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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 6, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 King port monday. September 0. 1954 i monday. September t. 1954 11 Kingsport times letter to editor Independent Democrat la news Piper w associated lot i Vurr Stev by Carrier daily and sunday one today s Bible thought by Multi the times daily tonic and the heart of a m h if Mei by and love sculls that Converse Buh 8nd Wrath May be much terrified but souls that Converse much with Irrice mercy will be much Brooks free Formosa the suggestion has been made that Formosa be set up As a Sovereign state free and Independent under protective custody of the idea is that this solution would justify action by the by George Means Washington labor Day 1954. Finds the american Trade Union movement More closely United than at any Lime in the last 19 years. One of the main reasons for this constructive development is the highly successful operation thus far of the no i aiding agreement Between the Al and the Cio. After three months not a single Case has been referred to the impartial Umpire. The unions in both Camps participate in the agreement have been quietly betting to be her and settling their organization differences without much fuss. We be still got our fingers crossed but if he new Era of Good feeling keeps Browing at the present rate actual labor Unity May be than most observers there Are Many significant reasons for this aside from the no raiding pact. Outside political and International have served to Weld the once hostile divisions of american labor into virtual Alliance on All major deeply by the slippage n our National Economy. Adjusting the official Sunn non e realities Are now about unemployed in the nation. This Means considerable unnecessary suffering to the fam Ilies on the lower rungs of the economic ladder whom labor must protect. It Means a tremendous deficit m purchasing Power. It Means in the erf it Rcd used for business and farm Eis unless the Retreat is promptly halted editor times your recent full Page coverage of Tennessee National guardsmen in training set. Mcclellan ala., was an appropriate tribute to the part each member plays in National defense. This office commends the Kings port tucks news ii ills grand display of the military both on me state and Federal level Are greatly indebted to the newspapers such As yours which Are so vital in assistance for accelerating defense programs. Sincerely. Jack Dealy. 1st i. Public information officer gumming up works labor has pleaded in vain with Congress and to ati0nf0r corrective action5 we Imd hat big business is running the works in Wash doing a poor Job. The views of labor Are Given Little if any. Consideration this conclusion is amply confirmed by the pres Klem 83 d labor challenges .3 Hollywood by Erskine Johnson n a staff correspondent Hollywood exclusively yours Marilyn Monroe who did t believe that every instalment of her uncensored life Story appeared in a London newspaper until i proved it to her is on the Legal Warpath. I have a Telegram from Ben Hecht author of the series Tell ing me that the article had been stopped after the third install Marilyn confided. If the entire series has been printed. Ben and his literary agent Are not in a Good Legal Tion of the in to prevent the red attack nation s Oil an Omic resource to private ment of China and pave the Way for acceptance of the people s government As representative of China in the in. This is not much of an idea. The reds might like it but even that is doubtful. If they knew that they could get recognition by giving up Formosa they might take up the idea looking to get Formosa Back later by infiltration and puppet Hood. But the reds would have no such guarantee and they might find them selves paying for something they did not get. The idea would certainly be rejected by Chiang Kai Shek who could hardly be set up As the head of a state against his will. As Long As Chiang lives he will As Sert he is the rightful head of the Legal government of China. Time is running out for him but As Long As he lives he will hold to his dream of going Back to Pei Ping in Triumph. But of course such a program would not suit the United states at All. The whole business of protecting Chiang on Formosa is to maintain the fiction that the nationalist government still exists. We probably could go on blocking a which Grants huge benefits to corporavions1 and wealthy Stock investors. The Complete failure to fulfil Campaign Pedges to remove the Union busting pro a aggravated fun i y administrative rulings of the Eisenhower appointed majority on the National labor relations Hoard which make the Law More oppressive to labor it is of great concern to us that Congress did nothing to improve the standards of unemployment compensation that it failed to raise the minimum