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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 27, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeCivic clubs Honor Lions and rotary clubs of Kingsport observed ladies nights last week with dinners and entertainment at Ridge Fields country club. Top left Are rotary officers standing behind their wives or. And mrs. Larry Cantrell sergeant at arms or. And mrs. Joe Worley second vice president or. And mrs. Paul Overbay president or. And mrs. Louis Baumgartner first vice presi Dent or. And mrs. Howard Ross Secretary. C. Gregory Smith treasurer was not present for the picture. Top right Are Lions officers with husbands standing behind wives or. And mrs. Thomas l. Immen Secretary treasurer or. And mrs. Cecil h. Dougherty second vice president or. And mrs. Hiram Wall president or. And mrs. James Lyle Tail twister or. And mrs. Martin Long first vice president. These officers of kiwanis club standing behind their wives Are or. And mrs. Harry Ford president or. And mrs. James Duncan Secretary and or. And mrs. William Jordan vice president. Times news photos by Byland and Peirce week s club events Jonesville legion auxiliary installs monday Church Bill halloween Carni . Elementary Queen and King will be crowned at 10 . Kozy Korner Klub. At . In ladies parlor of first Metho dist Church. Omega chapter Beta Sigma Phi 7 30 . At Kingsport utilities. Past matrons and patrons club of Oes scheduled to meet to convention delegates named available to children of deceased j veterans. Jonesville a. Spa the american legion auxiliary Lambert Fleenor Bays unit 185, met monday evening at the palsy fice of or. T. S. Ely. Elected officers were installed pro sect i for the ensuing year by mrs. T. I is. Ely installation officer and Tennessee Virginia cerebral ninth District committee woman. I palsy Center was chosen by Civi night has been postponed. Were president miss Nan Inette club for this year s project league of women voters Etta Ely first vice president i at a recent meeting at the Home Greenfield unit at 8 . James a. Rosenbaum Sec o mrs e c Smith 1022 a mrs. G. W. Hakanson 906 vice president mrs. Fred1 Tauga St. Plans were made by the Ville St., Leader mrs. Benjamin mrs., group toward aiding the Center Smith Seh financially in the near future. League of women voters the welfare committee re Chestnut Ridge unit at . With mrs. R. E. Bevington 3706 Bristol Highway mrs. J. W. Tam Blyn Leader. League of women voters town unit at . With mrs. H. M. Smith 1429 Bright Ridge drive. Kingsport times monday october 27, 1952 5 monthly pains stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 in doctors Tail chances Are you re putting up the functionally caused pains cramps and weak no Good feelings of menstruation for in actual tests by doctors Lydia Pink Sun s compound brought com plete or striking Relief from such Dis Tress in 3 out of 4 of the cases Lydia Pink Hun s la Modem in its so get Ejdla e. Plumm s vege tilt new improved with added Iron. See thru if the does t give Relief from those backaches you feel better and Taring Jour period you Buffer from functional hot dashes of change of find out Hoa wonderful pin Liam i u for that too ing Secretary mrs. Edgar okie treasurer mrs. Sam d. Keel necessary clothing nurses association dinner. International business machines dinner. Wednesday lioness club Din Ner Bridge. Machine accountants association dinner. Ladies Day featuring Golf and Bridge. Young executives club Din Ner. Beta Phi alumnae luncheon. An average acre of sugar beets yields pounds of granulated sugar. Treasurer mrs. Sam d. Historian mrs. Eva d. An underprivileged school sergeant at arms mrs. The club voted to a. Davis chaplain mrs. Walter baskets to a needy family for both thanksgiving and Christ Mas. All members Are asked Toj the unit reports a total of 59 leaders mrs. T. M. Taylor standing hav i g _ j Nail Mon Civin Runac Bra t groceries to the no mrs. S. L. Showker. Tuesday Mary Haworth perennial gardeners Good neighbors respect hed new officers privacy must be mature tribute Cifu and Money Tom Owens were Church Hill halloween Carni . High school Queen and King will be crowned at 10 . J to be sent to Christmas gift wms night circles of first shops in Veteran hospitals. Dele Baptist Church at. . Gates were