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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 9, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonrise . Last Quarter wednesday night visible planets Venus Low in West . Saturn sets . Mars Low in Southwest . Jupiter rises . And tonight begins to move Westward among stars in Aries. All times Eastern Standard Ion sport times tie a Saffier fair and warmer tonight fair wednesday. Last night s Low 52 yesterday s High 86 noon Reading 70. Vol. Xxxviii no. 181 Kingsport tuesday sept. 9, 1952 10 pages five cents lag in spending May soon affect . Businesses expert says Golden Stream of defense i dollars Levels off Washington govern Ament economist says the Golden tide of defense dollars is leveling off far ahead of May Wash some of the props from under business in the pro Cess. Robert c. Turner a new member of president Truman s three Man Council of economic advisers gave this Surprise appraisal yesterday As he took his oath of office. In a Brief speech and later in an interview Turner told of new government studies which he said show that defense spend ing and production already have virtually reached their Peak. Earlier forecasts by Truman and his mobilization chiefs had indicated a steady continued expansion As Well As current been a big Stim ulus to business. Turner 44-year-old business professor at Indiana University pictured the nation As standing now at a Crossroads where it must face an end to further Stantial increases in defense far reaching effects on business and on the vast program by which the govern ment attempts to guide the econ omy. As Turner put it this Means it will be a difficult and Deli Cate Job to maintain our pres ent at another Point he said continued growth and stability will require eco nomic statesmanship of the highest one offshoot of the new Situa said the seven men died of exhaustion and effects of drinking sea Tion Turner medicate i might be All saved As liner . Princess Kathleen flagship of the Canadian Pacific lines Points her a damaged Bow High in the air As she slips off the rocks and sinks after running aground at Lena Point near Juneau alas a. Not a person of 415 aboard was lost. The Kathleen was bound from Juneau for Skagway and was a mile and a half off course when it crunched onto a reef. A wire photo thirst killed 7 in Stormy seas Norfolk. A. Thirst and the ordeal of clinging Lor two Days to a life boat in Stormy seas killed seven crewmen from the Tanker foundation Star a survivor said today. Pedro Machado one of 21 survivors from the Gale broken Tanker state primaries take spotlight from Ike Adlai republicans Maine Victory Edge Down by the associated press eight state deciding the political future of gop sen. Joseph r. And decisive returns from Maine s showdown election shifted the political spotlight allies Down 7 red migs damage 12 Seoul Korea nations Jet planes destroyed or damaged 19 communist Mig-15 fighters today when 160 of the russian built jets tried in vain to Stop an Allied air assault on a sorties Over the targets scoring water in the last hours before Rescue. Thank Harlan jury s action quashed Middleton get new god i m the hearing in slaying Winchester Harlan county by. Up murder a conspiracy indictment against Merle set the and Logan Middleton was aside Here yesterday and wiry dark haired quartermaster told his rescuers. The Waves so High and the thirst it was Machado a honduran and gusto mate Rosa a greek were plucked from their swamped life boat by the Navy attack trans port Hollis and brought to the u. S. Marine Hospital Here for emergency treatment. With them the Hollis also found two bodies bringing to three the known dead of the disaster off the Carolina coast Early saturday in the Wake of Hurricane the norwegian freighter Emu was putting into new York with a further easing of direct controls on prices wages and materials. Instead of asking the Public to spend less the govern ment might encourage More private buying to try to keep justness growing. Another effect if the outpouring of defense outlays Levels off at present rates would be a reduction in the government budget considerably under present estimates. We had an expanding econ see business Page 3 late bulletins Case now is being considered by 19 others 18 taken from a Sec a Clark county Gravid jury. Life boat and one rescued the surprising turn of events came when defense attorneys moved for quashing of the indictment on three Points. The motion was granted by circuit judge w. J. Baxter after Commonwealth s attorney r. R. Craft of Winchester offered no opposition. The prosecutor agreed not to oppose the move if the judge would Send the Case to the grand jury. This the judge did Taining the motion after a Brief hearing. The Case was sent Here from Harlan on a change of venue. The two wealthy and Politi Cally Strong Middleton Brothers were accused in the original har Lan indictment of conspiring Claude Beach and others to kill Avery Hensley a former Harlan policeman. Hensley was slain last april 24 in Harlan and Beach was later see Middleton Page 3 it no polities Rule lifted for 1952 races Knoxville can and democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates will be Able to use the University of Tennessee auditorium this year As a result of a ruling by the u. T. Board of trustees yesterday. The Board without a dissent ing vote lifted the no polities Rule where Standard bearers for the first and second highest political offices in the nation from both parties Are concerned. The new ruling