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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 4, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee12 Friday sept. 4, 1953 Kingsport times Dean of his capture and 3yearsln red prison Freedom Village Korea up maj. Gen. William f Dean came Back to Freedom to Day and told of his capture by 20 North koreans and of the lonely 37 months he spent in communist prison Camps. For the Benefit of newsmen and other Well wishers the 54 year old Dean relived his ordeal from the time he was separated from his men in combat to the moments preceding his release. Now Gray haired with Wrin Kles on a tanned face Dean told of his capture on aug. 25, 1950, of having wandered hungry through the Countryside with out food of endless interrogation by North koreans and of the surprisingly Good treatment he received toward the end. Starting from the beginning Dean recalled his Battle against hopeless Odds after being separated from the men with whom he had been fighting. A North korean Soldier tried to overpower him alone but failed. I thought i was a pretty Good he said. But before i could get my arms released about 20 people were on me. They were North korean sol Diers or Home guards. They wrenched my arms be Hind my Back tied me up and put me in the Hoose Gow and then into a Box about the size of this he pointed to a table about three feet Square. Dean said his feet were swollen and he took Oft his boots. That gave them the idea so they took them and gave me some rubber shoes without Bot Toms. I had to stuff in news papers. It was a Long time be fore i could find any shoes big enough for before he was taken into communist custody Dean said he spent a month in a jeep try ing to hide from the reds. The jeep had to pass through a fiery Lane where trucks were burning and vehicles had been he said. The Driver took a wrong turn. Instead of among he went to Nam san. North koreans were dug in All along the Road firing at Dean said he jumped from the jeep and took to cover under an abandoned truck. Several other men already had had the same idea he said. The men under the truck with me wanted to surrender but i talked them out of Dean said. The general said he and the men later slipped away from the truck and hid in an armoured Clintwood a spa weapons Carrier known As african legion said he was taken from town to town and from Hruse to House. Dean said the communists held him at Mango until Jan and then took him Back to the North korean capital of Pyongyang where he remained until feb. 6, 1953. He said he reached Kaeson on aug. 6. I lived like a plutocrats in Dean said. I stayed in the old seventh division out Post there. It s a Beautiful place. It even had a Waterfall. I bathed in the Waterfall three times a Day. They gave me a chinese Cook. I had Tea meat bread and butter. All i wanted. They gave me a drink of Vodka every the treatment was not so courteous in the Early Days though Dean recalled. Shortly after the North koreans Learned his identity they held a press conference. The newsmen present were local korean correspondents he said. They questioned me at great Dean said. They asked what the United states Aims were in the far East what secret weapons we had what our. Plans of Man Euver were to Dean said military officers threatened him but did not beat lira. The reds used teams of interrogators who took turns questioning him it was 68 hours the first he said. The interpret ers wore. They gave me a res Dite. Next time it was Only 44 hours. The third go was 32 he said he had to sit on his hands because his body was so stiff. They said they would punish me As a War criminal for my activities As military Dean said. He was the last Mil itary governor of Korea. Interfering in the korean Mccarthy rebuffed by army May again investigate mine closings new York Joseph r. Mccarthy a wish says he May personally probe abandoned mines which produced Manga Nese Lead and Copper. Sen. George w. Malone r Nev Heads the mining probe committee but Malone has been hospitalized due to a serious Accident. If the Nevada senator can t continue the probe Mccarthy said yesterday he May take a hand in it. Malone s committee spent six months on a preliminary investigation of mining in 15 states. Concerning the mine situation Mccarthy told newsmen the policies of the old tru Man administration have resulted in the closing of mines in the United states and their be ing flooded. They Are lost to us and As a result we Are depend ent upon foreign nations for Many strategic materials. If a War should Start and Russia could Cut the sea lanes with submarines our ability to wage War would be almost Mccarthy yesterday closed a four Day hearing by his Senate permanent investigations sub committee Here into possible communist infiltration of the armed forces. The private hear Ings Are scheduled to be resume next week in Washington. Mccarthy k h o w e d obvious anger at the final session Here when 1st army Headquarters re fused him the names of service personnel who gave loyalty Clear Ance to civilian employees suspected of communism. The turndown reportedly on orders from Washington caused Mccarthy to say we Are going to do everything we can to get those the senator said he plans to Call Secretary of defense Charles Wilson before his subcommittee on this Issue next week. Mccarthy said a colonel identified by him As Robert a. Howard refused during questioning to say whether a known communist should be kept on the army payroll or be suspended. Mccarthy said the colonel refused to answer on advice of an army lawyer. Ring necked pheasants imported from China Are now one of America s Best known