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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 27, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday october 27, 1952 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go Rounce Hollywood c. K6wmdi or. W. J us Tuluii. Editor j w out. Cu1 Btu to Eie Cutlo editor 330-33 b a Aram strut. Cut Ripon fion tit mawr at aug Clitis of Uuro publishers association and audit Bureau o circulation a democratic news pet pull bed each after aeon i Cpl Sau Irda and Guana the associated press la Mcl Bultel in titled to t in use Loi publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not Otner Lse credited to this paper and also the local Newi published herein entered at Post of Lect in Kingsport. Term As second class mall Mailer october 37 1mi under the act of March i u7i National adverts inf representatives. Shannon As a octaves inc. With offices in new York. Chicago Detroit Atlanta St. Louis. Kansas Cluj los Angeles and Sao fru Clico subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier Dally and sunday ont week 40c. Today s Bible thought behold a King shall reign in righteousness and princes shall Rule in times daily tonic in some time. His Good time i shall arrive he guides me and the Bird in his Good time. Browning. Ike and Korea when general Eisenhower made his much discussed statement about doing something to end the War in Korea and after his equally discussed comment about letting the koreans defend their own land a careful Reading of his words showed that he had not really made any rash promises. It is Clear that in the first instance he was proposing that the pres ent wait and see program of the administration was not enough and that he proposed to take More positive action to Ward ending the War. In the second in stance he was making the Point that it would be a much healthier situation if asians were defending Asia rather than depending on the West. In both these cases the general s words have been distorted and twisted to make it appear that he had said something which in fact he did not say and he is charged with holding out Hopes that he cannot fulfil. Governor Stevenson has accused Eisenhower of perpetrating a cruel hoax of the american people by promising to bring the boys Home right away. President Truman with a perfectly straight face says that if the general has a magic formula or secret weapon of some sort he should turn it Over to the proper people so that All the lives can be saved now instead of waiting till he is elected. Other democratic orators have rung All the changes on that theme so that All those who cannot read carefully and understand the truth will get the impression that general Eisenhower is in fact offering to end the War and prom Ising to bring the boys Home Pronto. Now if there is one desire Strong in the heart of All the american people it is this very desire to end the War and get the boys Home. And among the fathers and mothers who can vote Are those who think that this whole War is an unnecessary evil. They Are not interested in what lies behind Korea. They see Only the sur face. This Section of the people Are going to be for anyone who will premise to end the War and get the boys Home. Consequently when the democrats Tell the people Over and Over again that Eisenhower is prom Ising to do just that they Are in fact driving those people right into the Republican fold. They Are doing precisely what Eisenhower would be doing if he did in fact make such promises. Now we All know that in an american political Campaign a certain amount of distortion of the truth and twisting of what the other fellow said is accepted As part of the game. Both sides do it in or Der to put the opposition in As bad a Light As possible and get votes for themselves. But in this Case the truth distortion can have the very opposite effect of putting the general in a very Good Light with Many people. By teaching people the idea that Eisenhower is promising to end the War the democrats instead of hurting Are actually helping the republicans. It would be much better if the democrats would Point out that Eisenhower is not actually making any such promises at All. It would be much better if the peo ple were told that the general was in fact holding out no Hope of an Early end of the War. From certain indications it is quite Likely and we believe that this is unfortunate that a number of people Are sup porting Eisenhower in the belief that he will bring peace. There Are Many who feel that we should get out of Korea one Way or the other and these people Are in for the same disappointment if Eisenhower is elected that name to the who thirty six years ago voted for Woodrow Wil son in the mistaken notion that he was promising to keep the country out of War. If Eisenhower is elected it does not mean a Quick and easy peace. We believe it will mean a More positive program perhaps a More daring and risky pro Gram. But it will be a Long hard Road in any Case. Anyone who Sells the american people the idea that