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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday september 7, 1953, Kingsport times cof f be volume decreases is but trading remains slow Kingsport office of Extension service in chamber of Commerce building. Not in the Knowles prize Holstein calf gives out with a Bovine Razz Berry at the thought of the coming new Jersey state fair oldest fair in the country. The calf would rather Romp in pasture than be placed on show at Trenton n. J., As the ancient agricultural exhibit celebrates its 208th birthday beginning september 27. Grass roofs7 formers meet to give Benson suggestion Johnson grass roots together Here City spa Ture. What Are the credit re Farmers will get monday and at Morristown tuesday to talk about farm problems and other things. The meetings will be Mong 16 sub District sessions scheduled quire ments of Farmers and How should they be provided 5. Two Way Trade or Aid. Should we develop mutually satisfactory two Way Trade with foreign provide nations tax paid continue to Aid or allow by the Tennessee farm Bureau j exports to decline federation in answer to these Are Complex questions culture Secretary Ezra Taf t Ben j loaded with political Imp Lica son s request for a Survey of tons and complications. Even grass roots opinion on future so it looks As though Benson will get More answers than he asked for. The farm Bureau has thrown in seven questions of its own ranging from How to keep the world peace to How do we bal Ance the Federal budget members elect off ice sat Wise Wise a. States cooperative members in this Section elected new local Board and farm Home advisory committee members and enjoyed an evening of recreation at their annual membership meeting in the Union Hall Here last week. Named to fill vacancies occurring this year on the advisory Board were a. E. Dowdy s. G. Mullins and William Riner All of Wise and Lloyd Riddle of Pound. New members of the farm Home advisory commit tee Are mrs. A. E. Dowdy mrs. Atlanta cattle showed up at markets last week in both the South and the Midwest but trading still slow because of excessive supplies the production and marketing administration re ported and prices showed further declines. Farm policy. The Job was Given the nation s two biggest farm organizations the Grange and the american farm Bureau. In ten Nessee the farm Bureau will handle things. Benson posed these five questions to be considered at sub District meetings and the re sults wrapped up nationally 1. Farm income stability. How can Farmers Best acquire a High net spendable income 2. Production and Market adjustments. How can supplies Best be kept in line with demand 3. Conservation and improve ment of farm resources. How can we make efficient use of re sources today and in the future. 4. Capital needs of Agricula Turkey raisers have Small crop Nashville growers Are raising 15 per cent fewer turkeys than last year s. T. Marsh of the Federal state cooperative crop reporting cattle arrivals at six principal Southern centers Memphis Montgomery Nashville Louis Ville Atlanta and six major plants in the Georgia Florida Alabama area totalled about head compared with 100 a week ago. Arrivals a year ago at the same markets totalled twelve mid Western markets received nearly cattle last week the pre Vious week and a year ago. General cattle prices at Nash Ville declined 50 cents to a Hundred pounds in the week and ranged off for bulls. Dealers j and calves lost to at Montgomery prices figured weak to 50 cents lower for most classes and As much Assi lower for stickers and heavy Slaughter calves. At Memphis general prices wound up steady to 50 cents lower with the most decline affecting bulls. On the other hand dealers steady and heavy calves showed Price improve ment of As much As stockers steady in North Georgia cattle auction prices ranged steady to 50 cents lower for most Slaughter animals with dealers declining while Stocker Type cattle and calves ranged steady to 50 cents higher. Florida auctions reported cattle prices steady to Strong and As much As higher for cows and bulls. However calves sold steady to lower. Stock ers ranged steady to weak. Good and Choice fed steers sold at Montgomery in the week at while most grassed Ani Mals grading Utility and com Mercial ranged to High Good and Choice steers sold at Nashville at to with Utility and Low commercial grasses bringing to at Memphis a few Choice Ity and commercial grades yearlings brought and util ranged to Louisville reported Choice and prime steers and yearlings at to 50, and the bulk of commercial and Good grades at to Good steers and heifers sold in North Georgia auctions at to and Utility grasses to in Florida Good steers brought to s18.75, and Utility Grade ranged to hog ranged unevenly declining much As a Hundred in the Georgia Florida Alabama area and figuring 50 cents to higher at buy tag stations in the two Carolinas. Closing prices Friday for the Best weight Butcher hogs at leading markets were Chicago to Atlanta