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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 27, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeButton collector recalls famous political race of other years choir to sing College for negroes will bring its choir of 50 voices Here wednesday for a performance in observation of world Community Day at Broad Street methodist Church. Eleven bellwether counties Parkman returns storm stopper indicate Ike to be Winner to stump n9 beaded loss off n Smirt n i i Bakersfield Calif. The county will not go sen. John Sparkman the demo new York ,.v if this vice presidential nominee mean anything m those Lecoun a Fayette county to bit about j the Rev. A. Preston Gray of seven acres came to see me last week to discuss a Mutual Hobby Campaign buttons. Or. Gray s buttons go Back to the Campaign of 1896 when Wil Liam Jennings Bryan first. Ran for president against the Republican William Mckinley or. Gray did t vote in that election he was just a. Boy but he recalls it very Well. The Bryan Button he has bears Only the familiar just Jawed likeness of the great commoner who re received the democratic Nomina Tion after he had made his immortal Cross of Gold speech in favor of the free and unlimited coinage of Silver at the ratio of 16 to 1. Or. Gray has a record ing of that speech and can re cite most of it by heart. Bryan was Defeated in 1896 and ran again in 1900 against resident Mckinley. This fear Bryan ran with a free Sil ver advocate who had been vice president under Grover Cleveland. His name was Adlai e. Stevenson and he i came from Illinois. That Button is illustrated in this column. Bryan ran again and again and again Foi president but Kingsport. Times monday october 27, 195? 3 Hallie Mcdaniel is dead of cancer Alf a Republican. One year they Hollywood in actress both ran against i Hattle Mcdaniel the Beulah each other for of radio and television and an governor speak Academe award winning movie ing on the same actress died yesterday of cancer. Stump. That was she was .57. Known As the forced her retirement Duchess leaves Singapore Duck eat of Kent said Pood Bye today to Singapore and Malaya after a 27-Day tour of British Southeast Asia. The aunt of Queen Elizabeth ii left by plane Lor Hong. Kong there she will spend five Days before returning to Britain. Member of the negro race to re War of the from the Beulah show More roses after the than a Vear the Snow con Iceie an Academy award won in civil War on radio through use of 1938 for portraying Scarlett political stumping Miami Fla. The coast 1boc to t1 u Inri Nurt elfin of in Mon in but Joseph l. Dickson editor the Republican presidential ported his plane was running out 1896. Republican Dwight d. I Isenhower looks like the Victor but Tome of the counties seem toned Ftnat if he s elected he will Ami saturday night sure to have their reputations f fju.1. Ujj italic Lull or the Uniontown Herald sex candidate three Days ago pledge iof fuel Over water East of i ruined a week from tomorrow. Iowa s two bellwether counties Iare considered Republican this newspaper editors and Corre year. Jasper county is an Incus Iron Rion e Tuvin not in i j _ _ Survey for the associated press estimate that seven of the 11 might go Republican four democratic. Face Craft carried on the search what could Eisenhower for Clauser who May have been asked Sparkman during a victim of a Hurricane he f a farming country. In prior to a swing was Defeated every time. So i asked or. Gray if he had any winners among his collection. Of he said and showed me the democratic but see Coffee Page 5 t a ton for the 1912 Campaign with 10 do Woodrow Wilson and Thomas r. Marshall. Marshall is Best re England Between the Royal houses of Lancaster and York. Only the War Between Bob and Alf was a Friendly one. Bob was elected governor arid later went to the u. S. Senate. Alf was elected governor in 1920 last Republican governor. A Button of local interest one bearing the likeness of the late rep. Walter p. Brownlow illustrated in the column with no name under Pic Congress Man Brownlow represented the first District from 1897 until his death in 1910 a Republican president was in the while House All those years and congressman Brownlow was Able to get Many Federal projects for this District including the Soldier s Home near John son City and the Federal build ing at Greeneville. Hoover s trial Mem ered for his remark what this country needs is a Good new Orleans trial of Louis Eugene Hoover charged with murder in the death of a old Norman. Okla., Man who re Ness of Teddy Roosevelt who five cent or. Gray also millionaire virginian during the had a Button bearing the Likely september it seem pointed to Gen. Bradley has been there these Are the bellwether or Ward Stevenson. Now it is be j and Gen. Collins and All the sure to Jioje chiefs of staff have been there and they Haven t been Able to weather vane counties scat i sieved tired through eight states coast to coast. Farmers and labourers make up Crook county. Oregon Albany the bulk of the voters in a coun and Laramie counties. To that shows signs of weariness Ming Jasper