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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 3, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 thursday sept. 3, 1953__________ Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. R. Cd Varoa Emit aft w. Weat Ammi Alana for j. Cad late Bdl or Dell ankle a. Executive Miter a Alarte Streak Cla opon. Tenn. Member of us associated prams you Tarn new Spain publisher association and he audit Bureau of circulation. An Tad Podrat demo eatto newspaper publishes each after noon except saturday and a nods. The associated pm is Puelui Tielu entitled to am for publication of All Cwi dispatches credited Tatt or act otherwise credited in us paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post of Lea in in report Tenn As second Elan mall Santur. October 11, under of Mara a. Int. National represent Attlee Shannon As int., with in new York. Cd Leario. Detroit. Atlanta. St. Loola. Kanizai air. Los act la and ban panel sea subscription rate to mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week. 404. Today s Bible thought then answered Simon and said Pray be to the lord for me that none of these things which be have spoken come upon the times daily tonic who rises from prayer a better Man his prayer is Meredith. Narrow Bridges a few years ago we were All delighted Highway 11-w was resurfaced and widened but within a few weeks we Dis covered we had a dangerous Road on our hands due to narrow Bridges. Since that time there have been scores of wrecks caused by these Bridges be. Cause they Are not properly marked. Now we Are faced with the same Situa Tion on the Johnson City Highway. We have a resurfaced widened Road with narrow Bridges. It seems to us that it would be Wise to put blinking lights on these Bridges. Of course it would be expensive but would it be More expensive than human lives the Bridges have been marked with reflectors but these soon become dirty and their value is gone because they do not reflect. If the state does not feel it could afford blinking lights perhaps it could Mark the Road with guide lines into the Bridge and put up Large barricades at each end of the Bridges marked with horizontal lines painted with reflecting paint. This system is used in Virginia and is quite effective. Now that the painters Are at work on the Johnson City Highway putting Down the Center line it looks As if this would be a Good time to do something about marking these Bridges. The approach to Hammond Bridge at Holston Hills is very dangerous. The Motorist goes from an almost four Lane Highway into a two Lane Bridge. Lines should be put on this Road leading into the Bridge and efforts made to make the Motorist aware of this danger at night. With the completion of fort Patrick Henry dam nearing traffic will be greater on this Road. This has always been a Busy Highway but it is now get Ting More traffic since Boone Lake is open and the state Park is open for picnics. Of course the state Highway depart ment May have Good reasons for not marking these Bridges but it seems that now gov. Clement is taking such an Active interest in Highway safety the word should be passed Down to this depart ment. We Only Hope the traffic toll on the Johnson City Highway will not be As heavy As on 11-w, but with the frequency of accidents already occurring on this Road we Don t believe we can expect it to be any safer. Bright Hope on horizon there is so much disheartening news from abroad that it is pleasant to be Able to find a Bright Ray on the horizon. This Shaft of Light comes from great Britain where a substantial economic upturn is in Progress. According to reports Britain s improvement is founded largely on an ele mental fact of Trade the prices of the raw materials and some of the other things it buys have gone Down while prices on the products it exports have held steady. This has fattened the Brit ish Bank account building up Gold and Dollar reserves. This new flush of health rebounds to the Benefit of the ruling conservative party which has been in the Saddle since the fall of 1951. No one pretends that the conservatives have any push Button command of world raw material prices that much is just their Good Fortune. But even labor party men privately concede conservative leaders have done a Good Job. The conservatives have done consider Able toward stimulating a fresh surge of free activity. They have de nationalized the steel and trucking industries and wiped out Many another burdensome control. They have nipped at the British citizen s crushing tax Load. They have taken a big stride toward goal of new houses. And they have better labor management measured by time lost in their labor predecessors. These things alone could not have produced a Boom. But they do contribute to a new feeling of Well being in Britain merry go round Edson s column by Drew Pearson Washington a contract for Worth of new panelling for executive mansion corridors was let at the White