Eisenhower is prom Ising easy peace however is not Only distorting the truth but is doing a fool ish thing politically if the real desire is to Hurt the general s chances of being elected. By Drew Pearson is a rough idea As to How the cabinets of the two presidential candidates will stack up if elected the Eisenhower Cabinet Secretary of e. Dewey. The governor of new York went around the world to get up to Date on foreign affairs has been conferring with Acheson on foreign policy and has his heart set on this Post. Since he was the Best brain in putting across the general s nomination he will probably get his Reward. Secretary of the Aid Rich of the Chase National Bank. Brother in Law of John d. Rockefeller and a Power in top politics Aldrich has been one of the key men behind Ike. Secretary of Henry Cabot Lodge. The original Eisenhower Campaign manager Lodge faces Likely defeat in his Massachusetts race for re election. He served in the army and on the Senate armed serv ices committee. Attorney Earl Warren of California. Secretary of Frank Carl son of Kansas now one of Eisenhower s closest advisers. Secretary of the Dan Thorn ton of Colorado helped Lead the fight at Chi Cago for Eisenhower s nomination. Secretary of James Duff of Pennsylvania one of the earliest Eisenhower supporters. Secretary of Harold Stas sen of Minnesota wrote Eisenhower s labor Day speech. Postmaster Summerfield now chairman of the Republican National committee. The Stevenson Cabinet Secretary of Harriman for Mer ambassador to great Britain and Mutual Security administrator. Harriman s withdrawal from the race at Chicago insured Ste Venson s nomination and he could probably have the important state department Post if he wanted it. If not William Fulbright of a Kansas one of the Senate s Best brains on for eign affairs would have second Call. Secretary of the Palmer head of the general Cable co., one of the big businessmen vigorously behind Stevenson. Secretary of Finletter a Wall Street attorney now Secretary for air. Attorney Kefauver of Tennessee. Secretary of Stevenson advisers have suggested Milton Eisenhower brother of the general who served with Ste Venson in the agriculture department under Henry Wallace. Milton also served under Secretary of agriculture Clinton Anderson. A More Likely possibility is Roy Turner former governor of Oklahoma. Secretary of the Chapman of Colorado or sen. Joseph of Fahoney of Wyoming. Secretary of Wrigley the chewing gum King of Chicago a Republican who has been a personal Friend of Stevenson s. Secretary of Morse gop sen Ator from Oregon. Postmaster Mitchell chairman of the democratic National com Mittee. Independent Auto dealers the Ford motor company Campaign to col Lect from every dealer for the Republican Campaign fund is continuing throughout the nation but is having rough sledding with at least a few democrats. Most democratic Ford dealers have kicked in for fear of incurring Disfavour with Detroit. But in Cedar Falls and Hudson Iowa Henry Stoko and David Keith were exceptions. Several Days ago Emil Wheeler of the Wheeler motor company in Waterloo one of the top Ford dealers in Iowa telephoned David Keith of Hudson together with other dealers to in form them that a meeting had been held at Des Moines where it was decided the larger Ford dealers should Pony up each to the Republican National committee and the smaller dealers Wheeler made it Clear that this Campaign contribution was related to the future allot ments of Ford cars. In Brief a dealer who did not contribute might not get sufficient allot ments in the future. In Cedar Falls however the firm of Weis bord and Stoko split. Frank Weisbord is a re publican and paid but Henry Stoko a Democrat refused. He said that Ford could go jump in the Mississippi River As far As he was concerned. Also David Keith of Hudson replied you re not getting any Money from 1948, 18 Ford and general motors dealers were convicted in Michigan for Viola Tion of the corrupt practices act when Arthur Summerfield now chairman of the Republican National committee put across political assessments with Auto dealers. Buckshot contributions it s against the Law to contribute Over to a political Campaign but this big Money boys have a neat Way of getting around the Legal limit. They scatter their contributions like Buckshot. For example Here is How the Rockefeller family has recently donated to Republican Campaign funds. John d. Himself contributed each to the Republican National committee gop sen ate Campaign committee gop House Campaign committee and United Republican com Mittee of new a total of 000. Each member of the family followed suit with duplicate contributions to the same com apiece from his wife Martha and his sons John d. Ill Laurence David Winthrop and Nelson. Laurence s wife Mary also threw in an additional Check to the new York fund. In other words each of the Rockefeller has already contributed Over the limit to the 1952 Campaign. The Federal corrupt practices act declares that whoever directly or indirectly makes