wage that it completely neglected the Bent need for Federal Aid to education that it dodged the responsibility of enacting fair employment practice legislation passed an inadequate housing Law. Only in the new improvements to the social Security act did con Gress earn a passing Grade the world s top Jet Ace. Capt. Joseph Mcconnell or. Fell to his death in a seat ejected from a Sabre Jet because he was flying too Low to give his Parachute time enough to open. An ironic twist for a sequence in his life Story which Warner Bros will film from Ted Sherdeman s script. On his first practice Para Chute leap Mcconnell worried his superiors because he delayed pull ing his ripcord. When scenarist Sherdeman asked him about it Mcconnell said free falling was so pleasant i was reluctant to open my Sherdeman s tribute to the Ace the most patriotic Man use it wisely boy Iii it a ii i Washington calling limited horizons All liberals Are perturbed by the backward trend m governmental policy by the complacent acceptance of second Best conditions by the shrinkage m our horizons for future Progress Pahis now that the French toward a plan to bring a German National Assembly has decisively military contribution with a new rejected Edc Europe is left with form of partnership there have i Ever a and he suggestions that this would i ,0id antagonisms Between France be a sort of Little North Atlantic and Germany will be further in treaty organization a kind of flamed. It is the end of one phase club within a club created to con of the postwar Era and what shall Tain the German divisions come later is far from Clear. Hiing a tactic Tolj disavowed Edc in Turin it stated a without openly attacking it has a lad the ci0 Are jointly confederation of free Trade unions we have helped to prevent the Kremlin from gaining further Conquest by subversion of workers anywhere in the free world. The Don. Taylor Phyllis Avery reconciliation is a so far so Good news Flash. Pals say it will last for Don and to s mrs. Mcnulley. S conversion to without of enl attn trip it he i me peans catholicism is now Complete. He tha he would work to Italy. Ift Lland Belgium pram began his studies shortly before with great Britain and America Luxembourg that his govern Edc his marriage to Pat Kennedy. Britain and America ment will not accept such Solu Zsa Gabor s writing her life Story. Title Nora Haymes who needs the weekly pay checks. Marquis Childs if he tries to put the Bonn treaty into effect with rearmament for Germany to come later under some scheme worked out by a conference of the Atlantic Powers the communists will turn against him. They might conceivably be joined by the pro Edc deputies who Are Likely to say a United Europe or moreover animosities have been deeply stirred with the pro euro peans convinced that Mendes France deliberately sabotaged s can leaders p in International affairs. They Are missions to Moscow dictators who was not ready Bor Camps we know the cause of free ened. The reds would have Little interest in attacking Formosa if they could see Chiang Kai Shek removed As a threat. As a Sovereign nation Formosa might be safeguarded from attack but it would also be barred from attacking. The free Formosa idea has very Little to attract if and that Little is Only attractive to red eyes. European unify the Premier of France Mendes France is planning to come to the United states in an Effort to bolster Franco american relations. He won t be coming at a very Happy time and it is doubtful if he will get a very enthusiastic Welcome. It is not so much that France has turned Down Edc in spite of every plea but that As responsible head of the government the Premier played a leading role in the action. He threw his weight in favor of killing the organization. That Hurt. The present tendency of Many Ameri cans is to say we ought to Tell France we Are through with her Cut off All Aid and reorganize Europe without France. It would not if there was some of that sentiment in officialdom at Washington. One hears it said Germany is a lot More important to the rebuilding of Europe than is but actually we do not have a Choice Between dealing with France or Ger Many. We cannot ignore either one. Both Are necessary to a balanced healthy Europe just As a healthy Europe is Neces sary to us. If we should try that High handed Atti tude of ignoring France the probability is that we would throw France into the arms of Russia. We must remember that communist strength in France is very Strong. It May be stronger than we know. Knowing the communist technique As we do. It is quite possible that not every politician working for the reds is a member of the French communist party. It would not be surprising if some politicians pos ing As members of other parties were undercover communists who can work More effectively for the reds by not seeming to be working for them. So we have no Choice but