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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 7, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee10 King port Trinei tuesday september 7, 1954 nine survivors of plane shooting reported in Good condition today Britain suggests Date for meet on farming germans London has Sag. Jye sted sept. H for a nine nation London meeting of foreign minis-1 ters to discuss West German re armament. Italy the Netherlands and sever a Al other countries have agreed to. The Date but Washington officials1 said yesterday they were not Cerl that . Secretary of Semtei Dulles could fit the mid september London Date into his Busy schedule. Dulles now is attending the Seato conference in Manila. I the state department indicated. However that it was agreeable to the conference to which the Brit ish also have invited France. West Germany. Canada. Belgium and Luxembourg. The British informally proposed the Parley to consider Steps for re i storing West German sovereignty and rearming the West germans latter the six nation european army plan failed to gain ratification in the French Assembly. The London government feels i talks could be completed my four or live Days so the fore Start pm Noren. Yankee outfielder who started slamming hits at a Leacue leading Pace in this his fifth year in he majors teaches son Jimmy hitting form right off the Bat. Jimmy is a recent addition to Keren s Home. Nea in i Lur Eijin i ministers would be free for i i i opening of the United nations eral Assembly i new York sept. From Germany. Meanwhile i to ii f i i Cliine another demand for guns Tol f if defend the free Western half of Iidle Xueli the nation against possible com i by san Ford Suc omit Atsumi Japan. Sept. 7 All nine survivors of a u. S. Navy Neptune shot Down m flames by two russian Jet fighters were re ported in Pood condition today re covering from the effects of an All night ordeal in the icy Waters of the sea of Japan. The Navy airmen declared emphatically the attack by the rus Sion planes was absolutely unprovoked and said the Neptune was flying Over Neutral Waters far off the coast of Siberia. The tenth Man of the Crew Ensign Roger Henry Reid of Ala Meda. Calif., was lost when the Neptune Sank but All the Othneil escaped to a Flimsy life raft sat urday and were rescued sunday morning by air Force amphibious1 Rescue planes. The incident caused a Sharp re j action at the highest International Rev. Arnold Kiiru Levels and May Lead to action a i within the United nations. I o Leqve the United states has requested an Early meeting of the use purity Council to consider the unprovoked the decision on whether to Call for Georgia Post Iunisi aggression. Or. Thomas Dehler. Chairman of the free demo cratic party i Dpi second Marges in Chancellor Konrad j Adenauer s four party coalition government said. European Serui Ity demands the rearmament of West on it Honor Roll twelve students from Kingsport Are among the University of ten Nessee students whose Scholastic achievements placed them on the summer Quarter Honor Roll at it in Knoxville according to records compiled by r. F. Thomason. Dean of admissions. They Are t. J. Drinnon. Elsie Ann Felix James Rasnick Pelix Jean Pran Ces Graves. Evelyn Fain Hicks. E Charles Lane Earl Eurene Lane Howard Edgar Lewis. John David Lockhart. Homer Kyle Smith Warren Thomas Trent jr., and Ronald Edward Yates. Others from Sullivan county Are Nancy Hamblen Acuff Blount Ville Doris Jean Cochran. Lillian d. Jenkins and George Bascome Pierce. Bristol. Hawkins county students on the it Honor Roll Are Sara Harville Barlow. Bruce Hill Justis Bull Gap Evaline Rowena increased Sec Urivi precautions a by Lii communists along the european Borders of their Empire have failed to daunt the spirit and drive of Freedom seek ing persons. They still filter through the curtain of barbed wire electrified fences watch towers and patrols. Last month. West German police discovered Marin dope it unconscious just supreme High court delays execution of negro sept. Court traffic deaths intense Sheeon Holiday week end i by the associated press i the Long labor Day weekend closed at Midnight last night with reported automobile deaths still less than half of the 15 predicted for Tennessee by the National safely Council. The Holiday toll included six automobile victims two drop Vinings and one accidental shooting. The latest reported deaths were those of a Little boy who was crushed under his father s car and a woman who drowned in can aka Maura Lake while on a labor Day j picnic. I the boy was Gill Rice. 13-month- old son of or. And mrs. Chester