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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeWeek s club events monday Circle 2 of Westview methodist Church . With mrs. H. K. Potts 113 Woodbine. House and Garden club at the Home of mrs. H. O. Boiling sul Livan gardens p. For a picnic. Husbands of members Are invited and members Are asked to bring vases and Flowers for husbands to arrange. Tuesday Westview via executive Board at 2 p. With mrs. Alma Phil lips 1117 Fairview ave. Kingsport child study club 8 p. In Kingsport utilities auditorium. Or. E. E. Wiley jr., will speak on Marks of the Chris Tian night circles wms first Baptist Church 8 . As follows Martha prank Circle mrs. W. B. Brown 2205 Cypress St. Ruth Womack Circle mrs. L. Cham Bers 145 w. Sevier St. Florine Miller mrs. S. K. Addington 170 w. Wanola St. Dorcus Fowler mrs. J. Ralph King 2729 Linden Road Elizabeth Hale mrs. W. R. Cartwright Johnson City High Way. Circles of a pcs of Mayfair methodist Church at . As follows 2, mrs. John Adams 200 Morgan St. 3, mrs. Bill Hickman 1809 Edgewood drive Beatrice Fairfax says often Mokes peopled foolish things loneliness makes people do in credible things. If a person is lonely enough she and perhaps particularly seems to lose All sense of pro portion judgment or even commonsense in an hysterical scramble to find some Way of outwitting that dreadful feeling of isolation. The following letter comes to me from a widow who has not quite lost All perspective yet who is in danger of snatching frantically at a most hazardous second marriage purely it Seema because she cannot Bear to be alone. I m in my Early she writes and two years ago my husband died very suddenly. The Shock left me very Unstrung. I had a business to dispose of and called in a broker to help me. He was a very Nice kind person and seemed to come around a great Deal. After three months of seeing each other very often he told me he loved me that he had done so from the moment he first saw me and that All he thought of was How Hillcrest 4, mrs. Bob egans 1526 to make my Burden easier. In w. Sullivan 6, at the Church my sorrow it Felt Good to hear hostess mrs. Curtis Widner. Such kind words and i fell for Holtoner flying a North Joe Lee Wesleyan Guild of he said. American f86d Jet will try to fair methodist Church with Early in our acquaintance i i beat the world Mark for 100 miss Edith Tilson 834 Dale asked him if he were mar-1kilometers 675.47 m. P. . Tried and he told me he was by Jacqueline Coch circles of Glen Alpine meth forced. Then i telephoned him Iran to a Canadian f86e at de Odist Church . As Fol one night which led to the Dis-1 wards fab last june 3. Lows 1, mrs. Jimmie Davis that he had lied to me another air Force Pilot capt. Mrs. Bob Long 3, mrs. Clifford about this. The next Day he Harold e. Tom Collins of fair really the slightest doubt that any woman he meets will be sup porting him either wholly or partially there should be to need what Ever to Tell my correspondent that she would make the biggest mistake of her life if she has anything further to do with this very Shady character. Jets helicopter to seek records at annual air show Dayton Ohio Sabre jets and a helicopter try for new world Speed records at the National aircraft show today. The helicopter also will seek a new Altitude Mark. Featured event is the race against time by Brig. Oen. J. Stanley Holtoner 42, commander of Edwards air Force Anse Calif., in the annual Thompson trophy event. Walker mrs. Susie Conklin co hostess All of Sullivan gardens. Lynn Garden grammar school Pat . At the school. Wednesday Washington Chapel methodist Church a pcs at 2 p. At the Church. Women of the first presbyterian Church As follows a. M., executive Board meeting a. M., Bible teachers prayer group a. M., meeting of circles luncheon 1 p. M., inspirational meeting. Wms of first Baptist Church ., preceded by executive Board at 10. Paauw 8 . At Kingsport utilities. A pcs of Emory methodist Church . At the Church. Circles of Westview methodist Church . As follows 4, Fellowship Hall 6, mrs. Philip s. Nelson 910 Fairview ave. 5, mrs. Jack Showalter 933 Walnut ave. 3, mrs. Pauline Stidham 625 Fairview ave. St. Dominic s Guild 8 p. In the school auditorium for the regular monthly meeting. Thursday Edgewood sewing club 2 . With mrs. Joe Pylant Edgewood Village. Oes members 10 With mrs. Edna Gehres 1022 Catawba to sew for the red Cross. Child guidance group 1 . At civic auditorium. Circle 2 of Mayfair methodist Church luncheon at Kingsport utilities from 11 Until 2 pin. The Public is invited. Circle 5 of Mayfair methodist Church a pcs . With mrs. Ruby Myers 1021 Yadkin St., mrs. W. L. Barrettjr. Co hostess. Circle 