Nashville Memphis to Louisville to 50 Montgomery to and Georgia Florida Alabama major plants to at service says. The indicated number is 1" 000, compared with in 1952. The 1940-49 average was for the nation As a whole the crop is expected to run to 000, eight per cent fewer than last year according to a prelim Inary estimate of the Bureau of agricultural economics. Small varieties decreased 11 per cent and Large varieties 7 per cent. Vanzant acquires new Guernsey sire Carl Vanzant of Kingsport has bought the Young Guernsey sure Opal Bevins mrs. Earl Jessee Mapie Cresta Hawkins from and mrs. Emerson Mullins b Parker anti c. S. Newton of route 1, Wise. Highlighting the fun was a basketball game Matching a men s team coached by Emerson Mullins and a women s team coached by mrs. Cecil Mullins. H. Eller Southern states District manager served As referee mrs. D. H. Beverly As score keeper and a. E. Stan Ley As time keeper. A technicolor motion picture also waa shown. Blountville the american evening s Guernsey cattle club reports. This Bull is out of Bayville Maxfern Ray which has been classified desirable for Type and has a production record of pounds of milk and 470 pounds of butterfat As a Junior three year old in the Herd improve ment Register. He was sired by Riege Dale conqueror s Laird. Vanzant lives at 2512 Nathan Street Dorna courts. There is no easy Way to kill weeds by Henry free written for Aba service weeds in the vegetable Garden Are most discouraging to the Novice Gardener who is inclined to be Lazy at this time. He asks Why can t i use one of the Weed killers so effective on dandelion and other Lawn unfortunately there Are no Weed killers that May be applied to a mixed planting of vegetables or Flowers that will single out the weeds to kill and not cultivated crops. So we must learn that frequent cultivation or mulching is the answer. The following findings of the National fertilizer association support the opinion of the u. S. Department of agriculture fertilizer officials. The american Public was warned today to be on its guard against the fallacious claims be ing made by some manufacturers of liquid fertilizers designed for Home Garden use. The people should not be mis led by the advertising now being blatantly and widely promoted. Commercial fertilizers liquid or dry Are of great Benefit toward improving the productivity and Quality of vegetables and Flowers raised by the Home Gardener but Many of the statements currently being made about some liquid fertilizers contain absolute mis representations of the following Are two of the claims claim liquid fertilizers Are Superior to the More common dry fertilizers in their effects on Plant growth. Using a Good fertilizer plus a lot of hard work will rid Gar Den of weeds. Comment this is not Neces mate now and in 10 Days use a fixed Copper compound. Ten Days later use formate and so on alternating these fungicides until the end of the Tomato season. Quizzing the Gardener you recommend Dwarf Apple Trees for the Back Yard Garden if so what varieties Are Best apples Are Ideal for the Home Garden. Best among the dwarfs Are Cortland Deli Cious Mclntosh and wealthy the last named being essential to in sure pollination. Are the Large round warily True. Although the Plant Brown raised spots on the trunk food contained in liquid fertilizers May become available to plants somewhat More quickly than the Plant food in dry fertilizers it has no greater relative merits under circumstances. Claim liquid fertilizers Are More economical than other fertilizers. Comment liquid fertilizers sold to vie Home Gardener Are generally the most expensive offered to the Public. For Tomato blight is present in several areas b. F. Janson Extension Plant pathologist warned growers today. Janson said Low night temperatures and High humidity and Dew make it easy for the disease to spread slowly. Formate fixed Copper Man Zate Zineb or Bordeaux mixture will control late blight. Since it is hard for the Home Gardener to distinguish Between blight and other diseases it is Good to dust or Spray with Fer and branches of our Soulange Magnolia scale a sucking insect protecting itself with a Wax covering is sucking the sap from the Magnolia. Partial control May be had now by Spray ing the bark with Parathion. On a warm Day next March before the buds swell Spray with Lime Fulfur making certain to drench the entire bark. Makes a yearly appearance on our Lilac leaves. Is there any cure at five to seven Day intervals with Fulfur should keep mildew under control. Next year Start dusting in late july and continue through septem Ber. