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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 2, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeIt Fruy. Jim temperatures zoom record Hoins. California Sam today los Angeles Southern Callor Blanc braced themselves Lor another today n the Wake of thursday s record High temperatures which were blamed for four deaths and 57 cases of beat prostration. The Mercury roomed to 110 de Grees in los Angeles cracking a 64-year-old Mark by one degree nearby Tujunga recorded a Ling 120. And on the normally Tor. Rid Mojave desert it was a comparatively Cool 90 to 103. More heal was forecast today. With a High of 108 expected for downtown los Angeles. Searing winds fanned a Brush fire in san Dimas. 25 Miles East of Here which engulfed 12 Homes and blackened 200 acres. Farmers in Interior valleys re ported that tens of thousands of chickens had succumbed to the heat 12.000 at one ranch in suburban Bellflower. Commercial Flower crops also were damaged. Sev eral downtown offices closed thursday afternoon. A major disaster to the Multi million Dollar poultry Industry. A farm Bureau director. Warren Hooper estimated that nearly chickens and turkeys dropped dead in their pens. Several persons were treated in Salt Monica for Burns on the soles of their feet received As they raced across the oven hot Beach Sands to the water. At neighbouring Torrance. City construction projects were halted when Concrete set before it could be poured and tar boiled in the streets. Los Angeles consumed a record amount of water thursday 692 million Gallons. Officials said there was a plentiful Supply for the area. Dozens of a autos stalled on free ways their engines vapor locked. Minor traffic snarls resulted. Hundreds of people spent last night and the night before in Parks and on the beaches. Temperatures remained in the 90s and High 80si at night. Authorities attributed four deaths san Diego county the heat thursday second Day said the 104-degree heat there was of the hot spell. Hal Boyle s column by Hal bottle new York mow America most help Japan to interview with Esther Williams in order on hot Day Jamks 1t.ikio Bacon Hollywood the office thru Moneter rend 110 degrees bul Hollywood news like the show must go on. Tough but Irue. Thai explains Why Esther Wil Liams is being written up fur the second time in few weeks by this reporter. Esther is a real newsy girl Reghl now. She s making her professional television debut sept. 27 Over Abc to on Millon Berle s first show of the season. Now that s the kind of news that needs covering. Besides Esther has Hal big swimming Pool Al her Home. And her husband Ben Gage wears the same size trunks As 1 do. After a hoi ride from downtown to Esther s Mandeville Canyon Home. I was soon inc viewing her in her swimming Pool. "1 Don t possibly see How you gel another Story out of she snid. Bidding say. Ben s trunks fit you just right Don l her Klancy Shawd Pool was Okay Loo. Just right for my Pool shaped kidney. Also in Hie swim Wilh us was Benjoe aged 6. Kim almost 6, and a Lille Susie not yet 2. Being Esther s kids they Chin All swim like mad even Little Susie. It s enough to give Florence Chad Wick in inferiority Complex. Esther Coll need after the Berle show i want to do some live dramatic shows on seemed almost to Rock with the i television maybe even one of those sing. There never 90-Mlnute jobs. Maybe i can prove ing flight and that Esther Williams can sound of their gassing. There never 90-Mlnute jobs. Maybe i can prove a More snoring flight and Itjin Methling that Esther Williams up the hearts of the sailors and can act out of the water armed forces herself it them with the i know i m going to like Tele slate Board recommends mental hospitals at Nashville Memphis Nashville two new mental hospitals one in Chattanooga the other at Memphis have been recommended by the state mental health Board. George Wilson building com Mittee chairman said last night the recommendations Are part of a Long Range program aimed at improving Tennessee s mental health facilities. The Board was unanimous in proposing the new hospitals he said. It has been estimated each Hospital would Cost about 11 Mil lion dollars. Gov. Frank Clement was expected to announce the administration decision in about a week. To was reported the attorney general will be asked if the state can legally begin construction of the hospitals before the next legis lature meets in 1957 the Only state Money available would be a Lomi illion Dollar Bond Issue authorized by the 1955 legis lature. There Are reported to be two schools of thought within the administration concerning the Board s recommendations. One holds the available state Money should be used to make badly needed improvements at the state s three existing mental hos Bolivar Nashville and this is a major diplomatic prob Lem Loday which foreign minister Mamoru Shigemitsu and his Beautiful daughter Are trying to solve j during a visit Here. Of kinship in Victory and made them feel As if they were swallowing their stomachs. There is no Way to describe that Mystic exultation. It gripped every because they la never be Able to gel a swimming Pool on a 21 Inch screen that s Why. They re going faces turned toward the United states in a time when it has Felt Friend ship was important had a leg blown off in Shangh 1 during the japanese Effort to pacify the Chi Nese. Shigemitsu convicted As a War criminal is now again his nation s momentarily forgotten on the table meant nothing. And that the men who had signed were no More than symbols. You Felt in your whole being suddenly How peace had been grandly the loll and blood of those airmen in the sky and that Hejlo have to like me for by backstroke. Now Don t get me wrong i love swimming and swim Ming pools. Where would i be today f it weren t for that last was a