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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1953, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday september 7, 1953 k1ngsport times an Independent democratic newspaper cd Wudi jr., add Mimi 1. W. Win on tin us Una w. J. A Callue Bultot bib . A noun merry go Rounce Hollywood b. Strum. Can Ripon tied Itenbe aug Sutlon and audit Bureau at Clerc Ulaula an Independent pub tied saturday and sunday. Lii for str u Idun cd to us Lor publication All Aemi Ali Paten credited w it or net on Arlu credited in Tali Puper and the local Newi published herein. Intend at rut office in al Niport term., Ai second Elau mall of Touti 37, 1m4. Usan act of March i. Int. National advert Ilni flan non ine., with office in new Fork. Chicago Detroit. Atlanta Loula Kaniu City. Amelia and ban franc Luo. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones Dally and sunday one year by Carrier Dally and sunday week 404. Today s Bible thought and again i will put my Trust in him. And again behold i and the children which god hath Given me. Hebrews the times daily tonic father perfect my Trust let my spirit feel in death that her feet Are firmly set on the Rock of a living Faith Phoebe Gary. Tax collecting the latest methods of the Bureau of internal Revenue to collect taxes from reluctant citizens is creating something of an uproar. It is a Little difficult to see Why. Actually what the Bureau is doing is no More than it would be doing if it wrote letters to people asking them if they filed income tax returns and if not Why not. After All Treasury men have been Call ing on businessmen Over the years say ing we would like to Check up on your income tax and honest business men have not objected. Why should they we cannot see any difference Between checking a businessman and anybody else. It is somewhat far fetched. To speak of or. Andrews plan As a Case of search and seizure and invasion of privacy. In fact it is very far fetched. All that these checker uppers do is show their credentials and ask the Householder if an in come tax return has been filed. If the answer is yes he asks to see a copy and if it is not forthcoming he simply reports that fact. If the answer is no he May ask More questions. But there is no search or seizure no More pressure than is always on All of us to make a return. It seems Odd that people who Are pay ing their own taxes honestly should object when the government takes Steps to get after the deadbeats. It seems a Little silly to say that if John Jones Smith owns a Little business or otherwise has an income that is not tax deductible at the source decides he is just going to sit tight and forget to make a report hop ing Uncle Sam will also forget that the government cannot get a Little hard boiled. With him. The fellow who is hold ing out on Uncle Sam is holding out on you. It is very Well known that through various loopholes Many people hold out on the government. It is Well known that if every cent of taxes honestly owed under the Laws were collected there would be less talk of higher taxes. Or. Andrews methods Are getting results. They Are smoking out the taxes due and we say More Power to him. Virginians vote Virginia is having one of its regular gubernatorial campaigns with the re publicans doing most of the talking and the democrats playing Possum. Or. Dai ton has been very forthright or. Stanley has been very cagey. That ought to make the gop chances look Bright. And the republicans Are talking confidently that this is their year when they perform the Miracle. But this Confidence is born of the error of thinking too much about the last presidential election and the Hope that virginians who voted Republican last year without being struck by lightning will do it again. The trouble is that any re semblance Between the gubernatorial race this year and the presidential race last year is wholly accidental. Actually the fact that Virginia went Republican last year was proof positive of the strength of the Byrd organization. Far from trying to keep the state for Ste Venson senator Byrd led the Way toward Eisenhower. It is hard to say How much the result was due to Eisenhower s strength and How much to Byrd s. Now we have a purely state Campaign and there does not seem to be much Evi Dence that the Byrd organization in the state has lost its Potency. It is True that there is a definite anti Byrd element within the democratic party but this largely Dies with the result of the Pri Mary and the democratic politicians who Are anti Byrd Are not going to carry it so far As to swing to the republicans. As far As this Campaign goes it in t so different from previous races for the governorship. This in t the first time we have seen the democrats sit tight. But when the votes Are in it s a different Story. Governor tuck was elected by a better than two to one vote. Governor Battle was elected by a better than two by Drew Pearson Day 1953 represents something of a crossroad for