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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 26, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday october 26, 1953, Kingsport times president promises sound new agricultural program by Ovid a. Martin Tion that Only a Well thought Washington out program designed to meet Eisenhower told Farmers Satur Day his administration will of Fer in due time a Well thought out program to bring about stability and general Prosper Ity in agriculture. The program also will work to the Good of Consumers he said. The chief executive made the Basic requirements of All elements of out population can bring about that stability and general Prosperity in american agriculture that we Are All striving to fair income share he said that administration these promises after a conference with his National agricultural advisory commis Sion and Secretary of agriculture Benson. The meeting was held amidst mounting demands for More positive immediate action to help the Farmers hit by Price declines and droughts. Won t be rushed proposals will be the present programs that the effect of statement and Eisenhower s an accompany ing preliminary report from the advisory group was to serve no Tice that the administration has fair share of the National in come and work for the Good of returning this week from a tour through mid Western farming areas where they sought views of Farmers members of the House agriculture committee said they found Strong demands for Continua Tion of present High level Price support programs which Secre tary Benson has criticized. Burley tobacco sales group to hold open meet it. Steeling by. The first meeting of the Burley sales committee will be held november 4, beginning at 11 . At 820 South Broadway Lexington ky., Albert g. Clay Burley auction warehouse association president announced sunday secure their j the Burley sales committee no intention of being prodded i meanwhile Benson got sup into making an Early decision on new farm proposals. No attempt to Lay out the port from Capitol Hill in his previously declared intention to stay on the Job As Long As the administration s Long Range president wants him and in be made said spite of congressional demands press Secretary that he resign. Program will White House James Hagerty until the presi Dent and his agriculture Secre tary get views of various groups that have been called upon to offer suggestions. That he said will be late in december. Eisenhower in a statement is sued after the farm conference said the commission is prop Erly proceeding on the assume is empowered to fix the opening Date for Burley auction markets regulate hours and quantities of Sale and to determine marketing holidays. Members of the committee in clude Buford Ellington Tennes see commissioner of agriculture Godfrey of Greeneville two Burley groups get Price support contracts by a. P. Bryan Washington for handling Tennessee s Burley tobacco Price support program were mailed to two associations in the state saturday. The marketing season opens in december James e. Thigpen chief of the tobacco Branch of the Agri culture department s production and marketing administration said the contracts were sent to the Farmers Tennessee Burley James Hoffman of Surgoine Tenn. J. And Park 0. Dean Bernard Knoxville Abingdon a. Clay is chairman. Other members Are Luther b. Caldwell Central Kentucky production credit association Man Ager r. H. Proctor assistant executive Secretary of the Ken Tucky farm Bureau federation Ben s. Adams Kentucky Corn chairman Aiken a it of the missioner of agriculture w. L. Senate agriculture Secretary treasurer of said the Chance of Benson re the Burley tobacco growers As signing is about As Remote association John Buckley Lexing the resignation of the president himself. Several democratic lawmakers and a few republicans including sen. Young r have demanded that Ben son withdraw. Mixed cattle Price trends Rise on some Dixie marts Atlanta spa livestock moved in mixed trends last week with cattle prices showing some improvement in the South the production and marketing administration reported. At Nash Vili a Slaughter steers weighing upwards of 800 pounds and grading average commercial or higher edged fully 50 cents a Hundred pounds higher in the week but lower Grade steers and most heifers wound up no better than steady. A plenitude of cows sold largely steady but some sales slipped off 50 cents. Stocker and feeder fewer hogs traded fewer hogs reached ton and Jim Finch Maysville by. Stabilization corp. And the tens Nessee banners marketing association. The contracts must be signed by the marketing groups and re turned to Washington for