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions. Richmond thursday the top hog Price was and prices Friday in the two Carolinas ranged to broiler prices were Gen Ersly weaker Selling off y2 to 1 cent a Pound m North Georgia and North Alabama 1 to 2 cents in Central North Carolina and remained unchanged in missis Sippi Shenandoah Valley prices were Down 1 cent a Pound and Del-mar-va., it to cent. Friday s closing prices were North Georgia and North Ala Bama 26 to 26% cents a Pound Central North Carolina and North Mississippi 26 to 27 cents Cen trial Mississippi 26% to 28 cents and Shenandoah Valley area 25 cents. Thursday s close in the. Del mar a area was at 26vi to 28 cents. Vegetables few dry weather continued to adversely affect the Harvest and movement of Small vegetables in Many sections last week. The movement of cabbage from Western North Carolina How Ever continued at a brisk Pace. At week s end on the Atlanta produce Market cabbage strengthened to bring to per 50-Pound sack with some jobbing As High As Georgia butter Beans declined slightly and sold at to a Bushel. Flue cured tobacco prices gained ground last week to a Hundred pounds even with Quality of marketing generally off. Season s sales and average prices through septem Ber 3 for the belts now operating were form living goes modern Blacksburg a. Milking stools hand water pumps and the kerosene lamp in Rural America have gone the Way of the Dollar a Day farm labourer. Farm specialists at Vii report that in the last 10 years the pro portion of farms with electricity More than doubled the use of combines and Corn pickers tre bled the number of milking machines quadrupled fertilizer use nearly trebled and big increases were recorded in yields of crops per acre and in livestock products per animal. The investment per person engaged in agriculture is higher than that for a person employed in Industry. Tennessee adopts 4-h club alumni award program kno Vuie spa a new award program honouring former 4-h club members who have exemplified the principles taught by 4-h club work has been adopted in Tennessee Lon Nie Safley 4-h club specialist of the it agricultural Exten Sion service reports. Tennessee is one of the 41 participating states in this 4-h arum no recognition program which will pay tribute to former members whose records of Good citizenship Are traceable at least in part to their adherence to the ideals and principles of 4-h club work. Under the program two for Mer 4-h members Are selected by each county judging com Mittee. They will receive alumni award certificates and become eligible for a state award. State committees will select four state winners who will receive plaques and be eligible for a National award. National judges then will pick eight state finalists who will receive a Gold key and a trip to the annual 4-h club con Gress in Chicago next december. 4-h club alumni now num Ber More than 16 million including five current state governors and Many other leading figures in the country. The National 4-h alumni recognition awards sponsored by the Matheson chemical corporation in cooperation with the agricultural Extension service Mark the first time former 4-h members have been honoured. Sighting test tells whether driveway Sale does your farm or Home drive Way invite accidents. It does if weeds Bushes or other obstructions prevent Drivers on the Highway from seeing farm vehicles about to enter the Road or if Drivers entering the Road from your driveway can not see passing traffic in time to avoid accidents. Highway safety engineers say this is the Way to figure the sight distance necessary for safety Park your car in the driveway with the bumper 10 feet from the nearest Edge of the Road or Highway pavement. Mark Oft a distance of about 700 feet 250 paces along the Highway on both sides of the driveway in trance and set markers at each Point. Get in the Driver s seat of your car. If you can then see the markers the sight Dis Tances Are proper. If not weeds and other obstructions should be cleared to make your drive Way Sale. I pigs n pigs n rest of the family Are wandering around the pen somewhere out mama sow lust cant keep track of them. The Chester White Yorkshire Cross who belong to de Badke of Montello has a litter of 29 piglets and animal Husbandmen nor anything Over 22 baby porkers in one utter i most unusual annual cooperative meeting slated for Dungannon Dungannon recreation instruction and elec Tion of local Board and farm Home advisory committee Mem Bers Are slated for the Southern states cooperative annual membership meeting to be held at Dungannon High school at pin. Thursday. The evening s program will follow the same formula used in other local membership meet Ings of the cooperative this year including the showing of the Southern states 30th anniversary technicolor movie we and a basketball game quiz contest. The movie tells the Story of the cooperative s first 30 years through the memory of a Type Well managed Rock Springs pastures last on and on ladino Clover and Orchard farm owned by Andrew lady grass apparently will last Indef son one nine acre Orchard nicely if properly managed grass and lading Clover Field is Claude Prince assistant Sullivan if our years old. This year 320 county agent says. Bales of Hay had been Cut before Prince based his statement on the end of july in addition to 55 results of experiments on the Days grazing for 27 head of live farms of