allows Candi dates to speak in the Jarge auditorium in Case bad weather pre vents outside talks. The request to remove the ban was submitted to University president c. E. Brehm by Guy l Smith editor of the Knoxville journal and Republican stat chairman. Invitations to. The presidential nominees of both parties to come Here will be extended by the Knoxville chamber of com Merce chamber president Hal from the panamanian Tanker after it was broken amidships. Another taken from the vessel led afterwards Amarillo Tex. Cratic gov. Allan Shivers urged his followers today to Lead a i America statuesque Neva Jane of Macon ga., miss America of 1953, warmed the Chilly Beach at at lactic City As she posed for pictures after winning the Beauty pageant title from 51 other contestants. The 19 year old Georgia miss takes Over from Colleen Hutchins 1952 ruler from Utah. A wire photo Taft poses big decision to Ike support of senator could be expensive Washington up Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower faces a major strategy decision when he sits Down within the next few Days to discuss with sen. Robert a. Taft the ohioan s role in the presidential Campaign. The Republican then must resolve conflicting opinion in his own Camp As to whether an attempt to enlist Taft s All out help to try to mend the Taft Eisenhower split in the party will be Worth the Cost he will be called upon to pay. The Cost will come in demo cratic charges that Eisenhower has allowed himself to become a captive of the Taft Wing on Domestic and foreign policies that fight against Adlai Stevenson in the general s backers denounced Texas and freed them to vote he was nominated. Ticu o.1 wetly Al see ordeal Page 111 a Achi Iube acc in at the democratic state Conven called upon the convention Allen to Rule make it Plain that every i texan is legally and morally free to vote against Stevenson. N insurance hits Costa Rica san Jose Costa Rica an Shook san Jose to Nashville m. O. A broken water main a Len state insurance to be the principal dam sooner will Rule tomorrow on no loss of life was reported. Application by the National Volcano 50 Miles North Reau of casualty of san Jose was reported for state automobile rate increases estimated to a gives up the increase if granted to. Average 30 per cent for the by exhaustion an by injury Type of car Aber Tondo gave up today and 40 per cent for the Miles Short in his bid for a damage Type Allen said non Stop swimming time for would vary in different 292 Miles of Mississippi of the Between St. Louis and Here. At a three hour hearing kills 90 the proposed increases Yugoslavia up Day Allen said he believes police reported today that 90 insurance Rule should be were killed when a Pas Vised to Reward the sate boat Sank in the Danube an underwriters in a sudden storm. An James r. Mcwilliams of 30 were saved. York said companies automobile insurance could threaten gis this. However said he up russian troops not believe accidents would communist police armed reduced thereby and that Tommy guns threatened ministrative costs of such a jeep loads of american Gram would be so High who tried to pass would be Little actual saving to a Highway Check the Safe West of Berlin today. Hoover reports increases Washington Fri of local state and fed Rector j. Edgar Hoover said agencies with the Aid of Day that a continuing Alliance Innel a Tanta inn apr his Ron Vintin the alternative would be to in a keynote speech Legate Taft to a provincial role Dwight d. Eisenhower. From presidential candidates to voters today. Democratic presidential Nomi Nee Adlai Stevenson moves into California and his Republican opponent Gen. Dwight d. Eisen Hower Heads for Indianapolis but interest temporarily Cen tired on these developments Maine which has t elected a Democrat to major office since 1934 or backed a presidential Winner since 1928, elected by substantial margins a u. S. Sena Tor governor and three u. S. Republicans. Winners in yesterday s race first 1952 collision of republicans and democrats in the nation were for Frederick g. Payne for m. Cross for Congress Robert Hale Charles p. Nelson and Clif Ford g. Mcintire All incumbents. G. O. P. National committee chairman Arthur e. Summer Field promptly issued a state ment in Washington saying the vote was an indication of a lat ent landslide sentiment in the United states for a Complete change in he said the margin of Victory in the congressional races was higher than in 1950. However the percentage fell Short of the total vote rolled up in 1948, last presidential year. What the vote Means nation to be seen. Gop leaders had called for As big or bigger majority than in 1948 and apparently fell Short of this goal. Today s primaries were in wis Consin Arizona Colorado new Hampshire Minnesota Utah Vermont and Washington. See rootless rage 3 . Howard Dies in Florida former businessman of Kingsport was 54 s. Bachman Howard 54, Lor North korean military Academy. Allied f-86 Sabre jets knocked Down seven migs and damaged 11 More while an f-84 Thunder Jet fighter bomber accounted for the 12th damage claim. The Sabre Mig duels came while Thunder jets from two fighter bomber wings roared Over the military Academy at Takchu deep Northwest Korea Only 39 Miles from the chinese As soon As the Allied fighter the Allied planes caught the reds Ferris Fly repairing damage inflicted in a previous attack july 4. F-84 pilots flew More than 80 97 direct hits. Billowing Clouds of Black smoke hid the school and presented a full estimate of damage. Today s claim of 19 migs gave