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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 6, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee6 Kingsport time monday. September 6. 1954 summer pruning will encourage stubborn Wisteria to Bloom by Henry free written for Nea sen ice summer pruning will encourage your stubborn Wisteria to Bloom. Probably the most desirable of All Hardy vines Wisteria is Likely to be without Flowers for the first few years unless precautions Are taken. It is always Best to Purchase Small grafted plants from a Nurs Eryman who will guarantee that they have flowered ill his Nursery. Such a guarantee does not always mean that your Vine will Bloom the first or even the second or third year but with proper planting and judicial pruning i am sure that Fine Flowers will result As soon As the roots have become re established. Most Wisteria that fail to Bloom Are seedlings and it might take 201 years or longer for such vines to Flower. An established but no producing Wisteria May be induced to Bloom at this time by pruning the roots. The recommended method is to dig a Spade Wido ditch about the Vine. First insert a Sharp Spade into the Soi about the Vine keeping 20 inches away from tic stems press ing the Spade Down As deeply As you can. Cutting tile roots. Repeat until you have completely encircled the Vine. Then dig the ditch beyond this line removing the soil to a dept i of a foot or More. Pill Back with a Pood soil composed of equal parts of old manure Sand pea Moss and Garden Long. Wisteria insert Spade full depth 1 it. Deep fill with Good soil lady bullfighter gored by Bull in mexican Accident by James Marlow flared again on " Vej Israel egyptian Borde. I seek Trade pact Mil Belgrade. Yugoslavia. _ r Sandy i Yugoslavia and Russia have mount am Olks i gun wary Maneu vers toward re ing a jail. It became a i sumling Trade relation broken Oil Community Oro Lect after years ago when the Kremlin. V president Tito out of Vester com inform. Trials Only to learn of Ciudad Acuna mex. I j Patricia Mccormick a Texas girl i who quit College to i jilt bulls impaled on the horns of a my Black Bull sunday when she turned her Back on him to accept cheers for her bravery. The plucky. 24-Vear-old blonder. Lay in serious condition today in a a i. _ _ j which it h fit Unco w us lilt .-101a11 k part of Europe nato the north1 an e the stronger which is a defense Aga tast the Lac there is one notable were smashing a Hospital at Del Rio. Tex., across the Rio Grande from Here. She French m duller careful pruning will be a great help to your Wisteria blooms. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions Corn prospects in Midwest now improved Washington 1954 Corn suffered heavily in a blazing july to have made a substantial come Back in much of the main Corn Belt. The weather Bureau reported this operation plus top pruning that Corn continued this past week and the removal of struggling run Jin very Good condition in Northern ners should induce the production and Central sections of Iowa Illi of the Short spurs upon which next Nois mid Indiana and that 1m season s Flowers will be borne. has been noted through out most of the North and North Central sections of the Nairn. An official report on the state of the crop will not be forthcoming however until next Friday when the agriculture department issues its monthly crop Survey. This report will be the first since the july Survey which estimated a 15 per cent reduction in this year s Corn crop due to the drought. Despite Progress reported in uie Northern half of the nation the weather Burea said much Early Corn in southwestern portions of the main Belt had been damaged beyond recovery during the july siege. This was particularly True in Missouri where recent Rains have failed to Aid the crop. In Iowa Corn last week was 90 per cent in the soft dough stage and 60 per cent dented which is Well ahead of the average with 95 per cent expect eco to reach maturity without damage if Frost occurs at the Normal Date. Turning to Cotton the weather that the Vine gets plenty of water during periods of drought. Wisteria should be fertilized ii autumn after the leaves have fallen never during Spring or summer As this induces too much Vine Al the expense of blooms. A 4-12-4 fertilizer or similar mixture is de sired since one Strong in nitrogen will produce Only profuse foliage. Japanese Wisteria Wisteria Flori Bunda is not quite so rampant in its habit of growth As is the