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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 29, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 wednesday oct. 29, 1952 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go Rounce letter to editor c f. Cwt rid or. Publ lib w 3 editor j. W i tit Ila for Cui sex Muon editor 330-23 b Strait Klaimi part Rynn. Memeti of the aug crud Southern Apoc Lilloo Tod the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent Demon to new Ippei pub used each after noon except saturday and sunday the aug coated be excl Undrel entitled to the or publication of All Newe credited co it or not other lie credited in thai paper and Elic the local published herein entered at Post of tace la Ken report. Tenn Ai second clan met Natter october 31 1m4. Under the act of a arc i. Lilt Ramonat advert Lelanc representatives. Shannon Matei inc. With offices in new Tori Cul Caia Dottro t. Atlanta. St. Touli Taniai City to a Celei and by Francisco subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week 40c. Today s Bible thought who can have compassion on the ignorant and on them that Are out of the Way for that he himself also is compassed with hebrews the times doily tonic More helpful than All Wisdom is one draught of simple human Eliot. The red Issue the Mccarthy speech which had of e buildup than any speech by one of the candidates must be put Down As some thing of a Flop. And that is really Good news not Only to the democrats but to the republicans. It was Good news to americans. Senator Mccarthy is not to be taken hog or not to be rejected whole hog. It is one of the unfortunate things about the Man that most people Are either so bitter that they hate him with a Blind hatred or so possessed with anti communist feeling that they regard him As a Demi god because he is anti communist. Mccarthy As it looks to us has per formed service to his country in putting the spotlight on the communist activity in the United states. That his motives have not been one Hundred per cent pure patriotism is something we be Lieve. They Are compounded of Patriot ism and politics. Moreover it seems that the senator is not too fussy about not overstepping the Bounds of decency and fair play. In Short Mccarthy is a Good test of a person s ability to keep judgment unclouded by emotion. The most recent Mccarthy speech was preceded by All sorts of rumours that it was to be a veritable atomic bomb contained no real explosive. That the communists in this country who have unfortunately the right to vote As Ameri can citizens should vote for the demo cratic ticket is not at Al surprising. Tak ing the lesser of two evils is a natural thing to do and from the communist Point of View the democratic party must look like the lesser of two evils. But try ing to insinuate from that., that governor Stevenson has secret leanings toward the reds is preposterous. One has to be a pretty Strong Mccarth Yive to believe All that the senator s words seem to imply. We agree that if the reds in this coun try look for a somewhat tougher time if general Eisenhower is elected than they have been having under the Truman administration their fears Are Well founded. But that is a Long Way from saying there is any pro communist attitude on the part of Adlai Stevenson. For those who want a cooler More reasoned approach to the Story of red infiltration in government we would recommend a careful listening to Clare Boothe Luce whose indictment of the Truman administration for Gross and Al most criminal negligence in its failure to take action against spies and traitors is most impressive. Mrs. Luce tells a quite factual Story carefully documented a Story that is far More damning than a Mccarthy tirade. The charge against the Truman administration is not so much that the reds have got into the government that might be charged up to the diabolical cleverness of the soviet mind trained in deceit. But the charge is that in spite of evidence at no time has the administration shown a capacity to see the danger. From first to last warnings were brushed aside. Chambers report to Adolph Berle was laughed off with go jump in the Canadian prime minister Mcken Zie King s report was not acted on. The Warners were called Witch Hunters and red waiters. And in spite of Hiss and Fuchs and the whole Crew of them Nei ther Harry Truman nor Adlai Stevenson show any indication that they realize the seriousness of the situation. Whether this is real blindness or merely due to a fear of political consequences is hard to say. But we do know that every apologist for the Truman administration has far harsher words for red bait ers than they have for reds. They can get terribly indignant Over mccarthyism while remaining Calm Over Hissim Fuchs ism and All the rest. Is it any wonder then that the reds in this country and the agents of soviet Russia expect to have less trouble with a Stevenson administration than with an Eisenhower administration