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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 1, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeTo r3k my am we b will hold a lot of twigs we Haverd la run outland this is it 1 mow Tell just Roll it Flint has t Wain Vou 6cft the Mone Belle. We. Jhjsv6 this vseabche7 h5 abutment Mou the it dwt t. F 9-1 cafe society is about the heat wave being created by Knobby Walsh and Popo Wilson. It seems they broke up when Jim Bowen Model Agency tycoon Ano 0000 but we understand she s 6iven Bowen the a Kama. Gave me the air. Looms like Coco s giving her own publicity hand outs to the what a conniving Little Witch she turned out to be f How about out the True Story Veah nov t pipe t Voo deliver it Gecko or gig knowing step Over tuck Hwd Karu mop spill it1. Blkze51. Figured Gecko s Wiem. Peso Hal it Ysmie Frow one used by the thu65 who we lamp town. By outta Gecko 60uem.eoto th1 new where Vou stacked kehlek6 thes re hot on souk to kill these is , Vou Mohe-.usih6 Pmj Tuuk s Pink tw5 we did i Hwe to meet up with that Hork ble Oscar Boom person did i deserve Sucha miserable we it gota Nice smile., am several. Wiggim al l. Ahll give. It a Quick scrub in the sink am wondinm.? the bark Cloud Hain t Over the. Baby scrib no okapi i 6ot a new of Jyce a i Wao Pava know the u u Cluck. Painted these 5mellin salts a real value per i wonder what private zeros into Mes been trailing me All. All right y a tent Vguy whats j say we the bi6 y should j follow the officb1s? As a member of f the anti noise club 4 re its excess noise sorry Ricky 7he pop too loud. Well try this instead but wha mics Are my favorite a Beakas Cereal 1 hello--shultz5 do Vou have a break fast Cereal that la just relax and be quiet "9 al fuss of vhf tvs a Ftp cow out to murder Mesa am Haw me a look a dump. 1ecf cart just a appear into Tun air.1 this s Bab if he swoops around we Mesa he cd had out what s the news dear Imam jean.? pm meet be Vou going please dont Ler father h know i told be furious atme j get Everdy coupons at City Hall Shell . Gas Little on eat1n6, Rerd and Herman from papa 3et a Delv Sermon the Best for o Man to Ger two Mai to listen to him is to talk Nal Low to some other woman. To takers found for 2-Story House Charleston s. C. U. S. National Park service could t find anyone Here will ing to pay even for a two Story Well kept House. Put up for auction the Struc Ture did t bring a single bid despite its excellent condition. There was a House moving problem involved. The Struc Ture formerly a Lighthouse keeper s dwelling is located on fort Sumpter a historic Island in the Entrance to Charleston Harbor. As a result it is being razed. Workmen sweated Pittsburgh up warehousemen Laboured in 96-degree heat monday to unload a ship ment of 860 sleds from the Joseph Woodwell co. Stop 6ulrn6 Down mar. Rod like a couple of wild ostriches a Wina 6row up and have stomach Ulster like Uncle eat slow f Chew every byte times give the gastric juices a Chance to Perky j i it have their doubts pop does t practice he scouts Hall closets pm gulp aver Katoot a she wore pants los Angeles up Isaac Berland 77, seeking a divorce from his wife Anna 65, said that when they married 16 years ago it was agreed she would Wear the pants. Therefore Berland said in court she should pay him reasonable support and a share of Community property. Tuesday sept. 1, 1953 Kingsport times screen Star answer to previous i la Gap taxi details about it 8usteo Romance with canot when of bran clears up sure was a narrow g 15huooer Wen i1wnk of the life a would k hitched to a girl like her t across 1 screen Star Gregory s companion 8 he is a 12 cry of 13 Palm Leaf 14 struggle 15 weary 16 dance step 17 the Dill 18 incline 20 fixed lookers 22 eternity 24 pronoun 25 began 29 entrances 33 folding bed 34 affliction 36 scottish River 37 most of his films popular 38 weight of India 38 pillar 40 renovate 43 trappers 46 Meadow 48 Compass Point his roles have not won him an has enacted Many Good Scot 60 notion 61 Asser vate 62 burmese Wood sprite 63 hindu Queen 64 Honey Down 1 fondles 2 wicked 3 feminine appellation 4 sharper 5 soft drink 6 exclamation of sorrow 1 endures 8 frightened 9 musical Quality Lomi Micker 11 soaks flax 19 child 21 laughter sound 23 tidings 25cicatrix 26 ripped 27 solar disk 28 female rabbits49 native of 30 indolent 31 drop of Eye fluid 32 hardens 35 sea Eagle 41 seniors 42 tiny 44 collection of sayings 45 wire anew 47 ameliorate Arabia 50 sheltered Intel 51 on the sheltered 52 period of 54 jewish month i 55 City in Nevada 56 platform 59 Pigpen

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