organized labor. For this is the first labor Day in 20 years that labor has been on the outside looking in. For 20 years labor enjoyed a situation wherein its top leaders were not Only consulted at the White House but where the Basic policy of both Roosevelt and Truman was aimed at what might be called a people s administration. But today labor sees the Man it vigorously opposed safely ensconced in the White House naturally inclined to favor the policies of the businessmen who Back him rather than the labor leaders who bucked him. So despite the appointment of Martin Dur Kin head of the al plumbers As Secretary of labor organized labor frankly recognizes that it is a Long Way from having any voice in Washington. Durkin says that he s been consulted on All labor remarked one top labor Leader but what difference does that make when the Secretary of the Treasury increases inter est rates on the mortgages which every work Ingman has to pay or what difference does Durkin s Consulta Tion on labor problems make when the treas Ury proposes a sales tax which increases the Cost of living for every Workingman or when the Eisenhower administration proposes Cut Ting out cheap government electric Power thereby increasing the electric Bill which workingmen have to pay concluded the top labor Leader we Are in the same position today As with Herbert Hoover. He had a labor Man. William Huekels Doak in his Cabinet. But Hoover s policies were among the most reactionary in led to one of the worst depressions in history. That s what we have to look out for two labor reactions the above viewpoint has caused two significant and important moves in labor circles 1. The greatest stimulus in labor history to Ward Unity toward an amalgamation of the al and the Cio. 2. A much greater Effort to push policies that will help labor bracket groups generally regardless of whether they belong to labor unions. This includes social Security health benefits lower taxes for the lower brackets Public Power As against private Power. Regarding Point no. 2, most people Don t realize that the al maintains a Man in Washington Nelson Cruikshank whose Job it is to watch Congress regarding health legis lation not merely for organized labor but for the Public generally. It was Cruikshank among others who helped increase congressional appropriations for cancer heart palsy etc., after mrs. Hobby Secretary for health and welfare Cut the Money in half. Also the Public does t realize that the al maintains an expert in Washington sex con Gressman Andrew Biemiller of Wisconsin whose Job it is to watch other legislative mat ters such As taxes Public Power Gas and util Ity rates which also affect the lower bracket Public. On the general welfare front also both the al and Cio now operate their own network radio programs for the first time in history. For some time the al has sponsored Frank Edwards a fair minded Liberal commentator while the Cio is now beginning a network pro Gram with John Vandercook. Furthermore some labor leaders stung by the on sided treatment Given their views by certain newspapers especially in one news paper cities Are discussing the establishment of a daily newspaper with a National circulation somewhat along the lines of the Chris Tian science Monitor. Cio al at Stockholm on Point no. Has been no period since John l. Lewis bolted the al when the two great labor groups the al and the Cio have been nearer Unity part of this has come about because of the policies of the Eisenhower administration part because new and younger leaders Are now in command. At the recent International labor meeting in Stockholm for instance Walter Reuther of the Cio worked closely with George Meany of the al. Together they succeeded in Over ruling the British on two important moves. One was the admission of Israel to the executive Board of the in Ftp. The other was the election of Omar Becu of Belgium As presi Dent of the in Ftp. Both were opposed by the British. But in both cases the quiet cooperation of Reuther and Meany scored a Victory. Both men also addressed the Stockholm meeting on East Germany and sent a Tele Gram urging Eisenhower to take a Strong stand in support of East German workers. The president wired Back that he considered it significant that it was the workers who were the Backbone of the revolt against communism. Labor leaders incidentally Point to Ike s laudatory statement in contrast to the statement of his attorney general Herbert Brownell that there Are More communists in Side labor unions than any other group. Labor notes labor Day was first proposed by Peter j. Mcguire president of the carpenters and joiners Union in new York in 1882. By 1894 Congress declared it a Legal Holiday. Eventually the first monday in september became a red letter Day in All the 48 states. Approximately workers including women Are members of al Cio and inde pendent greatest number of organized working people in history. Peter Mcguire could hardly dream of a finer Esprit de corps in organized