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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 27, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday october 27, 1952, Kingsport times hog prices fall Low cattle prices on increase Atlanta spa Southern hog prices declined mainly 25 to 50 cents a Hundred pounds last week to the lowest level since Early May the production and marketing administration reported. After several weeks of declining trends cattle prices turned upwards at most markets but continued downward slightly at most Florida auctions. The Southern decline in hog prices was influenced by a sharper decline of about 85 cents at Chicago and sharply declining wholesale fresh pork prices pm said. Friday close closing prices Friday for the Best weight butchers at leading Southern markets were Atlanta Richmond and Nashville Memphis and Louisville to with several lots of Choice no. One 210 to 220-Pound Butch ers bring up to at Louis Ville. Were fairly plentiful at Nash Ville at mainly to broilers higher most broiler markets sold a Little higher. In North Georgia and North Mississippi the mar Ket was unchanged to cents higher than a week earlier. Prices in Central North Caro Lina were unchanged and in Central Mississippi unchanged to a cent a Pound higher. The Shenandoah Valley Market was unchanged to a half cent higher while Del mar a prices were unchanged to Ivi cents higher. Friday s closing prices were North Georgia to 29 cents n Pound Central North Caro Lina and North Mississippi 29 cents Central Mississippi 29 to 30 cents and the Shenandoah Valley area 27 to 27% cents thursday s close in the Del mar a Section was at 27 to 30 cents a Pound. Fall vegetable loadings in tests show soft water does not hike milk output Blacksburg a. There any advantage in providing soft water for lactating Dairy Peanut Belt plants Semi hard Barrows soft and gilts at Georgia Florida Alabama creased during the week at Many anti Florida Points though volume was still Light As freezing temperature put an end to the sea son for Many vegetables from Points to the North. North car Olina however continued mod Erate cabbage loadings. Turnips and greens moved in Good vol ume to nearby markets in some sections. Florida increased the Tempo of Orange and Grapefruit ship ments but Rains delayed the movement somewhat and total forwarding were still rather Light for All Citrus. Flue cured tobacco unseasonably cold weather held Down flue cured tobacco marketing in most of the belts. Little change occurred in prices except for slightly higher averages in the old Belt of Vir Ginia and North Colina. Two remaining markets in the South Carolina and Border North car Olina Belt will wind up their season wednesday oct. 29. Season s accumulated Gross sales and season average prices by belts through october 22, in brought to with closely sorted Long hauled lots reaching at Albany while at Montgomery butchers brought to at Cash hog buying stations in the two Carolinas top prices ranged from to hog receipts at six principal Southern Market centers totalled about compared with 800 a week ago. Slightly fewer cattle and calves readied Southern markets. Combined unloads at the same six Market centers totalled about 200 head last week compared with a week ago. Price advances Slaughter steers heifers and cows showed advances of mainly 50 cents a Hundred pounds at Montgomery and Louisville while cows advanced mainly 50 cents at Memphis. The greatest advances occurred at Nashville where Slaughter and Stocker steers and heifers moved up is to and mainly cows and bulls in All markets and wound up the week s period steady at North Georgia auctions where other cattle sold Strong to higher. Calves and dealers often shared in strength for mature cattle. However the extreme top Price for prime dealers at Nash Ville moved off about grass steers and heifers Grad ing Utility and commercial brought to at Louisville with Utility Grade bringing the state s history but it has t the order of their openings bulls showed the least Border pounds a Hundred East Ern Belt pounds Middle Belt pounds and old Belt pounds averaging a Hundred. Optimistic class Waco Tex. Drouth in Texas is one of the worst in to at Memphis and from s14 in North Georgia auctions and to in Florida auctions. Cutter and Utility Grade lightweight steers heifers dimmed the optimism of a class of fourth graders. The youngsters have started filling a Chest with games to be played on Rainy cows a 112-Day test at Vii agricultural Experiment station i n d i Cates that the answer is or. G. C. Graf Dairy researcher at the station says the question has