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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeIndians take second place in at dodgers need 8 wins for Pennant Mathews smacks 45th Home run to whip cards Roy Campanella sets record for slugging catchers with 38th by Joe Reichler a sports writer Roy Campanella of the Brook Lyn dodgers entrenched himself crore securely sunday As the leading candidate for the National league s most valuable player award. He slammed his 38th Homer of the year break ing Gabby Hartnett s 23-year old record catchers. For Home runs by and in the american league Furillo would give to hit ugly Mug just once by Carl Lundquist United press sports writer new York that Long expected Brawl Between the giants and dodgers finally exploded but nothing was settled so unless Carl Furillo and Leo Durocher meet on the Street in the mean time there won t be any More fist swinging until the teams meet again next april. It was a Dilly of a fight while it lasted although both dodger the dodgers won 6-3. The fight was touched off Pitcher Ruben go Mez hit Furillo on the wrist with a pitch. Furillo who once was beaded by giant Pitcher Shel Don Jones and was hospitalized or several Days charged to the Mound. Umpire Dusty Boggess tried to restrain him but could not. Finally dodger teammates pulled him away while manager Char outfielder Furillo and Dressen had hot words with manager Durocher insisted no punches were landed though quiet prevailed temporarily plenty were thrown. While Gomez pitched to Billy Furillo wound up with a suddenly pointing his Fin Ken left Finger suffered when Helger at Leo in the giant dugout. Was stepped on or kicked by a giant not necessarily Durocher in the Melee. He also faced a probable Fine and suspension for provoking the assault in the a b o Alst. Lynli a k Kuenn is 533 3 Hunter is 4 1 Hatfield 2b 5 3 1 s Stevers in 3 0 Boone 3b 5 0 0 Delsing of 5 3 3 al Rosen of the Cleveland in-1 second inning of sunday s mad Diane put in a Strong bid for the finale Between the teams which Junior circuit s map prize with his 38th Home run. This gave him the league Lead by one Over Philadelphia s Gus Zernial. Campanella drove in two runs the dodgers whipped the new j _. In o York giants 6-3. He thus raised Ligers 5, browns2 his runs batted in total to equating the major league rec Ord for catchers set by Bill Dickey with the 1937 new York Yan Kees. Rosen s Homer helped the indians beat the Chicago White Box 4-2 and take undisputed Possession of second place. It also enabled him to break his own league record for most Home runs by a third base in 1950. The indians slugger has a Chance to become the fourth american leaguer to win the triple runs runs batted in and batting average. He tops the Field with 129 Bis and his .326 Mark is Only three Points behind Mickey Vernon s league leading .329. Vernon was Idle As rain Wash Furillo raced off first base and Durocher leaped up the Steps. We collided head on and we both went to the Duro Cher said. I never said a word to him. I had t spoken to him since he played for me in the All Star game two years ago. I Don t know what got into him. The pitchers All throw at my boys and if they get hit they1 put Down their bats and go to first base. Nobody was throwing at him and nobody told anybody to throw at j Furillo had his own ideas about j that. That Guy has had it coming for a Long time. And he s going to get it too. I d have Given a thousand dollars to have hit his ugly Mug just once and i m going to do it too. I m sorry i really never landed a i be got news for was Durocher s retort. If he does t Hurt me any More than he did this time i m not Wor ried. Besides it is no disgrace to lose a fight. And for an old Guy of 50 i might be Able to land a few punches myself before he