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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 9, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeDrive in Triangle theatre tonight Apache Drums with Stephen Mcnally Coleen Gray Fox today James Dunn the Golden Glove Story a y l o Gate City. A. Today James Ellison in i walked with a Zombie tonight longhorn wild Bill Elliott tues. Wed. Thurs. Adventures of Don Coyote starring Richard Martin Frances Gaffe hot also dangerous intruder starring Charles Arnt Ann Borg Box office open All Star comedy latest world news Bright spots Schenectady n. Y. Union College added another to Ita endowment fund today because it prevented a promising Young Man from be coming a soda Jerk 71 years ago. The College Bailey a scholarship in 1881. Bailey was graduated near the top of class and became a wealthy real estate broker. In announcing the gift Bailey said he probably would have been a soda Jerk had he not received the scholarship. He and his wife have previously Given Union about death from the plane fragments strike into crowd with an Earth showering Impact As the explosion of Britain s dehavilland 110 Jet fighter in supersonic at a crowded Farnborough England air show kills 27 persons including the plane s Crew of larger pieces of debris can be seen on either Side of Earth spout As ducking others Frozen into Impact. This picture was made by an Amateur photographer. A wire photo via radio from London manners lacking at College says elderly student Athens Ala. Group of old timers who have passed 85 and Are returning to College to rub the rust off think too Many of today s students were brought up on comic books and Lack Good manners and morals. The elderly students offered some caustic comments on to Day s panty Rall no collegians As they lined up to enrol at ath ens College. William t. Morgan a Spry 75 year old Spanish War Veteran lamented the absence of High standards of conduct that were required when he attended col lege As a youngster. The first thing freshmen deny . Officials have urged use of China nationals in Korea red czechs use food rationing to enforce rules new named York a horse wot a tie caused the Aqueduct track to pay off on two daily doubles because it finished in a dead heat with another thoroughbred. Wot a tie lived up to his name by finishing in a tie with go a bit in the first race both horses figured in the daily double with the Winner of the second race. It it Jasper Ala. Churches planned to play Chimes hourly throughout voting in a whisky referendum today to Farouk seeks Houm Isle of Capri Italy w former King Farouk of egy Ift i told newsmen Hopes to Gettle in Italy and in the mar tet for a House. By Richard o Regan Vohnna if it they Don t want to work in factories and farms czechoslovak housewives without children May be denied food and clothes by the communist government. The country s few remaining housewives and Small shopkeepers also have been denied food ration cards and soap. A new directive says that food and clothes ration cards can be withdrawn from those persons who refuse to do work they have been asked to do in the interest of the czech czech newspapers report. The hardships caused by the no work no food order an women found their Way to the newspaper Ledove democratic. A worker wrote my wife is aged 50. She is now deprived of her ration Book because she could not go to the collective farm to help with the sugar beet crop. She could not because she is sick has High were taught in my Day was Good morals and gentle he said. I m sorry you Don t see that ill Wager not one third of to Day s College graduates could get on a Rostrum and read a news paper column intelligently to an Morgan continued too Many modern students Are brought up on comic Morgan jumped at the Chance return to College when offi gals Here offered a special pro ram for oldsters Over 65. He lans to take English and Cre Tive writing to help him on a historical novel he is writing. Mrs. Lotta Higgins a 72-year ild retired Michigan school Eacher who will concentrate on paving near completion summer paving projects in Kingsport Are practically completed and plans Are underway to finish a Large part of the City s sewer projects before cold weather Charles k. Marsh pub Lic works director said tuesday. Marsh said Only final cleaning and dressing of parkways re Mains to Complete work on streets included in this year s construction program. Although work on pipelines is proceeding More slowly. Marsh said the construction of Sevier Terrace trunk sewer should be finished by late fall. He explained that the depth of ditch and excessive Rock has delayed the project. Alley construction co. Are contractors for the Job. Church members to Pray that be Gal liquor will not be sold in Walker Tokyo woman voter proposed today a three Point clean election Standard for candidates in the japanese parliamentary election oct. 1. Eau i blood and takes care of ta1peh, Formosa two top u. S. Officials in Formosa to in a letter to the new5paper Day denied a report that u. S. Manichi she suggested Candi military officials Here had dates recommended use of chinese nationalist troops in Korea. Maj. Gen. William c. Chase head of the military assistance advisory group also re fused to discuss the matter say ing it s a red hot political ques Howard p. Jones charge d affaires added to his denial i believe we recommended the u. N. Accept the offer of nationalist troops shortly after it was made in 1950. Since then it has been discussed unofficially but never on official or even serious a High u. S. Official in for Mosa told the associated press yesterday that u. S. Military officials had recommended use of nationalist soldiers. The official who declined use of his name Wayne construction co the. Recommendation natural history modern students studies said Are not