been discussed pro and con for time but on the basis of observations not experimental evidence. The Vii test is believed to be the first of its kind. In the test 12 lactating cows were selected and grouped according to age size milk production and stage of lactation. The two groups were fed alike and each cow received Alfalfa Hay Corn silage and Grain. The Only difference in the rations of the two groups was in the kind of water consumed. One group received water As it was pumped from the Walls on the Campus. The other group received water from the same source which was softened by the zeolite process in which the Calcium and magnesium were re moved and sodium added in their place. The hard water was some what harder than the average housewife wishes for washing clothes and dishes. After the water passed through the zeolite practically no hardness was pres ent. Candidates routine views on new form legislation during the 112-Day test the average daily feed consumption was 10 pounds of Alfalfa Hay 30 pounds of Corn silage and 12 pounds of Grain per cow. The cows on hard water produced 33 pounds of milk and consumed 97.1 pounds of water daily. The cows on soft water produced 33.2 pounds of milk daily and consumed exactly the same amount of water. There was a slight difference in the rate of gain in body weight per Day be tween the two groups but not a significant difference. It could have been due to Chance or. Graf said. He concluded the results indicate that for the factors studied and when the water is no harder than that used in the rest there is no need of softening the water used for lactating expensive Call Pittsburgh up Frank Iezzo co owner of a Brent Wood service station said sure when a stranger asked if he could use the Telephone. A Ezzo continued his repair of on a punctured tire and soon saw the stranger return to his car and drive away. Not until Ater did he discover miss ing from the Cash Register. Core of bulbs pays off next season by Henry free written for Aba service the care of summer Blooming bulbs such As Gladiolus Dahlia and tuberous rooted be-1 Gonias should be part of this month s Garden program. These tender bulbs can be kept Over whiter and planted next Spring for another season of Bloom. Actually none of these Are bulbs in the True sense of the word. The bulbs of Gladiolus and Tig Ridia Are botanically known As while those of the dahlias Canna and be Gonias Are termed Gladiolus a top ranking glad club grower says that at least six weeks Are needed to mature the corms after the plants have finished Blooming. However bulbs should be dug when the plants Are still Green so do not delay too Long after the average killing Frost Date in your area. Do not leave part of Stem on bulb. Cut close and Burn the tops. Do not leave bulbs to dry Frost can reach them. Do not pile deeply. Quick drying not in hot sunlight is extremely important to prevent spread of disease in storage. Do not re move roots and old bulbs for some weeks unless the old bulb is soft or shows decay. Wait until they separate with ease and without tearing the new Root base. This waiting period is the most desirable time for dusting your bulbs with Dot. Use any Dot dry dusting pow per cent strength is enough More than 5 per cent is a sheer waste of Money and in creases the possible human Haz Ard by inhalation. Canna and Dahlia the treat ment for storage of these two plants is similar. Dahlias Are not difficult to Winter if the Gar Dener follows instructions and makes certain the storage room temperature does not Rise above 50 nor drop below 38 degrees. Dahlia tubers should be dug up a week or 10 Days after Frost has blackened the leaves. Not pull up the plants to prevent breaking the necks. After digging turn the tubers upside Down to Drain the moisture remaining in the Stem and dry in the Sun for a few Stoke idus in a Cool dry tace a care of bulbs. Farm. Store your tubers in a paper lined Box or barrel or pack them in dry Sand or peat Moss. Hours. When the Earth shakes freely from the clumps Cut the stems off about six inches above the tubers. Do not Wash off the soil because soil clinging to the clumps guards the necks from breaking and reduces the possibilities of the tubers drying out. You May store the tubers in a Box or barrel lined with news paper or they can be packed in dry Sand or pea Moss. The tubers should be lightly dusted with Sulphur to reduce danger of mildew during storage. How Ever since some moisture is necessary to keep tubers from shr Veling it is Wise to Sprinkle them occasionally during the Winter. Tuberous rooted begonias tuberous rooted begonias continue to