cuts sunday s Box scores Nieman if Dropo in Batts c 5 t 3 4 3 3 0 3 0 0 0 de out header the scheduled double Llor h ski in of Nhar Elf Paige p 0 Wert of 0 Eph is 3b 0 Moss c Blittle fld 0 Groth of Young 2b Kretlow p Pillette p Stuart p Skokos totals 3b 13 57 totals Asl ogled for Stuart in 8th. Bran for Moss in both. Detroit 111 St. Louis 4 3 0 0 4 1 4 1 3 1 0 0 3 0 4 125 0000 30 0001 3100 34 t 27 14 020-s 010-2 cobs 7-7, Ciney 6-2 first game a h Alchi Eago Bridges 2b 0 0 Klus skllb3 _ m Rush h of 4 3 3 or Nir s if 4 1 1 Landrith c 4 1 8 0 by Fol cd 0 Sauer of m Mil n so 3 perk ski p Kelly p 34 in rec 0 a 5 b my Ltd of 4 0 milk Sis 2b 5 0 Jacki n 3b 5 0 Rondy in 003 m Cul Khz c 001 Doar g la 000 Smalley is Rush p Kupst n p Asamatsu h 140 113 5110 3270 000 511 3 1 2 1 1 1 4 1 1 0 Lowe p toll a Hatfield Delsing Dropo. Batts Lund Lenhardt. Kokos. A Kretlow. Rib Del Kuenn 3. Kropfl. Wert Kryhoski. 2b-Hatfleld. Dropo. Lenhardt. Batts. Do Hunter Young and Sievers Hatfield. Kuenn and Dropo. 10. St. Louis 7. By Kretlow 1. Gray 1, Pallette 3. Herbert 1. So Kretlow 1. Cray 4. Pallette 1 in 1. Gray 7 in Herbert 2 in 2. 1000 1000 0000 38 10 21 7 popped out for Klippsten in 8th. A Metkovich ran for Kolner to 9th. Cran and scored for Sauer in both. Doubled for Mccullough in two out in Ith when winning run scored. Cincinnati 131 000 010-8 Chicago 100 310 103-7 Adami Hatton 3. 3, land 7 faced 3 batters in i braves 3-3, cards 1-3 St. Longs a k hemus is 3 1 1 sch d st3b 4 1 Between the senators 4 i and Pace setting in j Job j o Washington. The Yankees Lead Nick Oil 4 o Ever the indians is 10 games i 4 i Ascho fld Presko p Lowrey with 20 left to play. The dodgers magic number is eight. Leading Milwaukee Byaw Jav 11 games the Brooks need win Only eight of their remaining 18 games to Clinch their second straight Flag. 3 1 5 4 5 000 alms Law Kee 3 Bruton of 3 3 Logan is 3 of the ws3b 4 0 Crandall c 1 pen Toa of a Adcock in i Gordon if o Pafko of a h e 402 413 3 1 3 1 5 424 4 3 10 i Garagiola. So marshal. Garagiola. Or t Ratton. Jackson. Kiner Sauer. Fondy i Marshall. Left Cincinnati 5, i Chicago 10. By Rush 1. Zerkowski 3. I Klippsten 1. Kelly 4. Lown 2. So Rush 3. A i Perkowski 3. Klippstein 1. Kelly 3. Lowll. Older Rush 5a-5. Perkowski 4-4. Rippstein 3 1-1. Lown of Kelly 3-3. We Kelly. W i Lown my. A Kelly 11-31. A Oore i1 Jac Kowil Roberta and Bahan Fant. T 0 2 chamber p 0 ojimtmer3b 3 Oil us p of Spahn p 00 o o totals 35 b 24 i totall 31 i j7 13 aran for Rice in both. Singled for Chambers in 7th. Canned for White in both. St. Louis 001 000 000-1 Brooklyn will have to play the Milwaukee 100 300 001-3 r Mathews. Pendleton. Adcock. A none. Rib schoendienst. Mathews. Next 10 Days without the serv-1 Dittmer Buhl. 2b-Repulskl. Presko. Bel of of out Eider ten Rillet i mus. Adcock. Pendleton. 3b-Musial. Or r u1u10, so Gordon. Do Dittmer. Logan its league leading Batter. Furl mind Adcock. Left St. Louis 10, Milwaukee 6 be Presko 2, Buhl 3 so Presko 2. To suffered a broken Bone in his left hand sunday in a scuffle with manager Leo Durocher of the giants in the second inning. Almost forgotten was preacher Roe s four hit Job for Brook Lyn resulting in his Lith sue called end 8th White 1. Buhl 2. Spahn 2. To Presko 5 in 3 pitched to 3 in Chambers 3 in 3. White 1 in 3. Buhl 7 in 8 2-3, Spahn 3, 2 1-3. 