the signature of an official of the commodity credit corp. Before they become effective Thigpen said. One ready to sign each of the associations applied for the exclusive right to handle the support program in Tennessee Thigpen said department decided to offer both identical contracts. Pauj d. Goddard of Dandridge Tenn., manager of the stabilization group was in washing ton saturday in connection with the Price support contracts but left for Tennessee without commenting on the depart ment s action. Earlier he told a reporter his association was prepared to sign Nessee the acc for a time con the contract immediately. I soldered administering the sup William Allen administrative port in the state itself assistant to sen. Albeit Gore it abandoned the idea Asim puerto Alcan Mother Given Honor for son Utuado puerto Rico a weeping puerto rican Mother mrs. Petra Ledesma Garcia received yesterday the United states highest award the medal Ville is president of the Staffi of for her son Marine nation association and o. F. Pvt Fernando Luis Garcia. The White of Elizabethton Heads the Farmers marketing group. Toga eliminated for Many years the tobacco support program in Tennessee second largest Burley tobacco producer has been handled by the Tennessee Burley growers association of Greeneville. This organization Allen said also was an applicant for the new acc contract but was eliminated by the department be cause it was engaged in a court suit involving distribution of funds and because it planned to extend its activities to other branches of the tobacco Indus try. A spokesman for the Agricula 22-year-old Soldier was killed in Korea last year when he threw his body on a chinese grenade to save another Soldier s life. Maj. Gen. Albert d. Cooley commander of the 3rd Marine aircraft Wing flew Here As a special representative of presi Dent Eisenhower to make the award at City Hall. It was the first time the medal of Honor had gone to a puerto rican Serviceman. Strawberry crop considered in Tennessee banners news Comer a the associated Percsi a new variety of Alfalfa which shrugs off cold weather and Leaf spot diseases while returning High yields May be a Boon to Tennessee Farmers. It s the Dup its variety brought from France. Preliminary tests give Dup its the Winter hardiness of Buffalo Alfalfa and the vigor and yield ing ability of a Southern Alfalfa. In nationwide test Dup its has turned in some remarkable performances consistently out yielding both new and old varieties. Tests at the Middle Tennessee Experiment station showed do puts yielding a total of sounds of dry Hay an acre for free cuttings. Its nearest competitor Atlantic produced sounds. In other trials elsewhere in the country Dup its out yielded varieties by from 800 to pounds an acre. Figuring Alfalfa at a ton this would bring from to More income per acre. Were related to Mill production capacity in both Breeds but there was Little correlation be tween body widths and Levels of production. Neither did body weight appear to be a Factor. Long hauls or Short hauls make Little difference in shrink age of cattle weight in going to Market the Memphis agricultural club was told this week by Means of a film made a the Chicago stockyards. Most livestock shrinkage on the Way to Market takes place in the first 10 to 25 Miles. Travel second 25 Miles causes very let be shrinkage. The film also showed that the Price spread Between Commer Cial cattle and Choice and prime cattle is greatest in november and december. It s smallest in april and May. A Ture department said that cause of the controversy in ten most cattle cents steers and Mand. Wound up steady to 50 higher with Well bred heifers in Best de in the calf department most h dealers closed fully steady but with High Choice and prime grades showing gains of 50 cents while heavier Slaughter calves advanced is. Active at Memphis at Memphis Active trading sent prices upward fully 50 cents for cows and bulls while other classes sold fully steady. Farther North at Louisville Slaughter steers and heifers ranged Strong to 50 cents higher and higher in instances with cows and bulls a gaining 50 cents to in the North Georgia trading area auction prices trended about steady but commercial Grade steers and heifers which were in the majority declined 50 cents while calves sold 50 cents higher in spots. At North Georgia auctions to Ward the close of the week com Mercial Grade steers and heifers Southern markets though sup plies at midwestern centers in creased seasonally. Prices edged slightly downward at Chicago with some Southern markets de Clining much As or More per 100 pounds in the Georgia Florida Alabama area. However Nashville prices advanced 