable to nine government installations. They Are a 40 million Dollar electrical Plant at Barton ala., on the ten Nessee River. A one million Dollar Industrial at Florence ala., on the ten Nessee River. Atomic Energy commission plants at Paducah by. Near Portsmouth Ohio and at Oak Ridge term., costing a 240 million Dollar Tva electrical Plant at Paducah by. A three million Dollar Bureau of mines Experiment station at Morgantown w. Va., on the Monongahela River. A 32 million Dollar army gun tube Plant at West Columbia w. A. A one million Dollar army chem ical corps Plant at atrium w. A. The remainder of the projects include three in Alabama on the Tennessee River one in Illinois on the Ohio three in Indiana on the Ohio 16 in on the Ohio two on or near the Ken Tucky River one on the Tennessee River and one River 14 in Ohio the Ohio and three on the mus Kin gum River 12 in Pennsylvania on the Ohio six on the Monongahela River and two the Alleghany River two in ten Nessee one on the Teni on the Barren -11 on or near River and one on the Cumberland River and 18 in West Virginia division Engineer noting the total of More than 62 million tons of Commerce on the River last year declared this great tonnage is significant in the Economy of the nation. The amazing March of Industry to the River is due in a arge measure to the availability of water unemployment Down last month statistics show Washington sept. 8 employment declined slightly to a a gust while slowly Ris ing factory payrolls brought total employment up to the Commerce and labor depart ments reported tonight. Both dip of in unemployment and a gain of in season Al and both were smaller than Normal. The brightest showing was in fac tory employment. Factory jobs Rose by to last month but the increase was offset n part by the usual Midsummer drop in farm employment. The census Bureau issuing its findings jointly with the Bureau of labor statistics described the employment picture As with substantial gains recorded in textiles apparel and other soft goods manufacturing lines. Payrolls in the Auto Home appliance and other hard goods industries changed Only slightly. The new unemployment figure Only slightly changed from the past three months represented about 5 per cent of the Entile labor Force of it was times As High As in August of 1953. When the postwar Low of unemployment was recorded at the number of workers on non farm counting the sell employed and Domestic in id by to an estimated cil i Cincinnati i general Hospital four year old Judy Combs recover from her second serious fall m less than three weeks Judy Tell from the fourth floor window her m the trip Artelt and landed in Only a head Cut body and a dislocated Iii from the same window she hit a it bounced her to safety on the Mccond floor fire escape. Hal Boyle s column by Relman Europe John was a pretty for h4l War correspondent. Racked new 9 Ossy beat. Ii f me Taa. Print of a Lellow on your ated he inight dip into to Guys and dolls is filmed. Feelings got mighty edgy Indi after in color Captain Kidd the slave girl Novelty Beverii m. Amsterdam and her Amine Gingold during one mine please on Dumont last night. Ermoine did t want her lines in erupted by ancient Amsterdam sense. Chrysler will produce a lavish musical with an All coloured cast arly in 55 Sammy Davis. Eihel Waters Dorothy Dandridge. Cab Alloway already have agreed. Perry Como will originate Sev ral weeks of shows in ants to play a Little Golf with Ben ened to death. She was so upset but yesterday Clement said he from the noise of the Drill that planned Illch r to Dis. She would t come near the door Logan. Bob Howdy Doody Smith is Esting better after the heart at ack which came plainly and Sim by from too Many shows Arthur Godfrey answered All the Uzzle in one Brief lbs to announcement that his wed. Night How would return sept. 15 with i old cast mar on Marlowe Luann Simms and in Mcguire Sisters around whom a most rum ors swirled. Fred Allen will narrate and act q a Circle theatre productions alled Sketchbook slated for oct. 1 Martin Lewis finally told Abc they could t possibly get Jerry ured of jaundice in. Time for their scheduled comedy hour premiere to Freedom. Finally everybody went away. Leaving some tuna fish and evaporated milk near the Hole. Minnie finally crawled out and started gobbling. And the longshoremen cheered and went Back to their jobs. Woman s Page news fillers when whole Kernel corns canned the Corn kernels Are Cut close to the cob. But when Corn us the top of the kernels Are Cut off and the remaining portion is scraped from the cob. Whole Kernel Corn is Good in pancakes and muffins soups and salads. Cream style Corn is line also for soup and in Many casserole dishes. Both styles of Corn Are Good heated and served As cuss proposals which would be included in the Brief. Clement did not definitely state such a Brief would be filed but he said Tennessee had protected its right to file by informing the court of its intentions to do so. Last May the High court held Public segregation to be unconstitutional and it said final decrees would be banded Down after the effected states had an Opportunity to submit briefs this fall. Previously state officials said Tennessee probably would recommend a plan of gradual desegregation beginning with the. Lower grades and gradually moving through High school. Gate City Highway t-0-n-i-g-h-t Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Sailor beware drive in tonight double feature no. 1 the paratrooper color starring Alan Ladd no. Sky commando starring Dan Duryea no. 1 Scott Brad White fire no. I Lloyd Bridges Pride of the Bluegrass technicolor rial. To in color Walt Disney s greatest Peter pan Douglas Fairbanks the Iron mask feature no. X Kirk Douglas William Bendic detective Story times news classified get results John Charles per i him baes to Algiers you Guys the 3rd division probably Daly has two sons both him. Named John. He has a brother named John. They solve the prob Lem around John s House by Call ing the younger John the boys Are 16 and 13 respectively and both taller than John who is 6-feet-l. In addressing him they say which is a refresh ing thing to hear when you read about teen agers in tie papers these Days. He reciprocates