to try to hold on to both Germany and France. To choose Between France and Germany and Cio. The answer is simple. Labor is Strong Only when it is United. In my opinion unification of the labor movement will revive and fortify the Liberal forces in America. We got problems by Momy Goldberg next to getting a diploma from night school to get asked to write a column for Drew Pearson is to shall i say Honor. But what to write about my neighbors my family my Butcher listen when you live in a House with 40 families there should be plenty to Wojic about and there is. At the moment that i take pen m hand i have a few personal problems with my husband Jake. After All the years we Are married he still can t understand Why i mix Why i m interested in what goes on behind the 40 doors of each apart ment at 1038 East Tremont Avenue the Bronx. Well i ask you. Is Man an Island can you live Only surrounded by your own four Walls not me. And the second complaint is if i must make marriages. I shall put a Shingle in my window or put a Stop to matchmaking i ask you when you see wonderful girls that Are looking and mothers that Are anxious should t you give Fate made 40 marriages and there arc already 62 children from their marriages. Jake and i have a marriage problem in our family. Maybe you can help me. We be been Dis cussing our Sammy who will marry Dora Barnett Dora s family also lives in Pur building in East Tremont Avenue. We feel Sammy s sufficiently mature to get married and is in love with a very Nice girl. And vice versa. It s the first marriage of our children. Let s have a Nice big i suggested. I want to invite the relatives All the neighbors Ary will Only eat and drink and the dress sales men and buyers will do business with him wed Ding or no wedding. Another question came up should Dora be a subject pro and con. How it la come out i Don t know yet. If you ask me let it be the was the children want it. There Are other problems. For instance should i Don t know what the etiquette Book says. I ask lost her Job As a typewriter Pounder at a Hollywood Niter when the management changed. So i go on vacation to Balboa Island to escape Hollywood. But there s no escape. I spend most of two weeks standing in line at the Lido theater to see gone with the i m out 35 Miles at sea hooked up with a tuna on Byron Cunningham s boat Areta b., out of port Orange and a Fel Low on a passing Cruiser Waves it s Broderick Crawford. A mexican dinner at la Posta and a waitress i be never seen be fore in my life says if you want a big thrill. Ginger Rogers and Dinah Shore Are on the front porch waiting for a i leave by the Back porch. Jimmy Cagney at the Balboa Bay brother Bill at the Driftwood so they say if Drivers and not cars Are the cause of most traffic accidents Why do we insist on inspecting cars but not the a. L. Chapman of u. S. Public health service. There is no use for foreign troops in Korea if they Are not going to fight communism. South Korea s syn Man Rhee on u. S. Troop withdrawal. I will not be a party to any treaty in Indochina that makes anybody a slave now that is All there is to Einn Hower. Is ton. Nor will the West German Republic accept the limited sovereignty that would be accorded by ratification of the Bonn treaty separated from Edc which has now been killed. In Bonn a month ago vice Chan cellar Franz Blucher and other German officials told me flatly that such a solution would not be acceptable. They pointed out that the Bonn Accord was negotiated in 1951. Since then extraordinary changes have taken place including the resurgence of German Industrial Power to a Point at which German production increasingly such strange a combination would be but no stranger in the Mac s window by w. J. Scatliffe a celebrity is one who is in the Public Eye. Some of them Are like cinders which the Public wishes u could get out of its Eye. A an to Gull not to be to Lennig Tennis is no to be compared to dam ing and is not to is compared to a car ride. Chew ins sum would to a much better it to talk while chomping. That s one in intr about Chavvin tobacco Many a Man to reputation for Beer Wise and silent when the truth is he did t Dars open his Mouth. Hoar Tell of the plumber who fell in love with a pea Cherino the pair made a Date. One kind of brass that is Seldom Green is the grass widow. Looking at tin world through classes will Jive any Man a also View of life. That is if it s looking through the Bottom of glasses a Man should keep his Savoir Faire. To matter what the women Wear too inn Row or skirts too wide he should t really care. Slacks that Aren t Slack enough shorts that arc too Short. Horse Tail hairdos Scarlet Naili he should take without a thought. But a Man must have great self control not to look askance at those outrageous Gaudy flamboyant fancy pants they look like Slacks that have shrunk up or shorts that have slipped Down like the