50 cents and were unusually High in relation to other markets. Closing prices Friday for the Best weight Butcher hogs at Lead ing markets were Chicago to Atlanta s21.75 Nashville Memphis i like a to Montgomery i year. Chairman Clay declared the meeting will be open to the pub Lic and invited All interested persons to attend and present their views. We want every Farmer Ware Houseman and buyer to realize that the Burley sales committee is created to serve the entire in he said. We want to hear and consider every recommendation that any interested person May care to further defense deficits seem Likely for u. S. By Frank o Brien Washington the administration is hoping that two big things will happen and one Allosh something balanced budget next told a reporter he had received reports from ten Nessee that tha Farmers Market ing association was unwilling to sign a contract which did not give it the exclusive right to administer the Price support pro Gram in the state. Allen said he was unable to learn if the acc would sign the contract if Only one of the associations agreed to it. Thigpen declined to comment on the possibility of Only one of so citations accepting the con tract. However spokesman who declined use of i in rodent and insect his name predicted that if Only pest control operators of Vir one association signed it would Ginia and nearby states will be held at Virginia polytechnic Institute Here november 4-6. Practical. Under the support program the association having a con tract with the acc cakes Over tobacco which fails to bring the support Price. It pays the Farmer for it through the warehouses with Money advanced by the acc. When this tobacco is sold later any additional Money received is distributed among the Farmers. Lh6 pest control Serbol a department in effect become the exclusive agent in the state. Blacksburg a. Three Day course of instruction peacetime toys set trend away from juvenile War to and Georgia Flor Ida Alabama major plants to at Richmond thursday the top hog Price was and at hog buying stations in the Carolines Friday tops ranged to newsman is ousted London the news chronicle said today its correspondent in the iranian Capi Tal of Tehran David Walker had been ordered out of the country. The London paper said Wal Ker reported he was Given no specific reason but he said he iad been questioned several Imes by the ministry of Interior about his stories. Walker was quoted As saying he questioning showed except Jonal sensitivity to reports Sug brought to while gating former Premier to nevertheless there is suggestion that the country is being prepared for the possibility of continued perhaps size Able deficits due to Large de sense outlays. Here Are the possibilities an informed administration source said on which Are pinned Hopes for a budget balanced at least on a Cash income and outgo basis next year 1. That the new joint chiefs of staff will come up next new York o the toy Soldier Are nearly done. He s being replaced by space men cowboys visiting nurses and that Brand new american a Strong creature the suburban Handy Man. That s the trend at this year s Market Active at the state department of Agri culture has taken another look at Tennessee s drought and does t like what it saw. Rogersville spa com crop damage has spread and Mercial Strawberry growing May yield prospects Are on the de bring a new source of income Cline. For Hawkins county Farmers. S. T. Marsh of the department a meeting is scheduled in the recently issued this gloomy a courthouse Here at 1 . Mon Paisal Day to discuss the possibilities. Continued drought in sep j. J. Bird agricultural Extension tember caused a decline in yield service commercial Hort culture prospects for Tennessee crops. 1st, will talk on varieties cultural practices and Market outlets. Strawberries Are a major Cash crop in a number of Tennessee counties. Some growers familiar with both products say Straw berries will produce nearly twice As much income per acre As to Bacco if Given equal manage ment and cultivation. Four persons die in Tenn. Traffic by the associated press week end traffic accidents killed four persons in Tennessee As the total dead mounted to at r least 10 during the week ending Midnight sunday. O the brakes of a truck failed yesterday while the vehicle was descending a Mountain near Dunlap and w. B. Harmon 66, was killed in the crash. Harmon was returning to Dunlap after fighting a Forest fire on the Mountain. Molasses is High in feed value. Tests show its taste Ness induces cattle to eat feed they normally would ignore. Molasses thus enable the Salvage of Low grads roughage and other unpalatable feeds. Remember that in time of drought the