House the other Day under Peculiar circumstances. The company that got the contract did t have its bid opened until one Day after the 3 . Aug. 17 deadline when the. Other four bids were in. This is highly unusual. Bids on government contracts Are supposed to be opened simultaneously in the presence of All concerned. But in this Case the successful bid that of tha v. J. Miller construction company was rushed in at the last moment remained unopened All night and when opened the next Day turned out to be the Low bid. The next highest bid that of the Davis Wick Rosen Garton co., was for what added to the unusual circumstances was a mysterious phone Call by the chief White House usher Howell g. Crim one hour after the first four bids were opened to a Bert Matthews telling him to get his bid in right away. However Crim called the wrong Matthews. Bert Matthews is with the Tuckman Barbee construction company which did not bid on the White House contract. And when he pro tested that he did t know what it was All about but perhaps Crim wanted another Matthews who was with the v. J. Miller com Pany White House usher Crim abruptly ended the conversation. The contract negotiations occurred when president Eisenhower was in Denver. The White House usher is the top permanent functionary in the executive mansion and or. Crim has served there some years with a Good record. However attempts by this column to get to the Bottom of the contract award resulted in one of the most unusual run arounds in run around Washington. White House explains White House usher Crim asked by this column for an explanation for the delayed bid at first said he had had nothing to do with the Miller contract that he was on vacation and that the bids had been handled by Roger Steffan special assistant to the president. He added that he had gone to the bid opening Only As a Spectator. I went Down out of personal interest be cause i had never seen it. I was Only a spec Crim said. But when asked Why was the v. J. Miller bid not opened with the others Crim seemed to have More than a Spectator s knowledge we wanted to get this work done while the president was he replied. So we invited four contractors to bid and we specified the time bids were to be opened. Miller came in the last minute. He had not been invited to bid but asked for permission to submit a bid. We decided to take it under Why was t the Miller bid opened on the Crim was asked. We wanted time to decide whether to con Sider the bid at Crim explained. Asked about the mysterious phone Call to Bert Matthews an hour after the first four bids were opened Crim acknowledged that he made the Call and had Cut the conversation Short when he found Matthews was t the right Man. I was simply calling to find out if he was the agent for the v. J. Miller he explained. We did t know anything about the company and i was calling to Check on the but i thought you attended the bid open ing Only As a Spectator and that Roger Stefan handled the whole Crim was asked. It now looks As if you were taking a very Active part in the a role Crim then reversed his previous statement that he was on vacation said he had come Back to work for a Day or two. Tried one red Case asked whether he had Ever tried any cases for the communists while a member of the firm he said that he had handled one minor congressman Condon had no recollection of the alleged quote from a 1953 speech about the mighty red army being the bulwark of the coloured he said he might have said something along this line though not quite so Rabid during the week he handled Orienta Tion in 1943 at his Charleston s. C., army Post. He pointed out that Many people were Mak ing pro soviet remarks at that time. Questioned about the charge that he had joined various red fronts Condon said he had contributed to Many causes and attended Many meetings that he would not have any thing to do with now. His joining began right after he left Law school in 1938 when he said a lot of other people joined causes too. He denied Ever making the statement that he was going into politics in order to do himself and the communist party some Good. The congressman admitted he had been arrested eight or nine times in his youth mostly for drunkenness. On one occasion he recalled he had got into a scrap with a policeman. He said that when he ran for Congress his oppo nent knew All about this but did not use it because they were events of his youth.1 the congressman at All times seemed Frank and made no Effort to Duck questions. He enlisted in the army As a private two months after Pearl Harbor and came out four years later a staff sergeant with two Battle stars and a Silver Star. That As fairly As we can present it is the record. And they encourage the British voter to credit the conservatives for All their country s gains. This recovery plus the greatly enhanced position of the conservative party stands in Sharp contrast to the situation that prevailed in the first months after sir Winston