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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 8, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseePromote City health forum on cancer the Kier deathless Days City county 23 the most important Factor in automobile safety is the Driver. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 179 phone Circle 6-8131 Kingsport tenn., wednesday sept. 1954 28 pages five cents the weather Cloudy scattered this afternoon and tonight. Thurs Day Cloudy and cooler with possible and High around 80 tuesday s his i. 99 night s Low. Noon Reading "9 Trace of rain. Nationalist planes ships hit Chi a local doctors to head pane first health forum n pm import history killer on sep Coin pleiad pins for the vere announced today. A panel of Lociel doctors will Tom bar 23 at the civic auditorium. The Loren will be the Iii i of a series sponsored by the pm Spori and Larito sinuous wept and wept pm with the cooperation of the Sullivan Johnson county medical society. Panellists on cancer will include drs. W. E. Sentner. Moderator William Wiley. William in prison Allen Euni Robert Crimi Urisen. James Vermillion and Robert Jones. The of the forum is to bring to area residents an Opportunity to hear their doctors discuss health and to quiz their doctors with personal questions on the dreaded disease cancer. Questions will be written and mailed to the Kingsport times news or wept. Doctors participating in the forum will talk in laymen s language using latin phrases or complicated medical terms. The Selec Tion of panellists is by the medical society future health forums will be on the Miracle of childbirth and use and abuse of details on these panels and subjects will be released at a later Date. Similar forums in larger cities have been successful with capacity crowds on All selected subjects. Area residents will have their first Opportunity to hear answers to questions previously confined to living room discussions among laymen. The series is being promoted As a Public service for the listeners of wept and the readers of the times news. City to retain same tax rate by Bill Barnett w. E. Gardner local department store manager has been named a City lax same general chairman of this year s As last set by the Community Chest drive in Kribs Board of mayor and aldermen port Kermit Ridington executive director revealed wednesday acceptance serving Wilh Gardner will be Gardner is selected direct hits on 2 red gunboats for coming year o Ltd s Community Chest drive tuesday night. The action followed by the Board of a report from tax Paul Overbay commercial Cha Sonal property in the City at s41 trial chairman. _ that is an increase of si.690 434 Over the 1953 assessment of s39 veal so Aldington said. Gardner which ill turn was is 767 if was acl Lve in Community Chest above that of 1952. City manager a other cities coming d. W. Moulton said the loss of pm sport. Overbay served last each of the three have held offices in Chest drives in previous Industrial Plant from the City s tax Rolls kept the increase from being Uit Iii Ciriac Liuigi greater this year than last. Most of Nearist the Industrial solicitation your health forum Kingsport times news Kingsport Tennesee dear doctor my question on cancer is this mail now sign if you wish eight nations sign Seato Security pact by Robert Eunson Manila Oft nations of the East and the West signed a collective Security pact today which in effect warns the communists against any further aggression in Southeast Asia. It took just three Days for the United states France great Bri Tain. Australia. New zealand. Thai land. Pakistan and the Philippines to reach Complete Accord. I the treaty hangs a bit no tres passing sign on Small nations the area. It binds the beauties display charms in test this loss was offset by expansion of two other industries he said. The value of stocks of Merchan Dise on which and Valorme taxes Are paid is not included in the i assessment total. The total does include property on which assess year As head of the publicity com Mittee of the drive and Crosley committee in the 1952 and 1953 drives As Well As in tins year s Campaign. The 1954 Community Chest drive is slated to begin with the annual mass meeting on monday october 11, followed by the actual drive intents were made by the state on tuesday. October 12. A Railroad and Public utilities breakfast for Campaign workers is planned for inc slav Mission. Taxes from the real and per Sonal property assess Mem Are sex morning. Adding Ion said. Cross. This e. Gardner years Chest budget will probably be As in last year s Campaign i bounced at the end of this week.1 Paul Overbay ing on a tentative figure Ai and final meeting is planned for an Day night. By so excer Moosa Taipei. Formosa if. Chinese nationalist bombers streaked Over the China coast at Dawn today to team up with warships in a third straight Day of attacks on Poten tial red invasion bases near que Moy the defense ministry announced. Bombs and shells rained on red artillery batteries which have shelled the nationalist Island just off the coast and on bases where the communists May have been massing shipping for an invasion. The defense ministry said yesterday s assaults scored direct hits on 2 communist gunboats dam aged another Sank 4 motorized Junks and More than 10 wooden vessels. It said More than 100 Mil itary Junks were damaged. The attacks have concentrated on Amoy. Big communist Island base just a few Miles inshore from Quemoy and on nearby Island Strong Points a British freighter was caught executive director said i outer Harbor during Fri Community Chest vice president Aerial attack