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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 6, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeArea social news rent let wed mc1au of Pound Pound spa miss Cor Delia Hartman Aud James Vincent Bentley were married at the Trixi Ity Tiu Theran Church at Holly Hill Fla., july 30 at 4 . The Bride is the daughter of or. And mrs. Dutu Hartman of Allendale Fla. Or. Bentley is the son of mrs. Hobart the Udo will meet at the Home its stationed at Norfolk spent the Viv Iii Evi Nuino is Shii Siim Ai noun spent of mrs. Henry Stout september 10, week end Here with or. And mrs. I Phis at 9 . Mrs. Henry Lane mid i Leo Huettel miss prances Mccol mrs. 1. Q. Youell will be assisting Gan and miss Margaret my coltan. Hostesses. Or. And mrs. O. B. Roberts and children Ann and Jim of Bath n. Y., have been guests of or. And mrs. Milton Sutherland and son. Mrs. Crockett the past two Jamie and the Rev. And mrs. Will also visit her other daughters and sons in Law or. And mrs. Har old Cardon and son Larry or. And mrs. George Davis and or. Herman Mckee in Mem visitors from Trammel at Sutherland Home Clintwood isl or. And weeks. Orint ribbons of Trammel. A. Bentley sr., of Pound. They Are. Or. E. Dulaney Ott of spent sunday with mrs. Suther now at Home at South Ridge Harrisonburg va., arc visiting land s Mother. Mrs. Pearl Suther Wood Avenue. South Daytona Fla. Their daughter mrs. Henry Stout land. The ribbons also visited or Juanita Mcade of Pound i or. Stout and family. And mrs. Henry Mccoy. Or. And mrs. John Bill nil and and Herbert Banks of Whitesburg by. Will be married Friday night he nuptial parties fete miss nanc1 Tate children. Donna Harry Johnny sept. 2nd, at o clock at Hamilton Wise festivities of Beverly of Hickory n. C., Chapel. The week honouring Bride elect miss arc visiting or. Neel s parents. Loretta Hawks was Given a Stewart tale daughter and mrs. John need and Brise birthday party last saturday Imp and mrs Vernov b. Tale in j brother and sister in Law. Or. And night at the first Baptist Church eluded a Lawn supper on saturday mrs. Gernian Noel and children Bhe was presented with Many love evening with mrs. D. P. and Clyde by gifts by her friends. Following mrs. J j us ton mrs. a c. W. Hawks in the entertainment Imd, d f Flanary of Norton l put mrs p each of the Young people. Were hostesses for a luncheon and. Mrs Jim mrs. Bobbie Roberts of s Steppe and son Tommy of Hunt by. Was Given a Shower in the mrs Canary. Mrs. W d Mclain to w a. .mr5. G. B. Long dining room of the Jerky last Fri or. Of Kingsport entertained with my and j l Day by mrs. Letlia Fleming. Mrs. Breakfast on tuesday a her 5ons h Rick Doris Roberts and mrs. Peggy son City Lenn., Jack Childress of Roberts. A number of her friends wednesday was hostess at. Vansant. Va., or. And mrs. James attendee and enjoyed an evening luncheon at hotel Norton a so can and daughter mar sue of games and refreshments. I ,.m.1s_ and mrs. Paul Skeen and sons. Week s club events tuesday a psalm Alpha. P. Tuesday september if Fairfax says there Are Many reasons jr., and son Stuart Lee of sump of All inhibitions and give their emotions the right of Way. It s new arrivals Barbara Mcm Errar Daufelt Ter of or. And mrs. Hershel me Murray Indian Springs at Holsta Valley Community Hospital sept. 1, weighing pounds. 10% ounces. Wallace Galea. Son of or. And mrs. Cad Slaten 1537 Fuller St., at Hych aug. Even easy Lor most pounds ounces or otherwise to argue themselves i Michael Wallen Ron of or and mrs. Truman Fleming into believing that if they love each other it is Only right that their love should take precedence Over All other considerations face practical facts the Only trouble is that while or. And to. James Houston Walters Church Hill at Hych aug. 31, weighing 1 pounds ounces. Karen Leloh Shelva. Daughter of or. And mrs. James n. Shelton All this May be a Beautiful theory 2141 Orchard St., at Hych sept. 3. Ated from the school of nursing at . Lynchburg general Hospital in mrs. Max y. Parker and mrs. B. Lynchburg. Vn., is now visiting her m. Brown. Parents or. And mrs. Henry Ese Cullver of Tutu. Children Joy Vera . It first methodist Church . Hostesses kind As i am sure Vou know. Very glad you had the Good sense to risk someone s advice for. Unfortunately All too Many girls write their letters Only after they the rare exception. Fri Olenda. Ladies parlor. Have yielded to their boy or. And mrs. Vernie Mullins and girl scout 6. And found themselves