Churchill s re turn to Power. Then the conservatives were glum faced before problems that seemed Well nigh hopeless and the voters appeared disenchanted with their new leaders. In this slow steady upward haul there is encouragement for the Eisenhower administration another Middle of the Road government which is trying to demonstrate that Economy and Good management Are possible even in these chaotic Days. In Britain the demonstration could not be made in the first six months or even the first year. But eventually a Mark was made. Looking across at this example most fair minded americans May be More than Ever disposed to give president Eisenhower reasonable time to show that there is More than one Way to run a government. Biossat by Peter Edson Washington Nea the Best example of the change that is taking place in Washington is personified by the appointment of sex congressman John w. Gwynne Iowa Republican to succeed Stephen j. Spingarn As a member of the Federal Trade commission. The change will take place sept. 25, when spin Garn s term expires. Gwynne s appointment by president Eisenhower has been confirmed by the Senate. The shift Here is from an extremely Liberal Young new dealer to an older ultraconservative. Spingarn a Democrat is 45. Gwynne is 64. The two have Only one thing in common. Both were educated As lawyers. In the 14 years that representative Gwynne was in Congress 1934 to piled up a record that left no doubt As to where he stood. He faithfully represented his dominantly re publican District of 14 counties around Waterloo which was his Home. The Gwynne record is perhaps Best illustrated by his votes in the last session of the 80th re publican Congress. Congressman Gwynne voted for the gop tax reduction Bill and he voted to override presi Dent Truman s veto of that Bill. The congressman voted against Extension of rent controls. He voted against repeal of the fed eral tax. On Margarine. He voted against the Marshall plan and a Extension of that plan. Theory on monopolies his theory on the subject of monopolies with which he will have a great Deal to do As a Federal Trade commissioner is perhaps Best summed up in this statement from a speech he made in Congress private monopolies and governments bureaucracy cannot Long Exi Srin a country and have that country remain free. Gigantic monopolies in business naturally Lead to monopolies in labor unions and to great government bureaus to control now or. Gwynne is himself about to become a member of a great bureaucracy set up to control private business Monopo lies from getting too powerful and there is considerable inter est As to How he will translate his philosophy into commission votes. Retiring commissioner spin Garn came into government service in 1934. The contrast in the two careers could not be greater. Spingarn s first Job was an attorney in the Treasury department where he worked until the War broke out. He was in fifth army counter Intelli gence corps for four years win Ning legion of Merit and Bronze Star with valor ribbon. Worked in Treasury he returned to the Treasury As an assistant general counsel for three years. Then he was transferred to the White House As an assistant general counsel. Later he became an administrative assistant to president tru Man until appointed a Federal Trade commissioner in 1950. As a commissioner Spingarn kicked up his biggest fuss in 1952 when he accused major u. S. Oil companies of conduct ing a bitter propaganda Campaign in 67 foreign countries against the Etc report on the existence of an alleged International Oil Cartel. Throughout his career on Etc commissioner Spingarn waged War on the lobbies of Spe Cial interests which he said were seeking to tear Down the author Ity of government regulatory agencies act mpg As courts on business and fair Trade practices. Commissioner Spingarn s re placement by commissioner Gwynne next month will give the five member Etc a Republican majority of three As opposed to two remaining democrats. The democrats Are the for Mer Etc chairman sex new York senator James m. Mead and al Bert c. Carretta. The re Publ i cans will be the new chairman con they make if Washington calling Washington the democrats at their Chicago meeting want to make As big a splash As possible to show that they Are alive and kicking and More or less United. The plan As of now is to open up with a sharper attack than has yet been launched on the sins of omission and commission of the Republican administration. To Date the strategy has been to Point out policy changes directly affecting the Well being of people in various parts of the Power for example with the emphasis shifted from big Federal Hydro electric projects to local develop ment by private utilities. The party if present intentions pre Vail will now go on the attack. As first worked out Adlai Ste Venson titular Leader of the party was merely to have made a so they say we can t afford to operate first class mail at a rate 20 years behind the