Bur i prom Winders is now actin. Capt d u Ullh Duma a peeled to bring in s1.038.m7 42. Of Wilio to 13.member com i a Drington said. He explained this. Week. Which already had been collected by August 26 under the City s plan of permitting property owners to pay their taxes in aril Vance if they wish and receive interest on them. The rest become due novem Ber 1. Under the present complicated system of municipal financing property taxes Are Only one though still the largest single one of 36 sources of Revenue to the City. Moulton distributed to the cil members copies of a mimeographed report listing them All. It showed a grand total of expect Able Revenue for the year of 125.87. This compares with 599.77 originally figured in the 1954 City budget. However expenditures also Are less than originally expected and now Are expected to reach Unity Chest agencies and the red followed by the the budget committee is now work selection of Volunteer workers the team captains will also be be head of the b e i Nan ill ?.un bullets and cause of the illness of Clarence lne vessel radioed Hong Bryan president Addington said. Politician says Dewey not dead by Jack Bell Washington Gen. Lawton refuses to testify of talks Washington sept. 8 Igen. Kirke n. Lawton refused to drawl of gov. Thomas e. Dewey Day to testify at the Mccarthy 594.35 by the end of the year compared with Origi Nally figured in the budget. From the new York governorship picture was regarded by most politicians Here As intended to be Only a temporary retirement from Active politics. These politicians inclined to the censure hearings conversation with concerning Brig. Gen. Ralph w. Zwicker. Sen. Mccar thy s counsel accused the army of definitely gagging the witness. Lawton. In refusing to testify Lllan Altru to ule k j View that Dewey Republican Nom about try conversation cued a ,044 ,040 presidential directive against Dis . Closure of private conversation Inee for president in has convinced himself that at the age of 52 he has one More such in his system. He announced in a statewide broadcast from new York last so the net surplus now that not under any Circum Moulton said is about s37.000. Will he be a candidate tally. He snid. The saving May be this fall for a fourth term As gov More if some expenditures Between Lernor or for any other office now and december 31 can he held within the executive department of the government. The retired general a Friend of Mccarthy said he was acting on advice he had obtained from ious counsel at the Pentagon. Edward Bennett Williams. Mccarthy s chief counsel declared thar any such advice would be Hurricane Heads for Nassau and South Florida Miami Pla. Was tense and expectant today As a Hurricane with winds up to 115 Miles an hour lashed the Eastern Bahamas islands and roared to Ward the Mainland. Hurricane Edna fifth of uie. Sea son was about 300 Miles East of Miami. It was moving Northwest at 10 to 12 mile an hour. South Florida was ordered to perhaps significantly he said Ini either incompetent or not in Good i stand by on the Alert for further segregation ban comes in focus by the associated press the Issue of Whites and negroes attending the same Public schools raged Iii the legislative Halls and the courts today from Mississippi in the deep South to the nation s capital. A decision of the . Supreme court last Spring outlawing school segregation touched off the con Kong today. The skipper of the 1.900-ton Inch Kilda reported that his ship was strafed and bombed by unidentified he asked Roy Al Navy Protection in Leavis or port and heading Back to Hong there was no indication what action if any the Navy would take. A spokesman in Hong Kong for Williamson and co. Owners of the in Ehilda said there were no casualties. Red c h i n a s piping radio claimed three nationalist planes were shot Down and 20 others were damaged in yesterday s attack on Amoy. An official army spokesman Here heatedly denied a published report saying there were indications the reds would try to storm Quemoy _ i m getting tired of denying one Troverso especially in the after said it. Gen where segregation has been prac iced Bank through the years and s required in several state constitutions. To Mississippi the legislature be ran work on plans to circumvent he supreme court ruling spurred by gov. Hugh White s convening message yesterday that we shall resist the decision by every Legal Means at our Atlantic City. N. J., sept. Ins Beautiful Iris i lured in every stale of the Union. Puerto Rico next to Chang i Ting. Batchelo used reefers As pow a proposed constitutional Amend Antonio Tex. Sept. Nur f a interest in the to give Testi mom concern Totev Wes a 8m cons Titu Claude Batchelor school in it it h government and enlightened any official conversations were old to Sta m legislature third confession said he con a shool equalization u n d. Which a Zwicker because of advice he said abolish Public schools in a last sintered suicide while he was n he had received Vesterdal that to Northern Bahamas were in ditch Effort to retain segregation of War in Korea and that do so would violate the Conn Over my Hurricane of Sanspr and was introduced in both houses. His discouragement led him to the common danger that Lead school 1" Washington gop Cleles. President under the i e the selection of miss America will bring in anole s250 those close the panel of 11 judges tuition charged pupils from Eisenhower the general expect a ions militarily and economically. And declares each party will meet Parade their ent tonight Hawaii Charm and it had been estimated 0f act lady in Campaign to in the first of three. In the by a acct my accessory. Attack in