a Man who uses the weapon of the big lie should rejected by All Good citizens regard less of Harry s. Truman. By Drew Pearson other Day in St. Paul i was sitting in the Minnesota club for some friends when i noticed a portrait of Frank b. Kellogg on the Wall. Sitting there under that portrait set me Kellogg s great am Button to outlaw War about the problems confronting general Eisenhower and about the desire uppermost in the minds of most americans to avoid another War. It makes me feel a bit old to look Back on it but i was a Young newspaper reporter covering the state department when Kellogg was Secretary of state under Calvin Coolidge. I thought he did rather a bad Job in Nicaragua and Mexico but he warmed my heart and that of millions when he negotiated the treaty to outlaw War. And when he went to Paris to sign his treaty i persuaded the new York times to Send me with him. In route Home Kellogg s aides cooked up a scheme to keep the treaty out of partisan politics. In this i played a Small part. I sent a radio Gram from the is Leviathan to the editor of the times asking him to query me As to whether the anti War treaty would be claimed As a Triumph for the Republican party or would be considered the bipartisan product of both parties. The times complied i showed the query to Kellogg and he growled that he certainly was not going to let his newly signed treaty become a football of politics. Hoover protests the statement was important because Herbert Hoover then warming up for his election Campaign against Al Smith in the late summer of 1928, was looking around for political ammunition. In fact it was More important than even i realized for two Days after we landed Kellogg for me. At first he seemed sore. Just what did you say in that Story you radioed from the he asked. I had a copy in my pocket and showed it to him. He read it and grunted. The Secretary of he explained referring to Herbert Hoover raised hell with me at Cabinet meeting. He added with a Wink i m glad you did what he had in mind of course was the fact that he needed democratic support to obtain Senate ratification of his treaty. That support was Given. Democratic senators supported him 100 per cent a few republicans opposed the treaty was ratified. Kellogg died a few years later a broken hearted Man broken hearted because he knew the great goal he set for Mankind peace was about to smash on the rocks of Axis greed. But before he died he came to Washington Many times to help and encourage his successor another great Secretary of state Henry l. Stimson. Both Kellogg and Stimson of course were republicans both believed in a bipartisan foreign policy both were men of i was Lucky in knowing them both. Stimson carried on later i travelled with Stimson to London where he did his Best not Only to limit dangerous rivalry of armament but to persuade Europe to sign a consultative pact. This pact merely pledged that the United states would consult with other nations in Case War threatened. There was no other obligation. Nevertheless a scoop which i cabled the Baltimore Sun that such a pact was to be signed caused president Hoover to Issue a special denial. Simultaneously his Secretary of state in London was holding a press conference stating that such a treaty would be signed. These two conflicting press conferences illustrate the Basic foreign policy cleavage within the Republican cleavage that still continues. It plagued and harassed Stimson All through the Hoover administration. Stimson saw the True goal of the japanese War lords in Manchuria in 1931, and did his Best to Stop what he knew was to be the Conquest of China. He tried to Stop it by using the peace machinery of the league of nations and the nine Power pact. But Republican isolationists held up their hands in horror. So did or. Hoover privately. In deference to the White House Stimson even had to recall the american Consul general at Geneva from acting As an observer at the league sessions on Manchuria. Eventually Stimson gave up. But when he retired from the state department and passed the reins on to the Roosevelt administration he came to Washington for various conferences with for and Cordell Hull. His ambition was to preserve a continuous bipartisan foreign policy. Vandenberg s death it has been the policy of Woodrow Wilson Kellogg Stimson Roosevelt Republican nor democratic but has been followed since. That is it was followed up until the death of the late great senator Vandenberg. Since then and today it has become the football of politics in a manner which can end in Only one result serious perhaps irreparable harm to our cherished goal of peace. That is the great danger which Kellogg Stimson great republicans so clearly. That is the danger which can Hurt the United states far More than any Domestic policy any tax Law any taint of corruption. That if i am right that the american people above All want peace is the problem they must put uppermost in this Campaign. Because of its importance i will discuss it in another column shortly. Diplomatic Pouch russian reconnaissance planes have been spotted Over the japanese coast. This has the Pentagon More worried than any military report in months. Thousands of russian workmen Are building a giant soviet airbase on Ostrov Rudolph six hours flying time from our own airbase at Thule Greenland. The British now think they have found a surefire Way to earn american dollars. A British textile designer has invented an unsinkable cloth and the British Are going to use it for unsinkable bathing suits to be exported to us.