horrible thought As i envisioned that downtown of fice which when i left it Felt like America. Our situations do change. Ten years ago today i wrote the Fol lowing dispatch from the deck of the battleship Missouri there were four tingling moments of High drama in the 18 minute ceremony during which Japan bound herself to Lay Down her arms unconditionally and Bow to the dictates of the allies. The setting was the Captain s promenade of this Battle ship nicknamed mighty to Al lied ships ringed the Missouri in concentric circles of Power out lined against the murky sky were dark Green Hills of a nation being occupied for the first time in its turbulent history. The first moment of drama came when Gen. Macarthur walked up the gangplank and moved across the deck with a stride Lithe for a Man of his years. You could feel the intensity of this Man Salmu most popular political Salesman in their Anonymous Battle Brothers of the Earth and of the Waters lying in land Graves and sea Graves around the world. The planes came on and on restlessly. You Felt that the nation that produced them could Send them on and on forever until it achieved any Noble purpose any peace however difficult. They droned across the main land of Japan. The Navy band struck up California Here i come and Tho ceremony was ii is Nice to have Back now As a guest and ask him How we can build Back that japanese army he surrendered ten years ago today Kentucky news . By. A Trike was called thursday by More than 600 members of painters local 118 when their contract expired. They Are seeking a raise of 25-cents an hour Over present Journeyman rates of i2.b5. Fri madisonv1llk, by. To Cwm r. Denney Republican nominee for governor did the crowning thursday night when miss Linda late the crowd like electricity it was hour of a lifetime a current of Macarthur s and he had prepared for it by almost half a Century of military service. The next moment of emotional was the arrival of the japanese delegation Lour in civilian dress seven wearing Navy or army uniforms. They stood awaiting Mae Arthur s pleasure like Stone gargoyles. Their stolid neither guilt nor regret pain nor resentment Only an abiding watchful animal like patience. You Felt that Only time would reveal what the patience stood for. How did those Little men Ever Watson was can san Queen features showed of the Hopkins county fair. Ralph Brown was named King. Frankfort. By. Budget director Felix Joyner will leave for Burma in about two think they could get away with weeks to assist in a study of that one White uniformed Sailor Whis nation s government Enterprise Perez. System. He will be away four to the third highlight came when six weeks. Macarthur began is Pming the sur a Render documents. He turned to Gen. Waynw Reghl with a warm. Coldly Al the japanese before go ing on with the signing that Ges lure was to Balaan for Correri. , by. My the Marlon boned no Krtus 6fl Bradfordsville Stull ends who will attend High school in Lincoln cell nov. Students its significance fully silence fell Over the spectators As the two japanese signatories put their names to the documents. They signed with Oriental slowness. Doffing his Black silk Topper for of school last Lesl the closing of High school. Were held pro Lexington t. Tkv. My a Padu Canh woman whose attorney says was arrested on a warrant for the inside of a Barbecue pit. Pretty soon. Ben cume Home from his Beverly Hills office. Say he yelled to his wife. Did you know it hit 110 where. she asked. Yeh i chorused. Com ing up from a dive state officer prefers emotion to Transfer Chattanooga safety consultant in the Chattanooga div Mon of the state Highway patrol has agreed to be Demoli-1 to the of trooper rather tha. To accept a Transfer to Nashville. It. Earl c. York said yesterday in decided to resist the Transfer order because of additional expense involved in moving to the state capital. He is married and the father of three children. York completed a none in Only course at the Northwestern uni Tim touch Job ahead of ready Verlon i of Anderson ind., and Many other youngsters begin Nihro this fall is dramatically re Here. She s eyeing n pile no 71 Basic textbooks she Musl through before Blip finishes the eighth Grade. In addition she will dip into or study Many others. Eign minister Mamoru Shilge Miusiu another woman of the same name f a Enate burglar sat with his wooden leg Sil Lily of has surd Montgomery county tended before him. The Diplomat sheriff Charles t. Frederick prison term missed the inkwell with the first damages. R thrust of his pen. Then he labor mrs. Clinton Moore asserted in Baltimore Joseph Knox piously scrawled his name on both lip Fayette circuit court Mil yes lid was sentenced thursday in copy for the allies that Frederick Insl sept. I criminal court to serve two years one for Japan. Caused a Deputy Wren fully school. I the right hand of Gen Hoshel Jirojt without Legal authority. A Knox pleaded guilty tit n Storp Tomezo japanese army chief without probable burglary. Probation offic mls at Clover Bottom Home for the mentally retarded. It s argued that crowded conditions at the existing institutions can be relieved More quickly by enlarging dormitory space. On the other Side the argument is that Only the most urgently needed improvements should be made at the present hospitals leaving about five million dollars to Start construction on the two new. Ones. There also was sentiment Lor starting one new Hospital instead of two which could stir a Section Al quarrel Between Memphis and Chattanooga Over which would be the More suitable location. Actress charges Jess Barker is father of child los Angeles 25-year-old actress charges that actor Jess Barker 41, estranged husband of Susan Hayward is the father of the child she expects in december. Miss Yvonne Doughty asks the court to order Barker to pay immediately