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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 9, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4-c wednesday sept. 9, Kinti sport times Singer Jimmy Boyd faced with growing up in s by Aline Mosby Hollywood a of suspense hangs Over the House hold of 14-year-old Singer Jimmy Boyd. His voice is changing. Jimmy s Mother anxiously revealed today that nature is Roll ing Onward Jimmy now sings i saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus in a instead of q but the Junior crooner said he does t mind that he May wind up a Basso has been at 15. Yes my voice has dropped lower. If it winds up for the Good i la go on singin. If it winds up bad i la Start he philosophize crisply. Ill act. I want to be a West Ern Jimmy sat Reading a Book about motorcycles in the living room of the new ranch style House he bought his parents in suburban Sepulveda. At Columbia records they no Tice the difference in my voice from a year he said be tween chapters. It s Gettin deeper. It has t cracked yet though. I Hope it la change gradually. I still have four baby he added hopefully. As insurance for the Day when Jimmy will have to abdicate As a child Singer Columbia records has a hefty backlog of his tunes to release. Meantime fresh new Comers recently from the Cradle Are cashing in on the child Singer fad. There s Molly Bee and baby All drawled Jimmy. Young Boyd started up the ladder at 12 after he won a local Talent contest that brought him television jobs. He graduated to Frank Sinatra s to show to movies records and personal appearances. Now he likes girls too. His fan mail pours in from love struck sub Debs. Jimmy giggled that he dates females to parties and shows and later the red haired boy in jeans and a hawaiian print shirt dashed outside to try out his new motorcycle. He roared round and round the House. His Mother watched each time he came into View through the Pic Ture window. He s grown four inches in the last two she said. His brother s voice did t change until he was 15, so maybe Jimmy s will hold a i s it i n com a e St r o Wolf Cue Streseman of Toledo of. Symphony orchestra and son of former Germata foreign minister is Cuett conductor at Baden Baden concert. Scientist charges atomic legislation is socialistic Chicago up atomic scientist or. Harold c. Trey today pleaded for the peacetime development of atomic Energy by free Enterprise and called atomic Energy legislation Urey one of the developers of the first atomic bomb charged that government monopoly had slowed development of atomic Energy for peacetime purposes. I believe that there Are cer Tain Fields in which it is quite necessary that governments shall take Over and carry through cer Tain developments but i do not believe that a new where development must be the proper Type where this should be Urey said. In a speech prepared for de livery at the 124th meeting of the american chemical society Urey said it seems to be rather remarkable that a Type of atomic Energy Power Plant proposed Over ten years ago should re quire ten years in order to get the first Power Plant i believe that returning the atomic Energy development to the private Enterprise people is in fact the most effective Way to get this subject the University of Chicago scientist said. Declaring he would Trust the decisions of free Enterprise much More than those of the most eminent committees that sit in he suggested changing the atomic Energy act in order to remove the govern ment monopoly. It has always been a Little bit surprising to me that con Gress should have passed such an obviously socialistic Bill As the atomic Energy act of he said. Urey said objections that it was wrong to give private enter prise atomic Energy information paid for by taxpayers were non he said most of the Money was spent for military purpose. It does no Good to me As a private citizen to keep the atomic Energy program in the hands of the government unless that method is the most effective one he questioned whether govern ment monopoly gives More Security than private Enterprise pointing out that Russia does have the atomic bomb and has apparently had a Hydrogen bomb explosion and hence the secrets Churchill believes reds Are Ripe for real peace 87 Leon Dennen Aba staff correspondent London Winston Churchill will go to the Bermuda meeting of . S., Britain and France appearing confident that the historic moment has arrived for the West to meet with possibly with red China. Overjoyed britons regard the red concessions in Korea and Europe As convincing proof that this time Moscow and piping really want an Accord with the West. And British labor circles apparently in touch with Moscow Are certain that an East West or without the u. Take place this sum Mer or in the Early fall. Berlin and Paris Are mentioned As pos sible Sites of the conference. With the Coronation now but a glorious Flicker of Britain s vanishing Imperial Are awaken ing to the realities of life. It London is again its Normal self. Only rain soaked Scarlet banners and fading Golden Arches gleaming