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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 27, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset Moonset tuesday full Moon 6.48 . . 1 51 . Nov. 1 evening stars Venus Low in South West Jupiter rises . Mars Low in Southwest . Horning Star Saturn Rise . All time Eastern Standardi Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 215 pm sport term., monday october 27, 1952 10 pages five cents tie we Fher fair tonight Low about 50. Tuesday fair continued mild. Local noon tempera Ture 58 last night s Low 34 sunday s with prestone Antl freeze you re set you re Safe you re Lewis orders miners rack to work Forest fires ravage 15 drouth hit states heavy rainfall needed to Check Timber damage fires out of control in 11 it counties a. And w. A. Also hit from press dispatches the weather forecast today held Forth no Hopes for rain in 15 or More states ravaged by drouth induced Forest and Brush fires. Except for Snow flurries in the great takes Region and colder air moving Sputh and East from the Dakotas Clear dry weather continued in Eastern United states. Weary volunteers and organized fire fighters prayed today for rain to help put out Forest fires which have destroyed valuable Timberland in More than a dozen Tennessee counties. A Haze Cov ered most of the area. Veteran foresters describing the situation As really reported fires out of control in at least 11 East Tennessee coun ties from the Georgia line to Sullivan county on the North and the Cumberland mountains on the West. Although no fires were reported in the great Smoky mountains National Park on the East chief Park Ranger Gerald e. Mernin said the Woods Are the driest they have Ever been. Kidnapping be May 15, left is charged with taking part in a three state kidnapping and Auto theft spree that included 20 victims and theft of four cars. At right is Deputy u. S. Marshal Marion Warren of Nashville Tenn. Two other alleged kidnappers Are still at Large. A boy says Kidnap Truman denies spree forced 15-year-old charged partners Are hunted Chattanooga Tenn. Nashville youth today faces a hearing on Federal charges of kidnapping and car theft Here As police in three states Hunt his i partners in a wild Highway kid we Are sitting on a powder Naping. Spree Mernin said. Heavy soaking Rains were under Bond in Nashville Virgil be May. 15, was placed needed Over hundreds of Square Miles to relieve tinder dry conditions in u. S. Woodlands and Plains where thousands of Forest rangers National guardsmen saturday when arraigned before u. S. Commissioner j. W. Moore. He protested that he was forced into taking part in the wholesale Highway kidnapping of 20 persons Farmers and townspeople fought in three Days on penalty of Kidnap see forests Page 10 news briefs Washington government today authorized cigarette Sellers in Tennessee to raise their ceiling prices to com death. I did t Young be May protested. He forced me into be May referred to James f. Hill 29, of Framingham mass., who with Charles e. Hopkins 19, of Jack Sonville fla., is also charged in the Case. Both Hill and Hopkins Are Winchell claim he was in Kkt new York state ment by Walter Winchell that president Truman had been a member of the Kun flux klan in Missouri in 1922 brought an immediate denial from the White House today. The president has authorized me to say categorically he was not a member of the presidential Secretary Irving Perl meter told reporters in Washington. Winchell said in his radio and television broadcast last night that he had affidavits from seven men five of them klan officials stating that or. Truman took the oath of admission to the klan in a Kansas City hotel in june 1922, and later attended and spoke at a klan meeting lit by burning crosses in an Independence mo., cow pasture. Winchell said the affidavits had been made in october and november 1944. Or. Truman was at that time running for election marines repulse per White House d i in last decisive week Florida sex convicts. Be May has to the vice presidency. Chinese retake w. Korea Ridge hand to hand fight closes Gap in in s lines from red push Seoul Korea with fists grenades bayonets and Rifle Butts u. S. Marines to Day recaptured the main target of a chinese red attack which punctured Allied lines in Western Korea. A staff officer told a Cor respondent Milo Farneti the leathernecks forced Back the communists battalion 500 