Allied pilots their Best Day of Mig Hunting in september and brought the enemy Jet toll for the month to 29 destroyed one probably destroyed and 29 dam aged. Communist base at Manchuria. Untung bombers began dropping High i explosives on the military school the Mios flew the Kalu River from their base at an Tung. Immediately they ran into a ring of Sabre jets screening the slower fighter bombers. It was a Beautiful Day up for Mio maj. Richard Ayersman of Sacra mento calif., said. Other u. N. Warplanes hurled bombs rockets and flaming jellied gasoline on chinese communists holding Capitol Hill in an attempt to soften them up for a counterattack by South korean soldiers. Shooting Stan Mustangs and f-84 Thunder jets took part. Although the reds were tem see War Page 3 the Chance that two Bator s i me Kingsport businessman died the convention in a Sarasota fla., race was this Wisconsin votes today to decide Mccarthy future communist fighting senator is favored in bitter primary by Don Whitehead Milwaukee voters perhaps one million Strong went to the polls today to write an a fresh Start the Stormy political career of gop sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy. The Prospect of warm weather was expected to boost the Normal vote total by about in this primary election which has generated bitterness and controversy across the nation. The state s polling places were due to open about 8 a. M., and some of them were to re main open As late As 9 p. The Issue at stake was the methods used by Mccarthy in his drive against the communists he claimed were in the democratic administration. Some people saw this Campaign As the highest Type of others a smear Campaign recklessly tainting the charac ters of innocent people. Mccar thy s chief opponent was Leon Ard Schmitt an upstate attorney who relied on Marathon radio talks to carry his anti Mccarthy message to the people of Wisconsin. Four other opponents weren t expected to be any real Factor. Mccarthy was favored to win his second senatorial Nomina Tion. The unknown Factor in the Arthur coffin Hospital monday at 10 . Only mined not to permit himself to see Taft Page 3 Koimn is appointed juvenile Counselor City manager d. W. Moulton tuesday announced the appoint ment of Robert s. Domin As Kingsport juvenile Counselor. Or. Domin will succeed l. Thompson who resigned from the office several weeks ago. The new Counselor a graduate of Amherst College mass., has degree in juvenile correction at notre Dame University. He is expected to arrive in Kingsport by september 15. Mond night. Clark announced last Clark also said faculties of the office Here will be offered to local committees arranging for the appearances of sen. Richard m. Nixon and sen. John j. Sparkman a Ala vice presidential nominees and to the presidential nominees who accept invitations. Neces sary to combat disturbing up Ward crime trend. Hoover warned that National crime being assembled for the nest six months of this a continuing increase. The Public is becoming increasingly aware of the huge toll levied by crime in the United states and looks to the nation s Law enforcement agencies for militant action. Hoover said i am sure that we can do the Job by stepping up the present Kingsport. Howard was co founder of the present Howard Duckett com Pany and founder of the former Howai i office equipment com Pany now Copeland s. Following Sale of the latter business Here he was engaged in various hotel and tourist court enterprises in Florida and Virginia. Before retiring in 1951, he was proprietor of Howard Terrace a tourist Home on the Bristol Abingdon Highway. He made his Home at 735 main Street in Sarasota. He was a son of the late j. F. Howard and Rebeccah Warden i Howard Pioneer residents of sul completed work on a master s Slivan county. He was married to the former Edna Griffith of Roanoke a. Surviving Are the widow two see Howard Page 3 that the crime problem does not require establishment of a National police Force which is characteristic of the totalitarian he made the statement for the United press As aides told How the made its reputation in the gang Ridden Era of the stepped up its own Campaign against its old underworld enemies. The Fri s most recent uniform crime reports outline the crime problem. More recent local re ports underline it. See crime Page 3 How Many democrats had switched their vote to support see Mccarthy Page school Empl Hents Fere at record High superintendent of the Kings port City schools Ross n. Robin son announced tuesday that enrolment in City schools has in creased 361 As compared to the 1951 figure. The present enrolment said the school official is the largest in the history of the school pm. Superintendent Robinson Sale an expected further increase of students after the first week of school did not materialize. He explained there was usually an increase due to students return ing from vacations and Register ing late for their classes. Enrolment in City schools in sept. 1951, was whereas the present enrol men is Fca test enrolment. In City schools is As follows Lincoln Jackson 659 Washington two legged who really is a Nanny Goat was born with Only two stumps for Hind legs but can climb up and Down Steps and has no trouble at meal time. The month old Goat was rescued by Buddie Koontz 12, of Muncie ind., after a of neighbor had planned to destroy the animal. Now Billie is Buddie s pet. A wire photo coffin is named recreation head Jordan is elected commission Secretary by Bill Barnett times news writer Arthur coffin was elected chairman