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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 3, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 wednesday sept. 3, 1952 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go Rounce Hollywood t j8 c. P. Edwards or. Pub Liber w. J. Macau Luis. Editor j. W. Weil general executive editor 320-33 e. Market Street Lin port Tenn. Member of the associated press Southern newspaper publishers association and toe audit Bureau of circulation an Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All news dispatchers credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in Al Newport. Ten. As second class mall matter october 37, 1m4, under the act of March 1119. National representatives. Shannon it associates inc. With of film in new York Chicago Detroit Atlanta St. Louis Kansas City los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought behold i come quickly blessed is he that keep eth the sayings of the prophecy of this1 the times daily tonic we must not the scriptures but we must make their rules of life our Hosea Ballou. Let Ike be Ike there seems to be general agreement apparently among the professional political supporters of general Eisenhower and among political observers that the general s Campaign is starting off too soft. There is a feeling that there is too much kid gloves too much gentleman Liness. There is too Little slam bang free. Punching close to the Belt line too Little of the give pm hell stuff accepted As Campaign technique. In Short there is a feeling that this thing of keeping the Campaign at a High level is being Over done and that a Little is healthy. It May be the professionals Are right. It May be that there Are Many people who won t Cotton to the general unless he gets them roused up. It May be that it is dangerous to risk playing Over the Heads of the people. But just the same we Hope that Gen eral Eisenhower will not do it. We Hope that he will make the sort of Campaign that comes natural to him and that if it in t enough then so be it. We believe that the popular demand for Dwight Eisenhower to run for the presidency and there can be no doubt there was a popular demand stemmed from what the american people saw in the and in a revulsion of feeling against the apparently standardized thinking of professional politicians. It is True no doubt that some of the general s professional backers saw in Eisenhower and in his popularity a pos sible Winner and backed him accordingly. At least that accounts for some but not All of the political support he has received. But the people picked Ike because Ike was Ike. The people had a pretty Good look at the general for several years. They saw him when he was t trying to Curry favor with anyone and they liked what they saw. They knew the manner of Man he is when they called on him to run. If now the professional politicians succeed in making the general Over into their own image and likeness they May destroy the very thing that appeals most to the american people. If the general listens to these advisers and makes the sort of attack they think is effective he May become Only a grotesque imitation of the Standard politician like a simple pretty country girl who tries to look like a glamorous movie Star. We Hope the election of 1952 is not going to rest in the hands of the people who go out to political meetings and hip hip Hooray every time the speaker takes a dirty crack at the opposition. We Hope it is going to be won by the people who sit at Home and read and listen. Modern science has Given political candidates a far wider audience than they used to have but by the same Token it has taken from them some of the Abil Ity to spell bind. Once the big turnouts and torchlight parades meant some thing. Now it is a question of unseen audiences and quiet readers. It might be remembered that even in the Days when radio was so new that a great candidate could not pronounce the word correctly that candidate had the most enthusiastic and largest crowds. But he did t win. The 1952 Campaign we Hope is going to be won by the votes of people who listen quietly. We Hope the candidates will fulfil the Promise to keep the de Bate on a High level and not get Down there with the so called hard hitting Campaign. Maybe the pros do not like the idea but Ike s Amateur standing is one of his assets with the rank and file. That is what makes Many old fashioned republicans distrustful of him. But if they will leave the general alone and not get in his Way neither by deliberate Effort to hinder him nor awkward efforts to help him the american people can vote or refuse to vote for Dwight Eisenhower As he is without camouflage. Too Many youngsters think of a teacher As an instrument of discipline instead of As a screen actress eve Arden. It a new labor Law must give every Opportunity to the full play of collective bargaining. Richard Russell note while Drew Pearson is on a Brief vacation the Washington merry go round is being written by several distinguished guest columnists today s being Stanley Andrews technical cooperation administrator in the department of state by Stanley Andrews Are Many weapons which the free world can use to fight communist political and eco nomic weapons. But i believe history May Well demonstrate that the most effective weapon we have in the struggle against communism is the Point 4 program. Like most things of fundamental greatness Point 4 is very simple. It helps people to help teaching and sharing Amer Ica s scientific knowledge and technical skills with the Peoples of the underdeveloped areas of the world. Point 4 is not a product of our defense Effort and it is not a substitute for defense but Point 4 is no less of strength for the free world. Some of the countries with which the u. S. Is cooperating through the Point 4 program lie directly in the path of soviet expansion. In most of these underdeveloped areas the threat of communism is not a military threat and it cannot be met with military measures. Guns Are no defense against poverty