-. Secretary of defense Livett has turned thumbs Down on a fancy snorkel Type jeep. Costs too each the u. S. Will try to get the other free nations to Send More troops to Korea at the present in session. There Are More than Lorty anti communist countries in the in but Only 17 have sent fighting troops. After All the Hullabaloo Over the Navy robot plane pictures just Back from Korea show that the much publicized pilotless plane actually missed its Railroad several Hundred Yards. It governor Stevenson said there is a mess in Washington and president Truman wanted to know what mess. How s that for a party with a split Margaret Chase Smith editor Kingsport times dear sir with your permission i Hope to find space for this letter. Some people seem to think All republicans and All democrats Are the same. Or. Hoover is blamed for the depression and or. Taft is blamed for the Taft Hartley Law and some forget the fact that Many democrats voted for the Law. A employ under Freedom saving and investing Are profitable. New capital flows into Enterprise and competes for labor. Under the flexibility of a free system wages and production change readily in accordance with changing conditions and there is no limit to the number of workers needed to Supply the wants and demands of each other. It is Only when rigidities Are introduced into the Market plane preventing the Exchange of what one Man has to offer for what other men offer that unemployment appears. These in on the one hand and shortage on the other caused by non reciprocal rigid Price and wage Scales that will not permit goods and serv ices offered by these groups to Exchange readily at prices which others Are ready and willing to pay. These rigidities retard or prevent the shifting of capital and labor away from industries whore too much is being produced at the moment and into industries where greater quantities of goods Are needed. Government managed Economy with its inflexible Price and wage Scales wherein politically powerful pressure groups de Mand and obtain special Privi Leges from government and then proceed to Price themselves out of the Market is the principal cause of unemployment. There is nothing new in state interventionism. It is As old and reactionary As socialization itself. Always when it permeates the body politic it kills the nation. This assertion repeatedly is confirmed by history. The Hammurabi code promulgated ear Lier than b. C. By imposing controls Over wages prices production consumption and All the rest of the Economy wrecked Babylonia. Govern mental extravagance and a bloated bureaucracy killed individual initiative and led to the fall of ancient Greece. A planned Economy of state maintenance for the Slothful plus excessive the collapse of the later roman Empire and the regression of a civilized society into the dark Ages. The welfare state of the incas became so debilitated As to be come easy prey for Pizarro and his in its re turn the great Spanish Empire broke when the throne so regimented every activity that no one could earn a living except by being a Public employee a priest or a Sailor. For the same reason the British Empire is now dissolving before our eyes. Almost everywhere politicians and by camouflaging ill considered or bad enact ments As welfare or defense measures Are enticing then peo Ples Down the path of Dalliance into systems of state interventionism. They Are leading them to eventual destruction. They Are concentrating Power in Washington under a bureaucracy already expanded beyond manageable dimensions and which increasingly resorts to uncontrolled extravagances and extravagant controls. There Are for example Many enterprises which could not operate profitably were they to obey to the letter a complexity of Laws and regulations which sometimes seem to have been enacted with malice Afore thought. As a result these Busi Ness men Are easy prey for gangsters and crooked officials both High and Low who exact tribute for what they Call Protection. In these cases the quickest prophylactic would be to do away with the unwise Laws and regulations. Jefferson once remarked that a revolution every so often is a Good thing when such is for a moral purpose which would be a moral revolution. This coun try desperately needs a moral you can t win Washington calling Washington this Campaign is going to end. Sometimes it has seemed As though it would go on