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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 9, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeHay fever vacation areas in thu cud old sneering wee inf end feeling pretty Tad around pm sages you in probably count youself u one of the one in every ten americans who Bay fever. Hay fever Mger ii by toe to minds take to the Highway during August and it comr to try and escape the annoying ragweed. Black areas in above new snap locates in u. S. Most Ideal for vacation for Bay fever suffered. Tiny Community uses Wood from shipwrecks for Supply by Ulrich Grudinski Rantum Sylt Germany tragic Harvest of ship wreck at sea goes into the thatched roof cottages of this tiny fishing Village on the North German Island of Sylt. Window shutters Here Are made of ship planks washed ashore. Carved figureheads of forgotten three masters and ancient brass Cabin lanterns dec orate its Driftwood Homes. For centuries this Small Community behind the North sea dikes has lived on the flotsam of Shipwreck. After heavy gales the Young and old of Rantum walk the windswept beaches looking for whatever the sea has cast up with the tide. Landlubbers May say it s a mean Way to make a living but Andreas Nilssen Rantum s Shore Bailiff Only shrugs and says somebody s death is somebody s Nissen s cottage built two Cen Turies ago and shipshape from thatched roof to tarred cellar is solid evidence of the Days when beachcombing was a really Lucra Tive Enterprise. Of its dark sturdy Woodwork has a Story of its own. A medieval figurehead Over the Gable window was sawed off the Bow of an ill fated dutch merchant ship. But the fat years of Beach combing Are gone com Plains Frau Woltjes of Langer of the Only woman among West Germany s 200 Shore bailiffs. The rewards for Rantum and its sister communities have been diminishing steadily since steam ships replaced sailing vessels. When a modern steel ship goes to the Bottom the Odds Are she takes her cargo Frau Woltjes says. Only in rare cases does the vessel break up and spill her gone Are the Days when unscrupulous beachcombers set up false Beacon fires to lure ships on the Shoals and no longer can beachcomber rightly claim As his own the goods he finds washed up on Shore. He s bound by Law to hand whatever he finds Over to the Shore Bailiff. The Bailiff stores flotsam in a shed and gives Public notice. If the owner does not appear the goods Are sold at auction. The receipts go to the state Treasury and the beachcomber gets a Small Cut. In the Bailiff s shed at Rantum now Are Bales of Sticky rubber barrels of English ale sulphuric acid liquid ammonia cases of rancid butter cans of lard min ing Timber and lots of unripe bananas. The mule Deer is so called be i cause its ears resemble those of a mule. s a altho arh it May look like a Wir. This is a hit by Schiaparelli Paris designer. Japanese inspired it s made of Maui in White eel plane Straw. Diet change sought Ankara Turkey key s government has sent a 3-Man team to tour the Black sea Region of the country to per Suade people in the area to eat Boyle s be by Hal Boyle hew York dont have to meet a Man in this world to learn something from him. I never met maj. Gen. William Dean. I got to Korea late in july 1950, a few Days after be was reported m Liming in combat. This i have always regretted. I would like to have seen him i action. He is free again now after nearly three years in enemy prison Camps. But although i never met him personally he has enriched my life by teaching me two things 1. Don t sell Faith Short. 2. A Man s example lives Pond his presence. When i first reached Korea Gen. Dean s 24th infantry Divi Sion was still retreating after a series of confused but magnificent delaying stands to hold up an overwhelming North korean army that had it known How to use its Power would have had the entire Peninsula in three Short weeks. A still dazed american officer told me we thought All we had to do was to stand on a Hill and show the t7. S. Uniform and All those Little Brown gooks would run Back North where they came in those dark Days the 24th division had suffered terrible losses. And each Day it suffered More. It is less a criticism of the men than it is of America to say the division was Unready for combat. The men weren t in proper shape. They were Short of the right weapons. And so it was that Gen. Dean a first class fighting Man had to go up and do what no division commander should be required to do. Fie had to go up and show the boys How. He himself was the 24th division. He was the Spear head of an ill prepared american the flesh. He had to do what they teach a commander at West Point he should t have to do. He had to go to the Bare front forget his two stars and Lead like a second lieutenant. So did his colonels including rugged Dick Stephens later known As the big and now a major general himself. The Fate of Gen. Dean was to be captured after trying to get a wounded Man Back. He knew that theoretically a Man of his rank should t be where he was he was fighting a fact not wheat bread rather than taught War. Without the on bread the newspaper horses j the spot leadership that such reports. Turkey now has a Large commanders As he and col. Ste ment from enlisted men who had seen my fight they just could t have killed the general. He s too smart for them. Hell turn no this Faith seemed futile and foolish to us at the time. But it was Amer tag How the example of Gen. Dean s personal courage carried on with his men. They found it hard to let him Down knowing what be had done. And they didst let him Down. Through All the months after that each member of the battered 24th division Felt be could hardly do lest than Bis lost Leader. That kind of frontline Leader went out of the american army with the civil War. It is too expensive and a modern army no longer can afford it. But it is a fact of history that the sacrifice and valor of Gen. Dean paid off magnificently. Nor will the american army and the relations Between officer and enlisted by what he did. In the annals of our soldiery tie will be imperishable remembered As the general who when it had to be done went up gun in hand and showed the boys now. No other officer in our time has done More to popularize the stars of rank. Surplus wheat crop. Operation flying Paul on newsman show route of flying Paul Revere after he leaves Washington d. A. And flies to All 48 state capitals to report to governors Progress of the Celebration of the 50th anniversary of powered flight. Max Conrad Holder of Many world air records will be the first Pilot to visit All the states by air on one tour since Anne Charles a. Lindbergh performed the feat in 1929. The flight will be made in a Piper pacer the same plane la which Conrad twice flew the Atlantic Ocean. Pens gave the Retreat would have become a rout. After his Bullet pierced helmet was found those of us who came later were sure that Gen. Dean was dead. But again and again we ran into this stubborn com cop Feather head accused Man avers Houston Tex. 29 year old Man before u. S. Com missioner Ralph Fowler on a charge of possessing marijuana was indignant when a narcotics officer testified he had found some of the illegal Weed in the charged Man s car. Denying his guilt the accused looked at the officer it s a mystery to me what lengths some officers will go to get another Feather in his head r maybe he thought i was Bird the officer said later. A in Napoleon s time engineers thought the red sea was 30 feet higher than the Mediterranean but the cutting of the Suez Ca Nal Between the two bodies of water proved them wrong. Kingsport times wednesday sept 3-d shop ii Kingsport Days on All Heaters Lhrig room suites bedroom softer Many other items prices easy terms no carrying charges Anderson furniture co. 116 e. 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