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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 30, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee14 thursday oct. 30, 1952 Kingsport times schools continued from Page 1 addition of 7th and 8th grades to school enrolment. 2. Dickson elementary school two classrooms a cafeteria and additional toilets. 3. Long Island school two classrooms and cafeteria. Carolina rancher lakes Bear fight to Federal court move to ban injunction on Beer denied a motion to dissolve an injunction against the City of Kings port obtained recently by a Beer 4. Blountville High school a distributing company to prevent new Wing to contain study Hall cloy police from citing Beer truck bears to Federal court next Library downstairs and h o m e i Drivers into a ourt has been month economics department upstairs w Chancellor Dayton Phil Waynesville n. A rancher who raises cattle on Rich Mountainside pastures near Here will take his Battle against Smoky mountains National Park convert present Library and Home economics department in to six classrooms enlarge work shop. 5. Mary Hughes High school two classrooms study Hall Library. 6. Avoca elementary school new building of six classrooms two self contained rooms for grades one and two two toilets Library cafeteria. 7. Valley Pike elementary school toilets. Six classrooms two 8. Emmett elementary school lips. An injunction was granted to Southern distributors Early this month in connection with a Bill filed in chancery court seeking a declaratory judgment As to the Beer distributors rights under Kingsport s Beer ban Law. City attorney h. Marvin Par sons said the motion to dissolve the injunction was dismissed on grounds that the City cannot be Hurt by the ruling but that the distributor might be harmed if the injunction was not in effect. The distributor and a Driver month. Tom Alexander faces a Fessl ble sentence of six months in jail or a Fine of or both on charges of killing a Bear which he claimed had slain one of his prize cattle. The Case is scheduled for the term of Federal court beginning nov. 10 at Asheville n. C., u. S dist. Atty. Thomas a. Tazzell said Swan appeals to sportsmen to help fight Forest fire sinking Springs elementary is consolidated with Emmett. 9. Sunrise elementary school two classrooms tonal toilets. 10. Walnut Hill elementary school one classroom and cafe Teria. 11. Sullivan High school after eight room addition is built to elementary school with Federal funds move science department last month on a charge of Sesser g Beer in the City. Tho distributor claims the Beer is stored in a main Street Ware House upon receipt by railway shipment ant then carried by truck to Headquarters outside the City Tefre being sold. Under the Kingsport Ordi Nance which became effective june 30. It is unlawful for any person firm or corporation to out of the basement assign two t sel1 store distribute rooms to Commerce department Beer for repair floor in main corridor. Inside the Clov at the meeting school superintendent j. Craft Akard announced that the use of Federal funds for the addition to Sulli Van elementary school has been cleared by the Federal office of education. Last week Federal funds for an eight room addition to Lynn Garden elementary school were approved. Akard said plans for both Lynn Garden and Sullivan elementary will be submitted to the Community facility service in Nashville this week. Fires continued from Page 1 rain within the next few Days. The worst hit Timberland Are in Cherokee National Forest in upper East Tennessee and in this Cumberland plateau area but smaller fires have been re ported throughout the state. West Tennessee blazes have appeared in Low ground never Alexander who said he did t have a thing against bears As Long As they stay in the Park and leave my cattle has been carrying on a running feud with the big hungry marauders for several years. The operator of a cattle Rais ing dude ranch in the mountains near Here said he and neigh Boring ranchers whose land Bor Ders the Park Don t want to Hunt bears but we feel we have a right to protect our investment in Alexander said he believed the bears were getting too much Protection from state and fed eral agencies and that the Bear population was increasing too fast. Be pointed to Federal Law which prohibits killing bears in the Park no matter what they have done and state statutes which protect the animals out Side the Park from Hunters out of season or trappers at any time. This has resulted in a hit and run policy by the bears he said. Alexander said the bears would make a kill eat a fast meal and then Scurry Back into the Park Sanctuary before any one was the Wiser. The Long feud Between the ranchers and the bears came to Oak Ridge Tenn. Conservation commissioner c. P. Swan appealed today to Tennes see s sportsmen to Volunteer to help fight Forest fires raging throughout East Tennessee. Swan issued his Appeal after making a personal Surrey by plane yesterday of the devastated areas. Earlier the game and fish commission had banned Hunting for the Dura Tion of the emergency. We Are battling the worst fires in our state Swan said and it is impossible to control them with our present Man Power and equipment. I Appeal to All sportsmen especially Hunt ers to assist in this fight. "there4 is no doubt that this is the worst tragedy to hit the state and East Tennessee is suffering the hardest assistant state forester Evan m. Pitt said he believed Hunters were responsible for most of the fires. He said they had dropped cigarettes in the tinder dry for ests and had left Camp fires burning. 