Farmer should be even More vigilant in guarding against fire. Farm fires last year caused an estimated 133 million dollars loss. I red is critical annual Christmas preview of the toy manufacturers of the u.s.a., which opened Here today. It has every kind of plaything from a miniature plumber s kit to a baby doll that sucks her thumb but very few miniature weapons for juvenile warfare. Manufacturers who Are Stag ing the show say they expect this year to sell some 450 Mil Spring with plans for a military j lion dollars Worth of these pre establishment to Cost four or dominantly peaceful toys or five billion dollars less. 2. That Congress can be pre about 1 per cent More than they pushed across store counters a Ralph w. Prince 23, was less Greeneville spa the Tillan two blocks from Home aft cattle and calf Market Here fairly Active last week with about 500 calves and 800 head of cattle received october 20, the Federal state Market news serv ice reported. Good and Choice calves sold at common and medium. Culls Good and Choice steers and heifers were common and medium canners and cutters 10 Good beef cows common and medium can failed upon even in an election Vear prices they say Are year to continue present Cor same or lower than last year jeers and cutters Good portion income rates and sex i games and Hobby sets bulls common and me Cise sales tax expected to receive the us canners and enact new levies to make up for any cuts in present rates. Corporate and excise taxes Are prices in Florida ranged mostly Mhammed Mossadegh commanded three billion dollars s12.50 to s15.50. And considerable support in the year than now. At Nashville a couple of loads of steers grading High Good and Choice Brough scheduled to drop in april kits rates yielding an estimated Ual enthusiastic approval baby beef calves the biggest trend the around 400 ibs. Sold at tuners say is toward the How Good and Choice Barrows and for a Small i control of his automobile and it skidded into a Utility pole in Nashville. Prince was killed in the crash. Other week end fatalities were near Henderson and other traffic deaths last week were in Hickman Anderson and Gibson counties and in Mem Phis. An out of state Accident killed Lois Rose 42, of Jackson yesterday. She was killed in a two car head on collision near new Madrid in Southeast Missouri. Knowland opposes red China in . Less a a Large part of the Supply there was High commercial to 800 to steers and brought to sound berries be held for As Long As five Days in the Home refrigerator with Little or no Vitamin loss. Fee parents can gilts weighing 175-240 ibs. Sold Start their youngsters on any at s23.60 250-3co jbs., sows i number of desirable paths by i under 300 ibs., Over 3001 3 that the slight in presenting them with practical miniature devices Washington not turn into a recession requiring big spending for Relief and Public works while government revenues dropped. Plant some bulbs to brighten Dull Days by Henry free written for Nea service everyone who loves plants should pot a few bulbs for Bloom in the window during the Winter or grow a few paper White Narcissus to liven the Dull snowy months. While bulbs Are potted it is important to put a few pieces of broken pots in the Bottom for drainage with a Little Moss Over them and two or three pieces of charcoal embedded in the Moss. The pots can then be filled to within a third of the top. A v Good potting soil from the near est seedsman or Florist May be j used or you can make your own from Rich Garden Loam and one part Sand. Hyacinths and daffodils should be planted so the nose just pro Trudes when the pot has been filled to within a half Inch of the top. Other kinds of should been rely covered the tops being just below the surface. Bulbs May be stored away in a cold dark place until roots Are made. When this is done it is Well to Heap Sand Over the pots. If you have a cold Frame that j is also a Good place to store pot Ted bulbs the pots being sunken pot bulbs for Winter blooms store in Cool dark Flag bulbs mom being added As evaporation takes place. Not infrequently it happens that bulbs begin to Flower too or s plan for installing Bath tubs Small scale equipment of tire changing Lawn Carp and House painting. Good habit toys stress the desirability of frequent tooth brushing shoe polishing and hair combing. For fledgling career men there is a conductor s kit Complete with ticket punch whistle train schedule official hat and make believe Money. Youngsters with Low in the Stem and Are almost it producer aspirations can hidden by the leaves As they de have an authentic miniature of Zelop. This difficulty can usually overcome by making a Cone of stiff paper and placing it Over the Plant. A quizzing the Gardener have had trouble with our Boston Fern. What Are its re in the ground and the Sand thrown Over them. It is even i possible to dig a Trench out of j doors in which the pots Are Bur led Hay or manure May be used to keep the ground from Freez ing. The trenches should be two Leet deep with a layer of cinders 1 or Sand in the Bottom. Cinders s or Sand May be sifted Between j the pots and also used to cover them. An extra covering of Hay or manure will be needed when very cold weather comes to pre tent freezing. 