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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 9, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee10 tuesday sept. 9, 1952 Kingsport times Berlin Germany a pretty Model dries her self off after a dip from her combination tent and rubber Dinghy. The Dinghy is divided into two equal parts to form the Walls of the tent while a Canvas Sheet attached around the two halves serves As top Back and front cover for the boat tent. After roughing it for a night she simply folds the tent Back to a Dinghy and saddles borne. Boyle s column new York Jones the Bric a Brac dealer had noticed the two Young friends for years. They had made a habit of Pur suing their lunch hour stroll to look at the curios in his win Dow. One Day they entered his shop and the Short thin Young Man said brusquely those two Little Stone statues in the see old Jones took a Strong Dis like to him and decided he liked the other Young Man who stood in silence half smiling. Jones lifted the two objects from the window. The first was incredibly ugly with a face contorted in mad rage. The second was of a girl incredibly cent. Fair and inno they Are forgotten tribal explained Jones. The one with the grouch on is hrad the god of vengeance. The legend is that if you Pray to hrad he will destroy anyone you want put out of the Way. The girl is Aloma. Goc Dess of love. Pray to her and you can win any woman s those who worshipped her the tall Young Man picked up Aloma. The thin Young Man picked up hrad and a Specula Tive look came into his eyes. I like he said. He fascinates you ought to go More for Aloma said his Friend. Hesitated old Jones he s bristled the Young Man. Hate is always More expensive than said Jones Don t really want to sell hrad i Don t really believe in legends but i am old enough to know that bad thoughts always bring bad Luck to someone. Hrad does no harm Here where i can watch said the Young Man. An expression of utter evil came Over his face As the old Man reluctantly Bent to wrap his Purchase. Jones glanced up and saw it and Shook his head. Summer passed and then the Winter and Jones saw no More of the two Young friends. Then on a Spring Day the thin Young Man came in again alone. Smiling he untied a Little Par cel and put the Small ugly god of hate on the counter. I Don t need hrad he said. I want to Trade him Back to you for i m glad of said the old dealer. Will Aloma melt the heart of i m married her but As a and Don t Bachelor need she might be Able to help you. What would you want hrad for any Way you Don t hate anybody everybody has a reason for hating somebody said the Short Man. A Young asked the Young Man cheerfully. They say she Jones said. But i Don t guarantee As he wrapped the tiny god Dess Jones asked by the Way where is your Friend the one you called you mean my former part said the thin Ydung Man and paused. He died. Quite the old Man looked at the Young Man and the Young Man s eyes shifted under his stare. Silently Jones unwrapped Aloma and put her Back in the win Woods discovers housewives split on Price controls Fresno Calif 03p Federal Price Boss Tighe e. Woods knows if he did t know before that Price controls Are a controversial subject among House Ives. Woods subjected himself to a heated two hour session Here yesterday in which some 400 women gave him their views on the value of controls. The meet ing was the first of several Woods plans throughout the country. The sentiment was so divided that Woods commented i see this is still a country of one group told the new pries chief controls at the consumer level were the housewife s last stand in the Battle against inflation. Another asked even stronger controls. Those opposing controls branded them in american and unnecessary. Several women declared Competition and the Law of Supply and demand would take care of rising Procas if controls were lifted. They also de cried the Cost of administering controls which an Ops official Sai d amounted to 50 cents per capita per year. Mrs. Thomas la Faut was just As positive controls should be retained. I Don t think this is the time to rely on the Law of Supply and demand to take prices she said. If inflation continues the Cost of defense mob will go up and that will come out of our youth cofcf.es7 body of Mot her while fishing Stroudsburg a. Nowicki family s vacation ended in tragedy yesterday. Or. And mrs. Walter Nowicki and their two sons Joseph 28, Ana Leonard 18, of Plains were staying at a cottage at nearby Lake Tobyhanna a Pocono Mountain resort. It was a perfect Day for fish ing. Leonard went Down to the Lake to catch some Bass for Din area soldiers arrive in . Tennes see military District said monday the following Kingsport and area soldiers have arrived at san Francisco from the far East aboard the uses general Nelson m. Walker Cpl. Ralph l. Barrett 1241 Bristol Highway Kingsport a sgt. Logan c. Fletcher West Moreland ave. 2500, Kingsport sgt. William Mcdaniel 2216 Sherwood Road Kingsport Cpl. Robert a. Route 4, Church Hill Cpl. Charles e. Mcconnell 303 e. Myrtle Avenue Johnson City and pfc. Samuel d. Redd 332 Johnson City. Famine strikes in lost among the headlines about the political Campaign the cold War and the bet War it the news that once again famine is taking its deadly toll in India. Commonplace Are sights like that woman lying i the Street dying of starvation in the utter Pravesh Gora Khapur distort. This