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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 23, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonset . First Quarter saturday night prominent stars High in Southwest . Pleiades High in East visible planets Venus Low in South West pm. Marx follows the Moon. Jupiter to the right of the pleiades mail times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 213 Kingsport tenn., thursday oct. 23, 1952 24 pages five cents the weather fair tonight Low near 30. Fair mild Friday. Yester Day s High 68, last night s Low 28, noon Reading 51. With prestone anti freeze you re set you re Safe you re Bandit gang sought after Kidnap Holdup spree Sparta. Tenn. Police searched three states today for a quartet of bandits whose Leader described himself As a three gun maniac and lived up to the description in a Highway kid Naping and robbery spree. The gang including a bashful youth who Hung on to boxing gloves and a Robe throughout abducted at least 10 persons and stole three cars yesterday at Pis Tol Point. So far 10 of the escaped some released have told their stories to police. After comparing their stories police said two captives still were unaccounted for. A wide ground and air search was throughout this Cumberland plateau Region after a newly married couple from Houlton me., escaped at a traffic Light Here. Here is the fantastic Story Asi pieced together by Cumberland county sheriff Charles Johnson i the four bandits drove up be a Side the stalled car of James h. Barton 35, of Chattanooga five Miles North of the City yesterday morning. They took in Cash from him and forced him to get into their car where two other captives already were huddled under blankets in the rear floor Board. They drove a mile and a half to Jasper where the occupants of two cars were sleeping at a Roadside Park. David Rennau 20, Harold Hil Bert 20, and Don Walker 15, of Hagerstown. Ind., the occupants of one of the cars were robbed of s300. Or. And mrs. Ben Cookson the Moulton newlyweds were robbed of and Small items of jewelry. The bandits then split up. One Truman Speaks before Harry s. Truman greets a group of miners in Wilkes Barre before delivering an address. Thomas Payne of Wilkes Barre is shown holding a sign which reads let s mop up the in his speech or. Truman said a Republican Victory in november will drive labor Back to Nea telephoto Dewey bitterly attacks it s Campaign tactics governor uses Strong language Stevenson to speak of gop smear tactic by the associated press Kefauver raps Eisenhower for stand on Korea Wilton Conn. Estes Kefauver last night Drew these alternatives on the korean conflict on which he typhoon kills 370 filipinos 200 missing storm threatens Indochina of them took the original car and the two unidentified Cap Tives and drove off toward Nash Ville. The other three called after him see you in Nashville tonight then the remaining Trio got into the Indiana boys car and drove northward with their lug Gage and six captives. The bandits directed All Cap Tives to laugh and talk and Don t try to holler to emphasize his instructions the Leader about 45 years old said Acheson Toleado Offu debate on Korea today Secretary to propose in approve armistice terms offered reds United nations n. Y. U. S. Secretary of state Dean Acheson leads off a full fledged debate on Korea today in the powerful United nations Politi Cal committee. Primed with a detailed report on the deadlocked truce negotiations at Panmunjom ache son is expected to speak soon after the 60-nation body gets Down to business on its explosive nine item Agenda. American delegation sources said the Secretary would wind up with a Resolution urging the general Assembly to approve the armistice terms of the in com Mand at Panmunjom and to a peal to the communists to accept those terms without further delay. Acheson already has served the beginning of this year s Assembly the u. S. And its allies will fight on in Korea until a just peace is he indicated that the Ameri cans would ask other in Mem Bers to pour in More men Money and Materiel to carry on this fight if the red chinese and North koreans did not accept the in truce terms. The debate promises to be the bitterest Ever fought out in the Halls of the in. Russia and her bloc already Are pledged not to Budge from their opposing stand particularly regarding the repatriation of prisoners of the main Issue holding up the truce. With both sides already com they Call me a three gun maniac and brother they be got their picture around a Corner and sped out of town. They abandoned the Indiana they succeeded in gaining j car on a Remote Mountain Road compliance through two stops in j and forced their four remaining populated areas. In to walk with them five tenn., one of the bandits went j Miles until they sighted and into a hardware store and i flagged Down a car. Bought bandages tape and they forced the Driver Norval twine saying Broome to drive them around i m going to tie you All to and then to. The nearby tree. You know too Broome Home where they forced the captives kept quiet Broome to feed them and when they stopped for gasoline