3-3. Cham Bers 0-0. White 0-0. Buhl 1-1. Spahn 0-0. Pm Rice. A Buhl a Presko 6-13i. A Conlan Gorman Donatelli Warneke. Cess 10 of them in a Row. He has lost Only two. Romonsky Miller and Cooper. Second game 000 110 darkness 000 31-380 001 00-311 8 and Rice Liddle Roe kit a h e 0 0 1 4 1 3 3 3 1 5 Finiw Yerk a k 4 l Kman in 4 0 10 3 dark is 43 4 with n of 3 of Mueller of Eddie Mathews still trying for babe Ruth s Homer record blast info oks giants 3 de his 45th to help the braves defeat the St. Louis cardinals 3-1 in the first game of a Dou ble header. The cards rallied in the closing innings to earn a 3-3 tie in the second game Cut eight innings by darkness. Musial s 25th Homer his sixth a p in the last eight games tied the score in the eighth. The game will be replayed in St. Louis on sept. 24. Gilliam 3b 4 Reese is 4 Snider of 3 Rob son if 4 Cam n la c 4 Hodges in 4 0 11 2 1 1 p 3 005 i 27 131 totals 30 4 27 11 020 002 030-6 100 002 000-3 4 4 34 Brooklyn 1 4 032 1 2 010 013 1 0 070 0 1 1 new York a Snider 2. Robinson 3. Campanella dark.-2, Thomson. A Reese. Westrum. Campanella 2. Robinson 2, Thomson 2. 2b Cam Panella. Robinson. Tho Dinon. Do Hofman and Lockman Roe. Reese and Hodges. Left Brooklyn 3. New York 3. By Roe 3. Gomez 1. So Roe 4. Gomez 6. Re 3-2. Gomex 6-4. A Hoe 11-21. A Leafo a car in l is a Cleveland Ted Williams hit his eighth Home run since returning to action last month As the Boston re red sox swept both ends of Alu Boggess. Engeln Stewart and Punelll. Double header from the a-25-331 is 8-4 and 4-0. Lefty Mcoder ii j o Mott hurled a six hit shutout in indians 4, Chison 2 the Nightcap. Larry Doby s two run Homer in the sixth snapped a 2-2 tie and gave Cleveland s Art Hout-lmy.nr3 b Teman the Victory Over Virgil trucks of the White sox. Loliar c Rookie shortstop h a r v e y j Siewart Kuenn drove in three runs with a pair of singles to give the de a Boyd in Minoso if 1 4 4 2 Avilla 2b Glynn in troit tigers a 5-2 Triumph Over the St. Louis Browns. First base Cleveland Man 0 4 2 4 0 4 0 3 i 2 0 1 0 3 1 3 1 2 1 1 0 0 0000 totals 31 8 34 9 totals 32 popped out for Kyan in 7th. Out for trucks in 8th 7 0 Mitchell if 1 Olenn Dyolf 0 0 Rosen 3b 2 2 0 Simps n r 1 Ojst Cal d is 8 e acc h o 403 4 0 10 422 001 411 Savord game Cincinnati 000 008 100-314 Chicago 000 131 02i-t 7 0 Nuxhall. King Podbielan Smith i and be Mintek and Garagiola. Phillies 7, pirates 2 1 12 12 Rhu phia a h a a mis birth a h Kaisu is 5 2 3 of s 1 3 0 Ashburn of 4 0 3 5103 1 re cell 4341 of Thomasco 4010 s Ward in 3253 Mijanowicz c 4 1 k 0 opera nl2b 4 2 3 Colt is 4 1 face p 1 1 Waugh p 0 i her ski 1 Chetki p 0 Catwell 1 totals 33 7 37 13, totals 37 1 out for face in 4th. Popped up for Waugh in 7th. Struck out for Hetkin in both. Tor son in 3 Ennis if 4 Ham er2b 4 Burgess e 3 0 3 Wyr Sefc of 4 1 3 301 Drews p 300 02 01 00 00 000 031 Philadelphia Pittsburgh 000 40t 002-7 000 100 010-3 Kazansky Ashburn Torgeson , Hamner 3. Wyrostek. Rice. Ward. A Ennis Thomas. Ennis 3. Wyrostek 2. Ham Ner Torgeson. Pellagrini 2. 2b-Eice, Kazanski. So Ward. Or Ennis Wyrostek. Hamner. Do Pellagrini Cole and Ward. Left Philadelphia 5. Put Burgh 9. By face 2. Waugh 4, Hekl 1. Drews 1. To face 3. Waugh 1, Drews 2. To tace 4 in 4. Waugh 1 in 3. Hekl 3 in 2. Re tace 4-4. Waugh 1-1, Hetkin 2-1. A Drews a face is i. A Goetz. Secory. Dascoll and Dilon. . National league player t Chik Furillo bin. So Hadst. St. L. Robson bin. Irvin. N. Y. Ashburn. Phila. Runs Snider. C a b h pet. 132 47b s3 185 .344 128 485 by 16s .340 128 434 108 194 .33b 110 460 64 135 .337 137 545 m 17b .32 Brooklyn Llyl Gill Lara. 3ihout m n p 3 a Brooklyn and dark new York 112 5 runs batted Brooklyn 1 133 Mathews. Milwaukee. 124. Hits Ashburn. Philadelphia 171 dark 0 new York 17s. Doubles Musial. St. Lou i 43 al older and Furillo. Brooklyn 3fl. Triples Gilliam Brooklyn. 15 Fondy Chicago and Bruton. Milwaukee 11. Home Milwaukee 45 Campanella Brooklyn and Krusiewski. Cincinnati 38. Stolen bases Bruton Milwaukee. 34 Reese. Brooklyn. In. Brooklyn. 11-3, .848 Bur o 020 ,00-2 Roy Sievers of St. Louise Carrasquel 2. Rib Rosen 2, hrs lip his i anal Nakino a too loll r 2 Dobur a 3b-Mitchel, trucks. Oroke is Nanci a tag or Rosen Lonar Doby. A Houtteman. End will be out the rest of Theldo Nosen. Avilla and Glynn Strickland. Season. Avilla and Glynn. Left Chicago 2. Cleve land 5. 