i one of 11 districts in the famine area where crop fail ures have caused widespread misery and uncounted deaths. New egyptian Cabinet okays land reforms political party shakeup parties with of dissolving Cairo Egypt Day old Cabinet led by Strong Man maj. Gen. Mohammed Naguib today okayed army backed measures cutting up the nation s big landed estates and reorganizing political the eventual aim those now existing. The 51-year-old army com Mander s new government announced after a session in egyptian that it had approved legislation limiting ownership of arable land to 200 acres per person. In a statement issued after the meeting Naguib described the legislation As the first step to wards rebuilding Egypt s social and economic the powerful army chieftain who became sole ruler of Egypt by talking Over the premiership sunday f following the resignation of Premier Aly Maher added More weight to his already extensive authority today. A Royal decree issued by the authority of the Regency coun for the infant named Naguib Cabinet today Calls for expropriation of All land above 200 acres under single ownership within five years. One fifth of the total is to be taken Over each year. Other provisions include expropriated landowners will Dow. They handed Back the John thanked old Jones and the Young Man Flushing they left. J the goddess of love int for Are you cried just before the store closed that evening the thin Young Man entered alone. He asked the Price of that Little we saw it s said the dealer reaching for Aloma. Her the other exclaimed George immediately. Stevenson plans to visit Virginia Richmond Campaign aide of nov. Adlai Stevenson said monday that Richmond is definitely on the list of cities the democratic presidential Nomi Nee will visit. At Springfield 111., where Ste Venson has his Campaign head quarters a spokesman said it is most Likely he will visit Virginia during a Southern tour in octo Ber. Democratic Campaign officials in Springfield and Washington said it appeared definite that Stevenson would not make the Virginia trip next possibility advanced sunday by state democratic chairman Nel son Parker of Richmond. Parker had said he hoped the Illinois governor could speak in Roanoke and Norfolk As Well As Richmond. At Seattle the Campaign aide said he did not know whether Roanoke and Norfolk Are on the list of cities Stevenson will visit Gen. Eisenhower the Republican nominee is scheduled to make a four Stop trip through the state sept. 26. He will speak briefly at Roanoke Lynchburg and Petersburg and deliver a major address in Richmond. Meantime Parker monday named former state sen. John j. Wicker jr., to be in charge of speakers and radio television advertisement for the democratic Campaign in Virginia. Wicker served in the same capacity for sen. Byrd during the july Pri Mary. Wicker quickly followed up his appointment by saying the democrats would adopt an All out radio and to Campaign to try to awing the state behind Steven son in november. Said old Jones. You wanted hrad and now you will have to live with him. Hrad never leaves a heart he Kingsport today Taes Dar cd rec auditorium a. I. I. E. In club rooms. Girl scouts in Corner room parliamentary procedure in Corner room. Don last recreation Center outdoor Active tree club organisation game room wedge near Ciric Aadla Lorham wrestling in main auditorium. Shower party in club rooms. Shower party in Corner room. Doul Laai recreation cuter outdoor Active Tom club organization game activities thursday Cilc auditorium do Alfasi recreation Center outdoor act Voles game room activities club organization Friday Cilc Aldo Orlim football frolics in entire building. Domini recreation Center outdoor activities club organization game room activities to. Saturday cd rec Aldo Torino no activities scheduled. Dom lass recreation Center outdoor activities sunday Clivle Zodl Orlam great books in Corner Boom. Shower party in club rooms. Ner. After trying his Luck at sever Al spots he caught his line on a cumbersome object beneath the surface. Reeling and tugging a couple of times the horror stricken youth suddenly discovered his Hook was caught on the body of a Mother. Monroe county Coroner Wil Liam a. Anderson said the Wom an apparently lost her footing while walking along the Lake front and fell into 10 feet of water where she drowned. Kingsport Veteran returns fro Korea sgt. William i. Larkins u. S. Army recently returned from Korea is spending a thirty Day leave with his family at route 1, Church Hill. Sgt Larkins has been assigned to fort Knox ky., pending receipt of assignment orders from the department of the army. Loans Homi insurance cil functioning King Fuad a military governor of Egypt under the martial Law proclaimed following the Jan. 26 fire riots in Cairo. Naguib also Heads the War and Navy ministries in his own Cabi net and is commander in chief of the armed forces. He led the army coup which ousted King Farouk july 26. The measure approved by the. Devoe paint Roberts Johnson lumber company supplies 451 w. Mph run Street beginning tonight at . At Parson s memorial Church Oft Bloomb fable in Thomaa addition special storing each night visiting minister Rev. Fgeorge Coone everyone is invited be entitled to pensions amount ing to ten times the rental value of their land. These pensions will be payable by government Bills Over 30 years. Landowners however also Are Given the right to sell their lands