Cost of living Index. Postmaster general Arthur e. Summerfield. My head hurts. I hear noises. Floyd Mills nine year old boy deaf three years recovers hear ing when his head struck dash Board of car. It is High time we quit kidding ourselves about enjoying any monopoly of the atom. Gordon Dean sex chairman atomic Energy commission. From the standpoint of having a Reserve trained and capable of being ordered to duty to neutralize with Success the effect of a sudden attack i can state definitely that we do not have such a Reserve at this col. M. Boyer executive director of the Reserve officers association. Few remarks in the course of introducing senator Paul Douglas of Illinois As the chief speaker at the a plate dinner on september 14. Douglas is up for re election next year. But what Stevenson says will go beyond As he Abandons his judicious give them time to work it out attitude. Another speaker the dinner will be Harry s. Truman who can always be counted on at a party rally to rip it out. The Hazard of course is that Truman will overshadow both Stevenson and Douglas with his free swinging style. When it comes to Unity chair Man Stephen Mitchell and the others planning the two Day meeting profess to be undisturbed by the sound of scoffing from Eisenhower democrats who say they will not attend. A typical democratic spat developed Over the toastmaster ship with John j. Kelly or. Resigning As dinner chairman when told that he would not introduce the bigwigs. Kelly is head of the Irish Fellowship club and it was hoped he would win Back some of the voters who shifted to the re publican Side in november. But the real Issue on Unity arises with the Glimmer of 1956 and the prize of the presidential nomination. Powerful elements in the party would be delighted if Stevenson were to renounce his Hopes for another try. According to his friends he will not do that. Therefore those opposing him mean to push him aside. By Marquis Childs that triumvirate carries Gerat weight both in the Senate and the party. But there is a Large obstacle in the Way of the Symington candidacy in the person of Harry Truman. The former presi Dent does t like Symington. He opposed him in the democratic primary last year. And with the considerable Power he wields he could As of the present moment at least Block such a Choice. Moreover while they and their lieutenants had their differences last fall Truman is on the whole Loyal to Stevenson. That is the judgment of those close to both men. When Stevenson flew Back to new York ending his six months trip around the world his first act was to Call Truman at his Home in Independence Missouri for a Friendly Chat. Immediately afterwards he Tele phoned to Lyndon Johnson and to Sam Rayburn minority Leader of the House. As a cynical by Stander remarked you could hardly have had More Concrete evidence that he meant to run again. The chief difference Between Truman and Stevenson was Over the latter s action after his nomination in turning out the then democratic National chairman Frank Mckinney. Following Long custom Stevenson put in his own Man Mitchell who was also his close personal Friend. In a succession of ineffectual and indifferent chairmen Mckinney would rate near the Bot the opposition is concentrate Tom. Yet Truman s loyalty to Thomas f. Howrey Lowell b. Mason and or. Gwynne. Commissioner Mason has in the past been just As much of a Stormy petrel As commissioner Spingarn but on the opposite Side of most arguments. Chair Man Howrey s statements thus far have shared the Mason views against Over regulation of business by Etc. Ing on senator Stuart Symington of Missouri. Soundings Are already being taken for Symington out in the country Accord ing to reliable reports. The sen Ator himself denies any interest in the nomination that attitude seeming to be fashionable in this Era. Privately he goes fur ther to say that he would not take it. The last is heavily Dis counted. Symington has the support of three of the most powerful democrats in the Johnson of Texas the minority Leader Richard Russell of geor Gia and de Johnson of Colorado. Him persisted. And some of the old Truman crowd have sought to exploit this loyalty to Divide the former president and Ste Venson. On the second night of the Chicago affair Stevenson will make what is billed As a non partisan address sponsored by a non partisan committee of his fellow townsmen. That will be a High level discussion of foreign policy based on his observations in 30 countries. But before get Ting up on that olympian height the Standard bearer will have fired a quite in Stevenson Ian blast at the party n Power. Hollywood by Ekskine Johnson exclusively yours despite All the Pollyanna talk Donald o Connor is far from being on the sunny Side of the Street health Wise. It was when his medics reported that they could t reduce his persistent Higl fever that Paramount decided to re place him with Danny Kaye in the new Bing Crosby picture White it the we Loye to