and Palo Alto at being polled Over and Over counties Iowa Vanderburgh county. Indiana Belmont coun i _ to Ohio Marion county West Jpn Nivani Virginia Fayette county Mia Uii Sylvania Straff Ord and Coos counties new Hampshire. Newsmen sized them up this Way in the a Survey somebody s going to be wrong in Wyoming this year. Albany Nixon headed by plane for county has been on the winning Texas today to address seven Side since 1892 and editors exp audiences in 10 hours As he step pet it to Back Republican Ped up the Tempo of his whirl Dwight d. Eisenhower. Laramie wind Campaign for the vice pres county has been with the win id ency. Ner since 1896 and editors give do anything about ending it. As i see it the thing Mula. Ran for president that same year on the progressive or Bull Moose ticket. To bolted the re assorted sur Pelican party when William Howard Taft was re nominated. His defection split the Republican vote and assured the elec Tion of Woodrow Wilson. Not All of or. Gray s buttons Clauser s wife told the Miami Herald by Telephone from her Home in Norman her husband had Corrie Here to Fly into the Jare for presidential campaigns. He could Pellet he has a Button for 1932 bearing the likenesses of for and Hill Mcaster who was the demo for governor of in the turbulent Clouds confident he could Stop the Hurri a Cane passing East of Florida. I for Texas today Chicago Richard holding up the armistice today i he did t want any to know is our failure to turn Over he was she said owners who Don t want to go Back because he wanted to test his to the communists. I Don t think we ought to Send those prison she said he operated a Hail ers Back. It would mean certain prevention company the past death for Many of them air travel up in 1952 races Washington air transport association presented the Republican running mate statistics today to show that air two years and believed he had stopped a Tornado near Plain View tex., last year Bolivia says big tin firms owe tax la Paz. Bolivia to Democrat Adlai e. Stevenson a of Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower a travel has been used far More Livian government says the coun narrow Edge there. Spokesman said will answer the extensively in the 1952 Tresi t. s Rich Throp tin Edge new Hampshire s two Barm spokesman said will answer in the 1952 presi. Try s big three tin companies democrats claim. You never dental Campaign than in counties Are considered j had it so with a develop other. To give Eisenhower a very slight editors see several fac tors favouring the gop the democratic plurality has National any owe another in Back taxes and customs duties. The ment of the theme there Are by election Day the Ata Esti i amount is in addition to More 110.000 boys Vjio the candidates for 485 million dollars claimed had it so i sent and vice president and the i Horn the companies three Days j Nixon spent yesterday after leading senatorial speakers noon and evening in them will have flown the vote May set readying material on com More than Miles wounds in government for talks pre r f about half of this total is being at Texarkana Beau 1 clocked on regularly scheduled Corpus Christi Abilene Al airline nights and the other half Patino. Hochschild and Aramayo min3s were seized ear and sen. Estes Kefauver of ten Spaso and Midland. Nessee. Layoffs in Mill regions Are resented. Some democrats Are Cool toward Truman Cam it pain utterances. If " broadcast locally. Vandenburgh county Ohio which Evansville is located been visited by both Eisenhower is and Stevenson. On the basis of a postcard r i c the Evansville press estimates the county will toss 52 per cent of its vote to Eisenhower 48 per cent to Stevenson. Next door in Ohio. Belmont Lier this month and Are being operated under government supervision pending formal a in air planes chartered from As-1 Tiona ligation. His principal speech of the Socia Tion members. Ata repro a in Cleveland Square at Elj sents the scheduled airlines. A j ill be broadcast locally. I the ass Cir won s summary considered 20 to 30-minute talks will j pleated the rival leading Candi Tokyo Matsu ------1 airports at other dates Are using air transport injmot0. Japanese ambassador to about equal amounts. The two great Britain is reported in line famous Brothers i n Tennessee history the Taylors. Brother Bob was a Democrat brother 1949 carnival season is scheduled to be resumed today after a week end recess. Hoover interrupted the proceedings saturday afternoon in an emotional outbreak scream ing i m not insane i m not court attaches and police officers were required to sub due Hoover in what was called a maniacal rage by court officials. Attendants at the Orleans Parish prison yesterday reported that Hoover had regained his composure. Prison officials said Hoover attended Church services and appeared Hoover s emotional outburst came while a Sacramento Calif., euro psychiatrist. Or. Walter Bromberg testified that in his opinion Hoover was insane at the time James a. Mahoney a wealthy Bristol va., businessman was beaten to death in a hotel Here on feb. 22, 1949. 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