labor. Nor is it Likely that Pioneer labor leaders of the past like Sam Gompers and John Mitchell whose attempt to improve the status of the working Man was derided As foresaw in their wildest fancies the tremendous gains made by labor in the last generation. According to elder labor statesman al Hays of the machinists labor cannot rest on its past achievements. The american factory worker today earns More than six times As much As in 1913. Though living costs have greatly increased the factory worker s wages still buy More than twice As much As they did 40 years ago. Also twice As Many Ameri can workers own their own Homes today com pared with 1913. Just As responsible labor leaders Are no longer smeared As except by extreme reactionaries so has the american Workingman formed a new concept of his relations with management. Because be and his family have proposed under our sys tem the Workingman is a Strong believer in free Enterprise As Long As it does t become monopolistic. The word capitalist has pretty much disappeared from the american worker s vocabulary at least As a term of aversion. He does t suffer from the feeling that he is in a class distinct from the or that he is incapable of thinking like a Man of in every sense he is. By Erskine Johnson if i were James Mason i d Stop accept ing unimportant roles and fire whoever it is that dispenses the grab the Money advice. I d re member that i was once hailed As a Star in the heroic romantic tradition. Marilyn Monroe i d ditch that drowsy sleepy voice and the overworked Mouth contortions. Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie i d Cut out the feud nonsense and act like two Lucky Young sters should. Jane Russell i d change cameramen or i would make the lenser responsible for those unattractive harsh lower face angles in gentlemen prefer Paramount studio i d protect Joanne Gilbert s present value to the studio by limiting her Niter appearances until she s a Little More seasoned. Anything Jess than unanimous critical Praise for a Young Lark like Joanne is dangerous. Cyd Charisse i d lower my speaking voice a couple of notches. It s too High and shrill was that just bad sound mixing in the band any studio i d capitalize on the Box office value that is still there in the names of Betty Blythe Francis x. Bushman May Mcavoy Louise dresses Pola Negri Ramon Novarro Syl via Sidney Corinne Griffith Blanche Sweet Evelyn Brent Pauline Stark Alice White and other of yesterday s stars by casting them in Good roles in Good pictures. Advice to Ladd Alan Ladd i d do something about that under Chin heft. Too pronounced in a Guy Alan s age. Any director i d let emotional dramatic scenes run a Little longer even if moviegoers have to their handkerchiefs. I would t be ashamed of senti ment a commodity on which Hollywood was built and i would t Cut the scene just As the Lump starts forming in John q. Ticket buyer s Throat. Paramount i d cast William Holden As Harry Brubacker Reed Hadley to s inspector Braddock As Admiral Tarrant Pat Crowley As Nancy Brubacker and Jim Arness As Mike for Ney in the movie version of James Michener s the Bridges at Darryl i d never again cast tilt nosed Susan Hay Ward an All american girl Type if Ever there was one As a bib Lical enchantress. I d find a new Comer to play the Queen of Sheba in the studio s forthcoming movie about King Solomon. Advice for sponsors any to sponsor. I d snap up that Mae West series great romances of being produced by Bill Lebaron and scripted by Paul Sloane. The idea of Mae lampooning Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra on to has me howling already. Ralph Edwards i d Stop doing the biographies of movie stars and vaudeville performers on this is your professional actors Are too Well poised and too artificial. The real emotional Jolt comes when Ordinary Citi Zens Are the subjects. Any studio i d find important starring roles for Vanessa Brown and Roz Russell who had to go to Broadway to prove their Box office draw and popularity. Zsa Zsa Gabor critics i d Stool knocking miss double z s movie performances. Her name on the marquee still drags in the paying customers. All free Lance actors i d hesitate before knocking the studio to which i came As an unknown and from which i departed As a Star. Judy Holliday i d do some thing about stopping those re mors of a Romance Vruth Peter Lawford. Margaret o Brien i would t sing on television or anywhere else and i d buy the records that Are about to hit the mar Ket. Charles Coburn i d never again play a repulsive lecher Ous old even for the shelled out to do the Job in gentlemen prefer everyone prefers you As the great actor you Are. Mem i d Stop seeing Lana who s balancing which Washington calling the rash of jokes about the plumber and the eight millionaires in the Eisenhower Cabinet Little has been heard of Secretary of labor mar tin p. Durkin. He is a naturally modest and retiring Man and what is More the department of labor in previous years was stripped of Many of