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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 20, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeThursday. October 20. Slav bid in in seems crippled b Tom ii Ooi United nations. . Yugoslavia and the Philippines deadlocked again wednesday Nihl in new for a disputed Security Council Seal. But Russia s bid to seat the Bel Grade communists appeared Crip pled by an american Man Euver which placed the yugoslavs on an other key . Council. When voting resumed in the co nation general Assembly Yugo Slavia bucked by both Britus and the soviet Bloe was strongly favored to win. Interest in the out come was keen since a philippine defeat would Deal a heavy blow to the prestige of the asian nation s All out . Backers. After three ballots in Winch neither Side cot the needed two thirds majority it Mcuan to look like a standoff. On the ninth and final ballot of the two Day series the Philippines had 31 votes to Yugoslavia s 27. The picture chanced when the United slates Over Biller soviet opposition pushed through a proposal postponing the Security Council election and switch him to ballot ill Lor Hie . Economic and social Council i eco soc i and the trusteeship Council. On the second ballot. Yugo Slavia found herself heeled to eco soc with 40 Voles seven More than the required margin. No Date was set Lor Volin to re completes Cycle this is county s third Jailbreak re Limi when on april i were p shortly Villi i Hollywood Yinsi Holly Wood s superstitious said today that ii Hli John Hodiak s sudden pass a death has now completed its main s Nuller latest Cycle of three. A third major break a Fust they pointed out. Robert 1- prisoners escaped a Rancis died ill an air crash. Then of Tomt Vear. All 1 Brilliant James Dean was killed hired most of thei in a Iraq tic. Accident. Juhe Bleak. Hodiak became the third victim the 12 men. Who were annul when lie collapsed in his in the Cane where Lelum while Uett Inu ready for work yes-1 prisoners were kept howl Madi Ter Day Mommy and died so Uel away soon alter breakfast in thai his physician said by overpowering Jailer c. Was instantaneous. He was work Al. When he entered the inn in on the threshold of space i cuke Ullh a can of syrup for them. Century Fox but had Vir n april. 1m51, an ii tempted u role the Jiulio the pie tire would wholesale delivery of prisoners no the Sullivan county jail resulted be Tomii lated and released despite Jonly in shackles and a diet of the by easy Golieb Star s death. Bread and water Lor six men Llo Clia k started ins career As Lac radio actor in clinic no. He Rose cd to film stardom with his role of Acyl in on sounds in m a Lliel for the jail. Sheriff Ham Ellurd s de Lauri he became established As Al Parment foiled the attempt which in-1 Mil Allenl with his portrayal would have freed at least 35 pros of Maryk in the stage production one u. Ciline Mutiny court Mai 1 edited id i Iii is had r Blades to Cut i Mitch a nne plate and by j t 1j incl Lolu c Kosoc considerably weakened her chances for the Security Ell. Spoons a can opener and piece of fill had Lemo cd soil Eon Cret. Layer of double Brick Lavir of bricks was in the Opici Iii and Only a few minutes would have been needs them Lor ill Nike inc s c cuned Hollywood hns. Halle j Bowers Wasli Irlon showgirl who i he mini of Benm a state can serve on both bodies is Siginu Johnny Johnston left the jail to inv some us Lul such distinction is usually re a paternity Case says the vocalist Plain and did nol return. It was Erv Edlor the. Bin Powers i Toltl her to commit suicide in she believed he officers he not a ride a . Spokesman said that the became pm Nant. _ with the Driver of u Transfer truck. Death notices voting had put the Philippines no on the witness stand in Superior r much stronger position. Court the entertainer three other countries were elect that while she was spending to eco soc on the first ballot Hwo nights in a Washington hotel the United Stales with 50 room Willi Johnston in March. 10s-1. She mentioned to him that she i might become she added he told me if i not pregnant to kill the show girl is i Iii to have Johnny Johnston declared the father of her 10-Mnnth-Nld daughter. Tie sinner has steadfastly de Nied he is the lather and yester Day he offered to brine his two year old a nil her Mlo Yourl for a comparison with Bowers chill. Idu rink a i excess he said of the ally. Lien. Brownell is flying out to Denver r mine. All my children Are Tost card girl Dies in surgery phia Marjoric Lee i older. The to year old Post c Ard girl from Lewiston. Pa., died on the him Rel Iii table durum u delicate brain operation wednes Day. I a learn of surgeons was attempt he to remove a Calcium Deposit from her brain. The operation was to last seven hours. She died when it was two thirds completed. The operation had t worried the Brave Little Sirl. Whose Only re quest had been to get lots of classified display cards to Lill her scrapbook. She not plenty of them. During her two week stay in the Hospital newspaper readers and radio tenors sent her More than cards. Several thousand other cards were sent to her Lewiston Home. Doctors said the operation was necessity. They told her parents death could come at any time with Loti the operation. Had the opera ution been successful i would have been bind n one land partially classified d1splai proof of the in pianos see skip Ortii and see these Mutl a . Bra is . In we will not be undersold Skipworth s United warehouse and Transfer per month income m in land. S5.000.00 in lease with of company for 10 at per month. This in your Opportunity. 