5-per Center. Continued from Page 1 cancelled the contract anyway had we known of Westbrook s relationship with the Deal. Mitchell said Westbrook explained he had opened negotiations before he was employed by the committee and thought terms of the government con tract had been settled before tie began his new work. But Westbrook was dismissed Mitchell said because i do not think any exception can be made to the policy that an employee of the committee must not engage in business with the said Early today negotiations started july 1951, and the members at the meeting came Over the question of hol Ston Institute. After Calhoun had recommended a six classroom addition differing opinions arose As to which grades should occupy the new whig. Other suggested changes for the Patchwork building included before known to Burn and rail-1a head recently when Alexander Road traffic has been interrupted i saw a big marauder leaving a freshly killed prize Winner in his Herd. He summoned neighbors and with a pack of Bear hounds crossed the Park Boundary and trestles. W. R. Hirie associate regional forester in the Cumberland area said. It would take a Hundred years to replace the Timber that has burned in the past weather forecasters today warned that a warm spell push ing from the Rocky mountains to the Atlantic Seaboard would laying an inclined floor in the i make the Job of Forest fire fight auditorium removing the Audi hers More difficult thorium Balcony and turning the they Sald a decrease in space into a corridor and build humidity and a Large mass of ing a cafeteria. Dry air covering the Eastern half Ston Institute problem Calhoun mentioned the possibility of constructing a new High school on the Johnson City Highway with in the next five or 10 years. You stay will make the tin Der dry Woodlands even drier and increase the danger of new fires. Tho islands of fire fighters carried on their Battle against in his general comments to Forest flames roaring Over other the county officials Calhoun vast areas in Southern states stressed the advisability of draw Mississippi Louisiana Arkan ing building plans with provi Sas and North Carolina appeared Slons for future expansion. He i to be hit the hardest fires were pointed out that buildings like Lynn View High school with an auditorium at one end and gym widespread also in Alabama Georgia and Kentucky and some were reported in Texas South Haslum at the other cannot be Carolina Virginia and West Vir readily expanded. Ginia. He suggested that cafeterias in Mississippi separate being built in elementary schools fires have burned Over May be made to serve As Assem i acres since oct. 1. Last night l91 Bly room by adding a stage at j fires still raged one end. Scores of fires raged in about on the importance of provid. Acres of Louisiana Pine ing adequate schooling facilities for growing youngsters Calhoun said there s Only one time to educate a child that is when he is a child. If you put off building a High school for 12 years a full generation has missed an Educa members of the Board of Edu cation attending the meeting were Mack Carrier Leroy Doty Arthur Poore Nat Barnes Rob Ert Mcamis and Mitchell Carr. Magistrates were Perry at the meeting Slaughter Earl Trivett Jack Isley Eugene me Haffey and Herman Mills. Henry Gruenwald pleads not guilty to contempt count Washington w. Gruenwald Washington mystery pleaded inno cent today to contempt of con Gress charges. His trial was Jan. 19, 1953. Scheduled for he was arraigned before District judge Tolitha j. Laws on a Federal indictment charging and Hardwood forests. In Arkansas 38 fires were re ported last night in the Southern part of the state and 10 in the Northern portion. Alabama reported 10 fires still burning last night out of 100 that broke out in the last two Days. Ninety six fires were reported in Georgia but All were believed under control except one in Baulding and Cobb counties. Kentucky had 165 fires Burn ing night on acres. About acres of Timberland have been burned in the1 state. Killed the Veteran animal. Bear Hunter Tom Holdup continued from Page 1 floor. Another woman tossed her gems and Money under a Radia Tor and the bandits overlooked it witnesses said. Adolph m. Jacobson one of the victims said the bandits took two rings and a watch from him Campbell said the 500-Pound killer was about five years old had a perfect set of Teeth and was about As vicious As they All bears eventually become meat eaters Campbell said pointing to experience with some that would dig a 10-foot Furrow just to get at a ground Dick Moody another rancher said a Bear killed one of his prize heifers and dragged it 100 feet into the Park. When rang ers came to investigate he said they found the Bear had circled and carried off a steer stopping just 50 feet inside the Park. Alexander notified Park rang ers after he and his party killed the Bear in the Park and a fed eral warrant quickly followed. Meanwhile the state assigned an expert Bear Hunter to patrol the Park Boundary and ranchers reported they had been Able to sleep nights since then. But come Spring according to the cattlemen the bears will be right Back at the Park Boundary waiting for a Moonlight night to till a fat beef and carry it into their Sanctuary. Halloween continued from Page 1 ends to instruct children against Lantican claims the fee arrange ments were disclosed in the con tract. Larson said he did not remember that they were. The Herald Tribune in a copy righted Story said two other men were involved besides West Brook Heinz Pul Vennan of Rye n. Y., described Only As Westbrook s associate and thur Man Hill an unsuccessful candidate for u. S. Senator from Kansas in 1944 and formerly chief counsel of u. S. Treasury procurement. Hill now lives in Washington. The Tribune went on saying Westbrook and Pulverman had an agreement in writing with Atlantic to receive 5 per cent commission for their help in get Ting the government contract. War continued from Page 1 Point and forced the Allied de fenders off the Peak. They struck without warning in their