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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Moonrise sunday . New Moon sept. A prominent stars High in South . Aldebaran . Visible planets Saturn sets . Jupiter Liei . Venus Elsei . Liars North of the Moon. All Tolmen Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 178 Kingsport tenn., monday september 7, 1953 10 pages a five cents the weather fair and mild today and tuesday. Fair and Cool to night Low about 52. Yester Day s High 78, last night s Low 53, noon Reading 75. Adenauer s win is big Victory for West Powers voters ignore red warning about War if Adenauer wins Bonn Germany cellar Konrad Adenauer s pro american coalition scored a major Victory for the West in the cold War today by winning a working majority in West Ger Many s parliament. Adenauer s three party team smothered its opposition under an Avalanche of votes in Sun Day s election by germans who chose to stick with the West during the next four years. The voters turned out in droves to endorse the rearmament platform of the 77-year old Chancellor and ignore warnings from russian Premier Georgi Malenkos that an Ade anger Victory would Lead to War. At the same time voters re moved the communists and the nazi like German Reich party from West German politics by denying them even one seat in the bundestag lower none of the 38 seats in the bundesrat upper House was at stake. Adenauer s Christian democrats teamed with the free democrats and the German party to win 306 of the 487 Bunde Stag seats in the contest. The coalition failed to gain two thirds majority that would enable Adenauer to Amend the Constitution and end the court dispute on whether rearmament is Legal. However it was believed that the tiny Center party and the refugee association which won four and 27 seats respectively would join forces with Adenauer and give him the majority. Under Germany s election sys tem each voter cast two bal lots. See Adenauer Page 7 Southern democrats balk m convention school time Aren t the Only ones getting ready for school. Here a Street department employee in Kansas City mo., puts finishing touches on signs which will again become part of the traffic scene after a three month Layoff. Dulles and Eisenhower talk foreign policy Washington of a proposal for a 1954 mid term democratic convention was forecast today among party in reds claim pcs held Back Little Hope held for Complete return Mun san Korea sides in the completed prisoner Exchange believed today that some of their men were being held captive against their will. Authoritative United nations sources said they have documentary evidence proving the communists Are holding Back Allied hundreds. These sources said they saw Little Hope of Ever getting Back any of these prisoners. It probably would be better to write them off As one . Source said. Piping radio voice of communist China charged the allies members preparing for a show-1 with holding Back More than 100 Down on the Issue at next week s rally in Chicago. Dixie democrats who have declared their loyalty to the National party and their willing Ness to pledge support of its 1956 nominees joined with others who Are Balking at the loyalty oath requirement in opposing the off year convention idea. Sen. Hill among others said any such party gathering could Only Breed Dis Unity in Advance of next year Stion big switch ended. Chinese prisoners accused of prison Camp and War crimes. Major Gen. Blackshear m. Bryan chief . Delegate to the military armistice commission categorically denied the charge. The United nations announced that it would repatriate All its captives who wanted to go Home and said that the last Denver Benhower and Secretary of state John Foster Dulles today tackle a 10-Point docket of major for eign policy problems extending from indo China to Germany. The importance of the Busi Ness Between the chief executive and his state Secretary was indicated by the fact it had to be conducted on a Holiday. Dulles arrived Here sunday night aboard an air Force plane put at his disposal for the trip and was scheduled to Start his conference with the president today at 9 . I be got a docket of about 10 items to discuss with the pres Dulles said upon his arrival at Lowry air Force base. High on this docket undoubtedly was the smashing Victory in Western Germany sunday of the Christian democrats of the incumbent Konrad Adenauer Over the social democrats led by or. Erich Mollenhauer. Dulles said when he arrived Here he was not surprised by the results of the German elec Tion. He received the first news of the Adenauer Victory from newsmen who met him at the air Field. Dulles statement last congressional elections. Hill an Active campaigner in 1952 for were turned Over to the was unhappy Over dul sunday remarks about Germany a a other things the Secretary father admits killing daughter feared cancer would leave her by herself