to 750 men which had seized one end of the Hook killing an estimated 300 reds. Farneti said the reds and the leathernecks at times were actually wrestling in the Trench by Nightfall the marines had recaptured All but two or three outposts guarding the Hook. In a message to his men maj. Gen. A. E. Pollack 1st Marine division commander said you have All the air support and ammunition you need in Back of you. Keep pushing them. Keep the pressure the reds sunday knocked a Hole in the in lines and seized one end of the a mile Long Ridge Northeast of Panmunjom. The red attack opened with a thunderous artillery barrage. Then about chinese swarmed across Jive three mile front. They overran three of five Allied outposts guarding the fish Hook shaped Ridge. The marines withdrew from two positions. There has been no report from the third outpost since the Chi Nese swarmed Over the top. The marines counterattacked at 9 p. M. And fought up a Trench atop the Hook during the night. Allied tanks and planes moved in to support a second counterattack shortly latter noon monday. By the associated press i candidate plans a full Day in at Boston Stevenson told a Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and Pennsylvania which has 32 elec group of veterans he hoped they to gov. Adlai Stevenson swung to Day into the final and decisive week of their cattle for the presi Dency each concentrating on the vote Rich East Stevenson opens the Day s Effort with a whistle Stop talk in Quincy mass followed ten speeches later with a night address in new York City s Harlem. The democratic nominee s whirlwind drive is aimed at Cap Turing the 73 electoral votes of Massachusetts 16 Connecticut Rhode Island 4 and new York 45 state. Tora tomorrow and next two Days he has on tap an Federal spending. He said Veter intensive Cour of new York City ans themselves could do much and its suburbs. About Public offi Eisenhower s schedule for the vials who want their vote closing week is still largely in Eisenhower when he gets to filled but it includes appearance in Eisenhower the Republican went. Where he May go to California Cusat ions that his pledge to go and a trip to Boston next to Korea if elected was a Day the Day before election. Grandstand Stevenson was in Boston yes the Genera sprung the sur Ter Day making what he called prise statement Friday night in1 a speech at Detroit. He accused president Truman s administration of ignoring expert advice on see politics Page 10 non political cheering Tion said data filed by the ten Nessee finance and taxation department showed that ceilings under Ops regulations were Low truancy the search for Hill and hop Kins continues after the Trio split up in Atlanta Friday. Her Schel Meyers of Spencer. Tenn. The 2oth victim said they forced or than the level required by amended the to drive them to the Georgia production act last summer to allow ceiling spent if necessary to Scottsboro ala., toward Huntsville name Billy Lauderdale the Vishinsky May give soviet s views today on Acheson s in indictment United nations n. Y. The United nations Assembly rounds out its second week today on a note of nervous expectancy Usine but doubtful that Russia will give the word to break the korean truce talks deadlock. . Cutic ult bal r. Ond night. Whereabouts of Hill .1 Remaina require Ops Price increases if necessary comply with state Law. It it it Newburgh n. Y. Twin engine army transport plane crashed and Sank in the Hudson River today and three j somewhere in the Atlanta by t Over the week end Vishin Xiu Scottsboro some 45 airline y 5plt Miles Southwest of Here prove the the scheduled Assembly political committee this afternoon troopers Here said one survivor swam 150 Yards to Shore and two others were rescued by local Boatmen. The survivors reported three men still were aboard the c-45 when water. It Sank in 110 feet of it it it Tokyo Honshu quivered through 85 Light quakes night and sent terrified japanese fleeing to the mountains. It it it Paducah by. Police reported Charles Wurth 27, shot to death last night when Fie sought to escape two Holdup men who accosted him and his woman companion on a Rural Road. State trooper Hugh Page said Wurth s companion a nurse was patrolman Preston Bryant said Ali few to. Lne Hopkins tiptoed out of a hotel dec tent of Russia m the before Dawn yesterday and was last seen walking toward Hunts Ville. After leaving the hotel Bry ant said Hopkins