their captives but at a traffic Light in they left their captives there the Coo sons made their break and later flagged Down another and the Bandit car occupied by or. And mrs. John Tucker of White county tenn., and their 12-year-old daughter. Later they put the tuckers out fired a wild shot at Tucker and left. Sheriff Johnson said Luggage taken from the abandoned in Diana car which was located by searchers had Given them the names of three suspects. He said air plane tickets indicated two of the Trio flew from new York to Birmingham oct. 17, and from Jacksonville to Miami oct. 19. They apparently joined the other two men in Florida John son said. The victims said the boy with the boxing gloves claimed to be former Golden gloves boxing Champion in Florida. Johnson said he has contacted police in Jacksonville and Miami who Are following up several leads found in the bandits lug Gage. All of the bandits were de scribed As being Well dressed and Johnson said their Luggage indicated they always travelled first 12 United nations workers suspended hold Iron horse it. Against chinese reds bolster forces in fight for Hills planes hit enemy Seoul korean infantrymen regained the Crest of the old colonel this Elron horse Mountain on the is a recent picture of it. Col. Central korean front today. Then battled fiercely against counter attacking chinese reds. William Isbell jr., who died leading an infantry attack on Triangle Hill in Korea. A Cap Tain said the colonel did t have any Damn business up and a so Geant said he rallied the troops in the most remarkable example of Cour age i have Ever Isbell was just 45, but to Young sol Diers trying to take the korean Hill he was he lived at Gambrills my. A wire the a residential candidates of said the voters must decide nov Manila not to Compromise the me presidential candidates of Jred Cross said tonight 370 per world s diplomats have predicted us Winner Aboav Isons were dead and 2qo the gravest tones that the life missile in the Wake the United nations depends 1948 were blasting away again today but this time to help 1952 i 1. Get out and let the South Standard bearers gov. Adlai take Over the whole Venson and Gen. Dwight Nasht now which Gen Dwight d. Eisenhower seems to be recommending. Eisenhower who weren t even in National politics four years ago. President Truman whistle i stopping toward Washington through the Industrial areas of West Virginia Pennsylvania and Maryland lashed out at what he said were Republican anti labor policies much As he did in the last Campaign. Gov. Thomas e. Dewey a 2- in Korea Anci try to win an honorable peace As the u. S. Now is the senator said if the United states took the alternative which he said the Republican presidential candidate seems to recommended it would mean abandonment of the United a Compa Nying Eisenhower across to resist aggression. His Home state of new York was it would instead invite larg reversing his 1948 Kefauver said. B the second alternative Kefauver said would prove to thei which some called too mild bitterly criticizing Truman us ing such words As unholy filthy Stevenson the democratic presidential candidate Truman Hopes will succeed him doubled see politics Page 2 earthquake in Turkey kills 18, injures 40 Istanbul Turkey Iff a Brief but Sharp earthquake in typhoon. The red Cross said Hundred were injured. On a settlement on the several i korean question. Observers Felt certain the de move to Deport alien commies Mcgranery to crack Down on subversives Seoul s. Seventh division troops on Triangle Hill tonight threw Back an assault by chinese reds who stormed the Peak shortly after dark. Flare planes and searchlights lit up the attacking reds for the big guns of american and South korean artillery. Front line officers said the Battle raged for two hours. The u. S. Eighth army said the Rok ninth division Cap tured Complete control of the Hill and a nearby Knob at p. M. The chinese launched their counterattack about 90 minutes later. J fighting for the High ground i at the Western end of the old Iron Triangle has raged for two weeks. The reds had held it since saturday. About 20 Miles to the East u. Trygve lie gets Tough against Balky witnesses workers had refused answer on communist affiliation spying Albert m. Brinkley ill funeral services for a. M. Brinkley Iii 19, who died in a Knoxville Hospital wednesday after being stricken with polio last week will be held Friday at , at the National funeral Home in Memphis. Burial will be in the Memphis memorial cemetery. Upstate forests swept by fires acres on Bays it. Are burned Over the state Highway patrol of washing Ftp up _ the was based on Bate would stretch out at least Magra Norv to Ria of Tor to to a a c1- pin telegraphic and radio reports i until after the u. S. Presidential trickling in from the devastated sections no. 4. Britain provinces. The tropical storm roared out into the South China sea cans in the korean wednesday and today threat ened the battered shores of indo China about 850 Miles to the Southwest. A Saigon report said the typhoon would hit the coast tomorrow night. Indochina while waiting for was trying to new program communists