4. Pierce 1. Houtteman 1. Hirt lol in vice 1 to trucks 8 in 7. Pierce 1 in 1 Djiji j re trucks 4-3. Pierce 0-0. Houtteman. And Johnny Wyrostek and a lit blast by Granny Hamner of a Philadelphia beat the Pittsburgh pirates 8-2. Jim Willis pitched his first first game major league Victory As the Chi Sost 2 is Tab Cago cubs Defeated the Cincin j s 2 will is w 22 Nati reds 8-2 after taking a 7-6jcevev, i decision in the opener of the i ,0 j double header. I White c 4 Olsen of Ralph Kiner hammered 30th Homer for the cubs in the opener and Hank Sauer hit 15th in the first game and 16th j u in the second. Memphis clinches tie for Southern Pennant Atlanta up the Mem Phis Chicks will carry 23 years of resentment into Rickwood stadium tonight As they go against Chattanooga in a double barrelled Windup to the 1953 season looking for the one Victory that will mean the Southern association Pennant. Memphis clinched at least a tie for the Pennant yesterday by dropping their Cross state rivals irom Chattanooga two times 5 to 0 and 6 to 5. 0 1 2 n 4 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 000 1 1 ill h o 513 4 1 0 0. Rob son in 5 1 of 4 Mich is 2b i dem truss o Avalo 0 Ullh pm is 0 c 4 1 3 424 425 200 1 0 al 10 00 3 2 Fricano p of Eha Mllton o 3 5 0 0 1 0 003 Zelock p Kinder p _ _ totals 15 11 37 totals is 11 71 13 singled for Lupon in 5th. Singled for Sullivan in 5th. Cran for Williams in Ith. Grounded out for Demaestri in Ith. For trl Caco in both. Boston 100 030 014- Philadelphia 013 000 001-4 a Goodman Williams Evers. White Olsen 3, boiling. Kinder babe Robinson Semial Hamilton. A Lipon Robinson. Rib Williams Mauro Robinson. Michaels Zarilla Goodman 3, Gernert Evers Kell Philley. Hamilton Goodman. So Evers. A Fricano de Maestri. Boiling Kinder do dem Hestral. Michales and Robinson Goodman. Boiling and Gernert. 7. Philadelphia b. By Brown 1. Fricano 5. Deroek 2. So Brown 2. Fricano 3. Deroek 1. In 2 2-3, Sullivan .1 in 1 1-3, Deroek 3 in 3, Kinder 2 in 2. Re Brown 3-2. Kinder 1-1. Fricano g-6. Deroek 0-0. Pm Astroth. W Delock 13-h. A Fricano 7-101. A Mckinley. Mcgowan Paparella Honochick. Philadelphia second 004 000 000-4 10 i 000-0 Mcdermot and Wuber Byrd Coleman 16 land Murray. Dette. Milwaukee. 14-3, .834. Philadelphia 184 Erskine Brooklyn 181. American league player n a r b pet. Vernon Wash. 135 451 b3 178 .326 b3 172 .338 152 .313 .308 Rosen. Cleve. Minoso. Chi. Mitchell Cleve. Goodman bos. Washington. 93. 137 134 120 113 528 485 448 453 6t 138 70 13b Chicago a Vernon runs batted in Roson Cleveland 128 Vernon Washington 88. Hits Kuenn Detroit. Vernon wait tag ton. 178. Doubles Vornon Washington 37 Kell Boston 38. Triples Rivera. Chicago. Piersall. Boston. Philley Philadelphia and Vernon Washington b. Home runs Rosen. Cleveland 38 Zor Neal Philadelphia 37. Pitch log Lopat new York. 14-3. .s24 Stuart. St. Louis. 1-2. .800. Strikeouts Pierce Chicago in trucks Chicago 140. Berra puts on a pair of special dark glasses and has the time of his life keeping up with the newest fad three a comics. The Yan Kees Catcher has been a Genu Ine comic Magazine fan since knee Pant Days. Nea standings National league Brooklyn Milwaukee Philadelphia St. Louis York Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh 94 s3 75 73 84 so 53 42 43 53 60 61 72 77 82 6 pet. .8b1 .6in .54.1 .471 .434 .3b.1 .304 1 1814 20 30 35 53 training Marciano keeps on the Ball training at Grossinger n.y., playing table Tennis in Between his daily Road and gym work for defense of heavyweight championship Roland la Starza at the Polo grounds sept. 24. Nea yesterday s remits Milwaukee 3-3. St. Louis 1-3. End of both. Darkness Chicago 7-7, Cincinnati 6-2. Brooklyn 6. New York 3. Philadelphia 7. Pittsburgh 