Bloom until the Frost cuts them Down. A covering of cloth or paper during the Early Frost will protect them and often blooms continue till mid novem ber. This treatment permits the bulbs to mature naturally otherwise one will have difficulty carrying them through the win Ter. Dig them up before severe Frost and spread out in Flats leaving soil adhering to put in a sunny airy space and allow to Ripen. When stems and leaves have died clean off and store the tubers in dry Sand soil or pea Moss in a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees. The corms of the to Grid a Are lifted and stored As Are those of the Gladiolus being cure that they Are dry before your pro Petty pays off our management specialists handle All de tails of rents Upkeep taxes insurance relieving you of headaches and bringing you top return on your holding. Let s talk it Over heal estate management dept. Dougherty roller of Tom 101 Broad is. Fyk Noluo storing. Propagation is from seeds or from corbels. Quizzing the Gardener would like to know How to Start peach Trees from seed As they Are very Good peaches. Should i Start them now or in y. May be started from seed but there is no guar Antee that you will get the qual Ity of peach you desire. Sow seed Early next Spring when the soil is workable. Commercial peach growers propagate by summer budding of the desired variety on seedling Trees grown from seed sown the previous Spring. In the meanwhile store your peach stones in a Cool dark place. Native Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel shrubs be Cut Back to keep them within Bounds Mountain Laurel can it to a certain height by yearly cutting Back the Leader of each Branch. While rhododendrons will tolerate annual pruning they Are Best used where they can grow As nature intended to a height of 10 feet and More. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions How do the views of the major candidates for president compare on issues affecting Farmers country gentleman asked Dwight Eisenhower the Republican nominee and Adlai Steven son the democratic nominee some Tough questions on farm is sues. Their Frank and full an Swers Are reported in the Maga Zine s november Issue and have been released for publication in the times news. Here Are some of the questions and answers. Others will be re ported on the farm Page next week. 1. Do you have in mind any changes in present farm Legisla Tion if so outline them briefly. Eisenhower i support the letter and spirit of farm Legisla Tion now on the books developed on a nonpartisan basis to give agriculture Basic Protection against economic disaster. How Ever Farmers want More out of life than Mere necessary As that May be in our Complex Economy. The Republican party believes that Farmers Are entitled to earn a fair full share of the expanding National income we Are determined to make it a policy of government to help agriculture achieve that goal in ways that minimize government control and protect banners Independence. We must look ahead not reach that goal. Our growing population our expanding Industry and our leadership in the free world Means that our farms will have a tremendous Job to do one that will require the Best use of our soil and our farming skills. Scientific research will continue to open new opportunities As yet undreamed of. Farmers on the bureaucrats in Washington have the Job of building our future agriculture. The Federal govern ment should help the Farmer meet this Challenge not As a dictator but As a partner with sound Forward looking economic policies and programs and with research and technical Aid to help Farmers help themselves. Farm programs should be strengthened and improved by decentralizing them by deem Pha sizing Washington and by in creasing state and local co operation to adapt the programs to conditions by regions localities and individual farms. Stevenson the object of farm legislation As i see it is not just to Benefit the Farmers. A prosperous and growing Agri culture is indispensable to a prosperous and growing National Economy. The development of the farm program of the past Twenty years has meant a 50 per cent increase in total agricultural production. It has meant steady and solidly based Progress than in any other comparable period in our history. Everyone has Only farms but the country As a whole. The average american today is consuming about 10 per cent More meat 13 per cent More fluid milk and 30 per cent More eggs than he did in 1929. And this better diet takes about the same proportion of his income after taxes As he spent for food in 1929. I believe this Good work must be carried