2 the pots should be Given a a thorough soaking before being stored away. The Tama required Lor tit Nuoc of it la be easy to have growing bulbs if you follow Correct procedure. Upon the character of the bulbs. The following table May be used As a guide paper White Narcissus four weeks in pebbles or bulb roman hyacinths eight weeks. Tulips ten weeks. Daffodils Jonquil and Narcissi ten weeks. Crocus eight weeks. Snowdrops six weeks. Scilla six weeks. Before forcing is begun it is a Good idea to dig up the pots and allow the pot of Earth to fall out quire ments old House Plant Needes a Rich humus soil kept con stantly moist but not soggy wet and Good Light not Bright Sun in summer. Once a week give the fronds a Good springing to cleanse them of dust. Understand that fuchsias should be rested during the win Ter. How should they be handled in a Cool room and water a Little enough to prevent drying. In the Spring Cut them Back water More freely fertilize and report using a humus soil if necessary. Should outdoor Chrys of the pot into the hand. Then i Anth mums be handled after if a heavy growth of roots is found the bulbs May be taken into the House. Forcing is Best started in a temperature of about 50, without any direct sunlight. The temperature can be in creased gradually. It is important to avoid drafts and they must not be set too close to a Radiator. Crocus can be grown in Peb Bles and water about As easily As paper White Narcissus. Often complaints Are made that bulbs being forced in bowls of pebbles and water decay. This trouble usually arises because the bulbs Are placed too deep in the water. For results the water should just touch us but of the Blooming varieties will survive the Winter with no Protection especially in the warmer parts of the country. Nevertheless Ever Green branches or a Little Straw thrown Over them tends to re Duce heaving. Where Winters Are severe the plants Are Best taken up and wintered in a cold Frame. In the Spring Only the most Vig Erous shoots should be used to Start new plants. If in Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently questions t la night location truck with revolving spotlight. Detailed spaceships Are calculated to satisfy the air minded. But for All the Brand new. Modern designs there still is one old fashioned toy that refuses to be forgotten and left behind it s the miniature train com plete with steam engine Coal tender and caboose. They la one manufacturer said just As Long As there Are fathers to buy gifts for their damage in Sunbright fire sun13right, Tenn. A co owner of the lumber com Pany which was swept by flames yesterday estimated damages at and said the big Blaze a Alghi have been caused by a Power failure. Briscoe Justice said the Volt age dropped just before the flames were noticed and he said this might have caused motor equipment to overheat. The heat from the fire Blis tiered the Side of nearby tanks containing Gallons of gasoline. State Highway patrol men blocked Highway 27 As a safety precaution. Sunbright which has no fire department had to Call on neighbouring towns for help. And water tank on the lumber company s Yards was a golfer n flames putting fire fighters at More of a disadvantage. Justice said the loss was Only Urti ally covered by insurance. In on the Greeneville Market the same Day heavy hens go brought 17 cents a Pound hens 14 cents roosters 10 cents. Mental Whiz is no Wong men s wanted list Washington an escaped convict with a Long record of desperate deeds today was put on the Fri s list of "10 most wanted he is Edwin Sanford Garri son 53, known As adding the human who has worked at Many racetracks and with racing information Agen cies. A rapid calculator his mental arithmetic is reputedly Able to outstrip Many machines. Garrison s criminal file runs Back to 1925 and includes hold ups kidnapping burglary grand larceny parole violations and prison Breaks. Frequently in and out of Pris on he was at Atmore ala., state prison farm in August 1952, serving a life sentence for robbery when he and 10 other convicts made a getaway by stealing prison equipment with which they Cut through a cell Wall