3. Today s games at Brooklyn 121-12 and Simmons 13-1u is Erskine 117-8 and Loes i Burgh at Stew Fork 8-151 and Friend 15-101 is Worthing ton 13-7 and Grissum ill Waukee at Chicago a eur tie 114-3 and Wilson is Hacker i9-13i and Pollet Cirkl Natl at St. 17-13 and Baczewski ib-3 v Haddix 16-1 and Mizell 113-81. American league w i. . Go new York 8fl 43 .674 Cleveland is 55 .5bk 10 Chicago 80 56 .588 11 Boston 75 82 .547 16 i Washington 87 88 tit 23 i Philadelphia 52 84 .382 39 Detroit is 88 .372 St. Louis 48 in .350 yesterday s Kes alts Boston 1-4, Philadelphia 4-0. Cleveland 4, Chicago 3. Detroit 5. St. Louis 3. New York at Washington Ppd. Sevedale Pra liable al Terri at Detroit 4-4i and Fornieles is Hoeft 18-131 and Garver flt. Lails at Cleveland 2-3 and Brecheen 5-11 is Lemon tlb-13 and Hoskins Washington at Philadelphia Bill and Porterfield 118-10 is. New some and Schelb i3-7i. New York at in Sirni 112-51 and Macdonald 8-5 is Farnell 18-3 and i Hudson set. 3 swimmers give up in 22-mile stretch san Pedro Calif. Swimmers failed Over the week end to make the 22-mile swim Between the Mainland and cat Allna Island. Hoy Sutter 39, a North Holly Wood aircraft worker gave up saturday night hours he left the Mainland. Ray Carmassi 23, of san Francisco and Jose Cortinas 36, Havana Cuba gave up Satur Day evening Only. 3 Miles from the Island when they hit and verse currents. 36 holes scheduled in celebrities Golf tournament today Washington band of weary and water logged golfers set off today on a Marathon 36 Hole grind in an Effort to wind up the National celebrities tournament. Officials called off the third round of the tourney sunday for the second straight Only nine of the 60 players still out on the course. All the scores were cancelled and play today resumed at the Halfway Mark with Lew Wor Sham of Oakmont pa., still Lead ing with a 7 under score of 137. Seixas Trabert whip aussie stars in u. S. Amateur Forest Hills n. Y. Razor Sharp Vic Seixas is favored to take teammate Tony Trabert today for the National Tennis championship but win lose or draw the real Winner is a fellow named Uncle Sam. American Hopes of recapturing the Davis cup soared to an All time High when these two u. S. Amateur net titans chilled Australia s 18-year-old boy wonders in sunday s Semi finals at the West Side Tennis club. Seixas the current Wimbledon Champion powdered Stocky hard stroking Lewis Hoad 7-5, 6-4, 6-4. Then Trabert blasted Ken Rosewall the australian Champion 7-5, 6-3, 6-3. The women s championship match is old hat with 18-year old third straight title against Doris Hart of Coral Gables fla., five times a runner up but never a Champion. Chicago golfer gets 2 aces in same round Chicago in a 30-year-old golfer sunday posted a doubly enviable Triumph a 305-Yard spoon shot Andt a 160-Yard no. 7 Iron two holes in one in the same round. Pete Digiulio a grocer who never before scored an Ace in 15 years of golfing chalked up the twin prizes. Digiulio finished with a 79, seven Over . Charles favored in bout tuesday against Johnson Philadelphia heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles has been established a heavy favorite in his 10-round bout with local Light heavy weight Harold Johnson in con Nie Mack stadium tuesday night. The fight is not scheduled for radio or television. Riley Flanagan bout on television tonight new York tonight s television bout matches featherweight Charlie Riley of St. Louis and Glen Flanagan of St. Paul at Brooklyn s Eastern Parkway Arena. The bout starts at 8 p. M. Cost and will be Tele cast to some areas of the country by Dumont. Kingsport times monthly september 7, 1953 5 Virgil Cooke Jim Hogan in finals fridge Fields fall Golf meet headaches quickly with fast acting by tablets or powders when atm by for the Relief