contributions in an aggregate amount in excess of during any Calendar year or in connection with any Campaign for nomination or election to or on behalf of any candidate for an elective Federal office including the offices of president of the United states and presidential and vice presidential electors or to or on behalf of any committee or other organization engaged in furthering advancing or advocating the nomination or election of any candidate for any such office or the Suc Cess of any National political party shall be fined not More than or imprisoned not More than five years or some lawyers argue that the term any committee or other organization entitles a contributor to make a maximum contribution of each to As Many different political committees As he wishes. In any Case neither political party is Likely to Challenge the loophole since contributors on both sides of the political Fence have been using the same Dodge. By uts inc Johnson exclusively yours movie stars in politics right or is the big Buzz in Hollywood now that Irene Dunne is getting the hot foot from newspaper editorial writers. Irene s reeling under editorial raps for telling an Eisenhower rally audience everyone in Hollywood whom you respect is for it s typical of what invariably happens when a movie Star puts Ham on a political soap Box. I have said it and i la say it again there s no place in politics for movie stars except As Good americans at the polls on election Day. The smart ones know it. Dana Andrews nixed a bid from the Headquarters of a presidential candidate to join the drum beating with i knew i was going to be Given a position of stardom for whatever celebrity value i was Worth not because i was a Democrat or a Republican. I m a performer not a politician. But i m not shirking my duties As a citizen. I la vote on nov. 4." and it s always been shrewd Joan Crawford s theory people in the Public Eye never should discuss religion or but some of pm will never learn. Economy axes Santa Hollywood s big Economy axe just lopped off the head of the greatest character of them All Santa Claus. There will be no Santa Claus Lane Parade with the old gent in his Sleigh on Hollywood blvd. For the first time in 25 years. I guess to jittery Hollywood figures there is no Santa Claus. But i feel sorry for the kids. A or of skip the Grapevine rumours that Greer Garson is quitting movies. She has nine years to go on her Mem contract. Insiders insist that Fernando lamas is out of the cast of latin lovers at the request of Lana Turner. Anyhow Mem s press foggy Crystal Ball gets around the country these Days can see ample evidence of the prodigious amounts of Money being spent in this Campaign. Releases on the picture Are now estimated up playing up the name of , spending is Obol. Billboards the Campaign literature the Cost of Tele vision and radio time. But no Washington calling who Able to that fund raising drive. The Money is reported to have by Marquis Chi ids Wilding As Lana s co Star. The Bobby Breen Jocelyn Lesh marriage is slated for mid no Cember in Manhattan. The for Mer movie moppet by the Way is working out daily with a vocal coach to establish a new voice style for himself. For for Gloria de Haven who s Gloria de heaven to Moc Ambo ring Sld estimate could possibly cover the kind of expenditures that never get listed in any official reports. This includes All sorts of Aid sup plied in kind to candidates As Well As funds used by labor and other organizations and not a been paid to an appointive official in the defense depart ment. Whether this Story will be let out before nov. 4 is still a question. It is said that a re publican senator would also be sideswiped if the details became Public. The new democratic National chairman Stephen Mitchell has made an Earnest Effort to Stop the practices that result in an Are hopelessly disadvantaged by Lack of funds in contrast to the Rich republicans who have Money to Burn. Using a plan put Forward by Beardsley Ruml chairman of the finance com Mittee and a newcomer to a ers with her Slick chirping is counted for m political spend plaintive and persist picture a year contract says she s supposed to scoot when anything resembling a to Cam Era crosses her path. Gloria can write her own ticket As a video Star now and it s killing contributions. The idea behind the plan is admirable. It is to try to get away from the old system of taking Large contributions from individuals who almost without exception turn up later expect ing favors out of government. Four years ago when the democrats were scraping the Bottom of the Cash Box presi Dent Truman called in Louis Johnson and asked him to head up a finance drive. Johnson showed great adroitness in get Ting big handouts from contributors with Large corporate inter ests. As a Reward he was made Secretary of defense. The republicans have what they believe is conclusive Evi Dence of a pay off Trace boost in a week to Marilyn will sing diamonds Are a girl s Best in gentlemen prefer but methinks the men will be saying gentlemen prefer