its functions. But this does not mean that Durkin has been inactive. On the contrary he has been the Center of one of the sharpest controversies that has gone on behind the scenes in the administration. This dispute revolves around the changes to be made in the Taft Hartley Law governing la Bor relations. During Long hours of argument his appointment As head of the al plumbers on one Side of the table representing organized labor while Secretary of Commerce Sinclair weeks spoke for business. The idea was to reach a common ground which Turner As a musical comedy or operetta Star and give her More solid vehicles like the bad and the 20th Century Fox i d either give Thelma bitter the big Chance she rates or her release. And if i were any studio i d give Charles o Curran Betty Button s Hubby a Chance at be ing a director. His staging of her show in Las vegas proves he s an imaginative creative show Man. Carla Belenda the Howard Hughes discovery who recently left Rio has turned writer. She s finished the screenplay of the Russ Columbo adaptation of sir Walter Scott s Anne of Gei Erstein and an original titled for Biff u. S. will go before the cameras again in the fall for a second go around As to fare. But there will be a new or. And mrs. B. B. Alan Hale jr., and Randy Stuart Are out of the cast. Tar Rio will release decameron the Joan Fontaine Louis Jourdan co starter filmed in Spain. The censors have snipped a lot of Bocaccio s naughtiness out of the picture though. Would be the administration position on the Law that has for so Long been a political football. Then As senator Robert a. Taft co author of the Legisla Tion Lay dying in a new York Hospital the controversy Sud Denly broke into the open. It was in fact on the Day of Taft s death that news stories carried sections of a memorandum said to have been approved at the White House calling for drastic revision of the Taft Hartley act. In Durkin s View the proposed changes would have taken Taft Hartley out of the political Arena and the al and perhaps also the Cio would have approved them. To friends at the time Durkin said that this was the final verdict presi Dent Eisenhower As judge after Long hours of pleading by Dur Kin As counsel for labor. It May have been the coincidence of the headlines of Taft s death on the same front Page with news stories detailing the changes in the Law he could not have been expected to approve. Or it May have been merely the premature leak of the Docu ment. In any event the roof fell in with a flood of protests from business sources. Those protests continue to come from members of the National association of manufacturers and other conservative business organizations strongly opposed to any liberalization of the Taft Hartley Law. The White House replies with what has be come a form letter stating that the memorandum did not represent the White House position but was a summation of Secre tary Durkin s views. The Secretary has kept his own counsel Ever since in Public at. Any rate. But he is known to be pressing the White House for an agreement on what the Eisen Hower administration wants to do about Taft Hartley. Plaintively he Points out that two big events for a Secretary of la Bor ire just Over the horizon. The al convention is to be held in St. Louis beginning sep tember 21. The Cio convention will be in Cleveland starting no vember 16. Traditionally the Secretary of labor makes an important policy speech at each of these conventions. But if there is no agreement on the subject of most direct concern to labor in the Field of politics then the Secretary will have to confine his remarks to the expression of Goodwill which has been his oratorical fare since january 20. At the White House the chances for any agreement before january when Congress returns for the new session Are considered practically Zero. Patience is fortunately one of the important ingredients of the Durkin temperament. He is a a Man of simple tastes whose Cabinet appointment came As a tremendous Surprise since he supported Adlai Stevenson in the Campaign. Naturally it was a gratification too although the Secretary and mrs. Durkin care Little for the fuss and feathers of official Washington life. As a member of the Cabinet each session of which is opened with prayer Durkin has one thing in common with Many of his fellow members. That is his deep Devotion to his religion. The Only roman Catholic in the Cabinet Durkin s friends say that for years he has set a goal of attending mass every Day of the week. When his appointment was announced in new York it was reported that Cardinal Spellman had urged him for the Cabinet position. On this anniversary dedicated to labor the Secretary is taking part in the first annual labor Day mass inaugurated by Arch Bishop Patrick a. O Boyle of the diocese of Washington. This is to be a votive mass in Honor of St. Joseph the Patron Saint of workingmen. And immediately afterwards Durkin will place a Wreath at the statue to Cardinal Gibbons in recognition