forced an Iron door and tunnelled their Way out. The fugitive is believed to be a native of Newport by. He is of slender build and medium height weighing about 143 pounds. He has Blue eyes and Jray hair and wears false Teeth. Senator said seating of red the United nations would generally recognized As the ahead signal for comm Knowland Senate Republican Leader who returned recently from a six week trip around the world said letting red China into the in would be taken As a scuttle and run policy on the part of the free in a copyrighted interview with u. S. News and world re port an Independent weekly published in 1 me a rough was already serious at the beginning of september i and became More serious beating by 3 widespread during the month r besides damaging growing prisoner the Lack of moisture severe deterioration in York communist and slowed fall seeding almost Robert g. Thompson standstill. Pastures were is reported still Crit poorest Ever recorded for oct. From a beating Over even worse than or. Oct. 1, by another Federal prison prospects have worsened last Friday. However he it Marsh made his depressing to be resting comfortably. Port. The department was reported yesterday Many cattlemen ars Selling the superintendent s office at nerds because of the Federal House of detention pasture shortage and Thompson was being help prospects of slim Winter a trial for contempt. Yugoslav alien Alexander ability to spot Good 32, assaulted Thomp among Young cows would with an Iron pipe Friday a Rich dividends to the Dairy hours before the yugoslav to have been deported. Scientists working toward this goal Are finding evidence that body measurements of a Heifer even at 3 to 6 months of May furnish a clue to her l milk producing ability later on. Holsteins and jerseys Are being studied at the u. S. Officials noted that Pavlovich claims to be an anti communist and said ideological factors May be involved in the incident. However the authorities expressed belief Pavlovich chiefly wanted to avoid Deporta-4-4 in ment of agriculture s Center at Beltsville so he succeeded at least j data accumulated so far on saturday u. S. Cate that a cow with a Long Edward Mcdon and a Long deep body ordered him held in pared with other cows of on an assault charge. The same Breed and background scheduled a nov. 6 probably will grow up to be on the charge which Good bring a ten year sentence. Holsteins showed a highly significant relationship Between level of milk production and Market different body your Bens jerseys showed significant relationships with Only two of poultry co. Body measurements 2789 head length and body e. Sullivan St. It s Brand new yours for less too n news Magazine Washington Knowland said of such action i think it would definitely break the morale of the people in the balance of Asia who Are prepared to resist communism so that they would feel that there was nothing much left for them to do but to go hat in hand to the Kremlin or piping and make the Best Deal that they Rock Springs 4-h elects new slate Larry Lacey is president of the Rock Springs 4-h club this year. Other officers named at an organizational meeting earlier this month Are Bobby Hite vice president Ronald Hite Secre Ary treasurer sue Rowland song Leader and Patsy King news reporter. Miss Elsie Lee assistant Home agent appointed mrs. Janie Davenport and mrs. J. Knox King girls leaders. The club has 28 members. With 42-Flol tank control nerf foot Yew Are invited to the preach big Mission Holf Trinity Lott ran Kharch _ x. Jokn ruler fourth Lurt Btu Ohio Donald b. Fauble pastor Broad at Sevier ave. Kotof Short Tena. October 25 to the Rev. Dana h. Johnson will on the fmt., oct. A. M. New men Fob a new world him. Oct. F. A. The new look the Tongue ims. Oct. R. M. The new look the Ete Ort. R. N. The new look the band oct. F. M. The new look the Eab the new look the foot a cordial Welcome to an Here it the Brand new a he Union deep Well Jeto pump with the capacity to deliver All the fms running. Water you need from Depths As Low u 80 feet this Type pump it efficient economical. Compact Deli in com Bines ruggedness and adaptability to mall space Rutalj lation. Glass lined Jet life ions friction free opera Tion. Stainless steel motor Shaft is extra Itron won t corrode. Automatic regulating valve positive pressure at All eliminates lots of prime. Easy to install either offset or Over the Well whim up to 700 Caliph hour deep Well pumps toss meet shallow Well pumps tank and valve Complete Stop the today and marvelous new up Dee Eleft f. The Freyti water you need for your Sec it now i City feed a produce co. Kocg Short states

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