ignorance and unrest. In the underdeveloped areas the Only sure defense against the spread of communism and other forms of tyranny is a powerful concentrated attack on disease and. Hunger and their evil consequences. Point 4 is our weapon for this attack. People to people program Point 4 is a new kind of diplomacy. Point 4 diplomats Are Dungaree and Blue jeans Diplo health officers engineers farm demonstration agents who work directly with the people in the villages and on the farms. Point 4 is a people to people program. U. S. Technicians working with technicians of other countries Are not concerned with political problems. In the midst of anti cd. S. Disturb ances in Iran american and iranian technicians continued to work Side by Side trying to do a Job that Means More food water lower infant mortality fewer deaths of Moth ers in childbirth. Our work with the Peoples of the Point 4 countries is very similar in fact to your own people to people efforts. Drew Friendship train the tide of toys and the letter writing Campaign Between the people of italian descent in the United states and their relatives in Italy which helped swing the 1947 italian elections for democracy. Point 4 has been called idealistic. If Point 4 is idealism it is hard headed practical Ideal ism. There Are sound economic reasons behind Point 4. Rising National income More productive agriculture and greater Industrial activity make other nations better customers for United states products and commodities. They create markets for american businessmen and jobs for american workers. Beyond self interest the motives for Point 4 Are embedded deeply in our american demo cratic tradition. The Peoples of the underdeveloped areas of the Asia Africa the Middle East latin Awakening after centuries of impotence and sum action to outside Domi nation. In the 18th Century they were largely passed Over by the Industrial revolution and the political revolutions of France and Amer Ica. Even the most commonplace measures we take for our health and sanitation Are unknown to millions of them. Hundreds of Mil Lions cannot read or write and have never known the use of the ballot. The billion human souls in these under developed areas Are waking up to the potentialities of life in the 20th Century. Many of them have recently gained National Independence. They Are learning that hunger disease and ignorance need not be their everlasting heritage. It is in the tradition and the history of America that we help them. Point 4 is the vehicle on which scientific knowledge tech Nical inventions and material Progress become travelling companions with our ideals our Hopes and aspirations for achieving real brotherhood among men. Accomplishments of program what has Point 4 accomplished More than Tea technicians Are overseas working with some nationals in 35 countries. The native counterparts of our Point 4 workers Are being taught the skills and knowledge of american technicians. For the Basic principle of Point 4 is to train the Peoples of the participating countries so that each country can take Over its own programs. For example the Etawah agricultural project in India is now run entirely by indians. In Liberia Frank finder an Extension agent from Florida has helped the liberian Farmers produce a Cash crop by providing 24 Cocoa seeds for two cents. Point 4 workers have reduced crop losses in Lebanon by showing the lebanese Citrus Farmers modern ways of pick ing shipping and marketing their crops. In Ecuador Colombia and other latin american countries health workers have almost eliminated the dread tropical disease yaws. A new disease resistant rubber tree has been devel oped in latin America. Malaria is being brought under control in the near East. Perhaps i should close column with a prediction on the shape of things to i am willing to predict that the Ameri can people and the Peoples of the free world will turn More and More in the years to come to the Point 4 principle not Only As a potent weapon against communism but because technical assistance is the diplomacy of the even the russians Are imitating Point 4 while their propaganda attacks it. And one More prediction Buz Sawyer the famed cartoon strip Char Acter who is helping fight the Locust plague in Iran will trap the blonde russian agent kill the locusts and discover uranium in Southern Asia. Other editors say this shrinking world if other in a Normal world and shrunk As the Dol Lar has shrunk under or. Truman s auspices then that dozen eggs or oranges or Lemons or whatever you bought a dozen of this morning would be Down to approximately six when you acquired them that Yard by which you measured the cloth for your new dress Milady would be Down to about 18 inches that number 9 shoe being a 4ya, would squeeze the bunions of a midget the Pound would be eight ounces and that 20-by-20 living room of which you Are so proud would be about the size of Corner accommodations i the East cell Block. Excuse us we got Claustrophobia. Banner. By Dorothy Lamour for Erskine Johnson who is on vacation people often ask me what it s like to work with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in those Road pictures we make for Paramount. As most of you probably suspect those highways Are paved with a million laughs. The Only trouble is that most of the yaks Are at my. Expense. Like the Day i was being pay Cho Analysed for a scene in Road to latest in the series. In the sequence the boys ask me to lie Down close my eyes and re Call incidents from my past. I remember when i was a girl of i began. That s As far As i got. Before i could continue Bob turned to the Crew and gleefully shouted boy what a memory she s but that s mild compared to some of the other gags they have pulled on me during the years. When we made Road to for example they introduced me to a Man who was supposed to be a. Correspondent for one of the leading French newspapers. They told me he had an assignment to write a profile of me and urged me to be Nice to him because he was one of the most influential newspaper men