chinese species. The Flowers Are Lilac Blue. Those at the top of the Cluster Are fully open while the lower ones Are just in the Bud. Thus lengthening the period of Bloom. The Wisteria is named for Cas Par Wistar a Pennsyl Vania professor of Anatomy who maintained an arboretum Type Gar Den at the University. Because the Vine Wisteria is such a rampant grower and tear apart even the most substantial of Wood structures in a few years time the old Gardener highly recommends substituting the. Standard or tree Type listeria. Undoubtedly the reason Why there Are so Many More vines than tree Wisteria is the Cost two Dol Lars for the Vine and 10 dollars for the tree. Bui then one can expect blooms from the tree Type the first season As a Lawn specimen no Spring Blooming Plant can equal the exotic Beauty of the tree Wisteria. With yearly trimming and pruning can be kept Down to eight feet in height and about As much spread. Quizzing the Gardener one mow the Lawn during periods of drought and when grass grows very Little Only to Cut off the seed Heads of the weeds and the Clover you do not want the Clover to spread. Set the Mower about a Inch higher than usual. To bugs just about ruined our Lawn in mid june. According to expert information this pest is due to return at any time. Is this True and what should we do to gain control of this pest the first sign of the Bug treat the entire Lawn with Chlor Dane. Five pounds of a 5 per cent the bugs Are Down on your hands and Knees part the Green grass on the edges of a Brown area and gaze steadily at the soil for a minute or two if present the tiny bugs will hop about. At any rate get Busy soon. F does one take soil Sam Ples from the Yard we plan to remake our Lawn and want the soil tested. The Lawn area into 10 or 12 sections. Dig a a shaped Spade depth Hole in each Section and remove a half Inch thick slice of soil from one Side of the Hole. Place this and the other soil slices in a clean bucket or Box and mix the whole thoroughly. Then take about a half pint of the soil for testing. Be sure to inform the tester of the fact that you Are planning to make a Lawn. Vyp tuberous begonias Al though Well grown and cared for do not seem to produce satisfactory during the hot weather. What is wrong and what should we do begonias being tropical plants grow in Shade with High humidity and almost daily Rains. A Well drained soil Shade from the hot Noonday Sun an application of a liquid fertilizer every two weeks and daily after noon sprinkling of the foliage should keep the foliage Green and the blooms Large and numerous. Bureau said that continued hot. Dry and sunny weather Over the main Cotton Belt last week kept Weevil activity at a minimum and Avord harvesting. This weather however stopped growth and caused much heavy shedding and premature opening of bolls in Many was. Picking and ginning generally Are in full swing in the South at lactic and Gulf coastal Plains and Are moving northward. 3-transistor Royal to hearing Aid operates for Only a a month instead of 15p o a Day for old Type vacuum tube aids life like sound truer and f clearer than Ever the one a Battery lasts a full month no a Bat Tery fewer Battery changes bunt conduction accepted by the Council on phyiic4l Medicine and rehabilitation of the Amer an medical Asio coition sorry or dirt must filled in order Freels drug store s52 Broad St. Phone cd 6-4105 he gave this account the second Bull trotted into the Dusty Arena. It was a big one 4 old. Pat began playing Herr. Daringly. In her Cape work she was pull ing the Bull in awfully close Blair Saiu. Then she fixed him they Call it the fix when tile Bull after being fought for some time makes a pass wheels around stops and stares at the bullfighter the Bull usually stands there while and it is customary at this Point for the Matador to turn his Back on the Bull strut and take bows. Meta Dora Patricia turned her Back to face the cheering crowd but Liis Bull charged horns Low she heard him coming and started to turn and deflect him with her red Cape. The Bull thundered on caught her from behind and lifted her High in the air. She was stuck and could t move. She was saved by the retired Matador who taught her bullfight no Alejandro Del Hierro. While Jie crowd of some screamed be jumped into the ring without the Aid of a Cape and pulled her off lie horns. A de study bullfighter named Man Ola Marques also rushed in and Drew the Bull s attention with a Cape. Marquez killed the Bull the big Spring girl has