of his contribution to the cause of la Bor management relations. If the Secretary is unhappy about the prolonged delay Over the Taft Hartley changes he does not show it. But even the patience of a patient and for bearing Man has its limits. Mac s window by w. It. Mcauliffe with the indo Chiria Story quieted Down and the korean problem in process of solution the quiet is disturbed by the italians and yugoslavian. If it Ain t one thing it s another. Of that Weatherman is a joker. Here he gets everybody wishing it would rain so what does he do just Waits till he gets of them in the football stands and then Zowie he lets pm have it saying Well you asked for it looks like j. F. Dulles is get. Ting some of the Medicine that d. Acheson got when he was s of s. If anything could possibly make m. A. Laugh loudly which is doubtful listening to the critics do their stuff on John t. Would do it. So Many Public figures like Vishinsky lose Many Golden opportunities to keep their Mouths but Don t we All if general Dean writes a Book of his experiences As a pow and it Sells More copies than or. A s treatise on the unseemly Side of life nobody will begrudge him a Penny of the Money he would make. If no matter How Long the dry spell How we suffer from abnormal heat we soon kick at a Little Damp chilliness human nature is hard to beat the prediction now is that horse lovers who said the Auto Mobile would not last were right. Another couple of generations and the plane will do to the Auto what the Auto did to the horse. If by that time the horse May be a memory. Sleeping pills Are not bad at All. It s when the Pill wakes up that he becomes a nuisance. There seems to be a divorce wave in the sea of Matrimony. It s remarkable How much boasting is done by people who Don t like to boast but the meanest Man in the world is the fellow who made his Secretary take her vacation while he took his thereby cutting her vacation in half. If most women want to be fair says a commentator. Well Why Aren t they peroxide is cheap. Droopy says that if Truman had made the sort of truce in Korea that Eisenhower made he would have been denounced. It s too bad be did t test that theory out. Anyway Eisenhower is being denounced for making it by the opposite numbers of those who would have denounced Truman. Rabid republicans who must denounce everything the democrats do Are evenly matched by Rabid democrats who can see no Good in anything republicans do. Iran inmate of an Asylum made a Nice income by being a Bookie for gambling inmates and hos Pital employees. He can t be prosecuted because he is officially insane. How crazy can you get Edwin p Jordan . Side glances to one vote. Or. Stanley May not do so Well but chances Are he will become governor Stanley. Uka it on condition officer that you buy of cur club s raffle tickets what could fairer than mrs. F. Has asked whether a nervous breakdown and nervous exhaustion Are the same. This however is difficult to answer since both terms Are rather vague medically speaking and Are not applied to any single mental or nervous disease. Therefore both conditions have differing symptoms and differ ent causes. True in some of those who Are said to have a nervous breakdown or nervous exhaustion the cause seems to be worry nervous fatigue or distress. In Many the symptoms Are relatively mild and recovery often comes fairly quickly. In others nervous breakdown is used to describe some serious mental disease involving great Altera Tion of personality and a slow recovery. Just As in other human ail ments the problem is to find out what is causing the nervous or mental difficulty. This is not always easy. The causes of Many mental conditions Are not thoroughly understood. Some of them May come from the heavy strains of modern life and the great mental tensions produced by the world of today. A few but by no Means All Are pos Sibly inherited. Mental treatment psycho therapy administered by brain specialists physical therapy including hot or cold rest handwork and Shock treatments Are often helpful and have brought thousands Back to nor Mal. Although much still has to be Learned about causes Preven Tion and treatment of the Var ious kinds of mental diseases Progress is already far advanced and even better results will surely come. The fortunate thing is that Many will recover and find themselves quite Normal again. Lots of people who have gone away for a while with a nervous breakdown come Back to their family and friends entirely re stored to health. Family friends and neighbors should always be careful not to criticize particularly since the victim of one of these nervous disorders is Likely to be extremely sensitive. They would not criticize someone who suffered from heart disease and the person with any kind of nervous breakdown is no More responsible for his or her condition than if he or she had any other disorder. Ouf our Way about him Comitia sack with vie heroes Arem Jfe Mot Bqhm

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