son Elwood who have been making pm Ketron memorial methodist serious trouble or else feel their Home in Kingsport have mov Church hut. De Back to Clintwood. Their Daugh i Rill so 01" More often than not one or the son of or. Takes King. 101 mull St., Over to break the heart and some it hic l weighing times Well nigh ruin the life of ounces. Guilty and panic stricken and 4, 6 fearful of the future. Unqualified no to James presbyterian St. Guild 8 it is easy to understand of course How two Young people who . Injure deeply attached to each other school auditorium Lor monthly i can be strongly tempted to let go ters Laura sue and mrs. D. M. Coo pm at per and children Mary and Donna i Church. Of Kingsport spent the week end with them. Or. And mrs. Harve Johnson of meeting. Kingsport spent the week end with. 2 Wilh mrs. Jennings Robinson 1864 their daughter and son in Law. Or. I mrs. Robert Woodham 820 Oak Jefferson Avo . With mrs and mrs. Jerry Robinson and Guy Mays Cherry St. Mary Alice Jamea daughter of ship and then someone is a o v at Hych weighing 6 pounds ii ounces. Saturday e a i mrs. Davis were or. Find of Cill Peper. Buddy. Nowlin of Johnson 27 the j Tenn. A. H. Witts and the Monroe throw or. And mrs. Joe Monte and also Nuendel lne wedding. Family of Dante and or. And mrs. The Bool club act Mondov aft. I Douglas Bentley and family of Baltimore have been the guests of their parents or. And mrs. Sci Bentley this week. Donald King and Soi Speight miss Ruth Chase and brother Jer d. From Detroit mich., where he Holly drive. Santulan attended meeting in Grundy. Been visiting his brother and sister i business and professional a 1.111. A Lull mrs. Robert Richmond. Hoomana in Law or. And mrs. Edward club p. A. At Iver. Inn Lor regular dinner meeting. Mrs w. O. Conley and children of m eat Lew methodist Troix Lawn Garden club 1 . Since you and Bill arc planning to be married at some future time you Are firmly convinced that this tvs Luann a rare 1 pm r u a with mrs. Jack Bright. Fort Henry could never to drive mrs. Paul Morton co Host Ernouf with mrs. L. Harsh bar i thursday night by tiv Walter of Bristol a pcs As follows 1 with program by mrs. T. J. Hal Ber for Exchange of books and mrs Ern Jig Iury Are were recently al mating or. And mrs. Harry Blazer. 70s Palm View exhibition on mussed half i of aunt mis. Robinson Bingo Fain Jackson last week. Toll go Grad on Rotl res i _ miss from mrs. J. Lists won High the parents or a daughter Jan David Russell. Ave. 2 with mrs. Jack Blanken Circle arrangement by mrs e. Coir Pixie c. H. Henderson born aug 21 at the Johnston mrs. Elhel Reedy of Millail Chestnut. Barnett. Consolation prize and mrs. E. H. Memorial Hospital in Abingdon spent the Pasi week Wilh her Sisler i cd Cawood sewing club 2 . Iva. Imis. G. F. Kiser. Mrs. Stanley Turpin Jackson or. And mrs. Frank Adkins and mrs. Byron Stanley spent the Heights. Graduate miss Joan Bucca daughter or and mrs. Frank Burra. Grad and Frankie of Coal Mountain w. Daughter and son in Law. Or. And ceded by executive Hoard meet View i to. . Pre inn. T . At the school. Tou and England. She was accompanied by Shirley Covi Miklon Tuc stay evening to return to new Wilh the Bakers. Va., also spent a few Days York after a month s vacation Here her Siw Nice 3. With mrs. Everett Dykes her parents or. And mrs. 1723 w. Sullivan 4, with mrs. Kemp Friday Delphian club 2 p. M. With mrs. Drive. Illel Cronl . Club 2 . With mrs. E. Self closed Inglewood drive with mrs. Lloyd Watkins As co Hosle. Ith mrs. F Sneade f a Rannala e. Self mrs. Harold Mcclella mrs. Harold Mcc Lellah has re turned to her Home in Chicago i iii., after a 4-week visit with her girl scout neighbourhood to or. And mrs. W. R. Pen . At Mayfair methodist Church Delton it. 9. Miss Calv Harlev daughter of a h. T. Sutherland. She has been Lane. 220 e. Bavler St. A at 12 of City Lenn. Both Young m. My. And s h r Ash. Attending Peabody College at Nash noon for covered Flash luncheon ladies Are students at the Umpei e p Cox son Joe re. A s Vonc d with mrs. Tipton Hatcher Arbutus of Tennessee medical Coll re. Lulled sulday Lake parents or. And mrs. Ayres Charles l. Neel of the us is ave. Miss Culbie Tyson said she spent where they were on a Friend Home on leave Wilh his parents. L m 1 . At Vermont methodist Church of. The first weeks of her travels in Scotland doing Slimmer extern ship fishing trip. Or. And mrs. Jin and mrs. Charles Braswell Anil children. James and Evelyn. In a Hospital there. The then Toui to in Bloke