of headaches neuralgia paint minor muscular aches or functional Peri Odic pains you get the full Relief giving effectiveness of not just one but several of the world s most pop ular pain relieving ingredients n combination As they Are in by these Quick dissolving fast acting ingredients Are remarkably effective More so than Anjer one would be alone. This is Worth remembering when a headache strikes and you want Relief and want it in a Harry. I nowadays when Yov buy May Hare it in either Tablet or pow Der form. In both you get the same famous by same fast Relief. You also get a preparation that has stood the test of you can use with Complete Confidence. And once you have used it we think you la agree that there in t anything better or faster for head ache Relief. By powders 1 of 2 5c. By tablets Ioc. 25c Aad the economical family aide bottles of to and 1oo tablets. Buy by today. grand prize in Rifle shooting Tom Davenport of Atlanta ga., won the grand aggregate title As the fifth annual East Tennessee Small bore Rifle tour ended sunday afternoon. Davenport s grand aggregate total was second place went to Gilbert t. Hum Hville of Spartanburg s. C. Davenport won the Dobyns Taylor trophy. A total of 51 entries participated in the final meet. Judy Thompson was the top High lady Winner with a 155 and won the pet Dairy Tro i Phy. I Charles e. Sensabaugh won first place in the expert division with a and won the Foremost Dairy trophy. Second expert went to Cecil h. Kelly. Gaines Phipps won the first Sharpshooter trophy from Fuller Hillman with Duane Robinson took second place. First Marksman honors went to w. C. Colley with a his trophy was from j. Fred Johnson. M. R. Crotwell took second place. Kingsport Rod gun club presented a trophy to George r. Jenkins of Lenoir City first place Winner of the Junior meet. W. D. J Treamor took second place Hon ors. Buddy Rogers meets Herb Welch on mat j anticipating a record crowd for wednesday night s wrestling j matches Mickey Baarns has announced that More ring Side seats will be available for the fight than any other time in Kingsport history. Baarns who has just returned from a vacation in his native Canada states that plenty of ringside seats will be available if the fights Are held outdoors. In j. Fred Johnson Park. The Price for these seats either at the Gate or at Palace news stand will be instead of the usual the other prices will re main the same. Buddy Rogers ranked As the no. 3 heavyweight wrestler in the nation takes on Herb Welch in the featured bout and everything j Points to one of the Best matches witnessed Here in quite some time. Rogers Defeated popular Ray Piret in his first appearance Here but Welch is much More experienced than the texan and could Spring a Surprise. The opening bout on the card sends Jack Welch against chief Aztec a hefty Indian grappler who is rated among the Tough est in the business. Pro football teams play exhibitions tonight by United press the Baltimore Colts Back in i professional football after a two i year break take on a team they never have beaten tonight when they play in exhibition with the Cleveland Browns at Akron o. J in the past the Colts have i been one of Cleveland s better punching bags. They dropped seven games to the Browns in the old All american conference i and took a 31-0 beating in their Only Brush with Cleveland in the National football league in 1950. The Colts have a better exhibition record than the Browns going into tonight s contest. Baltimore coach Keith moles j Worth lost his top passer Bobby j Williams to the Navy and his top draft Choice Billy vessels of Oklahoma to the Canadian league but the team has won two of its three warm up games. The Browns have a Victory a tie and a defeat so far. The semifinals of the championship flight of