went to a service clothes station before and changed beginning the trek to Huntsville. See Kidnap Page 10 Hawkins wreck kills Knox Man son Hurt Rean War voiced last Friday by u. S. Secretary of state Dean Acheson. Waiting for Vishinsky other delegates kept thir names off the debate list. The Assembly itself meets to Day to decide a new East West clash Between u. Yugoslavia and so Viet sponsored Czechoslovakia for a vacancy on the u. Eco nomic and social Council. The two deadlocked in 10 bal lots saturday after five other Council vacancies were filled. Yugoslavia came from behind on see u. N., Page 10 fires across Border yugoslavs say Belgrade Yugoslavia Belgrade radio says bulgarian troops fired across the Border at a yugoslav Pillbox yesterday and bulgarian planes made three illegal flights Over yugoslav Terri tory. The Border violations were re ported around strategic area which could be a major invasion route for Yugo Slavia s unfriendly soviet Dom hysterical and could identified immediately. Not be Knoxville or Field 16, of 1201 North third Avenue was reported in critical condition Early monday morning by attendants in East Tennessee i i f c Baptist Hospital after being in f l i w Jared in a wreck which killed his father sunday. Joseph Baker Orfield jr., 34, was fatally injured at . When the car which he was driving swerved off Highway 11-w, six Miles East of struck a pole and crashed Down Washington flights to the an embankment. Only he and his Force is leaving to its pilots and of hokkaido. Ina Ted neighbors on the East. County. Typhoon Hunter plane missing search for lost b-29 is launched in Pacific Manila Philippines up an american b-29 weather plane carrying 15 men flew into typhoon Wilma off Guam last night and disappeared the far East air Force announced to Day. The plane left Andersen air Force base on Guam Early yesterday to make weather fixes on Wilma and was scheduled to have landed at Clark air Force base near Manila. Search operations were begun when the air Force communications station at Guam lost con tact with the b-29. Its fuel would have been exhausted at 7 p. M. Yesterday. The air Force said the Pilot was familiar with All emergency air strips in the area. An air sea Rescue plane flew to the Center of the typhoon but found no Trace of the plane. A combined air Force and naval air search was hampered by poor visibility. The military transport Fred c. Ainsworth was diverted from its course to search the area where the plane might be Down. The air Force said the b-29 carried sufficient equipment to enable the Crew to survive in definitely if they got safely out of the typhoon area. The typhoon second tropical storm to hit the Philippines in a week battered Samar Island with 100-mile-an-hour winds Early today. First reports said some houses were blown Down in cat Logan provincial capital. Strong gales forced residents to aban Don other Flimsy dwellings. The typhoon halted All flights of Relief planes to Southeastern Luzon badly hit by typhoon trix last week. The Philippines air lines also cancelled All its flights southward from Manila. Wampler visits Norton Norton i c. Wampler. Bristol Republican nominee for Congress from the ninth Virginia District will speak at 8 monday. Wampler s address will be Given at the american legion j Cabin at a rahy sponsored by the Young Republican club of Wise and in nearby cities. He Drew big help find cutting Pittsburgh late today is expected to reply to the democrats a Truman Appeal heeded by Coal mine Union Boss wage Board reviews pay increase granted by Industry Washington l. Lewis today ordered striking soft Coal miners to go Back to work at once. Norton spa official sources Here said today that production in Southwest Vir Ginia Coal Fields is expected to be resumed tuesday morning at the latest although no direct word on the Baek to work order from John l. Lewis had been received by area miners. The chief of the United mine workers messaged All Union District officers that it was his Opin Ion work should be resumed pending government reconsideration of whether the miners May have a a Day pay increase which the Industry has agreed to. The wage stabilization Board web trimmed the raise holding that a higher boost would violate the government s anti inflation program. President Truman had appealed directly to Lewis the miners Back to work. During the hastily arranged 24-minute meeting last night the United mine