first major Daylight As Sault of the furious Seesaw Bat the. The Shell proof Tunnel protected the reds from Allied artillery sharpshooters. Burrowing like ants the Chi Nese started their Tunnel Rujder an overhanging Cliff and dug it almost to the Summit. They swarmed out of the Mouth heedless of their own Shell Lre. A correspondent John ran Dolph the Only u. S. Newsman near the Ridge said the new chinese daytime Power boded ill for tonight with the allies getting such a late Start in their now attack on larger Dairy farm program discussed in Jonesville area by Virgil q. Wacks Jonesville a. A much greater expansion of Lee county s vast Dairy program dominated the major portion of immediate future planning by directors of the Lee county Cham ber of Commerce at their annual monthly meeting in Jonesville tuesday night. A. D. Yeary presiding in the absence of president c. B. Wad Dell talked of the necessity of vastly expanding the Grade a Dairy farms in Lee in addition to the some sixty Grade a barns now in operation. He also with deep interest and wide discus Sion among All directors present went into the possibility of set Ting up a Grade c receiving Sta Tion for Grade c milk which up to the present has had but very Little encouragement. Directors pointed out that Grade c was bringing in considerable Money to Lee banners at this time. The establishment of a Furni Ture factory in the county promoted by seven Independent j manufacturers who already Are producing some Fine goods on a Small scale received lengthy Dis Cussion. The construction of cof fins and caskets As a new Busi Ness received favourable com ment after it was pointed out that such had been known to be made cheaper than any item in such line known. At a forthcoming meeting the c of c will hear a speaker on the future of the coalfields in St. Charles the furniture Dairy and a number of other important is sues will be brought up for action. Continued from Page 1 South korean divisions. Earlier in the Day the general said american forces should Bei y Queen gets Bounce for fund for politicking the great Mobile Reserve of the by Aba service Houston Tex. Free and not remain in i the candidates for Beauty Queen this korean trap fighting the enemy s second Are feeling the 1952 Campaign heat that s been fanned up Over Stevenson wooing Pennsyl-1 special political funds Vanla s 32 electoral votes As a on the Campus of the univer in continued from pare 1 today. Sity of Houston for instance they take such matters so seriously named that a Marian pretty Politico Stafford was new wave of optimism swept his , quoted the new York times As saying one of Eisen Hower s speech writers originated the go to Korea idea to give the gop Campaign a "lift1 which the governor added it sure such a cynical search for votes will neither resolve our problems nor win the Stevenson said. I certainly could not object to the general s going to Korea but what Wor Ries me is what he will do when he gets Stevenson quoted Eisenhower As saying four months ago that he did t believe there is any Clear Cut answer to Korea Al though now governor said Eisenhower contends there is. He added he was right in june he u wrong in late october. He has changed my friends and the change is to play politics with Stevenson makes a major speech tonight in Pittsburgh. President Truman mixed scorn with sarcasm As he moved the Midwest. At one Point he even sought to imitate Eisenhower s voice As he quoted him. No general order is going Council toted up accounts eliminate our Truman i and said Marian was out. Bounced right out of the running for Homecoming Queen. It was t her platform which is five feet two inches of shape Liness topped by Long Platinum Blond curls. Marian was ruled off the ticket because she spent More than the maximum that the Stu Dent election Council ruled an average Joe without connections could spend on a Campaign. Nobody would Call Marian an average Joe without connect a seasoned office Holder on the Campus where she s a senior Art major Marian has served As hot band Sweet heart yearbook Beauty Junior class Secretary and vice presi Dent of the Sophomore class. When she ran for Homecoming Queen she Felt about it the Way presidential candidates feel about the White House. It was the one contest she d rather win More than any other in the she was doing Fine too until a couple of Days before election. The roof fell in. The elec said in Chicago last night. No Superman is going to solve our difficulties for us. And anybody who poses and talks like a Superman is just a Plain Truman attempted an imitation of the general s voice when he quoted the gop candidate As saying his party will enlist All the resources of the Federal government to see that the nation is never hit by another Depres Sion. And that takes care of the depression Truman said. You heard what the Gen eral said depressions Are hereby Truman whistle stops through foreign minister said nothing we have not heard a thousand lines before at Panmunjom and Day with a major address to night at Detroit. High temperature another u. S spokesman added j new York elec the korean Armi co has announced production of a Turbine with the High problem Over to Mission proposed by Vishinsky est steam temperature Ever used would mean starting the be j in a Turbine Generator unit the of nations All Over again. I Turbine operating at an initial ,100 degrees property damage on their night Randolph added that the rate f a a. Iof cheese artillery fire was run. We want the children o have Ning two and three times the without any conditions for Al Good time but we Don t want Allied rate. Towing those who wanted to stay Allied fighter bombers Pound in the country of their Captivity. De the North end of sniper Ridge but heavy communist Tel 1_ r 11 i Hulwi Ilc

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