Phoenix Ariz. That he was suffering from can cer and might have to undergo an operation prompted Herman h. Nagle to kill his 28-year-old invalid daughter so that she wound t be left alone the 54 year old Plant guard declared in his City jail cell Here today. Nagle who says he is a re tired new York City policeman shot his daughter Betty Virginia to death As she slept in her wheelchair saturday at their Home. Police have booked him for investigation of first degree murder. Betty Virginia was a life Long victim of cerebral palsy. The father said in an inter View he killed his daughter be cause he loved her. He said he was afraid he had cancer and she would have no one to care for her. I knew eventually i was go ing to do he. Said adding that the thought of putting his daughter out of misery had haunted him for years. Nagle s wife died 14 years ago of heart attack. He said he had cared for his daughter constantly since with the help of a week housekeeper at times that an Adenauer defeat would one knows better than i be disastrous for the torture she went of German re unification said. Was completely to an outcry from Mollenhauer helpless i dressed her fed her that this was improper inter-1 looked after her every need this was followed by a published report that or. I at a meeting of the military armistice commission at former gov. Adlai Stevenson of Munnom today the communists Illinois has called on All party members to abide by the loyalty pledge. Sen. Hoey who in t going to attend the Chicago rally sept. 14-15. Said he had writ ten National chairman Stephen a. Mitchell criticizing the proposal As being Likely to do More harm than there is some evidence that party leaders will attempt to soft pedal intr party controversies at the Chicago gathering and concentrate on issues on which All of the democrats can agree. In this connection sen. Doug Las d-ii1. Keynoter at a a plate dinner sept. 14, is sex. Threatened the new England petted to rip into the Eisenhower i coast today with dangerous administration for bringing big gales heavy seas and High tides. Charged the u. N. With three More violations of the korean truce. The reds complained that u. N. Personnel crossed the demarcation line on aug. 31 and that u. N. Planes violated the see pcs Page 7 new England coast warned of storms Boston mass. The fringe of a Hurricane howling northward through the Atlantic business into Washington. Douglas said in an interview j the storm was about 80 Miles he does t intend to attack either South of Nantucket mass., government in the weather Bureau said in Jan advisory at 6 a. M., that the administration s appointees or their motives but what i do object to is the philosophy of big business in control of gov Stevenson the 1952 presiden tial nominee and former pres ident Truman also will speak briefly at the dinner. The Fol lowing night Stevenson will re port on his world trip. Gov. G. Mennen Williams of Michigan leading a forum on agricultural policies is expected to tee off on the Eisenhower administration s farm program. Here again most of the democrats Are willing to join in the criticism. There also is expected to be discussion of the Republican pol icy of increasing interest rates on government Bonds a move Many democrats have described As raising the Cost of Loans for Farmers and Small businessmen. Deathless City 707 Days county 16 do you travel at a Safe Dis Tance front behind the vehicle in ing northward about 20 Miles per hour. The Center of the storm was expected to pass to the East of Nantucket Between 9 and 10 a. M., Edt. The advisory said gales extended 250 Miles eastward from the Eye of the 100-Miles-an hour Hurricane which sideswiped Bermuda sunday buffeting the Island resort with High seas and winds. This is still a dangerous storm and maximum precautions Are advised along the new England coast against dangerous North East gales heavy seas and High tides especially in the Nantucket and Cape cod the weather Bureau said. Winds at Nantucket were re ported at 40 Miles per hour shortly after 5 a. M., Edt. The weather Bureau said the Hurricane nicknamed Carol and the third and worst Atlantic storm of the season was expected to veer to the North Northeast during the next 12 hours and take a course that would carry it out Over the open sea. The approaching storm presaged a very Windy labor Day for thousands of vacationers thronging the Beach areas of Cape cod and Nantucket. Of state said recently about tri Este Italy and Japan. Reporters asked Dulles whether there was any friction be tween himself and the president. Not that i know he re plied. Earlier the White House Label de the report of the president s displeasure As completely in this Label was supplied by Murray Snyder assistant White House press Secretary who also said that while or. Eisenhower had not communicated his feel Ings to anyone in Denver he did not know what the president May have said to persons