Friday to visit of Rogersville spent the week ended the country sight Seeling Moun Braswell s sister mrs. Frank with mrs. Lambert s Mother mrs. Lam climbing bicycling and Nik o Doi Inell. Mrs. E. Lester who1 a. K. Lambert and his sister and has been in Ruu Isuke with her brother in Law. Or. And mrs Olynn the Eirls then went to London. The past a com Philips and Little daughter. Do bbl. Enid Laid. Where they enjoyed the in need the brass cells Home. Mrs Faillie thrills of the big City and attended my. And by Ltd or or. And mrs. Charles neck. Innis 01 me u k my my. And Smith of the annual Extension con Fern the famous plays returning Home al less 0 or. Virginia tech at Blacksburg. Via new York. Miss Culbertson had mrs Jonn and am. Asl week va., judge w. E. Long of Paul plans to re enter medical College in at plem Bei. I or. Mrs. Lawrence Rich Ley. Okla., is visiting his sister. Inonu of Rappu Hannock left Sun mrs. Callie Friend and mrs. John afpalach1a Appa dby a visa m Skeen. Jud pc Liik is formerly Lachia woman s club held us ail Wiiliam of Wise and or. Of Clintwood and is his firs l gust meeting in the line of mrs. Mrs Richmond. Visit Here in 23 years. He was a k. H. Bow Pii Wilh mrs. Fred flan my. Mrs Vanphen Euest speaker at the Clintwood Arv assisting hostess. Scripture Beiver dam. Va., were week methodist Church sunday was read by mrs. Owen Maddux and Bucsis of Robert Spitlis. Allatta Sooga visitors or. Prayer by mrs. Karl Organ. Mass Cohen returned to mrs. William Sutherland and lit a report on girls state sponsor Home in saturday he daughter. Sharon Leigh of de by the club was Given by miss Aflex. A Siam in Norton. Chattanooga have been visiting her Gale Collier. Jar. And mrs. W. H. Hoppe and Mother and father in Law judge mrs. Roy Green president pre Shii daughter of Portsmouth. Or and mrs. E. J. Sutherland. They sided during the business session. And Byron Nurt son i will Fly Home sunday. Plans were discussed and commit o Pearisburg. Or. And mrs. Mrs. Clinton Sarten and Dauphi tees appointed for the coming play a b Moore Nanri sons Ike and a. Tors. Kay and Karon of Memphis to be sponsored by the band or and pal Cox of work the sum Mph. Elln her ers club. A bake Sale was planned go cols of or. And mrs. Parents. Or. And mrs. B. B. Dot Tor sept. 10 with mrs. Hurcell e p Cox and mrs Elhel son Nave to Thill. Home. Wulfe . The club voted Phil week mrs accompanied them enter a float in the labor Day in a r. . Lench. Us. Who Home for n few weeks and Ririe. Mrs. Wiley Collins was pointed chairman of this commit tee. Plans were also made for the children s Home society drive in Siept Ember. The club voted to hold its annual banquet september 29 at the Colo Nial hotel m Wise a. During the social hour birthday gifts were presented to mrs. Wal Ter Brooks and mrs. A. L. Crockett. The hostesses served a delectable salad plate to the following mrs. Roy Green. Mrs. Charles Harkins mrs. Delius Flanary mrs. Roy Ball mrs. Owen , mrs. Brad tale mrs. Ted Kilbourne mrs. Karl Grogan mrs. A. L. Crockett mrs. Walter Brooks mrs. Iva Braley mrs. Wiley Collins mrs. Wayne Collier mrs. Rich mond Lessee and guests. Mrs. Jim my Mcamis and mrs. H. J. Crock Ett. I sic b to ii ask picnic big Stone Gap the Bia Stone Gnu music study club will have a picnic meeting thurs Day september 8. 6 ., at the Home of p. W. Slemp in Powell Valley. The Rev. Bob Gillespie of 61. Paul will be guest of the club. To sgt. And mrs. Robert Swindull film Claa Alc member Hon please and children. Margaret Gall Lullu showing of captains Bob. Jr., of air Force Paradise has been postponed to base coca Fla., have sept. 16. To their Home i circles of vv8cs, Mafali meth mrs. Cynthia Farmer celebrated Bruce or. And mrs. W. Tipton or. And mrs. Erdman dress mrs. Hattie Stone. Or. And Stone., Hermit Stone and mrs. Mrs. Fred Tanner or. And Blanc Bette. R. Skeen attended her 77th birthday with a dinner at Rance at i her Home sunday. Those present were or. And mrs. Berlin cell and savr at the store of a Tom Nanri Driver s compus landscaping Nursery of Lawn building flowering shrubs pc every Torrens fruit a Shade fort Henry drive phone i nifty process co. Nifty potato chips Nlaly packed nifty Tistl Nir Nlaly Quality oct them at your favorite store Beauty Center Shelby is. Pm. I s-5mi mrs. "7.ita" Waldock rerun Nillard individual hair styling. Tinling a with a natural Taok. Archway Home style cookies every lady Livors a for them by name it your local store. 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