or. And mrs. E. C. Erwin Andrew lady son and others in the Rock Springs Community. The Erwins have a 12-acre Field of improved pasture that was seeded in 1945. By proper management of this Field they have gotten High yields of both Hay and pasture Prince said. The Field has been fertilized liberally and limed when needed. Erwin said it has been one of his Best pasture Fields and is still going Strong after eight years. Stock. Another five acres seeded five years ago grazed the 27 head every night from Early Spring through most of july except for s Herd leads Sulivan with production w. Allen s Herd of 22 cows two dry led the Sullivan county Dairy Herd improvement association in August production with an average of 842 pounds of milk and 35 pounds of butterfat per cow l. F. Stedman jr., supervisor reports. H. P. Rutherford had the High individual cow in butterfat producing 71 pounds. The second High cow produced 66.1 pounds and was owned by a. K. Simp son. Allen and c. W. Fleenor had cows that produced 83.5 pounds of butterfat. The High individual cow in milk production gave pounds and was owned by j. W. Massengill. The second High cow owned by Allen produced pounds and the third High cow owned by Fleenor produced pounds. A. K. Simpson s Herd of 44 cows six dry averaged 33.2 pounds of butter fat for second Herd honors and Fleenor s Herd of 24 cows five dry averaged 29.1 pounds for third place. The Fleenor Herd was second in average milk Simpson s Herd was third with 720 pounds. The entire association of 620 cows 150 of them dry averaged 23.8 pounds of butterfat and 568 pounds of milk Stedman said. Herds with cows producing 60 pounds of butterfat were j. W. Massengill 2 h. P. Rutherford 1 a. K. Simpson 3 w. 1 Lover and Jackson 2, and c. Warren Fleenor 1. A 30-Day rest period. The Ladys harvested 125 Bales of Hay from it. By practising rotational Graz ing the Clover and grasses Are Given some rest and allowed to build up a growth that can be harvested for Hay at certain periods of the year. Erwin and lady follow about the same management rules All the 100-acre Erwin farm is Prince said. They summed them Cal Patron member who helped seeded to Hay and pastures sex up about like this organize it in 1923. The picture Jept two acres of Corn and Onei 1. Let pastures get a Good Start was filmed in Carroll of tobacco. The farm the Spring. 2. Fertilize and Lime liberally according to soil test. 3. Rotate the grazing. Howard counties in Central ports 26 head of Hereford cat Maryland with an All farm cast. Tie and 43 tons of Hay was Cut the basketball game will be it this year before the played Between a men s team. Drought. Coached by Paul Flanery and a women s team coached by mrs. Paul Flanery. Each team will in j elude five players and three substitutes. A team will score by answer ing correctly questions about the cooperative s operations history and personnel. The game will last 20 minutes and the Audi on a 96-acre Grade a Dairy Graze. 4. Don t Over Graze or under Tennessee Farmers news Corner ence will serve As cheering Sec on tons. H. Eller of Abingdon the Southern states District manager will be the referee mrs. Smothered to death the other Day while Farmers looked w. Nickels scorekeeper and Glen Osborne time keeper. Already volunteering for the men s team have been Glen Osborne William Banner Bill Honeycutt and Walter Johnson. For the women s team the Volun Teers Are mrs. Lola Farmer mrs. E. M. Keith mrs. William Banner and mrs. Kemp Black Well. Members of the highest scor ing team in Virginia will win All expense paid trips to the South Ern states annual stockholders meeting in Richmond november 17 and 18 where they will com Pete with the top teams of other states for a championship Tro Phy. Board elections e. M. Keith will be chairman of the meeting. The Rev. E. V. Vaughn pastor of Dungannon Baptist Church will Lead the in vocation and mrs. W. Nickels will Lead group singing. A birthday cake commemorating Southern states 50th anniversary will be on display. Members to fill vacancies occurring this year on the Dungan non advisory Board and the farm Home advisory committee will be elected. Nominees for the advisory Board Are Jack Davidson a. C. Elliott William Banner and Arthur Farmer. Nominees for the farm Home advisory com Mittee Are mrs. W. Nickels mrs. Curtis Mays mrs. R. Brummitt and mrs. Maxie quil Len. Further nominations May be made from the floor. Members of the committees assisting in carrying out the meeting Are attendance or. And mrs. E. M. Keith or. And mrs. Paul Flanery Ray Farmer mrs. Lola Farmer b. L. Moore or. And mrs. Bill Honeycutt or. And mrs. Edward Home or. And mrs. Walter Johnson or. And mrs. William Banner or. And it was quite a show the first of its kind in Tennessee. But Don t get the wrong idea. It was not one of those Mam Moth face lifting jobs done on several farms in the past to demonstrate the possibilities of Earth moving equipment. However although operation Gull stopper was unspectacular the Long run results of that Little