in Washington. Or. Eisenhower met Here aug. 11 with Dulles and Henry Cabot Lodge jr., the u. S. Representative to the United nations to discuss the meeting of the in she was a swell kid and Brave. But my mind is Clear. I feel what i did was the Best Way out. It s a hard thing to say but for the first time in years i feel at ease. I killed her because i loved Nagle came Here five years ago from new York City with Betty Virginia and another daughter Lillian 29, now a first lieutenant in the army nurse corps at Tacoma Wash. She flew Here yesterday and saw her lather at the jail. Wainwright is body is at Arlington Washington Fly the body of Gen. Jonathan m. Wainwright the hero of Corregidor Lay in state today at Arlington nation al cemetery s general Assembly to set up the j first Man so honoured since the political conference on Korea. Dulles during the course of his conference today was expected to give the president a full analysis of the in proceed Ings plus his educated judgment on the prospects for the political conference. Unknown Soldier. Hurt in four car mishap near Bristol Holiday death toll up to 431 on final Day traffic mishaps have claimed 324 440 is estimate by the associated press at least 431 persons were dead in accidents As the 78-hour labor Day week end moved through its final Day today. Less than 24 hours before sum Mer s last National Holiday came to an end this was the toll of accidental deaths traffic mishaps had claimed 324 lives. Forty persons had drowned and 67 died of miscellaneous accidental causes. The National safety Council had estimated before the Holiday began that 440 persons would die in traffic mishaps during the 78 hours Between 6 . Friday local time and Midnight to night. The Council forecast was slightly More than five deaths an hour. The average was maintained the first Day of the period then it dropped off a Little. Sunday with rain in the Midwest and in some other sections of the coun try the Pace quickened. Then later it fell behind the Council estimate again. Ned h. Dearborn Council pres ident said he expected the pre Holiday estimate would be reached then probably exceeded after travellers Start Home. In Clement weather will play an important part As always dear born said. Last year s labor Day Holiday period claimed 558 lives including 432 in traffic mishaps. The record for this Holiday was set in 1951 when 658 persons died in accidents of All kinds. In that Truman blasts new Ike policy Detroit Mich. Mer president Truman sailed Back into the political Arena to Day with the charge that the Republican administration is helping big business at the expense of the rest of the e people. The former chief executive who steadfastly has refrained from any Public statements on the government s Domestic and foreign policies since he left the White House on Jan. 20, accused the Eisenhower administration of operating on the the Ory that if big business is Well off enough of its wealth and income will trickle Down to the rest of the population to keep the system or. Truman addressed a la 29 persons Hurt in plane crash Craft starts burning after crash Landing Mcchord air Force base Wash. Northwest airlines Constellation wallowing almost helplessly through foggy skies crash landed and burned Here Early yesterday. The 32 persons aboard escaped death but 29 were injured or burned. The 26 passengers included three infants. The plane burst into flame As its Pilot capt. Russell Bird of Seattle attempted to land with Only one wheel Down and two engines dead. Only nine of those injured remained in hospitals today and year 461 persons were victims of physicians said none was in be traffic accidents also a record for the Holiday. Diplomats believe reds May have plan United nations n. Y. Many in diplomats believe rus Sia will make a dramatic attempt at the forthcoming general As Sembly to seize the initiative on the stalemated problem of Dis armament and atomic control. These diplomats expect the so Viets to come up with new proposals dealing with both conventional arms and with atomic weapons including the Hydro Gen bomb. There has been some Specula Tion that foreign minister v. Molotov himself might come Here to present the proposals but this has not been confirmed. The disarmament and atomic control question already is on the Assembly s Agenda. It is generally agreed it will become a major Issue of the three month session opening sept. 15. Two developments since the last regular Assembly will have an important bearing on the discussions the korean armistice burial with full military Hou-1 and the soviet announcement ors will be tuesday. The Gen j that Russia has produced an h eral will be interred alongside bomb. The grave of his father maj. Robert p. P. Wainwright. The body was brought to Washington late sunday. Russia s last major proposals on disarmament and atomic control came in 1949 just after the continued from Page 1 