11 you arc interested Tom roller. Dougherty roller 1uj Broad Street Canna 48 and Indonesia 44. The United san pcs and Yugoslavia succeed them solves on eco soc. Annada Cpl Biccs Aust Nilius and Indonesia comes in fur Indiati. Brownell makes trip to visit Ike by Arams Washington Nancy e. Peters Hilton Nancy Emma Peters ill. Died wednesday at of tar a Lin font illness. Slid it a photo shows to unidentified Inni Wilc who chose to remain in jail shows Hie route nine Liri liners took sometime wednesday night ill their hid for Freedom. The sheriff and in jilt Jailer inter injun try uru Ujah the Hud their suspicions aroused by sawing noises hut the break was not noted until Early this morning. Friday and fhe trip raises spec us Nylon that president Eisenhower May now annl to d or Ilir poll with his top in was a Lile Lonn resident of Scott county. Wanted Carrier boy for news route Litz Manor Call circulation dept. Times news cd 6-8121 Surv services will her Ond Neveil at ill lion methodist c Hilreth Al. . Rilday. The Kev. Austin Anil the Iti v j. A la Marv will n la Edale. Hiir Lal will follow in the Peters Cei Oclery. The body was removed Iron the Scott county funeral Home loj the residence at 2 . Thursday. During in old Liim. She evening she spent with Roy Pendergrass lie lest lied that first he ii is recounted m Ullh Nis i 1nstitutk ii. the 51-year-old attorney Kentral died Al . I the wizard in political mailers showgirl said John wednesday Al his Home Al for this administration and thai h inc president frequently turns i a Slon set Down and wrote a letter his wife. Then lie went out and him Lor advice in such mailers Ullh in and a. Brownell had been invited to Chr president s bedside. White House press Secretary James c. S Insl Luule liter n or. Pendergrass was a Lile to resident of Sullivan Connly and was a member of the try cily la Eal method isl Church where he was Sandav school for the past six years. Sni Vitinu Are ills widow my but Well concern two presi Rii a iuvm1 Murgan i Cross in dim ass one Lenl Nomin Allons Irwin insure Lin Bikhler a Ilnorme Biad department ranks in two judge ill in n 1" Kyj 1 Shaw two Liny or. And. Ships both of which were Side w Ith a finn Imp Havnes. Allol Holmon Institute his tracked in the last Congress. Ii ill i Vuic Molher. Mrs. Florence Pender the men involved ale nne i Al general Simon e. In Elolf of Hal it t i i in timbre nominated the 4lh fir up lamp hic la path and her i i Ai. And Soberl of cult court of appeals Al Richmond. Ului t i ii Iii Iii is enl. Norih. Ill Oil Ville and will. Va., and ass. Ally. Gen. Warrener of k. Burner of Minneapolis Pio n j. i a .-.ervii-e-. Will lie held ill posed Lor a place on the . Court do widow who heat her husband a . A i Lilac the Tim Fly 1-Lvall i of appeals Here. Ullh a Riding crop the Day before Vila Al Climi a the both nominations evoked no Iasi he died an apparent suicide was m. Luellon Anil the . Lion and never got out of Iree in Fly of Aero Einikis and n. Will nlliri.ih-. Nurial tee Belore the session ended. The gallery chains. He in Lime Lex. Question of rest Mission in if ii look a Union i Ninny jury Les. Will in William 1956 Fords Liberal discount Victorias fair lanes custom line ranch wagons Pyle s motor company grand auction Sale Beautiful Devonshire lanes Tor. 5 of till lilt u Wright Powell Frnnk Arehur and tic in try was mind no to inc at . Aluir Manv from fun ital Leonir. Inn envy session a few hns to he i a Ottard mrs. Sci discussion of this of Mil. course would nol Pri due stum1 hit ii i uni further talk about politics per lips Jan. 1r from i Over close of including the presidents i dirt chitin Dunn the Ihrer Fay attack mid its implicit us Lor , i Horder Brownell s Foi Tun .1 ilium who enl in t. Leave _. A univ i Hiscuit Poh no Una Melody Ann Bickley Honl situations Sti ins trom i the Nuhi of fim. I 1 Foj year u 1 l ii Lii idl. He Hume Hom Thomas k. Hewry two of Imi having in her with h service Ehm Rinan of the Reyuh Caine. Lion ton nation ii commire the . Sri Render mid the Iury she of two imn her i s nil him crop and ii for the presidency and pm Billy ills struck Scino Der ice Mise tools i sad in Hydak Here arc some of the. Tools