sadly in the City s rare Sun still stay on As a reminder of the medieval pageantry that was the Coronation. Said the evening Standard More in sorrow than in anger in London s face is its Fortune. In its dirty face is now its All British eyes Are now turned on Russia and red China South korean president syn Man knee for a time even displaced Sena Tor Joseph r. Mccarthy As War Monger no. 1 in British eyes. For. The common briton Hopes against Hope that the korean truce May be the first step to world peace. After two devastating world in regard to this subject Are pretty Well in one generation Brit Ain s Man in the Street like the common european everywhere is in mortal fear of War. In the u. An atomic War is a threat. In Britain it is a paralysing presence. Sir Winston will thus speak at Bermuda for the overwhelming majority of the nation. He will also have the backing of the entire British common wealth whose prime ministers agreed at a meeting just concluded in London that no Chance should be missed of reaching a settlement with Kus Sia. The consensus of practice u. Observers in Britain is that should president Eisenhower re fuse an Early meet Fig with so Viet Premier Georgi m. Malen Kov Britain s prime minister might go sir Winston is a Man in a great hurry. The prime minis Ter is 18 years old. Since the death of president Roosevelt and Stalin he is the Lone survivor of the wartime big three. The Coronation was a great moment for the aged prime minister. Sir Winston sees the British Empire Light up again whenever he looks at the Mon Archy Clive marches again and the thin red line of the brigade of guards Stamps majestically through the Middle East. Now sir Winston has made it known that having played a leading role in winning the War his final great aim in life is to win the peace. Anglo american relations and Western thus be put to hard test at the big three Bermuda meeting. Disagreement Between the two countries has been steadily mounting since the death of the inauguration of Moscow s current peace Coffen thex la meet again Dwight d. Eisenhower was still president elect when British prime minister Winston Church ill visited him in new York last january. They la meet again this month i Bermuda for a big three conference. 3. America s High Tariff poll experts on russian strategy by or As britons see it the prob fear that what the Kremlin i Lem of Trade not hoped would happen is actually 4. Britain s insistence on Trad happening. The u. And with red nations the two wartime allies and key sir Winston will also make a nato Powers seem to be fall ing out. The recent russian moves in Korea Austria and Germany make it Plain that the Kremlin is Bent on exploiting Anglo american friction in order to Widen the split in the Western coalition. Moscow s primary objective is to impede the formation of the european defense Community and prevent West German integration into Western Europe. -6 four Basic issues will Divide the u. And Britain at the Bermuda meeting 1. When and How to dear with Russia. 2. Britain s demand for the admission of red China into the United nations. Bid for world leadership at Ber Muda. Britain is wary of the Republican administration s for eign policy. If the British can no longer be sole leaders they want at least to be with the u. S., co leaders in the Settle ment of world especially far Eastern questions. The future of Anglo american relations will depend in a Large measure on what agreement is reached on these issues. Prize haircut Asheville n. C. Awarded a prize Here yesterday for the Best haircut at the 25th annual convention of the associated master Barbers of North Carolina. The Winner Wade e. Barber a Barber from Char Lotte n. C. Russia retains tight hold says Adlaia Letour new York Adlai e. Stevenson summing up the findings of a five month Globe girdling tour of 30 countries declared today that despite Sta Lin s death and Domestic convulsions Russia still plans to Clamp a tight communist hold on the world. The soviet Union he has changed its tactics but not its goal. Stalin s methods have not paid off. Soviet pressure did not paralyse the free world but rather forged its Unity and re armed As a result he said we can expect More Subtle More challenging More divisive always with the same goal of world domination. We can expect communists to encourage and exploit every sign of weak Ness distrust misunderstanding or jealousy Between us and our neighbors they will probe the soft spots in the free nations and tempt the backward areas with both economic and emotional lures. And they will try to invade with he said. Because of this Stevenson wrote in an article in the cur rent Issue of look Magazine the free world cannot afford to relax. A firm Western stand has made peace More secure and lessened the possibility of an outbreak of world War Iii Ste Venson said but he added the free non communist far from being a Happy team. Already it is rent with conflict and ill the 1952 democratic presidential candidate said he found America s prestige on the de Cline. 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