of i spent the entire lunch Hou and the rest of the afternoon giving him my life Story. When he finished he thanked me politely kissed my hand and then told me to drop dead needless to say the Frenchman was one of their old vaudeville pals and a professional ribber. Downbeat dromedary they still remind me of the trick they played on me during the filming of Road to moroc the film that featured the talking camels. One afternoon we finished shooting Early and went to the projection room to View the rushes film we had shot on previous when one of the camels came on and opened its Mouth guess ing Moonlight and the screwball had taken the sound track of the number from my first film Jungle and dubbed it into the animal s Mouth. Although it was t funny to me at the time i get a big chuckle whenever i recall the time they locked me in a Bass fiddle Case on the set of Road to it was the final scene before lunch and the boys were sup posed to be smuggling me into a hotel inside a Bass fiddle Case. When the company broke for lunch they would t let me out sticking his oars in Washington calling new poll takers Are now ringing doorbells to ask whether in november they expect to vote for Eisenhower or Stevenson. One fairly frequent response is said to be but who is this Points up one of the three or four chief problems the democratic candidate i aces. Steven son must make himself known to millions who had never heard of him before the Chicago Conven Tion in july. This Lack of knowl Edge applied both at the top and the Bottom of the social scale. Just before the convention at a Large party in Lake Forest the fashionable Chicago suburb where Stevenson lived most of his adult life one of his friends pointed him out to an Eastern Lieve that relations with presi Dent Truman and the White House have now been put on a basis of workable cooperation. Although it has not hitherto been reported Stevenson personally telephoned the president to of Fer his explanation of the mess by Marquis child s auspicious. The democratic candidate Speaks to the same Audi ence about two hours after Eis endow s talk. And that is the kind of setup the democrats Hope to repeat As often As pos sible. Inevitably a candidate is Bur Washington letter that riled feted by pressures and Steven Truman. The Stevenson apology for it amounted to that made the president much Hap pier. So detailed plans Are being son and Eisenhower have a cer Tain similarity in their desire to Mac s window i by w. J. Mcauliffe the old cynic Man sees a Beautiful girl and thinks of marriage it i no time to atop look and Inlew he wanta to Lirten for the reit of his life. A bigamist blamed Trou Bles on a combination of circumstances. He said it was leap year and he was a gentleman. Why is it that Blunt language always comes off the sharpest tongues some men love to work of Tough problems. Like the jury that had to decide whether m teaser s costume was decent or indecent. When a Playboy a play girl an automobile it s not an automatic sheer gift. Army Camp clamps Down on driving of headline the soldiers will like that. Tha Hoys feel they Are being driven too much especially by sergeants. A biography of Adial Steven son is coming out and the word is that it gives a Complete Pic Ture o f How he acts reacts. Thinks plans and which sounds like a biography to end All biographies. Of course it s just a coincidence that the Book comes out during the Campaign and any one who would suggest that it will be slightly heavy on the complimentary Side is just an old Meanie. An american woman says British and French women do not place As much importance on their personal appearance As american women do. The British and French women might put it this Way Amer ican women Are far More concerned with what they look like than British and French women. Maybe British and French women have so much on their minds that they do not have As much time to think about what resist these pressures. Both it Thev put on their bodies. Happens have sought the coun Sel of elder statesman Bernard a woman who lost her voice completed to make the Candy Baruch. Even before president Tor two months was cured by a Date and his views known from Truman took himself publicly out coast to coast. The Appeal to of the race Stevenson went to farm and labor voters is being see Baruch to ask his advice on doctor. When the Doc presented Bill to the husband the Guy to pay it. See he this worked out in speeches put to Gether largely by Stevenson him self with a minimum of help whether duty demanded that adding insult to injury. He overrule his own inclination to run for governor of Illinois staff. From his research and writing again. Then when the latest trip very few professional Tennia players we read have made of was the reply that Call for the outright repeal of of the Case. Everybody shouted visitor with the remark Goodby and walked off the set. Is our after what seemed like an hour Bing they were there All fellow Green. He s pretty bad the Taft Hartley act and to re the time and had Only pretended to leave opened the Case and let me Bear faced Cut up to new York was being planned much Money at the game. You As to labor he is expected to he once again sought a Confer ence with the elder statesman. Baruch has of course All his in t it had entirely escaped his no Tice that Stevenson had succeeded Dwight Green As Gover if l3ive to be a Hundred i will nor at Springfield following the never forget the awful joke they election of 1948. Played on me when peat this demand at frequent in life been it the More conserva Vervals during the Campaign. Tulve wms of democratic Stevenson had previously Sug As he likes top ont out he tested that amendments might make the act workable. But it was urged on that since say that they can t show much net income. If from up in Kentucky comes a Story of a boy who ran away from Home because his to set helped put Over the eight hour reception Law for labor in the Wilson administration. His views of most we were making Road to i was having a big dinner party at my House one