Bali end to Hevr born used in the nine Man in ii out no Sullivin county last in. Blu Neville. Al the left is a pile of sheets used t rope and thu Pici is us Inu tul arc from the . The luny Jurew pail u the Ciulei Uberti by Zillne. She re Dringl my i do Ann Hir Klerx. It or. Fiut m Buckley Iti in wind or 1 pm air lines pilots newspapermen Martin and Lewis _ Joef awards from will continue ii strike is called major role in the s Hower Campaign of Ibe her Long distance moving service Call cd 6-4441 Ray l. Baker Tel City moving a storage or Wheaton Van links. Inc. Groseclose Flowers night san Dot Pucine cd dial Circle 6-6108 All onaran Trad Wung by Surv Vum he Ali the me one by night. Ruberl cd word Chr Chicago a 1 in inn a eternal Nind Hoilier. Mrs. Mai Cam Benm Oriner for in no America i andparent.-., or. And mrs today Luil Washington i ins i four received a Tigris Day loi1 outstanding contrib unions to St Fety on the highways in the american trucking Assoc Idt Ion s safety Story Competition. Deal Las vegas hotel is loser i in the event of it vegas. Nev. Diane Jorry Lewis and Dean mar it in turned Blackjack dealers a i i the Sands hotel last night and Rich Mil Iii Iranee not America Unmil Piiru or. And mrs of. In Tiv in me Evem 01 it of the i1u Imer Mildred Lon Hui. 1 lie i k1a a Hedi Ileri i strike first prize went to will Stevens set Down it n Halo r i service. In he of inn Francisco Xii Miner. A k Inie of their Mvi apr in time we m l la v no i. We 1 t alien anum inv . Kefauver declares .still dances to Russia s tune Nelson c. Stone m a yol k ins ii Lenin i i him d in ii in front Ai n Lun Rulli 10 111 ii i he i a Lemml slum 1c. Kane 1. Ili ii Iii ii a 111. 1 Lull a. 111-, line lir sell t i he .1 .1 .1 a i i ree will i Iuie a la Velill in ire. Mill lie held in or Schmith in v. Linn Izev i 11 .1 Wllliam a i i Loix Muster Clinkles Minos of the Detroit free t nigh ii. Ulriich reared pilots 5 Young children n Imti d to i i no me.-., Are plots. Perish in Blaze Tintori that All Noil Pilot ind. In d s any i Ive Donn a Len Loren of family i liner to Holly Asbestos siding dial cd 5-5541 free estimates 36 months Topciy no Down pay font applied roofing Supply co. Tex. States Iii. I delayed a the Judi s a girded Loul Hie decision two writers for third others moved to join in and Riuter owner of the Sands made intr near name with Martin and Lewis As Hie dealers. The comedians playfully peeked Al their Ace Down curds and advised players whether o draw or Creamer Al women players u a would t limn to advice nid Winnie is from two to four times the amounts Thev actually on nailed Mil be Linned to dentil when lire lure Only to Weir in Rev by will Home in Nohles i i Lii Are. Ville today. Compared to the s2. The air victims were i nil and Aulelie. in Nikhil the Hoys made a rum the Job twins Leonard Kallner and a and Wilh the nou a baby All under so bowl Aue and added 11 Ollie a children of or and mrs. Tom1 i course u e Weie in. Lush in the Maloney. Lie was Linned severely. Inky smally arrived and the Mother was sex he Inui a i s a comm Wmk severe Sitock. m the fire was discovered by an Maher child a de seven who veiled Derek must pay u Jimlu no Eil lie paen. N 1 .1 n saw. Because on Isaie month Alimony Neihl Yiirs Hail to Ibe i Iai Meers. Father from dash i Back into the Hollywood i ins. Actor Lolin Lett by tar papered House. Corck who is Lor divorce. The snarled alter Maloney Pinsl pay ins Wile Alec nov of had hurled a fire m a Coal stove child Pav Meir it s17ail i and Cone Back to bed. Firemen a month Pei Ditri i he Sun. Will be said he Pruha Lily Mccami i lie sum was Harum overheated. . Oil ii Oil i Liin i in of Pimp huh 1 to Trail Ifon furnaces lit in ml.1.1 it m Coal in Tunn it i l i to no i m mini of Imi ii ii if. Southern Sheet Metal works 3.11 i. Kidman m pm it. Irs a i s-113 Backer Bros. Flower shop cd 6-4591 also open evenings and sundays White Floral co. Flowers All we Arf is m Aras yol r Vicli i la Lime dial cd 5-5174 nights int a . Is a division the Hal cake i Conerly Choice residential lots All no lilies no i Liilo. Beiqiu Lill a Robin in nah Type plastered and Jinn led. Full basement. Kiln Check i Inge. Saturday october 22 at . on no. Mile. Of Blountville. This is the finest Kwh trivision in this and real with n future Good terms one fourth Cash 1-2-3 years. Future Home Don t this Sale free free i Ion in Man s Avrist 1 genuine 17-.iowpl Littly s u Rist slav kit dollars Malork for owner ii v c. A. Bauer company realtors i Murchet Street Kings Ort. Colonel Piile Willis phone i s-5103 c Lillock. Special 1953 Oldsmobile 88 super 4-door Sedan Hydra Matic radio Heater. Like new. 1495 we still have a Good selection of used cars that we must move before our new Model showing. Check our lot for the Best used car buys in town Cherokee motors inc. Your Buick dealer 600 e. Sullivan cd 5-5126

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