Rice of near Erwin. The woman was mrs. Hazel Owen Duckett of Chattanooga. J nobody could Tell what factors weighed with the thousands of j motorists whose careful driving j kept the Highway Down. All Law enforcement agencies kept i the fullest possible forces on the highways Rhrou shout the weekend and their work was augmented by National guardsmen parked in jeeps at strategic Points along the highways. All three Days saw record break ing temperatures which May or May not have been a Factor in Cuti Iii the Highway toll. However. The drowning toll of two might Well be charged to the heat on the other Side of the Ledger. I Veteran Telegraph operator Dies at 84 Rushing the the indians have still run Down the stretch a Novelty company is optimistic enough to feet out the winning Pennant which Cleveland fan Lillian Kase is delighted to hold left. The manufacturers did t climb too far out on the limb however As is shown by the abbreviated version which miss Kase holds somewhat less gleefully. So win or lose the faithful will have something to wave. Aka Over the Border from red czech j Laved the execution of a Nashville Slovakia. In the following Arti Jan. Scheduled to die Friday night Cle. The 37-year-old housewife de scribes the Why and How of her escape ordeal. By Maria Doi Kkt Munich. Sept. 7 ins ing was Worth it All for 1 Chattanooga. Sept. Today de Goeorge s. Ingersoll. 84. I Lull Llovet of in the electric chair for killing two a Jet t Olav men in two separate holdups after Samuel Luther Voss was sen a months Telegraph operator and Long time employee of Hie associated press. Precipitation daring mid August to mid september expected be subnormal in East South and Southwest. An rest Home near illness of several Freedom. Tended to death for killing James j b. Cox last september during a robbery kidnapping of the filling station attendant. He also was l-cuu1u. Ioihl1ujyet. Even now it is hard to think under death sentence for killing of and describe the ordeal of my Louis Hutchison liquor store clerk escape. The worst moment came when i Fence reached the barbed hoping that it was not electrified. U was pitch dark that night and i was scared to death. T held my breath and slowly moved one Finger toward the wires god Thev were not electric will be made by this month s in president Francisco Urrutia of Colombia who was served with the request by u. S. Henry Cabot Lodge. Ambassador us o Call Kev. Arnold Kurtz pastor of Pjeter. Church Hill Carrie v the Security Council into session tie seventh Day adventist Church Nolle. Eugene Gordon Hale James a Iii Here will deliver a Farewell Sermon Oscar Harville Lacy de Harville on Siad Lum drive i jr., Lacy de Harville or. Fred r. Shanks Rogersville and John w Addleburg Surgoinsville. Family end sea trip started in 40 a protest note relating details of the. Incident was handed to the soviet Union claimed the Nep tune had invaded the state fron tier of Russia. In another development. Sen. Wil Liam f. Knowland i Calif. De tonight. Or. Kurtz leaves wednesday for a pastorate in Dalton a. He has served As pastor of the Tri cities District for about three Russia by the United states but years and has lived in Kingsport for the past two years. While in Kingsport a new Church building has been started. The building is due for completion this month with opening scheduled for handed that the United states i sept. 25. Break off relations with Russia be a District Farewell social for or. Cause of the shooting. Knowl Nadi Kurtz and family was held at the declared that the soviet Union staged the incident in order to lower american prestige at the important Southeast Asia treaty organisation conference meeting in Manila. The nine survivors were flown to their base at Katsugi in Japan where they were hospitalized and Marie an official report. A graphic account of the shoo Tim was Given exclusively National news service to inter by com Mander John Booth Wayne Pilot of the Neptune which was Church saturday night. Quotes by International news service Denver president Eisenhower disclosing the formation without Russia of an International atomic Pool to put the atom to work for peace we Hope that no nation will Long stand aloof from the work of this f atomic Pool tied. When i crawled through the Fence the barbed wire ripped half of my clothes apart cutting Railroad and Public into my legs and Back. I could have screamed so great was the pain but the fear of be an August 1953 robbery court officials said Voss was the first person to be sentenced to death twice in two different cases. The court which upheld the Voss conviction last july postponed the execution