Forward. We have for example made great gains in conservation in the last Twenty years but there is still a tremendous amount to be done to bring about better use of our soil and water and Forest resources. There is need for still further credit facilities to broaden the base of farm ownership. We must continue and Complete the Job of Rural electrification of improving Rural Telephone service of developing better communications and better marketing facilities. And we must get speedily ahead with the task of helping the hundreds of thousands of farm families whose income and Mode of life Are Well below what we can properly Call the Ameri can Standard. This is an area in which senator Sparkman has Al ready distinguished himself by constructive leadership. I fully share Hia concern for the prob Lem and his determination to do something about it. I will Deal with matters of farm prices and income in an Swers to later questions. In Gen eral while i expect to recommend continuing improvements drive in feed service no parking problems. Just Stop in front of our Modem store sound your Hern and you will receive prompt courteous service. We can save you Money on seeds feeds fertilizer and hundreds of related items Pratt s Farmland 447 w. Sullivan St. Phone 906 personal Loans up to one visit service Community finance Thrift corp. Of Kingsport 218 but Market Street Telephone 3760 Community certify Icalee pay 3% per a bub in our farm legislation i would say that the democratic party has been on the right Road in farm legislation for the past 20 years and it is still on the right Road today. 2. Do you favor Price supports for Basic commodities and if so at which level and by what Means Eisenhower the Republican party stands behind the Price support Laws now on the books. This includes the Amend ment to the Basic farm act passed by votes of both parties in Congress to continue through 1954 the Price supports on Basic commodities at 90 per cent of parity. For the Long run we must and shall develop sound Means of maintaining Farmers Freedom to develop new opportunities to shift patterns of production without losing the Basic protections to which agriculture is entitled. No formula developed at any particular time is infallible for All times. Conditions change. What counts is being prepared to do the right thing at the right time. The new Republican administration will mobilize All the Best brains in agriculture Farmers farm leaders legislators agricultural specialists and any one who has ideas to contribute build our Long Range policies and programs. Stevenson this sounds to me like a question which should be addressed to the Republican party. Everybody would like to know where the republicans really stand on this. We must Call upon american Farmers today for huge and in creasing production both for ourselves and for other people and i agree with the democratic farm Plank which pledges that we will continue to protect the producers of Basic agricultural commodities under terms of a mandatory Price support pro Gram at not less than 90 per cent of i think we have worked out an efficient and satisfactory Means of furnishing this support. New Alfalfa seed offered for a. Farms Blacksburg a. Seed for the Long awaited Williamsburg Alfalfa will be Gener ally available for planting in Vir Ginia next season. Developed at the Williamsburg Branch of Vii agricultural Experiment station when it was still in operation the Alfalfa has averaged yields 5 to 20 per cent above those of its Parent Kansas common. It has out yielded All varieties entered in tests in Eastern and Southern Piedmont Virginia and has equated All varieties else where. Outstanding among its advantages is the ability to re cover quickly after cutting and to maintain a Good stand. Or. T. J. Smith Plant breeder at the station and w. W. Lewis Vii Extension service agronomist say Williamsburg normally shows its greatest increase in yield Over other varieties after the first year. It apparently is More resistant to some diseases than other varieties. Williamsburg Alfalfa has been seeded in demonstration plots in some 45 counties since its development and has been a consistently High yielded. It is recommended for planting throughout Virginia and can be expected to do particularly Well of the Blue Ridge. Seed for Williamsburg Alfalfa coming from Kansas and Cali fornia this year. Or. Smtih explains that almost never does Virginia have a satisfactory sea son for Alfalfa seed it was because of this that it was necessary to produce the seed elsewhere. Williamsburg was first sent to Utah in 1947, where rabbits ruined the first seed