rious condition. The no. 3 engine of the huge Lockheed aircraft failed As the Bor Day meeting sponsored by the american federation of la Bor the Cio and All other Michi Gan labor organizations. This administration has raised interest rates All across the or. Truman said. That May be to the Benefit of the Money lenders but it surely does Hurt the rest of the he said it hurts the Veteran in buying a House or starting a business and the Small business Man needing credit to expand As Well As the taxpayer paying interest on the Public debt. It is a perfect example of that discredited old trickle Down the the former president said. Or. Truman said there were see Truman Page 7 plane reared into the sky from establishment Seattle Tacoma International Airport at . Because of fog conditions Bird decided to take the Craft scheduled for a non Stop flight to Chicago into Portland. He was forced into the Landing Here when the no. 4 engine conked out. A second engine of the four engine Craft quit soon after. On the Landing approach Only one wheel would come Down be cause of a failure of the Hydraulic system. Bird brought the plane Down anyway. It rolled easily along on the one wheel until its Speed Slack ened. Then the left Wing tilted to the ground and Gas in the Wing tanks burst into fire Send ing flames shooting 15 feet. The huge aircraft swerved from the runway. Crew members worked frantically to loosen safety belts and help the Passen Gers climb to safety through a Sheet of flame. Bird and Patricia Grivna of Mckeesport pa., the stewardess said All of the passengers were out of the plane and Safe within one minute after the plane had stopped rolling. The co Pilot Dale Moore of Seattle was credited with saving 8-month-old Kimberly Frank of Terre haute ind., from death in the flames. I struggled with the safety see plane Page 7 14 persons die in Flash fire in Chicago area Chicago per sons including seven children died today when a fire flashed through an old four Story build ing in a congested Section of the South Side. Two buildings on either Side of the Structure also were hit by the fire but not As severely. Fire officials said they expected to find More bodies under debris. The taller building at 3616 s. State St., housed an estimated 75 persons possibly More police said. The residents of the other two buildings one at 3614 and the other at 3818 s. State St., to tales 75 additional persons. Forty pieces of lire fighting equipment fought the extra alarm Blaze which reportedly started in the rear of a business democrats demand full facts about your per cent deals Washington up democrats demanded today that a House armed services subcommittee publish All the facts about a secret investigation which linked a prominent local Republican to an attempted four per cent Deal on a Navy munitions contract. Rep. Porter w. Hardy a a said the subcommittee s findings at closed door hearings last june and july show clearly that Nei ther political party has a monopoly on influence he said he and other demo cratic members will insist at a subcommittee meeting tentatively scheduled for tuesday that the Lull transcript of the hitherto secret hearings be made Public. There was no immediate com ment from subcommittee chair Man William e. Hess to but congressional sources said he has no intention of hushing up the matter and has instructed the subcommittee staff to begin preparing a full report. Authoritative information about the hearings made Avail Able to reporters Over the week end showed that a principal Fig ure was Warren l. Stephenson a Washington socialite who trav eled last fall on president Eisen Hower s Campaign train and later became executive Secretary of the presidential inaugural com Mittee. Stephenson who could not be reached for comment also served for a time As Secretary of the Swank Capitol Hill club organized by Republican members of Congress Early this year. The subcommittee inquiry entered around testimony that Stephenson offered to help a California manufacturer sell launchers for the Navy s mighty mouse rockets. The testimony showed that Stephenson sought a fee of four per cent of the Sale Price but the manufacturer turned Down the offer and reported it to the Navy. Congress has frowned on the practice of seeking percentage fees for helping to line up government contracts but there is nothing illegal about it. Stephenson who said he makes to a year As a manufacturers represent t a t i v e first told the subcommittee he always worked on a salary basis and was pretty sure he had not offered to take a Job on percent age. But it was Learned he later confirmed a May 19 Telephone conversation with Parsons in which he said that Parsons firm Century industries inc., was in line to get a contract for about of the launching units. He offered to help try to get the number increased to As much As Kingsport free of Auto mishaps in past 24 hours no fatalities reported in