to give him a Chance to Appeal to the u. S. Supreme court. The opinion was written by chief Justice a. B. Neil. In another opinion the court refused to rehear a Case in which utilities Permis commission had refused Sou the Louisville and Nash Ville Railroad to halt operations of trying myself to the communist two passenger trains. Guards sealed my lips. Even after i had snaked through the barbed wire. I kept on crawl ing on my hands and Knees until free Germany Lay in front of me. All i remembered then was gel Ting up and running Barefoot Over two Fields and a Stream with rocks at the Bottom. When i finally stepped on West German soil my strength left me and 1 fainted. The reasons which prompted me to flee communism Are easily told. My husband and i had a Little Louse in a Small town near the czech German Border but life w the trains operate Between Bowling Green ky., and Memphis by Way of Clarksville. Paris Milan. Humboldt and Brownsville the court also affirmed the manslaughter conviction in Polk county of Jack w. Mcghee. Charged with killing John t. in 1951 during a fishing trip. He was sentenced to prison for not More than two Galveston tex., sept former Long Island hard Ginger and his wife who started we decided to escape after my on a sea voyage in 1940, have was forced to give up his i i h of As a furniture lacquered and i must Jeff creator Rived in Galveston with their 29 foot yacht. Sea cow two children born during travels. Their they Are or. And mrs. Wilmuth Sperland. Their 11-year-old son Einer and six year old daughter Helga. Goerland told immigration officials yesterday that he and his and work is b nay Harvester he worked 150 hours in 14 Days from morning to night including Sun Days for a meager salary equivalent to about we agreed that he would flee first and i would follow him later. After my husband escaped the communists questioned me for a on a routine patrol when it was j Wisconsin Republican who Heads attacked by the russian Mig jets. The Senate foreign relations com London sen. Alexander , where Ems lived. Sailed from Long Island 14 week and Tenn ordered me to get years ago in search of an Island out of my House 17 Paradise. J when i asked them where t they sailed for 24 Days and then decided to steer for Hamburg j new York sept. 7 Fisher. 69, creator of the famous Mutt and Jeff comic strip died in Roosevelt Hospital today of can Fisher started his famous comic strip for the san Francisco Chron icle in 1907. His talents caught the Eye of William Randolph Hearst who signed him to a contract the next year. Fisher was born Harry Conway Fisher in Chicago april 3. 1885. A native of Olney. Ill Ingersoll spent 28 years in the associated Piess traffic department. 26 of them Here before retiring May 29 1938. His half Century telegraphic Ca reer included service in Southern Illinois towns Cincinnati and Colo Rado Springs. Funeral arrangements were incomplete. Polio victim Dies in Memphis Memphis. Sept. 7 six year. Listed in critical condition flt Ian old Johnny Wright of Whiteville. Dilation with the mime disease. Tenn., died of polio at isolation admitted to the Lios Spital three weeks Ano. His Tatlier. Hospital Here today. Procor was a Weeh. He was the son of de Wright. Bus schedules yellow coach corp. Bristol i d 1unusport a at 01. D o m in 19-30 it 10 Brit of. .-5-30 3 a. Kingso m Huu u of u-15 1-30 d m i t 5-qo 0 m 3-10 d Ilo so p to Bristol to i i in d m 4-30 o to -5-30 30 Elizabethton to 7-05 m 11-05 Bristol to Johnson git 6 30 i "7 10 m 0-30 m 4-15 vis n m Johnson cite to Bristol 3t m a to 13-30 3 45 p a. P to Bristol to Bluff o a a b-30 b Queen City bus line lea7t oreenevtll3 -55 p n d lean Tor a Peruli Cne Rillet 1 qts -45 of Wayne said in the first place he Mittee. Discussing the possible for to make a few things wanted Clear Monist a flags until aft mation of a european army am satisfied there is a great de not fire on the com-1 sire Amone the slates of Europe Ier they fired and. I believe in the hearts of the on us and it became Clear we were i common people that a United inc hot Battle. J grouping can and will be no time did on violate russian territorial at no time were we within the Eastern not even with the Aid of Copperhill Tenn. Sept 7 w Wayne said that aviation a Copperhill Man said he and is s mate William Bedard finally some other Hunters saw a meteor opened what turned out to be futile explode near their Camp on Frog fire on the migs Only after they Mountain near Here Early yester made their second pass and hit the Ria j Neptune. Is meteor explodes on Mountainside plane died from Gas in Cabin Shannon Airport Ireland. Sept. 7 the Coroner