drilled n fundamentals but she thinks Young people turn out about the ame As we did in my mrs. B. H. Sargent 70, of Russellville Ala., is returning to col Ege because she is weary of be no retired and wants to get he rust rubbed off she plans courses in English literature and religion and tie Duel at Silver Creek coslor cartoon and news filmed in Thi wilderness of Georgia s okie Inokai swampland Kan Jeffrey non stance Peters Hunter Smith lure of the wilderness technicolor Friday began work at Kenwood or. On individual severing of streets to tie in with the interceptor sewer serving the Forest area Marsh said. He added that Clinchfield Concrete co., contractors for the interceptor line have started a second work Crew at Sherwood Road in order to Complete the Section at Sherwood Road and across Johnson City Highway be fore Winter weather begins. Would be approved regardless of who wins the coming u. S. Presidential election. In Washington american diplomatic officials said they will continue to oppose use of nationalists in Korea. Idleness blamed for alcoholism must not keep concubines. Must not drink liquor out i. 2. Side their Homes. 4. Must turn Over their entire income to their wives. Bethlehem a. Land Rebert gave a detective an unexpected answer yesterday when he was asked Why he tried to Rob a Bank. Rebert overpowered by Bank president Fred t. Bechtel after he had pulled a toy pistol while inquiring about a loan told the detective he had hoped to take Why the detective asked. Who Rebert an swered. Two other members of my fam the communist editor ignored the plea and commented bureaucratically the local authority has the right to refuse a ration to anyone who refuses to help on the the paper also disclosed that the ministry of Interior has excluded from food and soap rations All Houa owners receiving More than month and Small businessmen employing anyone older than 18 if they Are members of his own family. Members of his family also Are refused ration cards if they Are not employed did you want that promises to be a very dignified lady student in quest of intellectual she would t predict her grades because i Haven t studied in so mrs. Sargent has requested a dormitory room on the first floor because she has a stiff Morgan wants to live in a Dor Mitory with the kids too so he can take part in Bull sessions. Almost perfect shying involves a love Triangle Baltimore Al most perfect murder shaped up Oday As a love Triangle involving an attractive new York business As far More Han a casual of g. Edward Grammer. Grammer 35-year-old" executive in a new York Metal and mining firm is charged with tilling his wife Dorothy aug. 20 and sending her body hurtling Down a Steep Hill in her car to make the death look like an Accident. State attorney Anselm Sodaro identified the key witness As Mary Matthews a slim 28-year old Brunette. Sodaro said she was far More than a casual acquaintance of Grammer and she would be a Central figure in the state s Case. Sodaro refused to identify miss Matthews further than to say that she comes from a Good family background and holds Paris says drinking is French doctor a problem be a Resk sible position in new she is not the Type usually connected with a Case of this the prosecutor said. Sodaro who declined to reveal miss Matthews address or occupation because of local court rules said the Young woman did not work with Grammer. Miss Matthews was the Only witness As the state went before a grand jury yesterday to seek a murder indictment against Grammer. Sodaro said other wit Nesses will appear tomorrow. After testifying for nearly an hour before the grand jury miss Matthews was released on bail As a material witness. Grammer was arrested and held without Ball for grand jury action after a medical examiner reported his wife the Mother of three Young daughters had been bludgeoned to death. Cause most people do not know what to do with their or. Paul Perrin professor in the school of Medicine at Nantes France addressed a meeting of the 24th International Congress against alcoholism. There is a social habit of passing the Idle moment in bars Perrin said. Perrin s solution never of Fer or take a drink Between actress funeral new York Ger Trude Lawrence will be buried to Morrow in a dress she wore in the King and the final Triumph of an International career Cut Short by cancer. Now Warner you John Wayne am new Short hit Nancy Olson James feature at Clown on the farm news tonight soldiers three adventures of 3 British army privates and their two com manding officer in India. The 3 arc always in trouble but Good soldiers in time of stress. Stewart Granger Walter Pidgeon David Niven Gate City Highway Cabinet resigns Beirut Lebanon anon s Cabinet resigned today in a Reform wave inspired by the coup of egyptian Strong Man Gen. Mohammed Naguib in Cairo. Meets tomorrow Circle 1, Church Hill a pcs will meet wednesday at with mrs. John Kincaid and mrs John Davis As co hostess. Kingsport drive in theatre Greeneville hwy., Opp. Area a tonight Kingsport times tuesday sept. 8, 1952 7 mi1 Mil i Loans a i u i i a ii h 1 k Marl t i1 in the Public the aim of the decree is Force the remnants of the mid dle class out of business. Denied official rations at Low prices they must go to the High priced Black Market for their supplies. In this Way they run the Dan Ger of arrest and jail for Black marketing and at the same time deplete their funds and their resistance to the communist aim of bringing everyone up to the worker level. I Little of eve a Little Delilah and who just can t Lawford Humphrey Fitt Arini Bogart Hepburn Fri Caln starts a Tiv i con Al z our Tom a Mot Mia it Tigh Uff Ince iffy Al Fuff Loffl Eli to Etta. Oak Flo Stewart wednesday morning special on this Quality automatic pop up toaster Dobyns Taylor gift

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