been gored twice before. She killed both bulls that did it. Her courage has won her a aim from aficionados up and Down the Kio Grande since she killed her first Bull at Juarez mex sept. 9, 1051. Later she quit Texas Western College at Elpaso where he was an Art major to devote fir time to bullfighting. Week s club events Seato. The eight nations repro at Manila besides the United states Are Britain. Prance Australia. New zealand the Philippines. Pakistan and Thailand. Thus Only two nations from the Mainland of Southeast Stan and shown in Lerest in joining Seato. Four other asian nations have refused in Dia. Indonesia Burma Ceylon. Those four May go to the other extreme of making a Nonas Gres Sion pact with China. India insist ing on neutralise argues Seato May irritate China into in Stead of discouraging her. Indo Nesia tries to get along with communism not Only abroad but at Home too. So Seato will represent much less than the unanimous desire of Southeast asians for defense against red China. It will there fore Lack nato s rounded Continental defense planning and the strength of its United and huge manpower. The 14 nato members agree an attack on one is an attack on All and they have pledged themselves to go to one another s Aid. The Seato agreement will probably be much weaker. Dulles first thought must be will the Senate approve the kind of treaty i sign at Manila the Senate might not approve Wesley tuesday Fellowship group with i vhf to i til irs. L. L. Joyce 910 Walnut ave nue at . Those Birds Berkeley Calif Fri Birds Ion t try to Wake you up before Are just anxious for Daylight to forage for breakfast or. Robert c. Miller concluded after years of study. One which pledged this country be forehand to go to War on the asian after that disaster the United states hard for Seato to Day s meeting is the product of that push. East Germany opens giant Leipzig fair Leipzig. Germany in German officials Laid Down the red carpet today for Western visitors to the giant Leipzig International Trade fair. The communists predicted their annual exhibition will do a billion dollars Worth of bus the fair carrying on a 500-year Traci Ilion. Opened yesterday ceremonies dedicating it to old wit i peace and Trade with the world Britain the France were United states and among the year s exhibitors. A thousand West Ger Man firms double last displays. The communist regime put on its Best party manners for the fair Leipzig s half million citizens were enlisted to act As guides and interpreters for the expected flood of visitors. A Quarter of a million persons showed up for sundays opening. Britain which is pushing for in most Likely will say something like if any Seato member is at tacked the other members then decide what action to take in accordance with their parliamentary procedures which is an other Way of saying if the time comes the United states Congress will have final say on getting into War in Asia. Whether such a treaty which contains a certain indecision from the beginning will be enough to leter the red chinese remains to be seen. Dulles seems to have no doubt the United states would Rush to the Aid of an ally who is not on the asian continent. Over the weekend he promised immediate american help to the Philippines if they should be at tacked. But the Philippines like Formosa and Japan Are part of Trade with Russia was foreign exhibitor with j7 firms displaying their wares. Smugglers for reds caught by police Caracas. Venezuela in have rounded up 20 members of i gang accused of smuggling scrap Iron and other metals to comm list lands. The accused were picked up sat urday while hoarding the italian ship Andrea Gritti for Tangier. Authorities seized dozens of wooden boxes which they said con aimed 40 tons of scrap Iron cop per Lead Bronze and other met als. Free the Winner will be announced in this newspaper see this Diamond on display at Jordan s name the Diamond contest win absolutely free first prize this 16-Diamond ring just Send in a name for this Beautiful 16-Diamond ring contest ends Midnight saturday september 11 mail in this Coupon i Jorden s i Kingsport. Torn. I my name for this in Diamond ring name i addres cily lathing Al Ommon rash a try Ivy Hal rash Don t stand such torment any longer 1 just smooth Resinol ointment on your irritated skin at once. Sec How quickly its 6 Active in restful. Line Crine Relief. Ick-10-school Specif i famous Highland Park Gingham 10 2 Yards last time. 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