show near Moscow tenn., May be impressive. Here s Why the raw gaping red ravines were killed and smoothed As Flat As a Bedspread famous types of dams were built to control Rainwater run off Fields tired after 50 years of Row cropping were enriched arid made ready for the plow. And All of it every bit of it was done with machinery Many Farmers already have on the farm. No big Earth movers or heavy bulldozers usually beyond the financial reach of most Farmers used. Just tractors and attachments. Work done in revitalizing the fringe of the 220-acre George Saco farm will serve As a Model for the farms in the six county Wolf River watershed. In turn the Wolf River water shed association s project As a citizens movement which does not require government funds May serve As an example to other Tennessee watersheds. It s a co operative movement. Since Sisco uses mules in his farming tractors were brought by the associated press by other association Mem a few elderly gullies were All kinds of Gully stopping were demonstrated ranging from the use of Brush and old wire to the construction of Sim ple cheap de silting Basin dams. Gully stopping will help halt erosion reclaim Barren land Clear Rivers and streams of Silt prevent flood borne sterile Sand from covering Fertile land and prevent floods by keeping Chan Nels clean. Most of these benefits Are Long Range. Sisco for instance won t make Money off his re claimed Gully land any time soon. It was seeded to pasture mrs. S. I. Osborne and or. And mrs. Glen Osborne l. Moore mrs. William Banner e. M. Keith mrs. Kate Flanery Kate flan Ery mrs. William Banner mrs. Lola Farmer mrs. Mary b. Dougherty mrs. Kemp Blackwell and mrs. Walter Johnson. And Pine. Two years of tests have proved that Beds for tobacco seedlings Are most efficient if treated with a synthetic soil conditioner. Such Beds produce bigger and better plants faster. And the plants Are easy to pull from the crumbly soil an important item since otherwise the hairy roots May be stripped. From 5 to 25 per cent less re planting was required where plants were from conditioned Beds. Studies on this subject were conducted with the co operation of state Experiment stations in every major tobacco producing area. Tests were made under typical farm conditions. A major advantage of the soil conditioner is that you can set up permanent Plant Beds. The treated soil stays conditioned for several years. The usual practice has been to Plant temporary tobacco seedling Beds in wooded areas on Virgin soil because of the problems of soil compaction and crusting. However Extension specialists believe this method encourages Blue Mold and wildfire which do severe damage to the Plant. Also permanent Beds located efficient use of fertilizer Tob talked Blacksburg a. More efficient use of Lime fertilizer arid resultant higher crop yields at lower production costs for Virginia farm the aim of a new program in the state. Or. H. L. Dunton head of agronomy department at Vii says the kick off meeting to map plans for the program will be held in Richmond september there farm Supply dealers professional agricultural workers and others will discuss ways to conduct the program in the counties. Slated to address the group Are Roy Battles assistant to the master National Grange Washington d. C. Giles h. Miller president of the Culpeper National Bank or. Dunton and w. W. Lewis Vii agricultural Extension service agronomist. W. H. Daughtrey associate director of the Extension service will preside. Leaf Export meeting set Benton by. Hurley and dark Leaf tobacco Export ers association will hold its convention at Kentucky Lake state Park sept. 9-11. Gov. Lawrence Wetherby ten Nessee gov. Frank Clement and former vice president Alben Barkley will be among the convention speakers. The group also plans to Dis cuss exporting problems world tobacco Market conditions and governmental policies on Tobac co. Near the farm Home Are More convenient for and weeding and for frequent inspection. The conditioner is recommended at the rate of 10 pounds for each bed usually 9 feet wide by 100 feet Long. After preparing the bed the conditioner should be applied evenly to the surface either broadcast by hand or with a Small spreader then mixed with the Sou to a depth of three inches. Highest Market Fob Zoub hens City poultry co. Phone 471 e. Talonn St. Held Over for monday Highway is Pierce s Airport p. M. P. M. Adults al children 50c free parking buy Good cattle for a Good cause Volunteer state Angus Booster Sale sept. 10 at Nashville at 50 head All females this Sale is being staged to raise funds for employing i full time Secretary Fieldman. Progressive minded breeders from Bast Middle and West Tennessee Are donating cows and heifers for this event they re consigning Good animals of Good individuality Breeding and families for a Good cause. You can further your own cause by owning one of these animals. Tennessee Aberdeen Angus breeders association e. E. Marun Madi Ioa

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