the rings Fields fall Golf tournament last week found Virgil Cooke defeat ing Frank Brumit 2-1. Jim Hogan dropped Bill Lacy in the other match in the flight 4-3. Brumit who was Defeated set a new course record for amateurs at the Ridgefield course last saturday afternoon with a sizzling 67. He carded 15 pars and three birdies. Hogan and Ned Walker were playing with him in a threesome. In first flight action Claude Steadman beat Fred Saylors 1 up in 19 holes Jack o Neill Defeated John Taggert 1 up Walker took a 3-1 match from Wilbur Watkins and Jim Edwards took 2. Forfeit from Howard Wilson. In the Semi finals of the second flight Bill Jordan Defeated a. M. Brinkley 2-1, Venoy Carter dropped Albert Mccon Nell 2-1. A final in the second flight found Carter squeezing by Jordan 1 up in 19 holes. Third flight Semi finals Rich Ard Bailey Defeated Wallace Kibler 1 up in 20 holes Frank Grissette dumped Sandy Carroll 4-3. I Semi finals of the fourth flight Art coffin nipped or. J. W. Campbell 1 up and Joe Boyd Defeated Ben Rouse 1 up. In fifth flight Semi finals Dave Whitmire nipped Peyton Watson 1 up and Chuck Ross took a 1 up decision from Arthur Scott. Quarter final rounds in the sixth flight found Ralph Deak ins defeating j. L. Supman 3-2. In the Semi final round Jimmy Pepper dropped Bob Gott 4-3. Seventh flight Quarter finals boots Duke Over Max y. Parker 1 up 19 holes. Andy Anderson Defeated Hugh Nelms 1 up in the Semi finals. Eight flight found c. A. Ross dropping Frank Medearis 2-1, Lou Baumgartner Over j. N. Greene 1 up Freddie Fletcher nosing out Charlie Nelms 1 up and Bill Lattimer defeating e. C. Simmons 3-2. Gary Mcginnis rolled Over or. Pendleton 5-4 and Harold Howden Defeated Haywood mod Lin 3-2 in the tenth flight. In the upper bracket Quarter finals of the Lith flight Gene Ballard dumped Don Moll 5-4 and Wiley Weaver took a forfeit from s. E. Palmer. A. E. Greene Over Albert Lowe 2-1 in the Semi finals. Milton Clemens Defeated Jim Parsley 3-2 in the 12th flight. In the ladies championship flight Quarter finals Martha Meyer Defeated Tivis Carroll 2-1 and Mary Withers Over Hazel Watkins 4-3. In first flight action Freda Moss Over Judy Agett 2 up mar Garet Ray Defeated Florence Edwards 2 up Thelma Blanken Behler dropped Elizabeth Dud 4-3 and Mildred Fletcher Over Louise Churchill 4-2. Sally Modlin Defeated Isabel Johnson 5-3, Margaret Ross Over Lynette Wilson in a close 1 up match Georgia Bowles Defeated Lillian Brown 5-4 and Lillian Farmer dropped Harriet Heller 3-1 in the second flight. Ride in la Starza goes Western at Greenwood Lake n. Y. The challenger Hopes to prove How Tough he really is when he tackles Rocky Marciano for the heavyweight title at the Polo grounds sept 24. Nea what s the score football fans at leu s Home games this year will find a Wel come addition to the landscape. A new electric scoreboard will be perched atop the North stadium and As soon As the South end is enclosed its twin Wal be erected. An gement and Brake service specializing in both trucks and autos a time alignment balancing wheel straightening Complete Brake service Bear automotive safety service no. 2 111 be lbs St. Phone 31m Humbe demand the Best lumber Cor your House Callos t a a n f ii Ufi fid Seffl o East Market and Wexler its. Kingsport Tenn. Beautify your Home As you heat it with genuine duo therm furniture styled Oil Home Heater Tara riots mahogany finish. New end Nam a fanatic Power Alt Blower Ghreir even forced warm air heating saves 1 oat of 4 Rod exclusive duo therm dual chamber Burner More beat from err drop of Oil. 4 big beat radiating doors. Waist High beat control dial. Automatic draft minder. Warn stopper. Humidifier. Add to Bemont and tend ire from easy chair. Lao St furniture co

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