before they Are taken Over by the government. Musl not exceed 10 times its Renta value. The measure provides for jail sentences of up to three years for persons who i All to comply with regulations of the redistribution program. The Law reorganizing political parties decrees that All persons convicted of crimes abuse of of fice illegal profiteering and illegal acceptance of financial re wards from foreign government or organizations serving foreign nations shall be deprived of All political rights. The new measure provides for the creation of political parties under specific regulations and one 01 top ten criminals caught Beaver Fri announced Early today the capture of one of the nation s to most wanted criminals. He was identified As Leonard Joseph Zalutsky 37, formerly of Allen town a. Fred Hallford Agen in charge of the Pittsburgh Obj office said Zalutsky was taken into custody tonight by Detec Tiye Theodore Smith at Beave Falls. Zalutsky was serving a life sen tence for the murder of a Miami police officer when he escaped from the state prison at Railford fla., on sept. 1, 1951. Magnolia ave. Five children die in Hospital Blaze Sydney Australia european immigrant children believed to be suffering from polio or Scarlet fever perished today in a fire that swept through an immigrant Camp Hospital at toners near Mel Bourne. Author announces new York How Ard fast announced yesterday his candidacy for Congress from the 23rd the Bronx the american labor party ticket. He said he would be a Peac candidate. Mccarthyism is me in crusade Zylke Spackman Jefferson City to. In sen. John Sparkman today called mccarthyism the moral Iole in Gen. Dwight d. Eisen Hower s so called great Cru the Alabama Democrat he party s candidate for vice presi Dent did t specifically name sen. Mccarthy a wis but said the Issue of mccarthyism is in a sense related to the Issue of honesty in he told the platform Conven Tion of Missouri s democratic state committee in a prepared speech that some republicans Are willing to smear All Public servants with the sins of a few. There were 555 embezzle ments in the Banks of this coun try in 1950 alone and no one Hai yet suggested that All the Bank ers be turned out Sparkman defined Mccarthy ism As the vicious Slaughter of innocent reputations behind the cloak of senatorial the democrats Sparkman said Are the ones who really have found and taken action against any dishonesty in for Ern ment. Backer Bros. Phot it declares that existing should singly. Be reorganized parties Accord in Kingsport your new Purina dealer Holston feed and farm Supply temporarily located at 820 Bristol Highway free delivery phone 2611 new Beauty old furniture Why buy new make your old Good As new at half the easy terms. From thru sept. 20th tour Choice of from our some anally priced High As 112.50 cd. Kingsport upholstering go. Upper Circle Bristol Highway phone 2267 j. T. To treasure always a distinctive photograph by All i surant Agency 214 Cumberland phone Morelock bldg. Phone 622 311 Cherokee St. Compare Winkler Oil floor furnaces with any other Furnace on the Market before our Cut Oraen Are reporting their Mill run from to but heating season. 60.0m b. I. U. Winkler Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Circo latent fan 1. Forced draft fan met set talc 4. Automatic controls s Oil tank installed Complete Only per month no Down months to Pax Southern Sheet Metal works 1m e. Sullivan St. At five Points phone 135 Highway traffic has increased steadily a weight and volume. Yet for More than a Quarter of Century thousands of Miles of Portland Cement con Crete pavement have continued to Render uninterrupted Tow Onn of Cort carrying most of the heaviest traffic year after year. Concrete meets every exacting requirement of mod Ern Highway traffic it lasts for decades. It costs Little to maintain. Its Gritty texture is geared to tires for Quick Safe stops. It increases Highway visibility. What s More Concrete meets these requirements that s of interest to you who pay the or. It s your gasoline taxes Yow License fees other taxes that pay for paving. Insist on Concrete pavement to get the for your paving dollars. Portland Cement association smi., a Tom. A notional organization to improve and ext id Woi of Portland Eon Walt and through and work you Are looking at 211 men what you see is Only 1 Man. But he and every equivalent in electric Power of 210 More worker in America has the strength of 211 men. To help him. Where that strength came from is the Story of Freedom. Electricity increases production and productivity makes a nation prosperous Happy Strong. It was the Freedom of thought and action that electricity can help to keep America free from Concrete is the Low annual Cost pavemen1 turned the dreams of men like Edison and Westinghouse into practical realities. It was that same made millions of americans give their time and Energy and Money to develop electric Power. Progress is nourished by Freedom. Under our american system the electric Power Industry has been free to develop and expand. That is Why each american worker today has the american and electric system aggressors but Freedom within America is your Job. It will remain As Long As you and millions of americans wee you want it to. Guard it Well for it is too precious to lose. Vote in every election on every Issue. Your voice will be heard. Kingsport utilities

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