it area during Holiday a four car collision on 11-w about two Miles from Bristol sent one Man to the Hospital about this morning. It. C. S. Webb who investigated the Accident said that Ino h. Woosley 21, of Abilene Texas was taken to the Bristol memo rial Hospital for treatment of a foot and leg injury. It. Webb said the Accident happened when one car slowed Down to allow a car to make a turn off the Highway and three cars following a car driven by Lavaughn Poore of Aberdeen Maryland crashed into the rear of the Maryland car. Two Days have passed since the official opening of the Long labor Day week end Holiday and Kingsport s record is still clean it passed without a traffic fatality being reported. The City has now had 710 Days without a death being recorded As a re sult of traffic mishaps. Kingsport police reported not having a single car Accident within the City limits sunday. Four persons were treated in the emergency room at Holston Valley Community Hospital sat urday As a result of 10 Auto mis haps in the City on that Day. The Tennessee Highway patrol reported investigating 48 traffic accidents in the fifth District since the Holiday began. One. Fatality was recorded and 20 persons received emergency treatment. Mrs. Lula Myers 65, Surgoinsville was admitted to Hych after being struck by a car while crossing a Kingsport Street. Police officers said the woman apparently walked into the Side of a car driven by Lyle Thomas Clark. About 10 . Saturday. Members of a Spring populated by negroes. Damage to the buildings was estimated at by fire mar Shal John j. Haberkorn. Thou Sands of curious were attracted to the fire. Cause of the fire was not immediately known. The victims were burned beyond recognition. Most of them police said had lived on the third and fourth floors of the building at 3616 s. State St. Deputy Coroner William mar tin said there May be several additional bodies in the ruins since the building was subdivided into numerous smaller apartments and the Flimsy Walls have col several persons were injured in leaps from upper Story win Dows firemen said. Claims Adenauer win is a blow to reds Washington s. Officials today hailed the landslide Victory of West German Chan cellar Konrad Adenauer s pro american coalition As a crushing blow to soviet prestige in Europe. American jubilation mounted As the Adenauer Victory assumed massive proportions. Officials said the decisive outcome of the elections would be a shot in the for a unified european army. Adenauer and his Christian Democrat party came out boldly for linking the future of free Germany with the United states and its allies. The Victory guaranteed German participation in Western defense plans for Europe. The socialist opposition had campaigned for German neutrality in the East West struggle and opposed Adenauer s rearmament plans. Officials Here saw Adenauer s sweep As a major setback to rus Sian prestige comparable to the june 17 uprising of workers in communist controlled East Ger Many. The communists had waged a violent propaganda Battle in an Effort to unseat the Adenauer government. They denounced the n Hospital when their pickup truck see City Page 7 address by Tito studied by world or Aglaica Yugoslavia world studied a new proposal from Yugoslavia s presi Dent Tito today for the disposal of Trieste. He wants the big Adriatic port placed under International Yugo Slavia to get the rest of the disputed territory. Tito made his proposals Sun Day in a speech to a cheering crowd of More than yugoslavs packing this Hamlet five Miles from the italian Bor Der. Tito said the controversy with Italy Over Trieste had reached a stalemate but that he was still willing to Settle the Issue through direct negotiations with his neighbor. Previously the yugoslav Leader had advocated Italy and Yugo Slavia administer the Trieste territory jointly with details to be worked out Between the two governments. Tito accused the of having imperialist designs on Yugoslavia but scoffed at recent italian charges that Yugoslavia plans to Annex the Southern zone of the territory which yugoslav troops have occupied since world War n. Why should he queried. We Are already and Iri firm but moderate terms he added that Yugoslavia would not surrender a single Inch of her zone. So lunar tables the of Oom Nar loom. A printed below a men taken from Josli Alden so lunar tables Lii Jour m to fact Jou will Luici Good territory or Hunting in food Duran of Ulm. It you 14 nod Best port that Dar Baa to offer Tow Carloda Are Iowa la bold Fara then u to dial town Hau or top and that for an Hoar and Iouri thereafter the minor Permoda. Adown la regular of Chancellor As a and warned Ger 77-year-old Militarist mans his continued control of the West German government would dash Hopes for unification of the country. Duration data Day seat. 7 monday 8 tuesday 9 wednesday thursday . 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