costume of a Matador or the Motley of a Clown this is a sight to scare a Man his sanity it affects he thinks he sees a Sample of some horrible third sex the latest word is that the Flat styles of dior Are not going to Baas bad As they were painted. It May be that Monsieur dior Dis covered that he in t As smart As of Ungui Milne Maine in l As smart As weird intricacies of French politics he thought he was. And he just than the combination of extreme left and extreme right that after two years and four months vacillation and delay brought Edc Down. It would bring the Mendes France government Down and some observers Are already saying that the Day of downfall is not far off. In Short As a consequence of the struggle just ended France appears to be even More ungovernable than it had been before. On the american Side there is considerable bitterness at the out dominates markets in Europe the come particularly among those Middle East and far East. It will take More than speeches who through months and years have staked everything on Edc win More Man speeches at every ining on Edc to come up with the kind of forum conviction is Strong that men la Tufit. 1oh a. Can t subdue a nature. It looks like his creations Are a bust after All. The modern generation is very Frank. Nowadays a Young Start counting their children before they re hitched. Definition t Goat Butts you twice that is rebuttal. Room in Corona Del mar. Golf at the american people want no the Swank Irvine coast country appeasement of communists the club. Ruby Keeler in the following american people will refuse to foursome and producer George support the United nations if red Glass in a Sand trap. Sun bathing China becomes a beside the California gov. A e minority Leader Lyndon John Goodwin Knight and his Bride son sail by on the yacht Mojo. It Hollywood dolls with familiar Rumba at the doll House. Virginia Field stepping off a fishing boat. Sea food at Tom. Norton s Cape cod House watching red Skelton cracking crab instead of his head. A hot fudge sundae at the Jolly Dorothy Lamour the possibilities of the italian government controlling its own internal difficulties Are much better than they were a year . Clare Boothe Luce u. S. Ambas Sador to Italy. La that Mendes France. During the Edc discussion in the Assembly suggested could be readily found if Edc were killed. The position of m nodes France. Himself has been seriously damaged in the final act of the Edc drama. The magic that he brought As a new Man to the solving of prob been rubbed off. He has in the Wake of the Edc defeat engineered without even a full debate on the Issue the look of just an other Premier caught in the toils of a system that seems to have been devised to make government impossible. Des France led Edc to defeat with a supposed neutrality concealing bitterness could be a further Handi Cap in the Effort to work out a new approach. As for the communists they can Chalk this up As a major Victory. While it was due in part to forces Over which they had no control such As the intransigent Degulie its they exploited every Opportunity with persistent skill. At a critical moment Karl Franz Schmidt witty acc defected to communism and in an interview in East Berlin this former member of key German parliamentary committees Stout ladies Slacks the growth of television has brought about a lot of radio activity to meet the Competition. One of the most complimentary lungs that has been said about the recent american legion Conven Tion was the comment of a liquor store operator who said sales have not been what we expected most of the legionnaires just possible. _ German Pauliat Nentarz committees of the legionnaires just More serious is the Way in which told of secret plans for 48 rather Alons enough Money for As a result of the outcome the than 12. German divisions that in hotel and food Bills we will respect the internal affairs of the Central american countries and we will follow an inter american policy. Our govern ment will maintain diplomatic re lations with those countries that sustain the same principles we be sign autographs. Sunday morning worship at charming St. Andrews Presby Terian Church and a wonderful ser Mon by Jimmy Stewart i was almost talked into skin diving in 20 feet of water for Aba Lieve Carlos armas Lone but my teen agr daughter of Guatemala s ruling Junta. Johnny Johnston s off again on again night club partnership with Hildegarde is definitely off. Despite their separation Charles o Curran will stage Betty Button s vegas act at the desert inn opening oct. 12. Aly Khan s lawyers i hear have bought the negatives of those dreary photos of Yasmine recently splashed in a communists in the Assembly have made themselves More or less in Monist bloc of 95 and the orthodox Degas leists with 75 votes formed Well Over half of the majority of 319 that Defeated Edc. The fact of this support gives