crop then to Kansas in 1949, where for two years there was a seed failure. The seed coming from California this year was produced on 136 acres of irrigated land which is just now being brought into cultivation. Tennessee Farmers news Corner by the associated presi five Tennessee counties did themselves proud in tobacco and Cotton acreage and production in 1950. The agricultural census for that year was released recently by the u. S. Department of com Merce. Robertson Greene s u m n e r and Montgomery rated among the leading 100 counties in the tobacco production and acreage. Robertson placed 32nd in acre age and 21st in production Montgomery was 55th in acre age 50th in production Greene 60th in acreage 57th in production and Sumner 74th in acreage and 75th in production. Turning to Cotton Shelby county was listed 88th in cot ton acreage and 93rd in production. Tennessee placed tenth among the states in density of hog population one animal for each 13.75 farm acres and 19th in density of cattle population with one animal for each 11.86 farm acres. Tennessee s forests Are producing More Timber than is being used. However saw log size Trees Are Farmer receives 30 cents an egg for Quail output Joplin to 30 cents an egg a Good Price that s what a Farmer Here gets for his eggs. But before that inflation has swamped us completely it should be explained that the eggs come from one of farming s most unusual crops Quail. Two years afro Carl Lowrance a wholesale banana dealer decided he wanted to earn his Liv ing doing something unusual and enjoyable. So. Despite advice that it could t be done profitably he decided to raise Quail. The Meas ure of How he has succeeded is that he now runs the largest Quail farm in the country turn ing out some Birds a year. One reason for the Missour Ian s Success is that he Cut his brooding loss from the usually encountered 20 per cent to 3.5 per cent by adding a neomycin to the. Drinking water to control disease to which Quail Are highly susceptible. I Lowrance s Tig business season is at Christmas when most of the orders come from people who want to Giva something differ last year he sold live and Frozen Birds and by february 10 he had no More live Birds to sell. On top of that he had to turn Down orders for pairs of live Birds he could not Supply. Frozen Quail bring each by the dozen. Lowrance says Many Farmers have reported that Quail have practically disappeared from their farms and they want his advice on restocking. This in t difficult says Lowrance As the Birds won t Range More than a Quarter of a mile if adequate cover food and water Are Avail Able. He releases his Birds when eight to ten weeks old. They Are let Loose in a flying conditioner pen 300 feet Long and 20 feet wide and 10 feet High. In this Are Corn shocks and other cover in which they learn to hide. Lowrance says at least a dozen Birds for each 40 acres should be freed on a farm that is to be restocked and none should be killed until a year after release. Chicken Farmers Are amazed to learn that 90 per cent of incubated Quail eggs actually Hatch and that the eggs sell for 30 cents each. Quail Lay Only in May june and july each producing from four to seven eggs a week. During the laying season the cock and Hen Are placed together in one Breeding pen and often if the Hen won t Lay the cock kills her. Papa Quail is quite a family Man. Usually he sits grand rapids be among 55 outstanding Home demonstration agents from 35 states who will receive the awards. One of Tennessee s most prof Itable farm enterprises is Grade a Dairying on farms of a size that can be handled mainly by family labor. An Aloysis of the farm record books of some 400 stration Farmers showed that a group of Dairy farms averaging slightly Over 63 acres of cleared land netted an average of per cleared acre. This totalled about per farm for the results of labor and management and an average in vestment of Over in real estate livestock and equipment. And now some farm and Home briefs All leftover Garden chemicals fungicides Weed killers or be kept dry in covered containers investing in u. S. Defense Bonds each year the amount of the annual depreciation on his machinery is a Good Way for the Farmer to have ready Cash for replacement of vital farm equip ment traditional Cranberry sauce made from the whole fruit the the tests show Rye grass sown for Winter cover on lawns can needed any time this month at the rate of two pounds per thousand Square feet. Being Cut faster than they dividends in vitamlnj3. Growing. These facts were included in a Forest Survey of the state recently completed by the Forest service