1 of Waverly Road presbyterian Church with mrs. Tom Rose 228 w. Ravine Road at 8 . Petite Garden club 8 . With mrs. Kemp Penley Cliffside. Circle 1 of Westview methodist Church . With mrs. Harry Blazor 706 Fairview ave. P. At Kings port inn for dinner meeting mrs. Mary rown Johnson guest speaker. Friday Kingsport Delphian club for luncheon at Ridge Fields country club initial meeting of year colonel e. W. Palmer guest speaker. For reservations Call mrs. Karl Goerdel 1075, not later than wednesday. Called begging me to see him born Ohio will try to exceed and when i did he told me Cochran s Speed for a new present marriage was his record for the 15-25 kilo one and that he has realized he i meter run. Never loved his second wife but the helicopter attempt will Only married her on the re bound. He said he had been try ing to get a divorce for a year but never had the Money. As i did enjoy his company be made by capt. Russell a Dobyns Norton va., stationed at Eglin fab Fla. Dobyns will Fly a Piasecki yh21 work horse helicopter i kept on seeing him until children found out he was mar Jln a try at ried and then i did Stop going 1 the world Speed record out with him. We had never had Over a straight 129.552 evening dates As he had to be m p set in 1949 at Cleve in his Home. All we had done was to have lunch or dinner to Gether. After i stopped seeing him he kept calling me telling me How much he loved me and i keep wondering if i should see him again. There is Only one doubt in my mind and that is that he never has any Money. He car Ries no insurance and has had to ask me for several Small Loans none of which he has been Able to repay. It seems that this Sec Ond wife has been supporting him for eight years. To top it All he talked me into investing my Money in a Good proposition1 and now i find his judgment was poor. I had t talked to him for several it was hopeless so should try and get Over i keep thinking about him wondering How he is doing and if i la Ever get any of my Money Back. In a weak moment i wrote to him and he an swered telling me that he is still having a hard time financially. I m Well fixed and i certainly Don t want to support some Man with Money my Hus band and i saved and which is rightfully my children s. This Man is in his Early sixties. Shall i keep him on my mind or am i just a sadly i am going to answer this woman in her own words she is just a silly More Over she knows it very Well her self. I strongly she probably suspects the same thing herself by this Man s Sweet talk his assertion that he loved her since the first time he saw her was inspired wholly by his interest in her Money. Certainly he lost no time getting his hands on some of it. His present wife has supported him for eight years. He has al ready talked this woman into giving him Money for an invest ment that turned out i doubt if there was any invest ment at All in the first place. The Money she gave him for the purpose very Likely merely went saturday Omega chapter Beta sign Jinto his own pocket. Has she Phi a rummage Sale 1mm s Until 1 . In the old Little store located at five Points. Free Tii Iton wide to new York illustrated map of City showing bus and tub Wiy lines with photos and information on where to 10, How to get there. Yours free simply write dept a. visit new Fork Why not Itzy at the King Edward and enjoy the finest it eos no More 300 rooms with Bath radio Tele vision. One Block from 5th Avenue or Broadway a few Steps to radio City. Quiet restful. Grenadier dining room cocktail lounge. It in i la re Ira Ater in Toni 11, n. I. raw Staisil land by Harold e. Thompson in a Sikorsky s52 helicopter. 2. The world Altitude record of feet set at Bridgeport Conn., in 1949 by capt. H. D. Rabbis in the same Type of Sikorsky helicopter. In another major contest the Allison trophy race capt. Forrest Wilson 31, South Haven mich., sunday dashed from Weir Cook Airport Indianapolis 110.13 Miles in 12 minutes 17.2 seconds. Wilson flying a Republic e84g Thunder Jet averaged a Speed of 537.802 m. P. H. To out distance three other f84 contestants. Sunday s air show was marred by an Aerial collision believed the first of its kind Between two Marine Sikorsky h19 Heli copters. Each Craft had Only the Pilot aboard. Maj. William t. Tebow or. Quant co va., suffered mod Erate injuries. The other Pilot it. P. Gish Cherry Point n. C., was unhurt. Both helicopters were consid ered Complete wrecks at a loss to the government of about pelted with tomatoes Aachen Germany up the last of a layer of tomatoes had been cleaned from streets Here today. They were spattered Over thoroughfares when communists tried to hold an election eve rally. Aachen youths pelted the