that aggression does not pay. It might mean some thing better for the world than the War every generation which see Kefauver Page 2 Caribbean Hurricane could be dangerous Miami Fla. A Small but Sibly killing As Many As 500 per sons. Broken communication lines slowed the reports of Philippines casualties and damage. A late report said 118 were killed in Tabaco a town of 209. Gov. Manuel Calleja reported to National red Cross Headquarters that funeral services for the 118 were held this morning. To potentially dangerous Hurricane Ltd to Mir in Turkey killed at least 18 persons moved northward in the carib a e tropical storm yesterday and injured 40. Jean sea today on a course that the number of dead May Rise the tremor lasting about five seconds reportedly caused considerable damage in the City of a breakdown in communications delayed full information but it was feared the death toll might prove much greater. United fund report goal give to Date Togo could bring it Over Cuba and Florida. The Hurricane sixth of the higher when final reports Are in. Communication with Many stricken areas were Bro Ken. Season was abort 350 Miles South j philippine air Force planes began airlifting Relief goods into of Havana and 550 Miles South Southwest of Miami the weather Bureau said in an advisory. It packed winds up to 85 Miles per hour Over a Small area near the Center and gales extended outward 50 Miles in All directions. The storm is still two or three Days from Florida if it continues its present course. A Navy Hurricane Hunting plane in the area reported winds up to 85 Miles per hour around a Small Center wednesday. The weather Bureau immediately named it Fox for the sixth letter of the alphabet. Only one other Hurricane this season Able in late August reached the coast and it blew out Over the Carolinas and Vir Ginia with minor damage. The others moved harmlessly Atlantic. Meanwhile Florida began dry ing out after one of the worst Northeast storms in recent years. Weather Bureau observers pointed out that the two disturbances had no connection. See typhoon Page 2 s. Battle front officers Saidi fice Here has estimated that the chinese were bringing up j 000 acres have been burned Over Iresh troops to reinforce a Brush fire which swept up for Riri Riino re battered battalions slopes of Bays Mountain born leaders sniper Ridge and Trian Lehni and wednesday they said one Complete Chi night. Official France Hough expressing eager Ion he communist party Apro Ness to rally behind the amen Gram involving jail without bail Ese division of 10.000 troops cans m the korean discussion and Deporta had been in the Central were expected to hold off their Tion g front fighting of the past 10 see debate Page 2 5 children missing As fire razes Nome Tyrone a. Fire although had been no received report thursday at the same time the attorney i and morning the patrol office said j the Blaze was thought to be still South korean burning. Dug Ter on trial for alleged conspire Acy to advocate overthrow of is states government by Gruenwald indicted Foster was among the 12 top party officials indicted in new stroked a Pennsylvania Railroad j York City in 1948 under the Shopman s Home Early act which prohibits any five of his six children Are of Force in bringing ing. Governmental changes. At the Edwing t. Smith said Only he time he pleaded ill health and on contempt charge w. The dutchman Gruenwald Washington mystery Man was his wife and their 8-month-old j his Case was separated from the indicted by a Federal grand jury baby escaped. Firemen said it would be Sev eral hours before they could probe the ruins. Cause of the fire was unknown. Neighbors reported that Smith jumped from a second floor win Dow after his wife jumped with their youngest child in her arms. Mrs. Smith and the baby were reported in critical condition. Smith s1 condition was fair. The missing children Are Tom my 14 Kenneth 13 Rose Mary 11 Daniel 6, and David 2. 11 others. All who went to trial were convicted and Given sentences ranging up to five years. When the supreme court affirmed these cases of the defend ants fled into hiding. One was captured in three Are still at Large presumably outside this country. Today on charges of contempt of Congress. The indictment returned Here cited 22 counts in which Gruen Wald refused to answer questions on a House ways and Means subcommittee investigating tax scandals. The indictment cited three different occasions on which Mcgranery said late yesterday j Gruenwald appeared before the he wants to know whether Fos Ter is now Able to stand trial in View of current multitude see Deport Page 2 _ subcommittee dec. 12, 1951, dec. Id r b the Sun shone through a Smoky Haze Here Early thurs Day morning and Rogersville was reported engulfed in a Haze of smoke from another fire on Short Mountain. Associated press reported for est fires burning in at least six East Tennessee counties thurs Day despite attempts by Volun Teers prisoner detachments and even schoolboys to bring them under control. The worst fires were in the Cumberland Mountain sections see fires Page 2 Paris plane crack up fatal to All aboard Paris up a French