her costume a Bikini affair made entirely of Dia monds. For for for. Ann Sheridan s new Vermilion hair color is described in the script of Vermilion Otoole As one Shade hotter than a red Nancy Valentine the erstwhile Maharanie of Cooch Behar insists she want snubbed by the India movie delegation in Hollywood. Says she joined the group for several social events. Zsa Zsa Gabor Back from Paris and the John Huston film Moulin is hailing her role in the film with Pic Ture is going to Mycke me a Star move Progress but there will be no shelving of the Gabor double a zip just be cause she s sunk her Teeth into a highly dramatic part opposite Jose Ferrer. She asked Ine How can i be for Dale Robertson s antics around a Reno nev., Niter during shooting of the Silver whip we settled that before we got she grinned. I m not the housewife for for for overheard she s the Type of girl who will ride Home from a for for for news item former patients of the Menninger clinic Are May be the key to the rift with hosting or. Menninger at a Din wife Jacqueline Wilson. For it for being mrs. Jack Carson in t going to halt Lola. Albright s Ner party at Romanoff All the guests i presume will be served on couches in a dark ened room. Side glances t m. To. I. It might to feed my net to wait to next wine to for body toe Euy for me to get interacted in doctor says few things Are so generally misunderstood As medical ethics. Most people who think about this at All have some vague idea that medical ethics is a set of rules established by the medical profession to protect the Doc tors and confuse the Public. Actually medical ethics is a code of behaviour which physicians have developed themselves to improve their dealings with their patients and with other doctors. The origin of this code lies in the famous oath of Hippocrates which i wish i could quote in full. However contrary to what Many people believe the code of ethics has been modified repeatedly because of changing conditions of society. The opening Section of the present code of ethics states a profession has for its prime object the service it can Render to Reward or financial gain should be a subordinate consideration. The practice of Medicine is a profession in choosing this profession an individual assumes an obligation to conduct himself in Accord with its a few Points about ethics Are particularly bothersome to patients. One of these arises when a patient or a patient s family wishes to change physicians. Such a change is at All times the privilege the patient the Only thing that the patient or the family need to do in order to make a change during the course of an illness is to notify the physician in charge that another physician is to be called in in his place. It should be obvious that if this is not done a great Deal of confusion and bad feeling is Likely to arise. A second thing which seems to bother Many people is the ques Tion of consultation. The code of ethics states that in serious illness especially in doubtful or i difficult conditions the physician should request Consulta this is Clear enough and the patient too can ask the at tending physician for a Consul tation by another physician. A final Point which comes up occasionally and which this column has been asked is whether there is any Way by which a patient who feels he has not been properly treated has been Over charged or is other Wise dissatisfied can ask for re View of the conduct of the physician. In a Large number of places this is now possible since a Good by number of county and state medical societies have set up committees to hear complaints of this sort. Such committees have accomplished a great Deal of Good and i am glad to say that most of them have not had too much to do. Since physicians like patients Are human beings and since the human body is a complicated organism there will always be some unfortunate experiences with medical care and More mis understandings. However it seems beyond ques Tion that the principles of medi Cal ethics have been enormously helpful to the Public welfare and that this code has greatly improved the relationship be tween the medical profession and the Public. Accumulation of political debts waiting for the new president. To the irritation of the hard boiled professionals he has turned Down some Large gifts. The sophisticated practice to Day is for an Industry wide gift. Thus through the operation of an astute front Man the liquor Industry would make a collective gift. Then if any company or individual should need help in later years the collective per suasion of the whole amount would be applied to the party in Power. As the Campaign moves to a conclusion the new men brought i by Stevenson to fill strategic places in the top com Mand Are becoming better known both to the party and the pub Lic. They Are also More confident of their ability to Cope with difficult and trying roles virtually All of them taking their first Filer in National but the democratic candidate still has close beside him the larger problem of the old faces in