s inquest into the deaths of 2 c. Watson said the explosion lighted up the Mountain just like Daylight for a few seconds. If any body wants any of the pieces i can show them right where infant killed by Auto backing from driveway Irwin Goerland s Par however they landed in Spain stored their boat and went Over land to Hamburg. Caught in the War it was nine years before they were Able to return to Spain. They then sailed to the canaries and finally on to Panama where they tried to get proper papers for re entry into the asked How the family withstood the Long voyage and its hardships mrs. Goerland said of. We like to Knox polio victim Knoxville sept. 7 year old Charles Ray French son of or. And mrs. Earl French of Alcoa is under treatment at Gen eral Hospital for polio. Hospital attendants said today the boy s condition is skyscraper rejected Fuerth. Backing out of his driveway Sun 28 other survivors after the plane slowed into the Muddy Shannon River sunday diet later in a hos a Pitzl from injuries suffered in the. Crash. She was mrs. Caroline plat7, of new York City. Two bodies have not been re covered. Eleven victims and 15 of those who escaped were americans. Or. William Flynn medical offi cer for Shannon Airport testified at the inquest yesterday that sex am mation of the bodies found m. The plane showed no evidence of drowning or injury. Thus he eluded they suffocated from the Gas fumes. I said they did not care. The reds would t even let me live with a neighbor. So two Days before i was to leave my House. I grabbed a few personal belongings and escaped to West Germany where i was re United with my husband three Days later. Now our worries have ended we can Start a new life in Freedom. For children j flavor Hutton Nivoli Beautiful custom All plastic seat covers value All work guaranteed convertible Topi As Low at installed Hull s trim shop 108 Shelby strict Rin sport 6-m11 232 w Market Johnson City 3891 furnaces Gas Winkler Gas conversion unit Winkler Gai furnaces completely installed compare our prices guttering installed lou1 Jonuce i notes Paumi m Low Man Shiv pit in in in month to Southern Siikki i Metal works 334 c. 6u11ivhd St. Oir1 i ft-12tl for fast Safe dependable service Gilliam cabs 5-3171 Back of Union bin terminal Home Loans All Rapti a to Jota of realtors Martl dial i Witt moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Lily no . Pm. K Dobyns Taylor nationally known Interior decorator to visit Kingsport Louis Milhorn. Of paint service Center announced today that miss Florence e. Moffitt. Nationally Cnown Interior decoration expert and color consultant for the Dupont company will visit Kingsport for the week of sept. 13. Sponsored by paint service Center. Miss Moffitt will speak to the following clubs on Interior Decora Tion Tranfo magic ithe Art of changing the old Inlo the and he proper use of color and color selection monday. Sept. 13, . Gen eral meeting Al paint service Center. This meeting is open to the Public. A door prize will be Given tuesday. Sept. 14. Woodlawn Heights Home Demon i stration club at Bethany Presby Terian Church. Wednesday. Sept. 15. . Hobby club at mrs. R. T. Hardin a 106 e. Ravine St. Wednesday sept. 15, ., Petite Garden club mrs. Shiva Jackson school. Thursday. Sept. 16. . Housing Home furnishing leaders Bristol Tenn., miss Juanita Brad Ley. Thursday. Sept. 16. . Cedar Grove Home demonstration club at mrs. Boyd s. Thursday sept. 16, 8 . Hol Ston Institute Home demonstration club at Holston school. Friday sept. 17, . Housing Home furnishing leaders. Kingsport chamber of Commerce. Friday. Sept. 17. . Iris Garden club at mrs. Paul ship Leys 2136 Bluff St. Miss Moffitt will be available for a few More engagements during her slay in Kingsport. If a mind like to have her speak i Ifor your club Call paint service Center. I 6-6281. And we will try to make arrangements. Lines inc. 3affjty coach a Nils operate All of the following Ched Lea from Kingi pan 10 Blount Lluc and from blown Irilli to Len sport schedules hot marked with will not run on Sundej new year s a fourth of july labor riving or curl Jumai leaping for Rode Fer s store. Arcadu. Or Dank ten Nessif Eastman and Kings port by Blountt Llic a a. d a. O to. E-00 i a it roof tier a store a. M m it m 1-30 d n m 10 d m it Arcadia Smo a a. _ a d in. D m o w it or Bank . A. 1-50 d a. 4-.50 o to. D q to Arr Eastman 7-10 d a. D a Arr Ken Zipor leaving Kingsport for Tennes see Eastman. Or Bank. Arcadia. Rodefer s Storf and Blount Ville it kid Gabon a a. A. A. P tn., d m it Tennessee p it Kin sport p. O. M. Or Eastman a. A. 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