forever until like the Kil Kenny cats we clawed ourselves into final and Complete destruction. But if we Are fortunate we shall narrowly Avert catastrophe. Then one of the two men who has gone through the fearful or Deal of the Campaign must face an even greater trial. The decisions to be taken in the months and years immediately ahead Are at least As grave and As troubled As those of the past 12 years. Some of them will scarcely wait until january 20 and the inauguration of a new president so pressing is the need for continuity in the difficult and dangerous Effort to sustain the free world and push Back communism. Who can Best govern the coun try and carry on this Effort that is the question in the minds of millions of americans troubled and Uncertain in the continuing barrage of Billingsgate from so Many quarters. Either Man will find the going fearfully rough and one Reasti is because of some of the vicious things said in the past two months. The division the fear the suspicion the doubt have All been accentuated. This and a Fol lowing column will be an Effort at appraisal of general Eisen Hower and governor Stevenson confronted by the perilous de manding perhaps impossible of to up revolution right now. I Pray that it comes soon before it is too late. I Pray that it will be brought on by an outraged pub Lic opinion resulting from each individual reassuring his per Sonal responsibilities and then joining with others heard. I Pray that it will re implant the decalogue and the Golden Rule As the ethical code of the Amer ican people. I Pray that under its Impact the love and old fashioned discipline exercised within the families of this nation will again be exerted against immorality and crime corruption and venality. Such will return the United states to morality and straight thinking. Sincerely yours w. M. Evans. Fice of the president in a ment of world crisis and Haval. In the opinion of this observer the obstacles in Eisenhower s Way would be greater than those in Stevenson s Way. That is because the split in the Republican party is deeper and wider than the division in the democratic party. This is on the Assumption that Eisenhower As president would undertake to carry out the for eign and defense policy Back of nato and the whole far Flung resistance to the communist conspiracy. To could of course make peace with the loudest and most aggressive Wing of his party by abandoning that program. The heart of the matter is the military budget. Before he sends his budget for the fiscal year 1954 to the Congress president Eisen Hower must have some reason to believe that it will not be Cut to ribbons at the instigation of irresponsible in his own party. To toss it in without the most care Ful preliminary preparation will be to court disaster. This will be Eisenhower s first test. How he meets it May Well determine whether he will be Able to maintain even in the honeymoon phase some direction of and control Over the ship of state. If he tries to rely solely on his own party he will certainly fail. He must attempt to form in the Senate an Alliance of the Center combining such men of his own party As senators Saltonstall Knowland Ives if he is re Hendrickson mrs. Smith of Maine Wiley Carlson and Tobey with Southern democrats who have on the whole sup ported the foreign policy of the past five years one can conceive of Eisen Hower in say late december ask ing such democrats As senators Byrd Russell Johnson of Texas Smathers and possibly a half dozen others to meet with him. He would say to them frankly that his Fate was in their hands that without their cooperation he would be unable to carry through any sort of constructive program. And since he would be speaking nothing less than the Plain truth to responsible men he would have a Good Chance of enlisting their support. Eisenhower in the White House would need something More. The direction of such a conservative Alliance for Eisenhower s own ends would Call for a Man of dedicated loyalty and great skill. Such a Leader might be senator Henry Cabot Lodge or. If he sur Vives in Massachusetts. Lodge has demonstrated his dedication to Eisenhower personally and to the nato policy. Either hopefully or out of his political inexperience Eisen Hower has talked during the Campaign about his How Long the loyalty of some of these team members lasts is open to question. Senator Joseph Mccarthy of Wisconsin is not exactly a team player and his own ambitions would be Likely to override any consideration of an Eisenhower program. But the real question concerns the Man who was known for the first half of this year As or. Re publican senator Robert a. Taft. If Taft opposes an Eisen Hower program then the going will be rough indeed. All the skill of someone like Lodge would be called for plus the determination the understanding and the subtlety of a president in the White House. Eisenhower has not shown those qualities in the Campaign. His defenders argue that it was impossible