workers chief had Vitt a firm promised his. Nashville Mer also present at last chants especially elderly ones meeting were Harry m. Moses e warned by police today president of the bituminous Coal staying alone in their operators association Nashville Hunts Hammer Bandit elderly merchants warned of Slayer were again shops staying As officers desperately Adelaide Fob Adelaide Stephenson a Washington University Louis Sophomore says she favors gov. Aldai Stevenson for president. Mainly though i just wish people would quit making jokes about my Adelaide 19, said she revealed her presidential Choice in Hope people would quit asking her. She in t named for the Illinois governor but for her grand Mother. Just Call me and for a sought a Hammer Bandit who has killed one Man and critically wounded two or three others. The Bandit has struck within the past 10 Days in the East South North and downtown sections of the City. His latest victim was Edwin p. Hiett 58, a Grain dealer found beaten to death saturday night after he left his House next door to wait on a customer. A blood stained Hammer was found in a Cactus Bush two blocks away by two boys yesterday and police said the blood on it matched Hiett s. Other victims were Abe shy lock 60, a shoe repairman beaten with his own Hammer and robbed of in his downtown shop oct. 17 Frank Waggoner 81, Black Smith beaten and robbed of wednesday and possibly or. An Derson Webb 82, retired physician found lying in his drug store with a head wound late Friday. However police said it was pos sible Webb could have fallen and hit his head on a Drain pipe. Waggoner and Webb Are still listed in critical condition Shymlock is listed As in serious condition. Speaks for Northern who and mid Western mine owners and top government officials. The meeting was called in an Effort to read n a settlement of the walkout precipitated when the wage stabilisation Board ruled oct 18 that miners could receive Only. Of the Day raise Lewis had negotiated with management. Truman said in a statement that Moses pledged the mine owners would pay the miners re see Coal Page 10 Estes says Ike reverses stand Kefauver claims gop expends principles Newark n j. Estes fire kills 50 to 75 race horses destroys Louisville training barn Louisville by. 50 and 75 thoroughbred horses burned to death last night in a fire that engulfed a big barn at Douglas Park a training track in South Louisville. Cause of the fire was undetermined. Most barns at the one time race track were filled with horses in training and others that were brought to Louisville for today s opening of the fall race meeting at Churchill Downs. However the fire was confined to the one barn and officials said no big name horses perished. A Large number of those that died were yearlings getting ready for their first racing Campaign in 1953. Offices burglarized Here sunday night two Kingsport offices were give to Date Togo filers Given authority to shoot Back at reds Northern tip son were in the car at the time. Mrs. Orfield is confined to overseas commanders the de another answer by the spokes of what to do if soviet j Man indicated the air Force now said he could find no reason for Over non russian territory the Accident. No other car was a Usan spokesman made Knoxville Hospital due to illness j fighters again attack american is ready to Cope with any such Highway patrolman j. R. Flying peaceable missions attacks by soviet fighters by As it ii no no i k ofter major raid boldface be Rhear of kelp at and Aat for an Nour and Naif or to thereafter minor urion i Stoa Ara at Shorter none of the horses that burned Fletcher said the police last night Wai identified imme apartment has received numerous i Oeta ber j Date de 127 monday m r kirov russian fighters to return to base Diatel. Trairor Henry Forrest complaints or. Early workers who after an attack on american had 12 yearlings in the their hums for riders and aircraft. And p. A Ashur of Owensboro on taxicab. Drivers. After world War n it about 14 air Force practice to Send out three operations agents in the unescorted planes on Tower at nearby Standl see pilots Page 10 see horses Page 10 the police chief added that indiscriminate blowing of Auto horns is strictly forbidden by City ordinance. Thursday Friday Venter Bunav 3-25 1-10 so In 4-50 c15 a 45 to 12-w Lake stages Watauga Lake level monday. Feel Cherokee 3. 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