the treaty area or against any member in accordance with its constitutional processes. Australia s Richard g. Casey was first to sign the historic Docu Ornt. He began affixing his Sig nature to the various copies at . A.m., the documents about 12x18 inches were bound in dark Blue leather. The ministers signed with individual Gold pens. Casey was followed by France s Guy la Chambre new zealand s t. Clifton Webb and Pakistan s sir Mohammed Zafrullah Khan. Some beauties in their own outside the City. State make their final pick shortly fore Midnight saturday. Be school capital outlay funds 954.18, and several other school the competing lovelies made funds lesser amounts including their Public debut last night in ais7 851-38 from the controversial Parade of floats along this resort j free textbook fund City s famed Boardwalk. although Sale of Beer is illegal ale of the occasion and the Kin sport. The City will receive petted crowd were Cut. Down by a i s6.820.10 from its share of state steady drizzle that fell throughout Beer taxes the report showed. To president i "s5ued last May 17 forbidding wit Al Mccarthy army hear tront Uthit r t to testify " hat was said or Tion was that u. S. Sen. Irving m. Hop the Parade. The merchants and Valorme tax the girls wearing a million Dol is expected to bring in Lars Worth of furs loaned for the occasion Rode on 32 floats All of the entire philippine beautifully decorated and then signed led by vice president j gaily lighted. Carlos p. Garcia chairman of the the Parade was held at night conference. For the first time in the Hist. The philippine delegation dressed in native tagalog shirts. Of the contest to Mark smokes near record ii for year s visitors Ives will become his party s candidate however reluctantly for governor of new York. Ives need not resign his Senate seat to make the race and if nominated and elected he could name a sen ate successor to serve until the next election. Tvs has said repeatedly reiterating it shortly before Dewey s done at a High level conference in the office of atty. Gen. Brownell and attended by White House aides and others. Eisenhower s order was not limited to that one conference but covered All private consultations within the executive department. Williams said to Lawton you did Tell me the substance of your conversation with Gen Zwicker on monday winds of 115 an hour were broadcast that i am not a candidate there seemed Little doubt that Dewey retiring after 12 years Watkins of the gloomy mansion at Albany. I Ciai committee conducting Public would remain a close adviser to hearings on 46 censure Law ton i did discuss the sub stance with Williams appealed then to chair the new statement was entered recorded in uie 45-mile wide Core of the storm and gales extended outward 150 Miles to the Northeast and 100 Miles to the Southwest. Merchants and residents in Nas Sau a Bahamas resort City of boarded up and moved out of exposed areas As the storm approached. A Navy Hurricane Hunter near tile Eye of the storm reported a ship fighting extreme seas but said it could not make out the ship s name in the wild wind tossed Ocean which at times broke completely Over the vessel s decks. Rented sold to individuals for private schools if the Public schools Are abolished. State Money would be appropriated to pay tuition of pupils in the private system. We Are simply exercising the same Legal right to resist this most unfortunate decision that the a act exercised in contesting the unanimous court decisions of Over half a White told the legislators. The a act is the National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people. In Washington Federal judge Henry a. Schweinhaut will consid it the 22-year-old Kermit Tex. Soldier at his court martial at fort Sam Houston san Antonio is charged with collaborating with the enemy and informing on fellow american prisoners. In his written 37. 700 word was presented yesterday Batchelor said i got very much discouraged. I considered my age and education and became afraid that what i was doing might be a dangerous thing. I got the idea that the peace fight could easily be another any the communists had for swinging people Over to communism. I wanted to . The judges including movie the hands off warning to the Grace Kelly opera Singer Mimi of August raising the to again in 1956 year in 1.931.527. This is if Eisenhower does try it s advice either incompetent1 nine candidates for the the court has sched a Prospect or further indoctrination Jor not Given in Good ship. I used further arguments for this fall itt was evident they were trying communists defined the treaty j be Zolland miss America of 1944. 12 h trains to numerous other state and local 0" How integration should be a c to build up my area As the general area of Bouth Venus Ramsey ten girls my the first eight months of 1952.11956 for the Senate seat now a stare East Asia including also the enduring the three nights of Elimina the All time record Psi norcies is 2.322.152 set tire territories of the asian parties j tons find the general area of the West Pacific not including the Pacific area North of 21 degrees 30 minutes North the last definition would extend the treaty just North of the North Ern tip of the Philippines but Short of chinese nationalist Formosa. The treaty stipulated that other j Clinchfield Concrete company work at the Revere Street Price countries could join. The pact consisting of a pre Amble and 11 articles 1. Approves a military agree for the by sen. Herbert Lehman in 1952. Nyi. A lib a acct nomination in a democratic Pri the District of Coll of com must infiltration Mary virtually assures election had ordered i me