of the City recreation commission monday night re placing Arthur j. Doggett who resigned recently from the com Mission. William h. Jordan who was appointed to fill the commission vacancy was elected to replace coffin As Secretary. The com Mission adopted a Resolution of appreciation to Doggett for his service to the City. The new chairman appointed Jordan and mrs. S. L. Showker As a committee to work with the recreation department professional staff in planning the 1953 budget. One new item to be included 809 650 Douglas 242 Junior High and High school search for four escaped term. Convicts widens frightened citizens Over 120-mile area give fruitless leads Nashville citizens Over a 120-mile area kept police hopping today running Down so far fruitless leads in search for four escaped Ous negro convicts from state prison Here. Bloodhounds sniffed trails and posses beat Bushes near Nashville City limits in Corn Fields near Springfield 20 Miles Northeast and in Woods near Crossville 120 Miles to the East the convicts sawed their Way out of the prison sunday night two carloads of prison guards and state Highway patrolmen rushed to the Springfield Green Brier area last night alter rail Road workers and re ported seeing three negroes get Ting water at a Railroad signal House and later crawling through a Cornfield. About the same time hounds and eight patrolmen searched a wooded area near Crossville. Prison Warden Glenn Swap Ford personally directed the Hunt at Springfield for a time but later acting on other tips he shifted his hounds to a suburban Nashville area. The Davidson county Nash Ville sheriff s patrol dispatcher said that we had at least 100 Calls last night from persons saying they saw the convicts. Our cars were kept running at full Speed All the four convicts All negroes described As dangerous by Warden Glenn Are inthe Dudge probably will be a Grady Wyatt 28, Hamilton county Eugene Penn 34, urls provision in Park development funds to begin turning the old City dump site on West Center Street into Cloud Park. City manager d. W. Moulton reported final dumping operations now Are ending and that the upper half of the area filled in Sev eral years ago should be ready for preliminary development next year. The first step the commission decided informally probably will be to put a Fence around the entire site. A softball Diamond Tennis courts and playground Are among plans mapped for eventual development of the Park. And there has been some talk of including a swimming Pool. Among other business at its september meeting the recreation commission turned Down a request of the seventh Day adventists represented at the meeting by the Rev. E. R. Potter and h. C. Hughes to buy an acre of land Back of j. Fred Johnson Park for a Church building site. The see recreation Page 3 red prisoners Tough problem. To in by Phil Newsom United press foreign news editor in Korea the United nations have chinese prisoners of War they Don t know what to do problem is All the More with. The embarrassing because these prisoners represent the Crux of the korean Trace deadlock. If it weren t for the War might have been Over Long ago or at least some kind of a working truce arranged. These Are prisoners who sometimes in petitions written in their own blood have spelled out their determination never to return to the communists. And what once represented a tremendous propaganda and psychological Victory for the United nations now has become a two edged sword. United press correspondent Rutherford Poats in Tokyo asked at Gen. Mark Clark s Headquarters what the plans were for eventual disposition of the Chi Nese prisoners. He Learned that neither at Headquarters nor in has been de Vised for their resettlement once the prison Camp Gates Are opened. The heart matter is this most of the chinese were taken prisoner during the communists two abortive offensives in see prisoners Fage 3 Tol tenn., Lewis Bell 47, Shel by county and j. C. Atkins 44, see Manl rat Page . Korea seeks Aid for homeless people United nations n. Y. Reliable reports received Here to Day said the korean government is drafting a Strong demand to the u. N. Korean reconstruction Agency to do something to help it care for millions of War weary South koreans during their third War time Winter. Persons close to the situation in Korea said the korean government is appalled at the Prospect of going through the win Ter on the present schedule of Relief and reconstruction. The government estimates there Are 10 million refugees in its Borders. These persons said the South koreans want j. Donald Kings Ley agent general of the u. N. Korean reconstruction Agency Untra to move Hui principal Headquarters to Pusan so he can organize his work on the spot. A spokesman for Kingsley Here said the agent general has made five trips to Korea since receiving his appointment in 1951 and was planning to make another tour within 10 Days. So lunar tables rhe schedule of a lunar periods printed below Nas men taken from John Alder Knight s Soluha table flu you Days so that you will be Tosh tic to Good territory or Bunting 1st Good cow Dullni then tunes. If Rou Slih to find toe Best sport that each Day has be offer the major periods Are shown in boldface Type these be Fin at the times shown am last Tor u boor and half or two own hereafter the minor Are of no mar Type duration. Do i data Day tuesday wednesday thursday Friday saturday 134 j is 1-m i a Lake stages Lake Levels tuesday at Watauga 1i1t.1 Cherokee 1043.9

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