the Truman administration and the embrace of the presi Dent himself. This has Given re publican orators from coast to coast a Chance to bolster their charge that Truman ism is the real Issue with Stevenson merely a front Man for the same old crowd in Washington. While he has tried to walk the narrow line stressing the change a Stevenson adminis t r a t i o n would mean it has been pain fully difficult. One of the chief targets of Republican oratory is Secretary of state Dean ache son and audiences Are Likely to be left with the impression that Acheson would be kept on in a Stevenson Cabinet. Whether that would happen or not is a ques Tion repeatedly asked. Acheson is reported to have told president Truman he would like to resign even before the january 20 deadline. But he has Given no Public indication of his intentions despite the silent prayers of Many in the demo cratic High command. They would be overjoyed if the Secre tary would drop a dignified hint that he welcomes the time soon to come when he will put Down the onerous task that has been his for three years of trial and tribulation. Every Cabinet member automatically resigns when an administration ends. While he has not said it explicitly Stevenson has indicated that he would seek new men for virtually every one of the top positions in Washington that Are not covered by civil service. He would be under pressure to do otherwise. But if one thing is Plain it is that the old faces have been around too Long and that has been the weight of the time for a change theme. Mac s window by w. I. A Cabuffa a recent bulletin of the department of Commerce shows purchases recently of asparagus for the armed forces to the tune of some six and a half million pounds. And not a word of hoi Landais sauce there was also nearly two Mil lion pounds of raisins and thou Sands of dozens of bottles of olives. May be this for thanks giving. But then there was two Mil lion pounds of prunes. What for prunes hallelujah hallelujah sing a song of great thanksgiving there s been a drop a wondrous1 drop in the High old Cost of living of course the drop Ain t very much two tenths of one percent but its a drop and not a raise that news is heaven sent. How much is two tenths of one percent Well where you be put five Bucks on the line for a Steak a shirt or something else it s now Only republicans Are As much afraid of what Joe Mccarthy is Likely to say As the democrats Are. A a lot of republicans would like to say to the senator listen Joe you have already done your part. Now you sit still and rest up and let the rest of us carry on. Dean Acheson received a lot of applause when he made a speech against the reds in the political committee of the United nations. Now if he could propose some real action and if he could get some real cooperation things might begin to happen. It is Odd that some of the worst dumb Bells have the Nois Iest tongues. Has a typewriter got sense of its own trying to write Politi Cian it came out plot Ician. The Coal mine owners ask the government please let them give the miners the raise they want. Of course after the government does give in the owners will naturally have to ask for a Price raise to balance. It is rumoured that the manufacturers of Oil furnaces Are also anxious to see the miners get As big a raise As possible and the owners shove the Price of Coal up As High As possible. For a fellow says he is always meeting wonderful americans who make him feel proud to be an american that sounds All right. But another fellow says that he meets some pretty outrageous people who make him ashamed that he is an Ameri can. And that does not sound sensible at All. Wassa difference for some people Are shocked and surprised at the Way president Truman is talking in this Campaign. But it is the people who Are not shocked or surprised who really insult the president. For senator Morse says that he was mistaken in his first evaluation of Dwight Eisenhower. If the general is elected watch for the senator to announce that he was mistaken in his second evaluation of Eisenhower. For you might think that anyone who was ready to admit that he made a bad Blunder the first time would not be so cocksure that he is on the right track the second time. Maybe the fellow whose judg ment senator Morse ought to be getting suspicious of is senator Morse. The senator from Oregon is a very useful citizen but the sort of thing that he is useful for he can do just As easily out of the Senate As in it. Except that he will miss the Chance to make the Long speeches. For a politician who is not a states Man is not a very useful member of the Congress but a statesman who is not a politician will never get a Chance to be a member of Congress. For with that big Mustache of his no one can Ever Call Joe Stalin a Bare faced liar. Out our Way of the we with the Tarantula ant that Wanh than scorpions trim id pull a sardine can Carriage of them kids know How to play with them keeps pets shebmnt6. Hah. Ic-i7 jrmujom9

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