game Birds. Education Leader ies in Washington Washington Lee _ m. Thurston u. S. Commissioner j Pertant Mother Accuu of it of education died of a heart at tempting to Rob a North Holly womb a cleared in water gun Holdup attempt los Angeles sex ack Early today at Georgetown University Hospital l. Thurston 58, had served in election was also Laid to my on oct. 2, 1950, he said the communists gave up trying to get information from him. Dean said he saw Only two non koreans from the time o his capture. They were Wilfric Burchett an australian working for the French communist newspaper l humanity a n c Alan Winnington of the London daily worker. Welcome planned when the order came to take cover there were 17 of us in the he said. We left the m-5 and began to move up Over a Dean said he thought he heard a trickle of water. He had t had a drink All Day he said so he looked around in the Hope of finding the Stream. I had an impression of run Ning Down a series of he said. I Drew a Blank. It was like a Man being Dean fainted. Said he apparently when i came to my watch read after he said. I was at the Bottom of a Hill. I got up and started across the Stream and i fell asleep. When i came to again it was about and a North korean patrol passed me 10 Yards away. They did not see me. After that until the time i was captured it was just an at tempt to work following his capture Dean and veterans of foreign wars posts Are making preparations for a. Big Celebration in Honor of two returning prisoners of War Cpl. Elmer Powers already is at his Home Here. Gene Conley son of mrs Sarah Kelley is expected to land at san Francisco saturday after 27 months in the hands of the communists. Released two weeks ago shortly after Powers obtained his Freedom Conley is expected to reach Home about 10 after he lands at the West coast port. The intervening time will be taken up with the necessary processing for a discharge from the armed forces and with the trip across the continent. A dinner program of speeches Parade led by the High school band and other features Are planned for the Celebration. Banners proclaiming the town s Welcome for its returning heroes already have been prepared and a Gay festive mood is building up in preparation for the event. School Bells will be ringing for credit grantees of this area september 8th, 9th, 10th, and Lith at the Kingsport inn sponsored by credit grantees Assn. Or. Sterling Speake retail credit specialist of the National retail association will be instructor for the 10 hour course in retail credit credit has done a thousand times More to enrich Man kind than All the Gold mines in the world it has labor stimulated manufacture and pushed Commerce Over every sea. Time out for study is a Good investment the staff of very credit department and credit Bureau u Well As the manager is urged to attend this school. Fill in tear out and mail Coupon Kingsport credit grantees association c. H. Walter Kingsport credit Bureau Kingsport Tennessee please Register no persons for the credit school which is to be held at the Kingsport inn. September 8th dinner meeting . September 9th, 10th and Lith. Cost . Name firm address his Post since july 2. He was taken to the Hospital in a Crit ical condition sunday. Thurston was superintendent of Public instruction for the state of Michigan before his appointment As education chief in the department of health education and welfare. His wife mrs. Jessie Gothro Thurstan and a close Friend. Mrs. L. A. Tappe of Ann Arbor. Mich., were at his Side when he died. Thurston is survived by a son and a daughter in Addi Tion to his wife. Wood Bank with a water pistol has been cleared by a Federal grand jury. The jury refused to indict mrs. Robin Smith 20, who told officers she was separated from her husband Dale 21, and had no Money to pay a mounting stack of Bills. Officers said the woman Dis played the toy pistol at a win Dow in the Bank but turned and fled when the Teller screamed. No Money was taken. Next Day her baby was born three months prematurely in general Hospital. Both Daugh Ter and Mother Are doing general s wife overjoyed at news of release Monterey Calif. Up news that maj. Gen. William f. Dean had been released after More than three years communist imprisonment hit his wife like a their Daugh Ter said today. Mrs. Robert c. Williams said her Mother used every superlative in the Book to describe her Joy. She said she was elated overjoyed overwhelmed she just used every superlative in the mrs. Williams said. I did t even get a Chance to Tell her the details because she would t quit mrs. Williams was the first to break the dramatic news to her Mother who was driving her from her Home at Berkeley Calif., when the general stepped across to Freedom at pan Mun army plans formal inquiry of drowning fort Bragg n. C. The army today planned a for Mal inquiry to decide whether overloading or panic caused an assault boat to capsize on a shallow Lake Here drowning 20 Young recruits. Investigators yesterday issued an interim report declaring the boat did not carry an excessive Load and an officer in charge and enforcing All Normal safety precautions when it overturned. But two survivors who were hospitalized for Shock after the Accident wednesday said in statements released by base officials that the boat appeared overcrowded and was Riding deep in the the two beliefs concerning the cause of the army s worst non Aerial training tragedy since world War n were still being checked by a Board of officers conducting the formal investigation. See it tonight Pierce s Airport nights no show Sun. Night saturday and sunday . 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