by he has t changed much since still sleeps late has a weakness for inside straights and holds his hand too Long waiting for Gin. He has just turned 40 this summer and is still a Chow hound. Steaks and roast beef mainly so he never gains any weight a slim 165 stripped. He s a Good swimmer and getting treating them As adults of a Man surprisingly accurate with age on to Man basis. The Tennis court. Takes his to there Are also two ladies around j successes calmly and in stride. Heleine otherwise 48 million. The average work week in fac 11 on the Ohio four on the Kana a lories increased by a third of an wha River and Monongahela. The Cincinnati chamber of com Merce reports Cincinnati alone has had Worth of Industrial expansion from 1033 through 1952. T eight atomic plants of one kind or another either have been built or will be built in the Ohio Valley. Over All the plants planned or three on the i hour to 39.7 hours. Lengthening hours of employment generally Are considered forerunners of in creased hiring. The better than seasonal gains in textiles and apparel were not matched in durable goods plants were the changes in Many Indus tries failed to meet seasonal expectations. Retail stores and wholesalers re being expanded include those of reduced employment in August and chemical manufacturing food doll the transportation and mining manufacturing textile manufacture Indus Trees reported payroll declines ing general manufacturing Oil and Gas facilities Power plants Railroad facilities and government plants other than Power plants. What does All of that mean for the future on the Ohio River the . Engineers and the Ovia Are in agreement that it Means More and More Commerce now the previous month. This All of those plants will use an for tvs agricultural employment at 6. In August was be is the House. Is nine. Margaret Nick name of is the handsome sex Washington girl who changed John s life. He was learning to be a Wool merchant in Boston when he met her some 17 years ago. She was living in Washington and John tried courting by commuting but could t afford it. So he gave up the rams and lambs and got a Job As a bus dispatcher in the capital. He went into radio there. As you May know very few announcers Are capable of talking in to a hot to talk without a script simply describing an event As it unfolds. Daly is one who can. He got his training the hard such exciting events As the birth of a Penguin the annual Marble shooting tournaments and an occasional Fence whitewashing contest. Thus Daly once stood in front Boom i nothing for 39 minutes. To happened during the 1940 presidential Cam which ran counter to seasonal trends. Construction on the other hand added workers As an open Mike and talk ii about Early summer building roared ahead. Pain when for due to a sched ule mix up was late in starting a speech. During the late unpleasantness and they Wili use Coal. Those Are Only two of the major products shipped up and Down the River by tows. Time of year. To Cut fuel expenses during in 1915 there were Only 3 these cold Days get in the habit tons of Oil and gasoline shipped of not opening the door until san today my i Comyok tolf on the equivalent of the capacity of one present Day Barge in 1918 the total was tons equivalent of the capacity of one present Day Tow. In 1952 the total was tons. Coal and Coke shipments ranged f from tons in 1917 to tons in 1951. J col. John l. Person Ohio River i after the final words Are said to departing guests. Fox t 0 n unit Turner a t flame and the flesh Crl Mccolor t-0-n-i-g-h-t John Hodiak Barbara Britton dragonfly Squadron 2 color cartoons Friday in the first feature length production of Warner Calof Ben Alexander As Frank Smith features color cartoon nuttier Cotril and soda world news to a i go Tibey made great american dream come True emm a. Pm Deng o or havoc 2 shows nightly starts at dusk also color cartoon times news classified and get ke3ult3 e goo wraps his arms around crazy characters like these Jet devils. And the sleek Blue Birds they Flat fio me times we Porjit Ihn men who Foupht with he Roll m nning passed in Amer Lusn history. To inane Korea was police action but to the Jet pilots of on Naff i task it All War. A nerf Wra Ekler War on a couple Hundred Yards of Railroad track. Dialled today rebuilt tomorrow. A routine Mission routine a Poff of and then a Para inf Cream radio hit Howie Thayer Vax Johnson roars out of ration in the. Of the stricken Jet. Aral the almost Blind Lead me in patiently Bat Al Mir. Howie shouts directions Orer he radio in taker Jan limit Bli in Flor be Hemmer Dewey to a crash land on Board their Carrier. Cur forgotten Stroei thu to their Story. 3f radio 1400 pc. 98.5 pc 1 i pm. 1 4-38 Douai we ddts m. 59-Slzn on in Thoutt o Croft 05-sacred a fort prof up Elmo to up f m up at the gospel hour i dinner hymn j sports news Joe 7 15-one night news gospel Fay Orues res Blackwood Brothers quartet Fisher temp. It top tunes 7 30-Jieifs of news t -45 one shorts whirl at musical merry go round merry go round s 10 do a a flush Bill adv ties of musical merry go round column the band of the Day Swap shop Fibber Moet and special 10 15 heart of the news of to. S. Army band of the 15-the hymn you 30-Platter part Tartt psf the. Part 12 of Aib Platter parly Platter party Platler party Sim m. I "30 gloom sonic Tomt gloom gospel soap 3 45 luncheon a tint 10 gloom pop s ret Lew .1 gloom review review f so gloom a Newi 05-Tcnnesire Tam Orf gloom Jamboree 2-30-Tennegsee Jamboree gloom nor i news 05 Tennessee s gloom Jam 45-tenne6see l 45-Mornlcf news 9 -00 Hafl j a k comes Calif Blu i Boogie to crib Chiei -.00 Jive at five Bob Smith East 1-Aud Harmony Quartel 10 -45 break the request show it request show that bar second round of 30-profc3ior Kingfish of 12-50-Uutie in a arc of Trenard Frederick on and news time record of life cd for tomorrow melodies afternoon melodies Dallai 4 30 Tounch off ddts Gul int Elf it in Psi time headlines 12-30 Welcome travellers ribs theatre a Btu big pay off Iobst music Hall varieties cartoon 15 news sports Roundup Palmer 30 on Twer a coins hic Lent Vibat i by of is Ludlow summer Wuhl pro raw so meditation j spot Fth my Reaia Tromsn Larrr

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