selected to attend Green thumb Garden club at i ninth District fall conference 8 . With mrs. Ben Davis. In Pocahonta va., oct. 25, and mrs. James Wheeler. I newly elected officers were presented to members of drive. Mrs. Milton and Aiso the state fall Confer Nial Garden club at their will be co hostess. I ence to be held in Roanoke no dear Mary Haworth a a regret and offer any suitable res Tober meeting at the Home of. Major Frank Phipps chapter of member 9. Few weeks ago my car accidental tit ution within your Power. Such mrs. Sam Miller Pineola at 2 . At Kingsport mrs Charlie f Smith present utilities. Hostesses will be mrs. De a program on education of War discussing Vari Ous funds and scholarships by struck the next door neigh belligerence tends to provoke of nue. Bor s dog As i backing out of St Nate Defiance in the person1 they were mrs f k umber Ivan Cox mrs f Barnes and the driveway which runs along assailed and in this Case mrs. per president mrs. Joel Effie program chair Side four detached had Little right to reproach you vice president mrs James her one of which my wife and i of for the dog s plight. Hert. Secretary mrs w. S. Phle-1 Bert Secretary mrs. W. S. Phle Man mrs. John b. Gillis. Auburn club at 8 p. M. For Sci a. V 1vj.1o. Tyvi. J. Lilt. _ f a i. Cupy. Before i could get out of it seems Well to remind her. Gar treasurer mrs. R. S. Square dance at Mason Dixon the car. The dogs owner. Mrs. B., the h t t k h Secretary Hail adv of of the Pato of a he Ken Mcdonald librarian and wednesday ugly names and screaming that j a mrs. Robert Neeley historian. She would kill me if the dog following discussion of plans club at . At she and her husband a Young would have the owner s Pri for november december meeting i Ridge Fields country club. Couple who recently lost for him loiter in to be at Ridge Fields coun a Central Heights fall festival first child rushed the pet to a the up disc Domain As a club dec 3 at 1 p. A. Each at . At school. Program Don t fool with a Chest cold ution 3-Day be Back will feature sixth seventh and eighth grades. Fish Pond White elephant Sale and other enter j Tai ments provided. A pcs of Golda memorial Teri Narian. The dog did t the fact that she a report on special ick from the veterinarians rated you instead of deploring Bowers she had chosen to grow they came to our apartment and her was bound to get for the year mrs Neeley made demanded that i pay the your involuntarily while Ian informative talk in period or. saying he would beat too were in a nervous Atter distributing out up if i did t pay. I refused not or b s bluster a Little later for members to follow. I methodist Church will observe because of the Money involved equal y off the beam and Calcut ribbons for the Best Hall of prayer from 10 . Unti but because of their cause the average male1 arrangements of a attitude and general mis Beha to Tell him to to hades mums were awarded Vior in the matter. _ expo intr the r h hasek mrs. Since the Accident they have bees to Phlegar mrs Geol be Dansberry Council of Garden clubs at been making Nasty remarks this Ann Faisal of their Mcdonald . With president mrs. J. C Whit i j214 St each club president or her representative should attend this meeting. . Thursday Adams. A nov. 4 666 ugly to up t4blefs is your answer to colds miseries about us. Loud enough for us to dual it seems fair to say that you hear and As a result Clare and might have Chi sprayed More Char Pat to i have become very upset and Ity of mind after Vou a had time re a to to move. We Wal to reflect. Their recent Bereave Mcpheeter s Bend Parent them St teacher association and lunch lenient for hem and for us supervisor will serve food but it is Tbs Only alter native j event mint of mrs. s wild out and hot drinks on election Day. Yesterday bees to h Coli burst when she feared the nov. 4, in the school lunch room. There came Over o Sav t was the disciplined adult the Public is cordially invited. Mem ame Over again co say i response would have been to con had to pay half the Bill and Tro your anger and a Quiery when i again refused there was to it i App re. More name calling on their part. Cite your distress can t i drive it seems we have always been you Jcj the vets Etc. Bothered by neighbors although t Clare and i Are Young consid to my it in t Obi a Erate and peace