guess set. Fell on its collective face when gorgeous Joan and producer Bert Friedlob showed up together at the Beverly Hills Luau. But Joan s not the reason for elea nor Parker s rift with Friedlob. Brainy As she is gorgeous Vanessa Brown following in the footsteps of dolls like Ruth Chatterton Ruth Gordon and Patsy Ruth Miller who have made a splash in the literary world has decided to let Broad Way see her first play Europa and the this Winter. Kirk Douglas and Barry Sullivan have already been approached to play the male leads. The play is a modern version of the Europa legend. Vanessa is Chuck Ling funny thing about writing a play is that i was afraid it would Start All that talk about my brains again. That Hurt me in Hollywood. But since the news came out that i m a play Wright i m being asked to pose in my Low Cut gowns. I m be ginning to feel like Kathleen it it Scott Brady got a highball tossed in his face at a Beverly Hills Niter by the estranged wife of a movie Star. The Beauty threatened to Call the police unless the owners invited Scott to leave the premises. Scott left. Not signed Peter Finch the australian Star whom Vivien Leigh called the world s Best actor next to sir Laurence Olivier was t signed by Paramount after he completed elephant the reason is Eyebrow raising. The movie boys Are smarten ing up about exploitation Ideal to sell films. To tee off the new Martin Lewis comedy the and give exhibitors a blueprint to go by in their own cities Para mount staged a Hollywood press preview with a Giveaway Angle. After Harry easier demonstrated a Golf Gadget Harry Cooper another Golf pro drove Golf balls into the audience. The Lucky catchers were Given Golf equipment. Exhibitors have often complained that Hollywood provided them with exploitation ideas that were too difficult. There Are golfers everywhere so Here s a gimmick to lure customers to Heaters that can be used in the smallest towns and largest Cit ies. Talent scouts Are camping on the Doorstep of vivid Claudia Glass Hollywood s top fashion Model since she dazzled a flock of producers wives at a fur fashion show. Still no. One Jane Powell s headlines have not Hurt her with the fan Magazine readers. She s still no. One on the motion picture mag Azine popularity poll. Bob wag Ner leads the men with Tony Curtis in second spot. It bitterest censorship fight since the Moon is Blue was touched off by Cooper Barbara Stanwyck Ruth roman starter blowing producer Mil ton Sperling won most of the Way i the tussle with the Scis sors wielders. If it Steve Cochran s due Back from Europe soon and there s a Good Chance he will replace Howard Duff As the Star of Ida Lupine s the Story of a doctor says Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances t. Of. U. A Rel of. Tar. Ims Fly brother always says live it so on and1 spend your school starts As a starting Point for a Dis Cussion of pernicious anaemia some questions submitted by mrs. G. Are helpful. Is there any cure for this she asks and what dangers Are there in having it for 13 years can you Tell me the cause can leukaemia develop from it if neg i should rather speak of treat ment than cure because while treatment available now is excellent it usually has to be continued indefinitely. The discovery of a substance known As crystalline Vitamin b 12 is of the highest value in this respect. It is of even More value than the use of liver which has saved so Many lives since it was introduced by the Boston physicians Minot and Murphy in 1926. At any rate when Given in the right quantities and fairly Early i the disease Vitamin b 12, sometimes combined with liver or other substances is highly effective. Untreated pernicious anaemia or that which has been treated inadequately can cause danger Ous complications in the nervous system or elsewhere. Having the disease 13 years however is not necessarily dangerous if it has been Well treated. It is difficult to explain the cause in simple terms. In essence it is considered the result of a deficiency which in turn leads to a lessened rate of form ing red blood cells in the Bone marrow. It is making up this deficiency which is probably the main function of Vitamin b12 or of liver. Can t become leukaemia As for whether pernicious Ane Mia can develop into leukaemia if neglected the answer is no. And so far As i know the occur rence of leukaemia in someone who already has pernicious Ane Mia is exceedingly rare if it Ever occurs at All. There is much More which could be said about this inter Esting disease. Up until 1926, it was almost always fatal in the course of time but now if is is rare indeed. While much still has to be Learned about As How to prevent it for example the treatment problem has been largely conquered and this represents a real Triumph of combined medical research in the Laboratory i experimental animals and on patients. Ouf our Way there s a swell Breeze Wem Vidu p love to live forever

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