Mendes France Little latitude in trying to form policy from Here on out. Me View was widely carried throughout the French press. As so often in the past Western denials however sincere lamely followed the propaganda explosion. And As always communism could count on 95 disciplined votes the largest bloc in the Assembly. In tins hour of reckoning that May be France s greatest tragedy and greatest menace. Kathy ruled me out. Don t she said you re a cinch to meet Esther Williams Down but it was a great Holiday. Life in Hollywood dept a movie Trade paper called this memo to Cecil Demille has found his greatest film stories in the insults Are Ever Worth resent ing unless the a come close to the truth. When there is a Long dry spell people Are advised not to use water to Wash cars. But lots of people believe washing your car is a Good Way to make it rain. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Bible. Just to protect yourself you should read the National Magazine. Did Rita Hay Worth inspire the move Side glances now that i will bake the strudel and make the Chick children Goine to that s also a problem in this Day and age. I would t he Mother in me. I m sure they la find mrs. 8c s children did. Then with College and work and new environment i la hardly Ever see Sammy. A Mother s problems multiply and never subtract. There s an argument about Sammy s future sometimes Jake wants him to go into the dress business. Sometimes he says no son of mine or n the reds Back that is european Unity. To take absolute sides with one or tie other would be to do just what Russia wants us to do. Success in the shoe business. But nobody asks Sammy what he wants to do. Perhaps they think he studied engineering in College to be a Cutter or shoe fitter and the honeymoon question. One Lime in their lives should t they leave the Bronx and journey to Florida or California i think so. But not my Jake. Sammy saw enough of the North East South and West when he was in the army Jake reminds me. He should honeymoon in this but when i Tell Jake that Dora has t been to Florida or California he throws up his hands and says David net the cards and Deal out n Little or. Pearson. Molly Goulbert thanks Yon for letting me take the time so i could Tell you about my Bronx merry go rotund. I brought i character my two boy friends along dad you know which one would make the nicest the Mouth and Tongue ordinarily do not give us much trouble but when they do me symptoms can be exceedingly annoying. Some time i have had a sort of metallic taste in my Mouth. My dentist suggested that i needed the dentures changed since i have had them for 19 years but other causes have also been suggested. What do you think mrs. A. J. A certainly sounds possible that the dentures Are causing trouble and giving Rise to the unpleasant sensations in the Mouth. One possibility is that there Are dissimilar metals in the dentures or remaining Teeth if any. Other possible irritating factors such As smoking irritating foods or drinks or changes in the nervous system involving the sensations of taste or smell Are additional possibilities. In View of the history however one would expect that the dentures or Teeth would be the place to Start. Advise me what to do for my Scalp. My hair on top of the head is gradually falling out in spots. I am Only 23 years old. R. A. This is probably a condition known As Alopecia Areata or Bald Ness in spots. Its cause is not known but skin treatments Are indicated. The hair usually grows Back after a period of months. A person suffering from hives donate blood i was refused for this purpose recently. D. F. Would not seem Wise from the standpoint of the person with hives though i am not aware of any reports of specific damage either to the donor or to the blood Pool. A 7v the removal of one ovary and tube effect the monthly Cycle unfavourably Reader. Will have no effect provid ing the remaining ovary is functioning normally. Have revealed a cavity on the lungs. The doctor claims it is tuberculosis although All pre Vious tests have been negative the doctors now advise surgery and i wonder whether operations of this kind have proved successful. Mrs. R. On the Chest of Var ious kinds in certain varieties of tuberculosis of the lungs has proved successful on innumerable occasions. Presumably this advice is Given by physicians who Are fully competent to Render an Opin Ion in which Case this opinion should be followed. The taking of a soap and my opinion neither one of these is advisable and either can disturb the delicate functioning of the intestines and cause such Dis orders As spastic Colon. V husband has a sore in grown Toenail. Is there anything which can be done for it mrs. A. B. Think he should see a Good chiropodist. Water enema weekly have any effect on the body is this safer than j. It. Out our Way

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