to expect him to do that in the midst of try ing to hold the two factions to Gether to win an election. As the old saying has it you Mac s window by w. J. My Acuff a lot of people think True Art i can be a True reflection of nature and still be very in Beauty Ful. Quoting president Truman i do not pretend to be a judge of Art but i am of the opinion that so called modern Art is merely the vap rings of half baked Lazy quoting an artist i do not pretend to be a judge of states Manship but i am of the Opin Ion that this new statesmanship of our time is merely the vapor Ings of half baked mentally Lazy if that Truman Lewis arrangement is not a Case of you scratch my Back and i la scratch yours it s a mighty Good imitation. Or. Lewis who is president ump might As Well write it president Usa. The Mccarthy speech had Al most As much buildup As a heavyweight fight. And almost As much letdown. Now it is or. Vico Usinsky whose speech everyone is wait ing for. Probably a real Flo Peroo too. A fellow says that you can get a pain in the neck from 43 Dif Ferent causes. But there Are More political speakers than that on the air there is a Story that the owner of the cow giving the Moat milk is to be renamed new Deal an australian though it s an idea that ought to come from our Freedom from government that science find a Way to keep cows from needing to be milked Over the week end. This would be Fine for the milk maid. After they have worked out that problem the scientists can Start in to Hunt for a Way to make it possible for babies to go without nourishment Over the week end. Girdles Are a great improve ment Over corsets. They Are just As hard on the wives but a lot easier on husbands. Abc no to. Some of the most positive statements about Art Are made by people who Start by saying i do not claim to know anything about it there is a Story about a fellow who lived for years on a High Hill who moved to Texas because the climb it no longer agreed with him. It on nov. 5, Sullivan county will be divided into those who and those who did t. Which Camp will you be in it if this election is As close As most people think it is the elec toral vote of Tennessee May tip the Scales. It if the vote in Tennessee is u close As most observers think it will be the vote in Sullivan county May tip the Scales. It and the Sullivan county vote that May turn the trick could be your vote. Pays your Money and you take your Choice. Except that this time the stakes Are higher and the penalties for failure so terrifying. Doctor says Edwin p . Side glances my ancestors were dumb ill none of old pie men Over inn thought of rocketing to the nothing would make this column More popular than to announce that the writer had the answer to the common cold and that by following some simple directions or taking some easy remedy readers could count on avoiding this annoying Afflic Tion in the future. Perhaps the time to make such a Happy statement will come but at present i shall have to remain in the Doghouse. Scarcely a year goes by with out the announcement of at least one new wonder cure for colds. Naturally we Are All so eager to find some Way of get Ting rid of this miserable disorder that we Are eager to believe the claims made for practically anything. In spite of the enormous num ber of cold cures on the mar Ket the statement that no sub stance or combination of sub stances available at the present can be relied on to prevent or cure the common cold still holds True. In the face of this scientific View the nose drops inhalants liquid and solid medicines Gar Gles special diets Lemon cures and thousand and one other treatments will be used All win Ter. Perhaps something really Good will be found at any time. Any one however who has lived through the past few years will be somewhat sceptical about any new discovery until it has been tried and tried again. The Supply of moisture to the nose and Throat by Means of steam inhalations is probably of some help during the i mean of a cold. Alcohol j taken internally re Mains a favorite with some but there is considerable doubt As to whether it really helps the cold or merely makes it easier to for get. Cathartic or laxatives Are hardly desirable unless needed for other reasons and if used to extremes these May cause too much loss of fluids from the body. Vaccines come ii again in the last year or so vaccines for either by injection or by been suggested again. But the fact remains that careful studies of such methods of cold prevention have been far from convincing. The Only thing which he really stood the test of time so far is rest in bed. In All prob ability if everyone went to bed at the first sign of a cold and used steam inhalations their colds would not last so Long. Such action would also cease to expose others to their colds and therefore Cut Down on the num Bers of them going around. This is easy to aay but few people try it. Ouf our Way mothers. Get

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