Georgia. Contracts for major City improvements integrating this term. Ment patterned after the Australia new zealand United states Mutual defense pact Anzisi meet the contracts total a was estimated at s4.200, of which City s share would be ing for three new improvement projects. Charter permits the City me program supplementing into compacts of less than larger improvement program contracted earlier in the year will in without advertising for bids from each of three Kingsport firms streets september 11 for to replace old machines used in conservation program i i typing classes at a High school. It was agreed to ask the de be built. Apartment of education for More 13. Authorized payment of s100 elude paving the unpaved portion to pay their share of the paving com to n danger of Watauga Street at its intersect Cost in Cash eliminating the Neces of armed attack m the treaty area lion with East Center paving a site of creating an Imp or against any member according 20-foot Alley in blocks 71 and 72. District. They would pc to the constitutional provisions of and installing sanitary sewers in payments direct y to the con Rac the respective countries. The Vicinity of Kon Narock Road or keeping the pro acc from 2. Calls for consultation and col Clinchfield agreed in its hid to the ills no in of View within the operation among members to the Alley project in Olsi 000 limit inc Watauga street1 a Moor other work tuesday 1. Opened bids for equipping a i authority explained that the pro the three firms twice submitted Jet would supplement the sight identical bids of Sim each program of he Lions for Trade in of the old l Southeast Asia. 3. Establishes Days the Board of mayor and hairier Council which accepted Cli shall be so organized to be Low bin machines and a discount to schools. For that purpose w it Hout supplying a Bristol firm submitted a s95 bid my Arlinr recent addition to Douglass school of Wie Deninn and Medfield a and referral them to a engineers a for a Type of machine not previously used at the school but the Board was told the typing instructor preferred the More familiar machines. 3. Passed on second Reading ordinance regulating erection of signs and billboards in the City. the recommendation Singleton con and accepted the and tic Rev to mip 4. Defines the treaty include All of Southeast in Ziock to u inc contractors school supt in paving a Revere Street vice mayor Milto agree to do the work at the vault. City Malinger d. W unit Price. Arli cd i. The Alley connects Revere isl Center streets Cost of tile Moul-1opened several e. Feared to the i 2. Voted to buy us weeks ago and re big incurs. Glasses for All the children who need them. 6. Approved an increase to a Day As the Cost of keeping Indi gent patients in Holston Valley Community Hospital. 7. Passed on first Reading an ordinance to accept a Bill of Sale front Reedy Revere inc., for a suburban water line which was in Complete specifications. I for each lot fronting on the portion authorized advertising for i of Watauga Street to be paved to bids for the Exchange of two police compensate for the additional patrol cars. 10. Approved an agreement with w. K. Hager under which the City will use Low land owned by Hager near Reedy Creek As a garbage dump eventually raising the level of the land and increasing its value for the owner. 11. Voted a request for a Progress rights of Way needed to provide 40-foot Street Width. 14. Approved profile maps show ing Grade changes for Spring Street Harris Avenue and High land Avenue to provide better drainage. 15. Rejected a proposal of the civitan club to provide trash tamers along sidewalks with Adver Tising on them. A City ordinance prohibits commercial advertising on City streets. Of non Vin. Us. Instead the Board decided to n Ai Rrt ii 10 ave i investigate the of the a the end of live years at the Lei a contract in october. City buying now containers to re fu., Cost or on the basis of revenues 12. Authorized for place some of those placed no Oil n produces at tune which bids on three Tho West several is less. Vlco will do by w Junior report on the proposed be High school in the Eastern end of the City. If the voters approve an Bond Issue september 25 stalled by the developers at a Cost to help pay for the school the City for bid to Supply 62 steel lockers for Dob 5 authorized the order of Oddins renin Cal High or no l and Fellows to solicit funds a the for Tho Junior High school. Mean were acquirer by the City in connection Wilh ing rights of Way for a proposed four Lane Highway and which nist be moved before the Highway can years Aso by association members and now about worn out and for spots which did not get containers under the merchants association project. 13. Brooks is elected new Coeburn mayor Coeburn va., sept. 7 the City Council elected j. E. Brooks mayor and Bruce Peery vice mayor Here tonight in a special of Rani a tonal meeting at town Hall. Brooks polled three of the five Council votes after being nominated by councilman Peery. Two Mem Bers abstained from voting. The vote for Peery was 4-1, the incumbent vice mayor receiving one vote. Two new members w. A. Carico and Don Gillispie were installed at the meeting. They replace pm Mitt Yeary and Lacey e. Fuller. In other business mayor Brooks named the following committees police commission John Kil Gore. Chairman and Don Gillispie and Peery. Building chairman and Peery and Carico. Is reels and chairman and Peery and Carico. Annexation Perry chairman and Kiln Ore and sewer Ami Kiln re chairman and Peery Ami Gillispie. The Council will held its regular meeting it ., september

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