for her and support later for the child. The complaint filed thursday asserts that Barker fathered the child last february or March. Miss Doughty appeared with mar Ion. Brando in the film the wild one through his attorney. Barker de Nied the paternally charges Asah sol utely seris in entertainment Progress or Lack i toward show Dlf Cully that Urffer no dr., the conventional guns on the Umara Snow business As a career. Com they cruisers will be he told the having been slightly helpful in conversational which is what the i armed services committee of pushing Young or. Fisher toward intimate to medium shrieks Jor chamber of com television Job. We now v. Have Mas thursday. Crul Seri _ by now Eddie should have Mas fe.1 the need to indulge in a Little tired techniques necessary for i constructive analysis. Trille but not Ourand. Fishers premiere program was to real Ellils in his singing life. Radio to notebook but Jack o Mian and lagged in Bis beat at another. These Are shortcomings to for in a lad Kew Feldic Loq if s Mach no ships of today says Navy designed and aimed or More resilient More Luble personality Eddie hits been Able to As sume. In All his seasons in the popular Sun he has not bothered to expand his capabilities be was not Able even to sing his opening melodic phrases on to wednesday evening without Reading them Oft Cue cards. We Are concerned Over the Lack of professional growth in this hand some Young troubadour who seemed fou1 years ago to have All it might take to grow and expand and develop entertainment Wise into another Bing Crosby. Perry come or Frank Sinatra. In Eddie s Parade to popularity his first Success was based on the different and easily identifiable sound in his voice. There was music in it and an earnestness which made up for polish and perfection. He was Clumsy and unsure in Public performances but that was at the moment a positive shortcoming for he was terribly Young and his Balky stance and sheepish embarrassment passed for what it honest shyness of youth. But these Are rough edges which must smooth away with experience. Nervousness is part of stardom s heritage. It implies an Awe and miss Hayward obtained an inter j respect for an audience. It is some Locut Ory decree against him a year thing eventually with go but the actor has appealed. Weatherman to take trips Baltimore observers will begin regular voyages aboard merchant vessels Between experience and its by product poise ease Confidence and the sex per Ness which should evolve from maturity in any Field. In All his recent years of spectacular Success in the recording and to Fields Eddie has not both Baltimore and san Juan to Rcd to i style beyond the Day to keep an Eye open for Hurri experience gained on the Job it canes. They will take radio Oscr self. Pc rally traffic Institute last of the upper air every 12. He still lacks real ease in his he has been with the patrol in the i hours and chock surface weather i rhythm songs. He lost the proper Chattanooga area 16 years. Every six hours. Musical key at one Brief stumble can t 8tor Wood feckers Lakeland Fla. Era Art eating away at a Church Steeple Here but police say they san t Stop it. An official of the Baptist Bible Institute requested police help. The Case was referred o the state game and water fish commission. Fresh will be armed with guided mis Siles. Jet seaplanes will have a terrific future for they will be Able to travel anywhere in the Duck for flood Rescue work Raleigh . State civil defense organization is trying to obtain a dozen amphibious Duck vehicles for Rescue work during coastal floods such As those that accompanied hurricanes con Nie and Diane. Call for Larkin at your i Toruta grocery 20 cars yet to close our 195 army staff Shook Sll Phuy As he added his signature. Noting the Rainbow Row of ribbons on his dress uni form in american Spectator Wise cracked whipped everybody but the United cause to assault and arrest her flt a local she said Hospital. She was imprisoned during the whole trip from Lex in Lon to mount Sterling and was he was anxious to return in school. Mirin or Joseph i. Carter Niri n suspended two year prison sen tence would become effective Knox failed to continue his Educa Tion while on two year probation. Stolen in the burglary were some come in now for the the big swing is to 55 Ford your life1 a v b greatly bruised hurl wounded the Allied signatories greatly exposed and injured quickly one after the other. I n her credit and standing in Hie cans of pineapple juice and several " let us said Macar books thur. Thai the peace be now re stored to the world and thai god i will preserve ii always. These pro i need mrs Are closed.1 j the worldwide blood Bath at1 last was at in end. I then came the spine bungling Climax. Forty six Jar Cal winged Sti-1 per fortresses swept Over the fleet1 like High Graceful Birds. And be Hind them roared the 3rd flyers Fiji hers dive bombers and torpedo plans. They flew Over the massed i Derks of the Missouri in wave Afier wave Siler wave until the whole Bay throbbed. Hie battleship binoculars Hunter s special if Sis 9s if 10l5i Csc add ii fort. Camera shop Cherokee St. Attention Andrew Johnson and Ross n. Robinson students but will Don t supermarket at colonial height at . Monday through Friday arriving Junior High at . And arriving Andrew Johnson school it . Bus will Leava Andrew Johnson As noon an i Over in the flt noon for return. Another Bui will Junior High at . Lor return. Pins i Good for week can be bought for per student or if More than one student in t family rides passes Are per week per student. Passes Are for students Only and must be renewed each week suburban transit lines inc. Kin sport Tennessee fantastic deals highest trades 40 used car bargains on our lot h t v saw f8 Al o 1 your Ford dealer phone a 7-7106

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