Loving persons pay any who Don t bother the neighbors.01 the Aid Bill. I Don t and ask Only to be let alone. We a jul Moulti Nold liable fori have been called snobsetc., be t. But As a mature act you cause we refuse to associate pay half just to Settle thei people we Don t want As because you Are i should like your opinion As to bluffed by the bees. If you be whether i was wrong in refusing alway3 had double with neigh to pay the Bill and will you something is wrong with Gest a Good neighbor policy for1 a car social reflexes. Apparently us in future you infer that Good neighbor is c synonymous with bosom dear c. P. Looking at a the Ood neighbor is Wrangle from the bees considerate helpful in Point you Are adding insult to emergency while keeping his sex injury in refusing to pay on a formal basis that veterinarian s Bill. And from others privacy and Angle of course they Are being guards Nus you have an intolerable nuisance in be adult to Man ing Down your Throat repeatedly Page plus for guidance. Read the about the accidental Enterprise by h. A. Over of their pet. As a disinterested Street Norton. Referee it is my impression on relating ourselves to our world both bees and you Are at fault for the ugly atmosphere that has developed. However the bees Are definitely the worst offenders against Good neighbor policy in the Hullabaloo they Are Daggres Fonse department today Ridenti sively fomenting the fied 109 korean War casualties beginning with mrs. s unjust m a new list no. 679 that in fied threats and name calling be dude 15 killed 83 wounded Tore you had a Chance to voice four missing and seven injured 109 More casualties Washington de taxi Cotta cons Sef turn phone 970 Gilliam cabs h. G. Gilliam owner Day and night service Safe and courteous service phone 970 East Sullivan Back of onion terminal incomparable music to the Waltz King at 6uarantiid satisfaction cleaners sold Only by demonstration Send no Monty no cod please z3i Commerce St a boil jilt a Tom All by Bette Ko-7 state vacuum stores. Inc. 606 East fifth Avenue Knoxville Tennessee Wilbur i vent a free Bhui Rafik fully Attr Altti. Hand new Okimi Clunker. Name armess. City state ii k. F. D. Amrix. Falcuc largest v Washington Abe fast daily flights to Norfolk Richmond Cincinnati Roanoke Lynchburg kno vue in Lim Fob air Tivit Call 1540 or tour travel agent. Radio programs wept wept pm 14m pc. to. W k i n 13m be. Pm Mondat Wodder Brown Abc woman in my Kouti no o clock Shadow Jones doctor s Abc Cal boar time nem Joe in the Morgan Manuel night stand of Coria Abc mat s family Abc Railroad hour King hour Sec address Wilson Cameron Sway pc Newl Goodman headlines you at the polls frolic Oft tuesday on Chaser Chaser barrel Roundup Chaser Johnson and Caro Lina pals Chaser Chaser Chaser news Roundup the world Newl Como time Media glom and to neighbor s voice Day Day a Arlera or nothing it Rich and Ray Garroway . Pals serenade Mueller Paul music in Blua Crane news from hol Wood can Watt schedule monday. October pattern news lbs Godfrey lbs one to every family it Rich Casl and Groom Obsi of life Casl for tomorrow in Psi Story Loo Carolina cookery Stu doll Moore Obsi or nothing Obsi Light Obsi la Kietter in Psi payoff Nuci traveler Abc studio Nuci Voo Junior Rancho studio Doody Nuci Carson c. H. Gigantes of Greece studio h45-Weatherman studios studio watch rsm. Up and live studio Edwards Obsi Morrison theatre in Psi Byrnes studio love Lucy in Psi Joseph Mccarthy Iasci Obsi Chrono copy Obsi picture. Of to esd at . Sign on up time it. I up time it. 1 news and up time it. 3 up time it. 4 up time it. 5 news s. Marine corps hymn program sport show Newi merry go found merry go Road devotionals Crosby shop news party 1 Pany 1 party 3 world news and temperature favourites serenade of fad Ucab Parade news . Song time Roundup news Jamboree it. 1 Jamboree it. 3 Jamboree it. 3 Jamboree it. 4 Jamboree it. Jamboree it. 8 Jamboree it. 7 Jamboree it. 8 Jamboree it. Smith show news and temperature Kendll Ojei session birthday club serenade Weston news news off networks monday oct our 27 Airai Itzig for 15 network silent kiddies or. Discuss Lon by news commentary be Beulah news news Smith daily dinner club Lone Ranger news Man s news evening Mackle suspense Henry Taylor woman of

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