in cooperation with the Tennessee division of forestry and the Tennessee Valley authority. Forests cover about half the land in Tennessee the Survey revealed. The most heavily timbered part of the state is the thought i d lose my from terrible pail Cumberland plateau and Highland rim Section of Eastern part of the state where seven acres out of every ten Are in Forest. On the other hand Only 30 per cent of West Tennessee is in for est. Tennessee has some saw Mills four pulp Mills and 191 i miscellaneous Wood using plants. Two Tennessee Home Demon stration agents Are to be Hon ored for outstanding service at a special recognition luncheon in Chicago next month. Mrs. Iva m. Benton Home agent for White county and miss Gladys Mcminn Home agent for Fayette county will receive distinguished service awards at the luncheon Climax ing the annual meeting of the National Home demonstration agents association. The two Tennessee agents will youth kills father itching pain of Timpte drive you Anulf acts i Iutmui to a Krc neb misery soothes Aore Tamol la Bukata hardened a Dpt heal oae Tinc. Reduce swe inf. Don t offer needled Avoir of Inife piles. Get poo Fet real Comfort. Ask doctor about it. Tray farm or tube with in wonted pipe. Outman Harkleroad s Kolni report s Orect largest Aai hot Complete feed store. A Cubena staf-0-life feeds Lawn and farm seeds gain mod fertilizers delivery Corner Market mud Commerce phone 2400 the eggs first and if Given a Chance will steal a Chick or two to raise himself. The Quail Are hatched from time sunday and spent the Large incubators and emerge uniformly from the same Side of the Shell. Each has an egg tooth to Peck his Way through and an entire setting will Hatch inside of six hours. Air Sac infection takes heavy toll 01 poultry flocks Roanoke a. Air Sac infection about which science knows Little has become the no. 1 disease problem of concentrated broiler areas Virginia s leading poultry pathologist told members of the Trade Here. Speaking to the Virginia Poul try federation s annual Conven Tion last week at hotel Roanoke or. E. P. Johnson of Vii said mortality from air Sac has in creased in three years to the Point that losses of 10 to 30 per cent in a flock Are not unusual. Johnson recommended these Steps to Cut Down on mortality from air Sac plenty ctr room plenty of ventilation avoiding Shock from vaccination and keeping Little Birds dry and comfortable. Another speaker or. S. A. Edgar of Auburn recommended Early immunization against bloody Coccidiosis a Long stand ing threat to poultry. The session on diseases rounded out the federation s meeting. Earlier the poultry men heard sen. A. Willis Robertson say he is certain Virginia Farmers pre Fer a free Market to a subsidy program. I have always supported what i regarded As a Well balanced agricultural program but i deplored the action of the last con Gress extending the period during which mandatory Price supports Are to be applied to 90 per cent of he said. I regret even More the Posi Tion taken by candidates for High office who have endorsed that action and promised in some in stances to do even More in the r. Baker Jones of Elkton and Fred Negley of Winchester received Bronze distinguished service plaques for their services during their years As members of the federation. It s unbelievable owl you la pleated with Delight fully new Modem Roomi and handsomely furnished with Ante be Tum an luxurious Hospital qty. Superb malt gracious service every metropolitan convenience. Come hear grand right nearby. Write Frank m. Pete Woods manager for reservations. Maxwell House Nashville Tenn. James Ramsey 34, of Lansing took his 14-year-old son Billy on a Hunting trip for the first morning teaching him How to handle a shot gun. A few hours later Ramsey was dead shot by his son. The sob Bing boy told authorities he had swung around rapidly to shoot at a pheasant and did t notice his dad was in the Way. Gardner equipment company w. Sollivan St. Phone offers free estimates on venetian blinds and linoleum and Coal furnaces Asphalt and Bibber tile aluminium steel Bock Wool no Down payment up to m months to Pat Loans insurance All forms j. T. Parker Insi Raice Agency w4 Cumberland photo Mere lock ref. In Kingsport your new Purina dealer is Holston feed and farm Supply West Revere Street next to bomb Coal free a brim vwwvuvww1 free floor Polishuk this Only in Kingsport vacuum cleaner Supply House 400 main St. Knoxville Tenn. Gentlemen without obligation i would to a free Home demonstration of this de phone. A Drew. If in Rural route give directions

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