night when the front door Bell rang. My maid answered it and came dashing Back into the dining room a few seconds later look ing like she had seen a ghost. Most of my guests were ready to run for their lives too because by contrast of course Eisen senator Robert a. Taft one of the Liberal labor left leaders and from another part of the states comes the Bower s name is known to every school boy. The republicans have no problem of building up a comparative unknown. Their authors of the measure had himself recommended at least 25 amendments it would there fore be better to scrap the Law Are to understate it caustic. Of a Man no ran away from so we see candidate Steven ome because his wife let watch son even in the Brief space of los the to shows interfere with problem is to keep his image As entirely and Start anew. National and world Leader in Sharp focus. Because they Are aware he is unknown to Many of his fellow citizens the zealous amateurs right behind her came a huge who make up Stevenson s Organ Bear. Naturally it was t a real Bear but i had a Tough time convincing my friends. Bing and Bob knew about the party and had Iza Tion seem to be letting their Zeal carry them away. Certainly the candidate has a Way of listening to this kind of advice. But whether he is to be guided by it in whole or in part will not be known until he actually makes the speeches just ahead. On farm policy he intends to his first foray into the East moving from one Side of his party to the other. Whether it will be possible for him to recon Cile seemingly irreconcilable extremes is a test for the weeks ahead. Getting him a decent dinner. A fellow says that a lot of boys would not fall in love with pretty girls if they could see How these pretty girls Are going to look weighing 190 pounds. But then the pretty girls might not say yes to the handsome Young paid the Man who played the two and a half Day schedule one animal in the film to visit us in costume. They have ribbed me Unm Erci on the second be tween . And . Was marked which Drew fully about my sarongs but the sardonic laughter from the gov funniest gag they Ever staged error As he went the Pace Sial. Stevenson has some ideas when he talks at the Minnesota blowing contest. The invitation for that Occa Sion first withdrawn and then and they can never give the child the inner feeling of Security that personal attention from parents will a. C. Nelson attacking to and the baby sit Ting by the time the average Man reaches 65 he will have spent Norance is Bliss. Senator Kefauver says his Campaign was a great experience but he would t want to go through it1 again. But it in t Likely he will Ever have to. Sis some eight months of his life Many of these flying Saucer the turning to Zanzi lunches speeches dinners Ana is by researcher Mur May be emanations from plat i was getting a Little fed up with sarongs by that time and had indicated my desire to shed the garment once and for All. I walked into my dressing room one morning and found several huge signs All claiming that i was unfair to the More speeches. The Stevenson strategists be son strategy Board to be most Ray a. Kushell. Out by disc jockeys. In front of me were Bing Bob and several members of the Crew All Clad in colourful sarongs. Yes sir i be had a million doctor says Edwin p Jordan . Union of Sarong laughs on those highways and i not Ong ago a correspondent hearing a noise i turned around Hope Bing and Bob will take me asked for a list of foods which i practically collapsed on the along every time they hit the floor with laughter because there were const Pating and a list of those which were not. This is an impossible , but a discussion Lect especially in childhood have much to do with the condition also. Trouble sometimes comes from failure to set aside a regular time of Day for a Bowel Side glances of. The subject in general is Well movement. Also Many people that prom it to put Art crazy when they say two can live u cheaply u Worth while since this is one of the most common of All medical problems. True constipation Means that focal matter is retained in the intestinal tract longer than it should be so that there is excessive delay in discharge of in get into trouble because they do not yield at once to nature s Call time. The underlying cause whether it be diet neglect or abuse of laxatives first has to a corrected. Exercise too helps to Over come constipation. It improves peristalsis and strengthens the Muscles of the Abdomen which which May occur at any time of Apfl in the expulsion of waste Day. Exercise helps treatment of simple constipation is usually successful unless the trouble has begun in child ouf our Way say that looked like one of our earmarks Over Here in the Hooker place Testina waste. A great Deal of Hood or has lasted for a Long some extent expert study has been Given to constipation and the causes Are Well known. Diet of course has a great Deal to do with it. Many foods Are so highly refined that they do not contain the bulk Neces sary to assist in proper move ment of the bowels. In some parts of the world and at some times of the year there Are not enough fresh fruits and vegetable in the diet. These foods not Only Supply a Large part of the bulk but also Aid in peristalsis or the wave like movement of the intestine which carries the waste Down through the intestinal tract. Another great cause of constr pation is the abuse of laxatives. Many people have the idea that if they clean themselves out once a week with Good Strong purge it will be Good for them. When they do this the Normal rhythm of Bowel evacuation is disturbed and usually not re established for several Days. Also the regular or i advised use of laxatives tends to set up a bad habit of the Bowel so that laxatives have to be relied on More and More. Improper training and neg matter. Of course elderly peo ple have to be careful about what exercise they take and they May have to continue to rely on laxatives at least to Noco Wooyin with me h4 this thing

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