four and Jan. 29, 1952, during which he was allegedly con 20 a tempt Ous. No break seen in Coal deadlock Lewis lists hard Coal demands Washington of John l. Lewis was reliably reported to Day to be demanding a Day pay boost for hard Coal government same amount partly vetoed the for soft Coal miners. Lewis strategy in doing this the report said was to give the government s wage stabilization Board a Chance to reverse its decision on the soft Coal pay raise. Several weeks ago Lewis negotiated the daily increase with the bituminous soft Coal Industry. However last saturday the web ruled that an increase of Only could be paid. This brought on an Industry wide walkout of the approximately soft Coal diggers. It had been expected that Lewis would be willing to take less than by Way of a daily wage increase in Anthracite hard that Industry employing about miners in Western Penn Sylvania had obliged Lewis some time ago by agreeing to an interim arrange ment boosting from 30 to 50 cents a ton the production Royalty paid by mine owners into the Union s welfare fund. Lewis got Only a 10-cent Royalty boost for the soft Coal miners welfare fund. There is every reason to be Lieve the web will not change its mind on the limit hav ing once made it up. If it Dis allowed a increase for Anthracite workers however they would be almost certain to walk out. While angered by the web Lewis still was maintaining his support of the democratic presidential nominee gov. Adlai Stevenson. Lewis plans to go ahead with a scheduled demo cratic political speech it Morgantown w. Va., next saturday the web s four labor Mem Bers overruled 8-4 by Public and Industry members in the soft Coal decision made Public their formal dissent yesterday. They contended the majority should have considered that the miners get far less in vacation pay and shift premiums than do most other groups of workers and get no Holiday pay. They said the value of these benefits received by other workers is considerably More than the 40 cents per Day disallowed in the miners pay raise. In several major they said the Board has approved increases in wage rates which were recognized As being substitutes for and equivalents of so called fringe transport Tansu Doc Piane crashed today As it took off from Lebourget Field on the Northeast Edge of Paris killing All persons aboard. A spokesman for the air ministry said 11 persons were booked aboard the plane although sources at the military air Field at Lebourget said Only nine per sons actually were in it including four crewmen and five Pas sengers. The plane fell next to the Dugnay town Hall and three blackened bodies were pulled from the burned fuselage. All aboard the Craft were Mil itary personnel. The big twin tailed Languedoc an old fashioned Craft named for one of France s provinces and a Standard transport used in both military and civilian Fly ing had left the Airfield on a routine flight to Orleans. It hardly got beyond the Lim its of the Field before it Plum meted to the ground. Air ministry officials said the reason for the mishap had not been determined. United nations n. Trygve lie began recruiting an International jurists panel today i to study what unemployed have to Tell to u. S. Congressional investigators. Lie already had fired one american unemployed who balk de at a Mccarran committee question suspended another and put 10 on special leave. The jurists a statement from the in Secretary general said would study the application of u. S. Laws to unemployed especially. Those who Are american citizens and the rights of investigating bodies to ask them questions about their private lives. Lie announced last night he had dismissed Stanley Graze railway statistics expert of the in technical assistance administration and suspended Joel Gordon pending a full investigation from his Post of Trade analysis expert of the economic affairs department. Lie s statement said both had refused to Tell the Senate inter Nal Security subcommittee at hearings in new York oct. 13-15, whether they Are presently in Sce in reds Page 2 Churchill says atom test vaporized ship London prime minis Ter Winston Churchill disclosed today Britain s atom bomb was exploded inside a warship to test its effect in a Harbor. In the first full official state ment on Britain s first atomic explosion Churchill told the House of commons the bomb was set off inside the has plym a frigate. Churchill said he did not doubt that the successful opera Tion would Lead to much closer american interchange of info the explosion occurred oct. 3 at the Monte Bello islands 50 Miles off the Northwest coast of Australia. Thousands of tons of water and of mud and Rock from the sea Bottom were thrown Many thousands of feet into the air and High tidal wave was Churchill told the packed and silent House. The effects of the blast and radioactive contamination extended Over a wide area and has plym was vaporized except for some red hot fragments which were scattered Over one the islands and started fires in the dry Churchill said the bomb be have As expected and forecast in Many precise so lunar tables

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