rally with tomatoes. Eight to the Inch crosses with such big stitches you la embroider these Wise sayings in no time Flat motifs everyone or line hang on Rod. For gifts too. Colourful Cross stitch samplers. Pattern 7007 has 2 embroidery transfers x 13 inches. Send Twenty five cents in coins for this 5 cents for each pattern for is class mail ing. Send to Kingsport times 47 household arts dept., p. O. Box 163, old Chelsea station new York 11, n. Print plainly name address zone and pattern number. Ten Complete patterns to sew embroider Crochet printed right in the Alice Brooks Needle Craft Book plus Many More Pat terns to Send gift ideas Bazaar Money makers toys fashions Send 20 cents now hears talk by miss Bradley miss Juanita Bradley Sullivan county Home demonstration agent discussed the making and refinishing of picture frames at a meeting of the Dickson Home demonstration club held Fri Day at the Home of mrs. A. D. Mullins 1253 Catawba Street. Miss Bradley also demonstrated the making of planters which she explained could be made from cheese Chalk or Cigar boxes covered with hammered brass. She announced that two work shops will be held in Kingsport one on Metal tooling september 17, and one on upholstering on september 23, 24 and 25. Devotions were led by mrs. Ellis Lee. Last giant Panda in Captivity Dies in Chicago Chicago up Mel Lan the last giant Panda in Captivity is dead. The huge 15-year-old Model for children s Teddy bears was found dead of heart and kidney disease in his private Grotto in Brookfield zoo Satur Day night. The zoo had Mei Lan insured for but it will be of no help to replace him. Zoo director Robert bean said the communists have embargoed shipments of pandas out of then native plateaus of Western China and Tibet. Mei Lan s body will be mounted in the Chicago natural his tory museum to join Brook Field s other pandas us Lin and Mei Mei. Bean said Mei Lan was the last of his kind behind bars since the death of a Panda in the St. Louis zoo in june 1952. Regrets remark Sargent neb. Liquor commission chairman Tal Coonrad was sorry today for complaining that he might end up driving a he mentioned the truck driving Fate As a possibility because of the stand i take on certain truck Drivers retaliated by saying their jobs Are just As in some cases More being liquor Coonrad apologized. Pays gasoline Bill Bonn Germany mayor of a Small westphalian Village paid a gasoline Bill to Day because he had too big a Celebration on election eve. He was scheduled to open the Vot ing station at 8 a. But Over slept. Angry voters sent a car for him and charged him for the gasoline. Tows Motorboat across finish line Hartford Conn. De Cantine is a Man who likes to finish anything he starts like yesterday s 92-mile outboard Motorboat race on the Connecticut River from Here to Essex and Back. His boat lost two Needle valves its throttle broke it ran out of Gas he lost his helmet and finally his Crew pit was some where else on the River when needed. So the South Salem n. Y., Man jumped out of the boat and while swimming towed it across the finish line. Credits sandwiches with saving life Saugus mass. George Varelas credited two Chicken salad sandwiches today with saving his life. Varelas the owner of the adventure restaurant grabbed a chair to defend himself when two gunmen entered sunday. They considered shooting him until one of the bandits interrupted. He said. There s the dough in that paper bag on the the men took the sack and fled. Kingsport today Kingsport inn tuesday Lions club noon. Salvation army divisional Laurel room . Tout master Commerce 0 . Credit District meeting and dinner club room . Wednesday Rory club room noon. Credit grantees school club room . Thursday cd Veltan club club room noon. Blue room-8 . Credit a renters school club wrong address gushing okla. Sheriff Lee Stiles was question ing a suspect about forged checks. The suspect pointed out he was a stranger in town and had earned the checks As a farm la Borer. Stiles asked where the farm was. Just outside of was the Arister. The Deputy persisted. Three Miles West on state Highway 33." Stiles promptly Jaileal the suspect. The location was the Dep Uty s farm Home. Tom sport times Mowry september 7, 1953 3 birth of baby fails to halt chess game san Jose Calif. Or. D. N. Mcinturff was All ready to play in the state chess championships sunday when he got an emergency Call. A patient was ready to have her baby. The doctor grabbed his and his and headed for the Hospital. The match went on As scheduled while the doctor waited out his patient. In 2% hours the match was Over but there was still no baby. . Mcinturff won. 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